1200+ Middle Names for Riley (Boy & Girl)

Middle names for Riley boy and girl

Ah, the quest for the perfect middle name! When it comes to naming a child, the first name often steals the spotlight.

But let’s not forget the unsung hero of the naming world: the middle name.

It’s that sweet bridge between the first and last name, adding depth, character, and a touch of personality.

So, you’ve settled on “Riley” – a name that’s both modern and timeless. But what about the encore?

Whether you’re looking for something classic, trendy, or utterly unique, we’ve got a list of middle names for Riley that will make your heart skip a beat, whether you’re naming a boy or a girl.

In this article, we’ll explore over 1200 middle name options for Riley, delve into its meaning and history, and even look at some nickname ideas.

Middle Names for Riley (Girls)

From classic to modern, there are numerous middle names that pair beautifully with Riley for girls.

Riley AbigailHebrew“Father’s joy”
Riley AbrielleFrench“God is my strength”
Riley AdalynnGerman“Noble, honorable”
Riley AddisonEnglish“Son of Adam”
Riley AdelineFrench“Noble, nobility”
Riley AdrianaLatin“From the city Hadria”
Riley AdrienneFrench“Dark one”
Riley AileenScottish/Irish“Bright, shining light”
Riley AimeeFrench“Beloved”
Riley AinsleyScottish“One’s own meadow”
Riley AlainaFrench“Rock”
Riley AlanaIrish“Beautiful, harmonious”
Riley AleahArabic“Exalted, noble”
Riley AlessandraItalian“Defender of the people”
Riley AlexandraGreek“Defender of the people”
Riley AlexiaGreek“Defender”
Riley AlexisGreek“Defender”
Riley AliahArabic“Exalted, noble”
Riley AliceGerman“Noble”
Riley AliciaSpanish“Noble”
Riley AlinaSlavic“Bright, beautiful”
Riley AlisonGerman“Of noble kind”
Riley AlissaGerman“Noble nature”
Riley AlondraSpanish“Defender of mankind”
Riley AlysonEnglish“Noble”
Riley AlyssaGreek“Logical”
Riley AmandaLatin“Worthy of love”
Riley AmaraIgbo“Grace”
Riley AmberArabic“Fossilized tree resin”
Riley AmberlyEnglish“Amber + meadow”
Riley AmeliaGerman“Work”
Riley AmelieFrench“Hardworking”
Riley AmiahHebrew/Arabic“Close to God”
Riley AmiraArabic“Princess”
Riley AmyFrench“Beloved”
Riley AnahiNative American“Beautiful”
Riley AnastasiaGreek“Resurrection”
Riley AnayaSanskrit“Caring, compassionate”
Riley AndreaGreek“Brave”
Riley AngelGreek“Messenger of God”
Riley AngelaGreek“Messenger of God”
Riley AngelicaLatin“Angel-like”
Riley AngelinaItalian“Little angel”
Riley AngeliqueFrench“Angel”
Riley AngieGreek“Messenger of God”
Riley AnikaHebrew“Grace”
Riley AnnHebrew“Grace, favor”
Riley AnnaHebrew“Grace, favor”
Riley AnnabelleFrench“Lovable”
Riley AnnaliseGerman“God’s bounty”
Riley AnneHebrew“Grace, favor”
Riley Anne-MarieHebrew/French“Grace + beloved”
Riley AnnelieseGerman“God’s bounty”
Riley AnnikaSwedish“Grace”
Riley AntoniaLatin“Priceless”
Riley AprilLatin“To open”
Riley AnnetteFrench“Grace”
Riley ArabellaLatin“Yielding to prayer”
Riley AraceliSpanish“Altar of the sky”
Riley ArianaItalian“Very holy”
Riley ArielHebrew“Lion of God”
Riley ArielleHebrew“Lion of God”
Riley AshleeEnglish“Ash tree meadow”
Riley AshlynIrish“Dream”
Riley AshlynnIrish“Dream”
Riley AspenEnglish“Quaking tree”
Riley AthenaGreek“Goddess of wisdom and war”
Riley AubreeFrench“Elf ruler”
Riley AubreyGerman“Elf ruler”
Riley AudraOld German“Noble strength”
Riley AudreyOld English“Noble strength”
Riley AuroraLatin“Dawn”
Riley AutumnLatin“Season of fall”
Riley AvaHebrew“Life”
Riley AveryOld English“Elf counsel”
Riley AylaHebrew/Turkish“Oak tree/Halo”
Riley AzaleaGreek“Dry”
Riley BaileeOld French“Bailiff”
Riley BarbaraGreek“Foreign woman”
Riley BayleeEnglish“Law enforcer, bailiff”
Riley BeatriceLatin“Bringer of joy”
Riley BeatrizSpanish“Bringer of joy”
Riley BelindaSpanish“Beautiful”
Riley BellaItalian“Beautiful”
Riley BelleFrench“Beautiful”
Riley BernadetteGerman“Brave as a bear”
Riley BethHebrew“God is my oath”
Riley BethanyHebrew“House of figs”
Riley BetsyHebrew“God is my oath”
Riley BeverlyOld English“Beaver stream”
Riley BiancaItalian“White”
Riley BlairScottish“Field, plain”
Riley BlaireScottish“Field, plain”
Riley BlakeOld English“Black or pale”
Riley BlakelyOld English“Dark meadow”
Riley BobbiEnglish“Bright fame”
Riley BrandiEnglish“Brandy”
Riley BrandyEnglish“Brandy”
Riley BrendaOld Norse“Sword”
Riley BrennaGaelic“Little raven”
Riley BriaCeltic“Strong, noble”
Riley BrianaCeltic“Strong, noble”
Riley BriannaCeltic“Strong, noble”
Riley BridgetGaelic“Strength or exalted one”
Riley BrielleFrench“God is my strength”
Riley BrinleyEnglish“Burnt meadow”
Riley BritneyEnglish“From Britain”
Riley BrittanyLatin“From Britain”
Riley BrookeEnglish“Small stream”
Riley BrooklynDutch“Broken land”
Riley BrooklynnDutch“Broken land”
Riley BryleeAmerican“Modern invented name”
Riley BrynleeAmerican“Modern invented name”
Riley BrynnWelsh“Hill”
Riley CadenceLatin“Rhythm”
Riley CaitlinIrish“Pure”
Riley CaitlynIrish“Pure”
Riley CaliGreek“Most beautiful”
Riley CallieGreek“Most beautiful”
Riley CameronScottish“Crooked nose”
Riley CamilaLatin“Young ceremonial attendant”
Riley CamillaLatin“Young ceremonial attendant”
Riley CamilleFrench“Young ceremonial attendant”
Riley CamrynCeltic“Crooked nose”
Riley CandaceLatin“White, pure, sincere”
Riley CandiceLatin“White, pure, sincere”
Riley CaraLatin“Beloved”
Riley CarlaGerman“Free woman”
Riley CarlyGerman“Free woman”
Riley CarmenHebrew“Garden”
Riley CarolGerman“Free woman”
Riley CarolinaGerman“Free woman”
Riley CarolineGerman“Free woman”
Riley CarolynGerman“Free woman”
Riley CarrieGerman“Free woman”
Riley CaseyGaelic“Brave in battle”
Riley CassandraGreek“Prophetess”
Riley CassidyGaelic“Curly-haired”
Riley CatalinaSpanish“Pure”
Riley CatherineGreek“Pure”
Riley CeceliaLatin“Blind”
Riley CeciliaLatin“Blind”
Riley CelesteLatin“Heavenly”
Riley CeliaLatin“Heavenly”
Riley CelineFrench“Heavenly”
Riley ChanaHebrew“Grace”
Riley ChandlerEnglish“Candle maker”
Riley ChanelFrench“Canal”
Riley CharleeGerman“Free woman”
Riley CharleneGerman“Free woman”
Riley CharleyGerman“Free man”
Riley CharlieGerman“Free man”
Riley CharlotteGerman“Free woman”
Riley ChayaHebrew“Life”
Riley ChelseaOld English“Chalk landing place”
Riley CheyenneNative American“People of a different language”
Riley ChloeGreek“Green shoot”
Riley ChristinaGreek“Follower of Christ”
Riley ChristineGreek“Follower of Christ”
Riley CiaraGaelic“Dark”
Riley CindyGreek“Moon”
Riley ClaireLatin“Clear, bright”
Riley ClaraLatin“Clear, bright”
Riley ClarissaLatin“Clear, bright”
Riley ClaudiaLatin“Lame”
Riley ClementineLatin“Mild, merciful”
Riley CleoGreek“Glory”
Riley ColetteFrench“People of victory”
Riley ColleenIrish“Girl”
Riley ConstanceLatin“Steadfastness”
Riley CoraGreek“Maiden”
Riley CoralineFrench“Coral”
Riley CorinneGreek“Maiden”
Riley CourtneyOld French“Short nose”
Riley CrystalGreek“Ice”
Riley CynthiaGreek“Moon”
Riley DahliaSwedish“Dahl’s flower”
Riley DaisyOld English“Day’s eye”
Riley DakotaNative American“Friend”
Riley DaleyzaSpanish“Modern invented name”
Riley DanaHebrew“God is my judge”
Riley DaniHebrew“God is my judge”
Riley DanielaHebrew“God is my judge”
Riley DanielleHebrew“God is my judge”
Riley DannaHebrew“God is my judge”
Riley DaphneGreek“Laurel tree”
Riley DarleneEnglish“Dear, loved one”
Riley DavinaHebrew“Beloved”
Riley DawnOld English“First appearance of light”
Riley DayanaHebrew“God is my judge”
Riley DeannaLatin“Divine”
Riley DeborahHebrew“Bee”
Riley DelaneyOld French“From the alder grove”
Riley DelilahHebrew“Delicate”
Riley DemiFrench“Half”
Riley DeniseFrench“Follower of Dionysius”
Riley DesireeFrench“Desired”
Riley DestinyEnglish“Fate”
Riley DevinIrish“Poet”
Riley DevonIrish“Poet”
Riley DiamondEnglish“Brilliant gem”
Riley DianaLatin“Divine”
Riley DianeLatin“Divine”
Riley DiorFrench“Golden”
Riley DixieFrench“Tenth”
Riley DollyEnglish“Gift of God”
Riley DominiqueLatin“Belonging to the Lord”
Riley DonnaItalian“Lady”
Riley DorothyGreek“Gift of God”
Riley DulceLatin“Sweet”
Riley DylanWelsh“Son of the sea”
Riley EdenHebrew“Delight”
Riley EdithOld English“Prosperous in war”
Riley EileenIrish“Bright, shining one”
Riley ElaineGreek“Sun ray”
Riley EleanorGreek“Shining light”
Riley ElenaGreek“Shining light”
Riley EleniGreek“Shining light”
Riley ElianaHebrew“God has answered”
Riley ElieHebrew“God is my light”
Riley ElisaHebrew“God is my oath”
Riley EliseFrench“God is my oath”
Riley ElizaHebrew“God is my joy”
Riley ElizabethHebrew“God is my oath”
Riley EllaGerman“All, completely; fairy maiden”
Riley ElleFrench“She”
Riley EllenGreek“Shining light”
Riley EllianaHebrew“God has answered”
Riley EllieGreek“Shining light”
Riley EllietteFrench“God is my salvation”
Riley ElsieScottish“God’s oath”
Riley ElyseFrench“God’s oath”
Riley EmelyGerman“Rival”
Riley EmiliaLatin“Rival”
Riley EmilyLatin“Rival”
Riley EmmaGerman“Universal”
Riley EmmalineGerman“Hardworking”
Riley EmmalynGerman“Hardworking”
Riley EmmalynnGerman“Hardworking”
Riley EmmyGerman“Hardworking”
Riley EmoryGerman“Brave; powerful”
Riley EricaNorse“Eternal ruler”
Riley ErikaNorse“Eternal ruler”
Riley ErinIrish“Peace”
Riley EsmeraldaSpanish“Emerald”
Riley EsperanzaSpanish“Hope”
Riley EssenceEnglish“Perfume”
Riley EstellaLatin“Star”
Riley EstelleFrench“Star”
Riley EstherPersian“Star”
Riley EstrellaSpanish“Star”
Riley EttaEnglish“Estate ruler”
Riley EuniceGreek“Good victory”
Riley EvaHebrew“Life”
Riley EvangelineGreek“Good news”
Riley EveHebrew“Life”
Riley EvelynEnglish“Wished for child”
Riley EverleeEnglish“Boar meadow”
Riley EverleighEnglish“Boar meadow”
Riley EverlyEnglish“Boar meadow”
Riley EvieHebrew“Life”
Riley FaithEnglish“Trust, belief”
Riley FallonIrish“Leader”
Riley FayeOld English“Fairy”
Riley FelicityLatin“Happiness”
Riley FernandaGerman“Bold voyager”
Riley FinleyScottish“Fair warrior”
Riley FionaGaelic“White, fair”
Riley FloraLatin“Flower”
Riley FlorenceLatin“Flourishing, prosperous”
Riley FrancesLatin“Free one”
Riley FrancescaItalian“Free one”
Riley FrankiGerman“Free or truthful”
Riley FrankieGerman“Free or truthful”
Riley FreyaNorse“A noble woman”
Riley FridaGerman“Peaceful ruler”
Riley GabrielaHebrew“God is my strength”
Riley GabriellaHebrew“God is my strength”
Riley GabrielleHebrew“God is my strength”
Riley GalileaHebrew“Galilee”
Riley GemmaItalian“Gem, precious stone”
Riley GenesisGreek“Beginning”
Riley GenevieveFrench“Tribe woman”
Riley GeorgiaGreek“Farmer”
Riley GeraldineGerman“Spear ruler”
Riley GiaItalian“God’s gracious gift”
Riley GiadaItalian“Jade”
Riley GianaItalian“God is gracious”
Riley GiannaItalian“God is gracious”
Riley GiselleGerman“Pledge”
Riley GiulianaItalian“Youthful”
Riley GloriaLatin“Glory”
Riley GraceLatin“Grace”
Riley GracelynLatin“Grace”
Riley GracieLatin“Grace”
Riley GretaGerman“Pearl”
Riley GwenWelsh“White, fair, blessed”
Riley GwendolynWelsh“White ring”
Riley HadassahHebrew“Myrtle tree”
Riley HadleeOld English“Heathen meadow”
Riley HadleighOld English“Heathen meadow”
Riley HadleyOld English“Heathen meadow”
Riley HaileeEnglish“Hay meadow”
Riley HaileyEnglish“Hay meadow”
Riley HailieEnglish“Hay meadow”
Riley HaisleyEnglish“Hay meadow”
Riley HaleyEnglish“Hay meadow”
Riley HalleOld English“Rock”
Riley HallieOld English“Rock”
Riley HaloGreek“Halo around the moon or sun”
Riley HannaHebrew“Grace”
Riley HannahHebrew“Grace”
Riley HarleeEnglish“Hare meadow”
Riley HarleighEnglish“Hare meadow”
Riley HarleyEnglish“Hare meadow”
Riley HarmonyLatin“A beautiful blending”
Riley HarperOld English“Harp player”
Riley HarrietGerman“Home ruler”
Riley HavenEnglish“Safe place”
Riley HayleeEnglish“Hay meadow”
Riley HayleyEnglish“Hay meadow”
Riley HazelOld English“The hazelnut tree”
Riley HeavenEnglish“Paradise”
Riley HeidiGerman“Noble one”
Riley HelenGreek“Shining light”
Riley HelenaGreek“Shining light”
Riley HenleyEnglish“High meadow”
Riley HensleyEnglish“Stag meadow”
Riley HeraGreek“Protectress”
Riley HermioneGreek“Earthly”
Riley HesterGreek“Star”
Riley HopeEnglish“Expectation”
Riley HunterEnglish“One who hunts”
Riley IndiaEnglish“From the river Indus”
Riley IndieEnglish“Independent”
Riley IndigoGreek“Indian dye”
Riley IngridNorse“Beautiful, beloved”
Riley IreneGreek“Peace”
Riley IrisGreek“Rainbow”
Riley IsabelSpanish“God is my oath”
Riley IsabelaSpanish“God is my oath”
Riley IsabellSpanish“God is my oath”
Riley IsabellaSpanish“God is my oath”
Riley IsabelleFrench“God is my oath”
Riley IsisEgyptian“Throne”
Riley ItzelMayan“Rainbow lady”
Riley IvannaHebrew“God is gracious”
Riley IvoryEnglish“White as elephant tusks”
Riley IvyOld English“Climbing vine plant”
Riley IzabellaHebrew“God is my oath”
Riley JacquelineFrench“Supplanter”
Riley JadaHebrew“Wise”
Riley JadeSpanish“Stone of the side”
Riley JaelynAmerican“Modern invented name”
Riley JaliyahAmerican“Modern invented name”
Riley JamieHebrew“Supplanter”
Riley JamilaArabic“Beautiful”
Riley JaneHebrew“God is gracious”
Riley JanelleFrench“God is gracious”
Riley JanessaHebrew“God is gracious”
Riley JaniyaHebrew“God is gracious”
Riley JannaHebrew“God is gracious”
Riley JazlynAmerican“Modern invented name”
Riley JazminPersian“Jasmine flower”
Riley JazminePersian“Jasmine flower”
Riley JeanHebrew“God is gracious”
Riley JeanetteFrench“God is gracious”
Riley JemmaEnglish“Gem”
Riley JennaArabic“Heaven”
Riley JenniferWelsh“White wave”
Riley JennyWelsh“White wave”
Riley JessicaHebrew“God beholds”
Riley JessieHebrew“God beholds”
Riley JewelOld French“Plaything, delight”
Riley JillLatin“Youthful”
Riley JillianLatin“Youthful”
Riley JimenaHebrew“Heard by God”
Riley JoHebrew“God will increase”
Riley JoanHebrew“God is gracious”
Riley JoannHebrew“God is gracious”
Riley JoannaHebrew“God is gracious”
Riley JoanneHebrew“God is gracious”
Riley JocelynGerman“Member of the Gauts tribe”
Riley JodiHebrew“Praised”
Riley JodieHebrew“Praised”
Riley JoleneFrench“Pretty”
Riley JordanHebrew“Flowing down”
Riley JordynHebrew“Flowing down”
Riley JoseyHebrew“God will increase”
Riley JosieHebrew“God will increase”
Riley JourneyEnglish“A trip or experience from one place to another”
Riley JoyEnglish“Happiness”
Riley JoyceLatin“Youthful”
Riley JudithHebrew“Praised”
Riley JudyHebrew“Praised”
Riley JuliaLatin“Youthful”
Riley JulianaLatin“Youthful”
Riley JuliannaLatin“Youthful”
Riley JulieLatin“Youthful”
Riley JulietLatin“Youthful”
Riley JulietteFrench“Youthful”
Riley JulissaAmerican“Youthful”
Riley JuneLatin“Young”
Riley JuniperLatin“Evergreen shrub”
Riley JusticeEnglish“Righteousness, fairness”
Riley KaceyIrish“Brave in battle”
Riley KaelinAmerican“Rejoicer”
Riley KaelynAmerican“Rejoicer”
Riley KaiaHawaiian“Sea”
Riley KailaniHawaiian“Sea and sky”
Riley KaileeAmerican“Keeper of the keys”
Riley KaileyAmerican“Keeper of the keys”
Riley KailynAmerican“Keeper of the keys”
Riley KaitlinIrish“Pure”
Riley KaitlynIrish“Pure”
Riley KaitlynnIrish“Pure”
Riley KalaniHawaiian“The heavens”
Riley KaliHawaiian“Hula, dance”
Riley KaliyahArabic“Beloved”
Riley KamilaArabic“Perfect”
Riley KamrynAmerican“Modern invented name”
Riley KaraItalian“Beloved”
Riley KarenDanish“Pure”
Riley KarinaScandinavian“Pure”
Riley KarisGreek“Grace”
Riley KarlaGerman“Free woman”
Riley KarleeGerman“Free woman”
Riley KarlyGerman“Free woman”
Riley KarmaSanskrit“Destiny, fate”
Riley KarsynAmerican“Modern invented name”
Riley KarterEnglish“Transporter”
Riley KassandraGreek“Prophetess”
Riley KassidyIrish“Curly-haired”
Riley KateGreek“Pure”
Riley KatelynIrish“Pure”
Riley KatelynnIrish“Pure”
Riley KatherineGreek“Pure”
Riley KathleenGreek“Pure”
Riley KathrynGreek“Pure”
Riley KatieGreek“Pure”
Riley KatlynAmerican“Pure”
Riley KayGreek“Pure”
Riley KaydenceLatin“Rhythm”
Riley KaylaIrish“Slim, fair”
Riley KayleeAmerican“Pure”
Riley KayleighGaelic“Slim, fair”
Riley KaylenAmerican“Slim, fair”
Riley KayleyGaelic“Slim, fair”
Riley KaylieGaelic“Slim, fair”
Riley KaylinGaelic“Slim, fair”
Riley KeiraIrish“Dark-haired”
Riley KelseyOld English“Ship’s victory”
Riley KendraOld English“Understanding”
Riley KeniaHebrew“God’s gift”
Riley KenleyEnglish“Royal meadow”
Riley KennaGaelic“Born of fire”
Riley KennediAmerican“Helmet head”
Riley KennedyGaelic“Helmet head”
Riley KensleyEnglish“King’s meadow”
Riley KenyaAfrican“Animal horn”
Riley KenzieGaelic“Fair”
Riley KeylaAmerican“Laurel crown”
Riley KhaleesiFictional“Queen” (From “Game of Thrones”)
Riley KhloeGreek“Blooming”
Riley KianaHawaiian“Divine”
Riley KiaraIrish“Dark-haired”
Riley KieraIrish“Dark-haired”
Riley KimberOld English“Royal fortress”
Riley KimberlyOld English“Royal fortress”
Riley KimoraAmerican“Modern invented name”
Riley KinleyGaelic“Fair warrior”
Riley KinseyEnglish“King’s victory”
Riley KinsleeEnglish“King’s meadow”
Riley KinsleyEnglish“King’s meadow”
Riley KiraRussian“Throne”
Riley KylaGaelic“Slim, fair”
Riley KyleeGaelic“Slim, fair”
Riley KyleighGaelic“Slim, fair”
Riley KylieGaelic“Slim, fair”
Riley KyraGreek“Lady”
Riley LaceyFrench“Cheerful”
Riley LailaArabic“Night”
Riley LailahArabic“Night”
Riley LaineyEnglish“Bright shining one”
Riley LaithArabic“Lion”
Riley LanaGaelic“Little rock”
Riley LaneyEnglish“Bright shining one”
Riley LaraLatin“Protection”
Riley LauraLatin“Laurel tree”
Riley LaurelLatin“Laurel tree”
Riley LaurenLatin“Laurel tree”
Riley LaurynLatin“Laurel tree”
Riley LayanArabic“Soft, gentle”
Riley LaylaArabic“Night”
Riley LaylahArabic“Night”
Riley LayneEnglish“Path, roadway”
Riley LaynieEnglish“Path, roadway”
Riley LeahHebrew“Weary”
Riley LeannaHebrew“Graceful willow”
Riley LeelaSanskrit“Play, amusement”
Riley LegacyEnglish“Inheritance”
Riley LeiaHebrew“Weary”
Riley LeightonOld English“Meadow town”
Riley LeilaArabic“Night”
Riley LeilaniHawaiian“Heavenly flowers”
Riley LenaGreek“Torch”
Riley LennoxScottish“With many elm trees”
Riley LeonaLatin“Lion”
Riley LeslieGaelic“Garden of holly”
Riley LeticiaLatin“Joy, happiness”
Riley LexiGreek“Defender of mankind”
Riley LexieGreek“Defender of mankind”
Riley LiaSpanish“Weary”
Riley LianaFrench“To bind”
Riley LibbyHebrew“God is my oath”
Riley LibertyLatin“Freedom”
Riley LilaArabic“Night”
Riley LilahArabic“Night”
Riley LilianLatin“Lily”
Riley LilianaLatin“Lily”
Riley LillianLatin“Lily”
Riley LillieLatin“Lily”
Riley LillyLatin“Lily”
Riley LilyLatin“Lily”
Riley LindaSpanish“Pretty”
Riley LindsayOld English“Linden tree island”
Riley LindseyOld English“Linden tree island”
Riley LinneaSwedish“Twinflower”
Riley LisaHebrew“God is my oath”
Riley LisbethHebrew“God is my oath”
Riley LiviaLatin“Blue, envious”
Riley LizbethHebrew“God is my oath”
Riley LoganGaelic“Little hollow”
Riley LolaSpanish“Sorrows”
Riley LondonEnglish“Fortress of the moon”
Riley LondynEnglish“Fortress of the moon”
Riley LoraLatin“Laurel tree”
Riley LorelaiGerman“Luring rock”
Riley LoreleiGerman“Luring rock”
Riley LoriLatin“Laurel tree”
Riley LorraineFrench“From Lorraine”
Riley LouGerman“Famous warrior”
Riley LouisaGerman“Famous warrior”
Riley LouiseGerman“Famous warrior”
Riley LuciaLatin“Light”
Riley LucianaItalian“Light”
Riley LucilleFrench“Light”
Riley LucyLatin“Light”
Riley LunaLatin“Moon”
Riley LupeSpanish“Wolf”
Riley LydiaGreek“Noble”
Riley LylaArabic“Night”
Riley LyraGreek“Lyre”
Riley LyricEnglish“Words of a song”
Riley MabelLatin“Lovable”
Riley MaciFrench“Weapon”
Riley MacieFrench“Weapon”
Riley MackenzieGaelic“Child of the wise leader”
Riley MacyFrench“Weapon”
Riley MadalynHebrew“High tower”
Riley MadalynnHebrew“High tower”
Riley MaddisonEnglish“Son of Maud”
Riley MadelineHebrew“High tower”
Riley MadelynHebrew“High tower”
Riley MadelynnHebrew“High tower”
Riley MadilynHebrew“High tower”
Riley MadisonEnglish“Son of Maud”
Riley MadisynEnglish“Son of Maud”
Riley MaeEnglish“Month of May”
Riley MaeveIrish“Intoxicating”
Riley MagdalenaHebrew“Woman from Magdala”
Riley MaggieGreek“Pearl”
Riley MagnoliaLatin“Magnol’s tree”
Riley MaiaGreek“Mother”
Riley MakenaHawaiian“The happy one”
Riley MakennaGaelic“Child of the handsome one”
Riley MakinleyGaelic“Fair warrior”
Riley MalayaFilipino“Free”
Riley MalaysiaMalay“Mountain of gold”
Riley MaliaHawaiian“Calm and peaceful”
Riley MaliyahHebrew“Beloved”
Riley MalloryFrench“Unfortunate”
Riley MandyLatin“Lovable”
Riley ManuelaHebrew“God is with us”
Riley MaraHebrew“Bitter”
Riley MarcellaLatin“Young warrior”
Riley MargaretGreek“Pearl”
Riley MargotFrench“Pearl”
Riley MariaLatin“Sea of bitterness”
Riley MariahHebrew“God is my teacher”
Riley MariamHebrew“Sea of bitterness”
Riley MarianaLatin“Grace”
Riley MarieHebrew“Sea of bitterness”
Riley MarilynHebrew“Sea of bitterness”
Riley MarinaLatin“Of the sea”
Riley MarissaLatin“Of the sea”
Riley MaritzaSpanish“Of the sea”
Riley MarjorieGreek“Pearl”
Riley MarleeEnglish“Meadow near the lake”
Riley MarleighEnglish“Meadow near the lake”
Riley MarleyEnglish“Meadow near the lake”
Riley MarloweEnglish“Driftwood”
Riley MarlyEnglish“Meadow near the lake”
Riley MarnieLatin“Rejoice”
Riley MarthaAramaic“Lady”
Riley MaryHebrew“Sea of bitterness”
Riley MaryamHebrew“Sea of bitterness”
Riley MatildaGerman“Mighty in battle”
Riley MattieAramaic“Lady”
Riley MavisFrench“Songbird”
Riley MaxineLatin“Greatest”
Riley MayaGreek“Mother”
Riley MayleeEnglish“The month of May”
Riley MazieEnglish“Pearl”
Riley MckennaGaelic“Child of the handsome one”
Riley MckenzieGaelic“Child of the wise leader”
Riley MeadowEnglish“Meadow”
Riley MeilaniHawaiian“Heavenly flower”
Riley MelaniaGreek“Black, dark”
Riley MelanieGreek“Black, dark”
Riley MelanyGreek“Black, dark”
Riley MelinaGreek“Honey”
Riley MelissaGreek“Honey bee”
Riley MelodyEnglish“Song”
Riley MercyEnglish“Compassion, forgiveness”
Riley MeredithWelsh“Great ruler”
Riley MiaLatin“Mine”
Riley MiahHebrew“God is alive”
Riley MicahHebrew“Who is like God?”
Riley MichaelaHebrew“Who is like God?”
Riley MichelleHebrew“Who is like God?”
Riley MikaelaHebrew“Who is like God?”
Riley MikaylaHebrew“Who is like God?”
Riley MilaSlavic“Gracious, dear”
Riley MilagrosSpanish“Miracles”
Riley MilanSlavic“Gracious, dear”
Riley MileyEnglish“Smiley”
Riley MilianiHawaiian“Gentle caress”
Riley MillieGerman“Strength, determination”
Riley MinaGerman“Love”
Riley MiracleEnglish“Wonder, marvel”
Riley MirandaLatin“Admirable, wonderful”
Riley MireyaSpanish“Admire”
Riley MiriamHebrew“Sea of bitterness”
Riley MischaRussian“Who is like God?”
Riley MollieHebrew“Sea of bitterness”
Riley MollyHebrew“Sea of bitterness”
Riley MonicaLatin“Advisor”
Riley MoniqueFrench“Advisor”
Riley MonroeScottish“Mouth of the river Roe”
Riley MorganWelsh“Sea circle”
Riley MoriahHebrew“God is my teacher”
Riley MyaGreek“Mother”
Riley MyahGreek“Mother”
Riley MylaEnglish“Soldier”
Riley MylahEnglish“Soldier”
Riley MyraLatin“Wonderful”
Riley MyracleEnglish“Wonder, marvel”
Riley NadiaRussian“Hope”
Riley NalaAfrican“Successful”
Riley NalaniHawaiian“The heavens”
Riley NancyHebrew“Grace”
Riley NaomiHebrew“Pleasantness”
Riley NataliaItalian“Birthday”
Riley NatalieLatin“Birthday”
Riley NatashaRussian“Birthday”
Riley NathalieFrench“Birthday”
Riley NayeliZapotec“I love you”
Riley NevaehEnglish“Heaven” (spelled backward)
Riley NiaSwahili“Purpose”
Riley NicoleGreek“Victory of the people”
Riley NieveSpanish“Snow”
Riley NikitaGreek“Victory of the people”
Riley NinaSpanish“Little girl”
Riley NoaHebrew“Motion”
Riley NoelleFrench“Christmas”
Riley NoemiHebrew“Pleasantness”
Riley NolaGaelic“Fair shoulder”
Riley NylaArabic“Winner”
Riley NylahArabic“Winner”
Riley OakleeEnglish“Oak meadow”
Riley OakleyEnglish“Oak meadow”
Riley OctaviaLatin“Eighth”
Riley OdalysSpanish“Ode”
Riley OdeliaHebrew“I will praise the Lord”
Riley OliveLatin“Olive tree”
Riley OliviaLatin“Olive tree”
Riley OllieLatin“Olive tree”
Riley OlympiaGreek“From Mount Olympus”
Riley OpalSanskrit“Jewel”
Riley OpheliaGreek“Help”
Riley OrianaLatin“Dawn”
Riley PaigeEnglish“Page to a lord”
Riley PaisleeEnglish“Church, cemetery”
Riley PaisleyEnglish“Church, cemetery”
Riley PalomaSpanish“Dove”
Riley PamelaGreek“All honey”
Riley PaolaLatin“Small”
Riley ParisGreek“Pledge”
Riley ParkerEnglish“Park keeper”
Riley PatienceEnglish“Enduring, forebearing”
Riley PatriciaLatin“Noble”
Riley PattyLatin“Noble”
Riley PaulaLatin“Small”
Riley PauletteFrench“Small”
Riley PaulinaLatin“Small”
Riley PaytonEnglish“Pacca’s town”
Riley PearlEnglish“Pearl”
Riley PeggyGreek“Pearl”
Riley PenelopeGreek“Weaver”
Riley PennyGreek“Weaver”
Riley PerlaLatin“Pearl”
Riley PeytonEnglish“Pacca’s town”
Riley PhoebeGreek“Bright, pure”
Riley PhoenixGreek“Dark red”
Riley PiperEnglish“Pipe player”
Riley PoppyLatin“Red flower”
Riley PresleyEnglish“Priest’s meadow”
Riley PrincessEnglish“Royal daughter”
Riley PriscillaLatin“Ancient”
Riley PromiseEnglish“Declaration of intent”
Riley PsalmHebrew“Song”
Riley QueenEnglish“Female monarch”
Riley QueenieEnglish“Female monarch”
Riley QuetzalNahuatl“Precious feather, bird”
Riley QuinnGaelic“Wisdom, reason”
Riley RachelHebrew“Ewe”
Riley RaeganGaelic“Little ruler”
Riley RaelynAmerican“Ray of sunshine”
Riley RaelynnAmerican“Ray of sunshine”
Riley RainEnglish“Abundant blessings from above”
Riley RainaSlavic“Queen”
Riley RaineEnglish“Queen”
Riley RavenEnglish“Blackbird”
Riley RaylaAmerican“Ray of sunshine”
Riley RayleeAmerican“Ray of sunshine”
Riley RaynaHebrew“Song of the Lord”
Riley RayneHebrew“Song of the Lord”
Riley ReaganGaelic“Little ruler”
Riley RebeccaHebrew“To bind”
Riley RebekahHebrew“To bind”
Riley ReeseWelsh“Ardor”
Riley ReginaLatin“Queen”
Riley ReignEnglish“Rule”
Riley ReinaSpanish“Queen”
Riley RemiFrench“Oarsman”
Riley RemingtonEnglish“Raven’s estate”
Riley RemyFrench“Oarsman”
Riley RenataLatin“Reborn”
Riley RheaGreek“Flowing”
Riley RhyanIrish“Little king”
Riley RiaSpanish“River”
Riley RianGaelic“Little king”
Riley RiannaWelsh“Great queen”
Riley RileeEnglish“Courageous”
Riley RileyGaelic“Courageous”
Riley RilynnAmerican“Courageous”
Riley RitaSpanish“Pearl”
Riley RiverEnglish“Stream of water”
Riley RivkaHebrew“To bind”
Riley RobinEnglish“Bright fame”
Riley RobynEnglish“Bright fame”
Riley RocioSpanish“Dew”
Riley RomaItalian“Rome”
Riley RominaLatin“Man from Rome”
Riley RomyLatin“Man from Rome”
Riley RosaLatin“Rose”
Riley RosalieLatin“Rose”
Riley RosalynLatin“Rose”
Riley RoseLatin“Rose”
Riley RoselynLatin“Rose”
Riley RosemaryLatin“Dew of the sea”
Riley RoslynGaelic“Little red-haired one”
Riley RowanGaelic“Little redhead”
Riley RoxanaPersian“Dawn”
Riley RoxannePersian“Dawn”
Riley RoyaltyEnglish“Royal status”
Riley RubyLatin“Red gemstone”
Riley RyleeIrish“Courageous”
Riley RyleighIrish“Courageous”
Riley RylieIrish“Courageous”
Riley SabrinaLatin“From the river Severn”
Riley SadeAfrican“Honor confers a crown”
Riley SadieHebrew“Princess”
Riley SaffronArabic“Yellow flower”
Riley SageLatin“Wise”
Riley SaigeLatin“Wise”
Riley SalmaArabic“Safe”
Riley SalomeHebrew“Peace”
Riley SamaraHebrew“Guarded by God”
Riley SamiyahArabic“Elevated”
Riley SandraGreek“Defender of mankind”
Riley SandyGreek“Defender of mankind”
Riley SaniaArabic“Brilliance”
Riley SaraHebrew“Princess”
Riley SarahHebrew“Princess”
Riley SaraiHebrew“Princess”
Riley SariahHebrew“Princess”
Riley SashaRussian“Defender of mankind”
Riley SavanaSpanish“Treeless plain”
Riley SavanahSpanish“Treeless plain”
Riley SavannaSpanish“Treeless plain”
Riley SavannahSpanish“Treeless plain”
Riley SawyerEnglish“Woodcutter”
Riley ScarletEnglish“Red”
Riley ScarlettEnglish“Red”
Riley SelahHebrew“Rock”
Riley SelenaGreek“Moon”
Riley SeleneGreek“Moon”
Riley SerenityLatin“Peaceful”
Riley SerinaLatin“Serene, calm”
Riley ShaniaOjibwa“I’m on my way”
Riley ShannonGaelic“Little wise owl”
Riley SharonHebrew“A plain”
Riley ShayGaelic“Gift”
Riley ShaylaGaelic“Gift”
Riley ShayleeGaelic“Gift”
Riley SheilaGaelic“Blind”
Riley ShelbyEnglish“Sheltered town”
Riley SherlynEnglish“Bright meadow”
Riley ShilohHebrew“His gift”
Riley ShirleyEnglish“Bright meadow”
Riley ShreyaSanskrit“Auspicious”
Riley SienaItalian“From Siena”
Riley SiennaItalian“From Siena”
Riley SierraSpanish“Mountain range”
Riley SimoneHebrew“Heard”
Riley SincereEnglish“Earnest”
Riley SkyeEnglish“Sky”
Riley SkylerDutch“Scholar”
Riley SkylaEnglish“Scholar”
Riley SkylarDutch“Scholar”
Riley SloanIrish“Warrior”
Riley SloaneIrish“Warrior”
Riley SofiaGreek“Wisdom”
Riley SophiaGreek“Wisdom”
Riley SophieGreek“Wisdom”
Riley StellaLatin“Star”
Riley StephanieGreek“Crown”
Riley StevieGreek“Crown”
Riley StormEnglish“Tempest”
Riley SummerEnglish“Warmest season”
Riley SunnyEnglish“Cheerful”
Riley SusanHebrew“Lily”
Riley SusannaHebrew“Lily”
Riley SuzanneHebrew“Lily”
Riley SwayEnglish“Influence”
Riley SydneyFrench“Wide island”
Riley SylviaLatin“Forest”
Riley TabithaAramaic“Gazelle”
Riley TaliaHebrew“Dew from heaven”
Riley TaliyahArabic“Gentle rain, dew from heaven”
Riley TameraHebrew“Palm tree”
Riley TamiaJapanese“People”
Riley TaniaLatin“Fairy queen”
Riley TaniyaHebrew“God’s gift”
Riley TanyaRussian“Fairy queen”
Riley TaraGaelic“Rocky hill”
Riley TarynGaelic“Rocky hill”
Riley TatianaLatin“Fairy queen”
Riley TatumEnglish“Brings joy”
Riley TaylorEnglish“Tailor”
Riley TeaganIrish“Little poet”
Riley TeganWelsh“Fair”
Riley TenleyEnglish“Burnt clearing”
Riley TeresaGreek“Harvest”
Riley TessaGreek“Harvest”
Riley ThaliaGreek“To flourish”
Riley TheaGreek“Goddess”
Riley ThelmaGreek“Will”
Riley TheodoraGreek“Gift of God”
Riley TheresaGreek“Harvest”
Riley TiaSpanish“Aunt”
Riley TianaRussian“Fairy queen”
Riley TiannaRussian“Fairy queen”
Riley TiaraLatin“Crown”
Riley TinsleyEnglish“Tynni’s meadow”
Riley TianaGreek“Princess”
Riley TiffanyGreek“Manifestation of God”
Riley TimberEnglish“Wood, strong”
Riley TimeaHungarian“Honor”
Riley TinaLatin“River”
Riley TinleyEnglish“Meadow of the leading town”
Riley TinsleyEnglish“Tynni’s meadow”
Riley TirzahHebrew“She is my delight”
Riley ToniaLatin“Invaluable”
Riley TonyaRussian“Invaluable”
Riley ToriJapanese“Bird”
Riley TraceyLatin“Brave”
Riley TracieLatin“Brave”
Riley TracyLatin“Brave”
Riley TreasureEnglish“Prized possession”
Riley TrinaScandinavian“Pure”
Riley TrinityLatin“Threefold”
Riley TristaLatin“Tumult, outcry”
Riley TristenFrench“Tumult, outcry”
Riley TristinFrench“Tumult, outcry”
Riley TristynFrench“Tumult, outcry”
Riley TrudyGerman“Spear of strength”
Riley TrulyEnglish“Truth”
Riley TrynityLatin“Threefold”
Riley TulipPersian“Red gem”
Riley TylaEnglish“Good”
Riley TylerEnglish“Tile maker”
Riley TyraScandinavian“God of battle”
Riley UlaniHawaiian“Cheerful”
Riley UmaSanskrit“Nation”
Riley UniqueEnglish“Unlike others”
Riley UnityEnglish“Oneness”
Riley UrsulaLatin“Little bear”
Riley ValentinaLatin“Health”
Riley ValeriaLatin“To be strong”
Riley ValerieLatin“To be strong”
Riley ValeryLatin“To be strong”
Riley VanessaGreek“Butterfly”
Riley VanityEnglish“Excessive pride in one’s appearance”
Riley VeraRussian“Faith”
Riley VeronicaLatin“True image”
Riley VeronikaLatin“True image”
Riley VickyLatin“Victory”
Riley VictoriaLatin“Victory”
Riley ViennaLatin“From wine country”
Riley VioletLatin“Purple”
Riley VirginiaLatin“Maiden”
Riley VivianLatin“Alive”
Riley VivianaLatin“Alive”
Riley VivienneFrench“Alive”
Riley WaverlyEnglish“Meadow of quivering aspens”
Riley WendyEnglish“Friend”
Riley WhitneyEnglish“White island”
Riley WillaGerman“Resolute protection”
Riley WillowEnglish“Slender, graceful”
Riley WinterEnglish“Coldest season of the year”
Riley WrenEnglish“Small bird”
Riley WynterEnglish“Coldest season of the year”
Riley XandraGreek“Defender of mankind”
Riley XenaGreek“Guest, stranger”
Riley XeniaGreek“Guest, stranger”
Riley XimenaHebrew“Heard”
Riley XiomaraSpanish“Ready for battle”
Riley XitlaliNahuatl“Star”
Riley XyliaGreek“Woodland”
Riley YaelHebrew“Mountain goat”
Riley YamilethArabic“Beautiful”
Riley YaraArabic“Butterfly”
Riley YasminPersian“Jasmine flower”
Riley YazminPersian“Jasmine flower”
Riley YeseniaSpanish“Flower”
Riley YesseniaSpanish“Flower”
Riley YolandaGreek“Violet flower”
Riley YoselinNahuatl“Heart of Jesus”
Riley YulianaSpanish“Youthful”
Riley YvetteFrench“Yew”
Riley YvonneFrench“Yew”
Riley ZaniyahHebrew“God’s gift”
Riley ZaraArabic“Princess”
Riley ZariaArabic“Rose”
Riley ZariahHebrew“God has remembered”
Riley ZariyahHebrew“God has remembered”
Riley ZendayaShona“To give thanks”
Riley ZiaArabic“Light”
Riley ZionHebrew“Highest point”
Riley ZivaHebrew“Brightness, radiance”
Riley ZoeGreek“Life”
Riley ZoeyGreek“Life”
Riley ZoieGreek“Life”
Riley ZolaZulu“Quiet, tranquil”
Riley ZoraSlavic“Dawn”
Riley ZuriSwahili“Beautiful”
Riley ZuriaBasque“White”
Riley ZurielHebrew“God is my rock”
Riley ZyanyaZapotec“Always, forever”
Riley ZylaAfrican“Calm”

Middle Names for Riley (Boys)

For boys, the name Riley can be paired with strong, traditional, or contemporary middle names.

Riley AndyEnglishDiminutive of Andrew, meaning “Manly” or “Brave”
Riley AngelGreek“Messenger” or “Angel”
Riley AngusScottish/Gaelic“One strength” or “Unique choice”
Riley AnthonyLatinDerived from the Roman clan name Antonius, meaning is unknown but possibly related to “priceless” or “of inestimable worth”
Riley AntonLatinVariant of Anthony, possibly meaning “priceless one”
Riley AntonioSpanish/ItalianSpanish and Italian form of Anthony, meaning “priceless one”
Riley ArcherEnglish“Bowman” or “Archer”
Riley ArloUnknownThe origin and meaning are unclear, possibly derived from Charles
Riley ArnoldGerman“Eagle power”
Riley ArthurCeltic“Bear” or “Bear-like”, possibly derived from the Roman surname Artorius
Riley AsherHebrew“Happy” or “Blessed”
Riley AshtonEnglish“Ash tree town”
Riley AtlasGreek“To endure”, also the name of a Titan condemned to hold up the sky
Riley AtticusLatinFrom Attica, a region surrounding Athens in Greece
Riley AugustLatin“Venerable” or “Consecrated”
Riley AustinLatinVariant of Augustin, meaning “Majestic”
Riley AveryFrench“Elf counsel”
Riley AxelHebrew/Scandinavian“Father of peace”
Riley AydenTurkish“Enlightened” or “Brightness”
Riley BaileyEnglish“Bailiff” or “Steward”, also refers to a “berry clearing” in Old English
Riley BarclayScottish“Birch tree meadow”
Riley BarrettGerman“Bear strength”
Riley BarryIrish“Spear” or “Sharp pointed”
Riley BartonEnglish“Barley settlement”
Riley BasilGreek“King” or “Royal”
Riley BeauFrench“Handsome” or “Beautiful”
Riley BenjaminHebrew“Son of the right hand”
Riley BennettLatin“Blessed”
Riley BensonEnglish“Son of Ben” or “Son of the right hand”
Riley BernardGerman“Bear” and “Hardy” or “Brave”
Riley BertGerman/EnglishShort form of names like Albert, Bertram, meaning “Bright” or “Famous”
Riley BevanWelsh“Son of Evan” or “Young soldier”
Riley BillEnglishDiminutive of William, meaning “Resolute protector”
Riley BillyEnglishDiminutive of William, meaning “Resolute protector”
Riley BlaineGaelic“Thin” or “Lean”
Riley BlairScottish/Gaelic“Field” or “Plain”
Riley BlaiseLatin“Lisp” or “Stutter”
Riley BlakeEnglish“Fair-haired” or “Dark”
Riley BlayneEnglishVariant of Blaine, meaning “Thin” or “Lean”
Riley BobEnglishDiminutive of Robert, meaning “Famed” or “Bright”
Riley BobbyEnglishDiminutive of Robert, meaning “Famed” or “Bright”
Riley BorisSlavic“Fight” or “Short”
Riley BoydScottish/Gaelic“Blond” or “Yellow-haired”
Riley BradEnglishShort form of Bradley, meaning “Broad meadow”
Riley BradenIrish“Salmon”
Riley BradleyEnglish“Broad meadow”
Riley BradyIrish“Broad island” or “Descendant of Brádach”
Riley BrandonEnglish“Broom hill”
Riley BrantGerman“Firebrand” or “Sword”
Riley BrendanIrish“Little raven”
Riley BrettCeltic“From Brittany”
Riley BrianCeltic“High” or “Noble”
Riley BrockOld English/Norman French“Badger” or “Stream”
Riley BrodyIrish“Ditch” or “Muddy place”
Riley BruceFrench“From Brix”, a town in France
Riley BrunoGerman“Brown”
Riley BryanCelticVariant of Brian, meaning “High” or “Noble”
Riley BryceCeltic“Speckled” or “Spotted”
Riley BrysonWelsh“Son of Brice”
Riley BuckEnglish“Male deer”
Riley BudEnglishDiminutive of Buddy, meaning “Friend”
Riley BuddyEnglish“Friend”
Riley BurkeOld French“From the fortress”
Riley ByronEnglish“Barn for cows”
Riley CadeOld English“Round” or “Lumpy”
Riley CadenAmerican“Spirit of battle”
Riley CaelCeltic“Slender”
Riley CainHebrew“Acquired”
Riley CalderScottish“Rocky water” or “Stream”
Riley CalebHebrew“Faithful” or “Devotion to God”
Riley CallumScottish/Gaelic“Dove”
Riley CalvinLatin“Bald”
Riley CamdenScottish“From the winding valley”
Riley CameronScottish/Gaelic“Crooked nose”
Riley CarlGerman“Free man”
Riley CarlosSpanishSpanish form of Charles, meaning “Free man”
Riley CarltonOld English“Free man’s town”
Riley CarsonScottish“Son of the marsh-dwellers”
Riley CarterOld English“Transporter of goods by cart”
Riley CaryWelsh“From the fortress”
Riley CaseyIrish“Vigilant” or “Watchful”
Riley CasperPersian“Treasurer”
Riley CecilLatin“Blind”
Riley CedricCeltic“Bounty”
Riley ChadEnglish“Warrior” or “Battle”
Riley ChaimHebrew“Life”
Riley ChanceEnglish“Good fortune”
Riley ChandlerFrench“Candle maker”
Riley CharlesGerman“Free man”
Riley CharlieEnglishDiminutive of Charles, meaning “Free man”
Riley ChaseEnglish“Hunter”
Riley ChesterLatin“Fortress” or “Camp”
Riley ChrisGreekShort form of Christopher, meaning “Bearer of Christ”
Riley ChristianLatin“Follower of Christ”
Riley ChristopherGreek“Bearer of Christ”
Riley ChuckEnglishDiminutive of Charles, meaning “Free man”
Riley ClarenceLatin“Bright” or “Clear”
Riley ClarkEnglish“Clerk” or “Scholar”
Riley ClaudeLatin“Lame” or “Limping”
Riley ClayEnglish“Mortal” or “Settlement by the clay pit”
Riley ClaytonEnglish“Place with good clay”
Riley CliffEnglishShort form of Clifford, meaning “Ford by a cliff”
Riley CliffordOld English“Ford by a cliff”
Riley CliftonOld English“From the town near a cliff”
Riley ClintEnglishShort form of Clinton, meaning “Settlement on the River Glyme”
Riley ClintonEnglish“Settlement on the River Glyme”
Riley ClydeScottish“From the River Clyde”
Riley CodyIrish“Helpful”
Riley ColbyOld Norse“Coal town”
Riley ColeEnglish“Swarthy” or “Black coal”
Riley ColinGreek“Young child” or “Victory of the people”
Riley CollinGreekVariant of Colin, meaning “Young child” or “Victory of the people”
Riley ColtEnglish“Young horse”
Riley ColtonEnglish“Coal town”
Riley ConnerIrish“Lover of hounds”
Riley ConradGerman“Brave counsel”
Riley CooperEnglish“Barrel maker”
Riley CorbinLatin“Raven” or “Crow”
Riley CoreyGaelic“Hollow”
Riley CormacIrish“Charioteer”
Riley CorneliusLatin“Horn”
Riley CoryGaelicVariant of Corey, meaning “Hollow”
Riley CraigScottish“Rock” or “Crag”
Riley CullenIrish“Handsome”
Riley CurtisFrench“Courteous” or “Polite”
Riley CyrusPersian“Sun” or “Throne”
Riley DaleEnglish“Valley”
Riley DallasScottish“Meadow dwelling”
Riley DaltonOld English“From the valley town”
Riley DamianGreek“To tame”
Riley DamonGreek“To tame” or “Subdue”
Riley DaneEnglish“From Denmark”
Riley DanielHebrew“God is my judge”
Riley DannyHebrewDiminutive of Daniel, meaning “God is my judge”
Riley DanteItalian“Enduring”
Riley DarianPersian/Greek“Wealthy” or “Upholder of the good”
Riley DarnellEnglish“Hidden nook”
Riley DarrenIrish“Great”
Riley DarrylEnglish“Darling”
Riley DarwinOld English“Dear friend”
Riley DarylEnglishVariant of Darryl, meaning “Darling”
Riley DaveHebrewShort form of David, meaning “Beloved”
Riley DavidHebrew“Beloved”
Riley DavisHebrew“Son of David” or “Beloved”
Riley DeanOld English“Valley”
Riley DeclanIrish“Man of prayer”
Riley DeeEnglish“Beloved”
Riley DelbertGerman“Bright as day”
Riley DelmarSpanish“Of the sea”
Riley DelmerEnglishVariant of Delmar, meaning “Of the sea”
Riley DemetriusGreek“Devoted to Demeter”
Riley DenisGreekVariant of Dennis, meaning “Follower of Dionysus”
Riley DennisGreek“Follower of Dionysus”
Riley DenverEnglish“From the green valley”
Riley DerekGerman“Ruler of the people”
Riley DerickGermanVariant of Derek, meaning “Ruler of the people”
Riley DerylEnglishVariant of Darryl, meaning “Darling”
Riley DesmondIrish“From South Munster”
Riley DevinIrish“Poet”
Riley DeweyWelsh“Beloved”
Riley DexterLatin“Right-handed”
Riley DickEnglishDiminutive of Richard, meaning “Brave ruler”
Riley DiegoSpanishVariant of James, meaning “Supplanter”
Riley DillonIrish“Like a lion”
Riley DionGreekShort form of Dionysius, meaning “Follower of Dionysus”
Riley DirkGermanVariant of Derek, meaning “Ruler of the people”
Riley DixonOld English“Son of Dick”
Riley DominicLatin“Of the Lord”
Riley DominickLatinVariant of Dominic, meaning “Of the Lord”
Riley DonEnglishShort form of Donald, meaning “World ruler”
Riley DonaldScottish“World ruler”
Riley DonovanIrish“Dark” or “Brown”
Riley DorianGreek“Child of the sea”
Riley DougScottishShort form of Douglas, meaning “Dark river”
Riley DouglasScottish“Dark river”
Riley DoyleIrish“Dark stranger”
Riley DrakeEnglish“Dragon”
Riley DrewEnglishShort form of Andrew, meaning “Manly” or “Brave”
Riley DuaneIrish“Dark” or “Black”
Riley DuncanScottish“Dark warrior”
Riley DwightGerman“Blond”
Riley DylanWelsh“Son of the sea”
Riley EarlEnglish“Nobleman” or “Warrior”
Riley EarnestGerman“Serious” or “Determined”
Riley EdEnglishShort form of Edward, meaning “Wealthy guardian”
Riley EddieEnglishDiminutive of Edward, meaning “Wealthy guardian”
Riley EddyEnglishVariant of Eddie, meaning “Wealthy guardian”
Riley EdgarEnglish“Fortunate and powerful”
Riley EdmondEnglish“Wealthy protector”
Riley EdmundEnglish“Wealthy protector”
Riley EdricEnglish“Wealthy ruler”
Riley EdselEnglish“Noble”
Riley EdwardEnglish“Wealthy guardian”
Riley EdwinEnglish“Wealthy friend”
Riley EfrainHebrew“Fruitful”
Riley EfrenSpanishSpanish form of Ephraim, meaning “Fruitful”
Riley ElbertEnglish“Noble” or “Bright”
Riley EldenEnglish“Old friend”
Riley EldonEnglish“Old” or “From the sacred hill”
Riley EliHebrew“Ascend” or “My God”
Riley EliasGreek“Jehovah is God”
Riley EliezerHebrew“My God helps”
Riley ElijahHebrew“My God is Yahweh”
Riley ElishaHebrew“God is salvation”
Riley ElmerEnglish“Noble” or “Famous”
Riley ElmoItalian“Protector”
Riley ElroyFrench“The king”
Riley EltonEnglish“Ella’s town”
Riley ElvinEnglish“Elf friend”
Riley ElvisScandinavian“All wise”
Riley EmeryGerman“Industrious” or “Ruler of work”
Riley EmilLatin“Rival”
Riley EmilioSpanishSpanish form of Emil, meaning “Rival”
Riley EmmanuelHebrew“God is with us”
Riley EmmettEnglish“Universal” or “Truth”
Riley EmoryGermanVariant of Emery, meaning “Industrious” or “Ruler of work”
Riley EnriqueSpanishSpanish form of Henry, meaning “Home ruler”
Riley EphraimHebrew“Fruitful”
Riley ErasmoGreek“Beloved”
Riley EricNorse“Ever ruler”
Riley ErickNorseVariant of Eric, meaning “Ever ruler”
Riley ErikNorseVariant of Eric, meaning “Ever ruler”
Riley ErnieEnglishDiminutive of Ernest, meaning “Serious” or “Determined”
Riley ErnestGerman“Serious” or “Determined”
Riley ErrolEnglish“Earl” or “Nobleman”
Riley ErvinScottish“Green water”
Riley ErwinEnglish“Friend of the sea”
Riley EstebanSpanishSpanish form of Stephen, meaning “Crown” or “Garland”
Riley EthanHebrew“Strong” or “Firm”
Riley EugeneGreek“Well-born” or “Noble”
Riley EustaceGreek“Fruitful” or “Productive”
Riley EvanWelsh“God is gracious”
Riley EverettEnglish“Wild boar” or “Strong”
Riley EzekielHebrew“God strengthens”
Riley EzraHebrew“Help”
Riley FabianLatin“Bean grower”
Riley FairfaxEnglish“Blond”
Riley FarleyEnglish“Fern meadow”
Riley FelixLatin“Fortunate” or “Happy”
Riley FerdinandGerman“Bold voyager”
Riley FerminSpanish“Strong”
Riley FidelLatin“Faithful”
Riley FilbertGerman“Very bright”
Riley FilmoreEnglish“Famous”
Riley FinleyScottish/Irish“Fair-haired hero”
Riley FletcherEnglish“Arrow maker”
Riley FloydWelsh“Gray”
Riley FordEnglish“River crossing”
Riley ForrestEnglish“Of the woods”
Riley FosterEnglish“Forest worker”
Riley FrancesLatin“Free man”
Riley FrancisLatin“Free man”
Riley FrancoItalianItalian form of Francis, meaning “Free man”
Riley FrankGerman“Free man”
Riley FranklinEnglish“Free landholder”
Riley FredGermanShort form of Frederick, meaning “Peaceful ruler”
Riley FreddieGermanDiminutive of Frederick, meaning “Peaceful ruler”
Riley FreddyGermanVariant of Freddie, meaning “Peaceful ruler”
Riley FrederickGerman“Peaceful ruler”
Riley FreemanEnglish“Free man”
Riley FritzGermanShort form of Frederick, meaning “Peaceful ruler”
Riley FultonEnglish“Bird hill”
Riley GabrielHebrew“God is my strength”
Riley GageFrench“Pledge”
Riley GaleEnglish“Pleasant” or “Merry”
Riley GalenGreek“Calm” or “Healer”
Riley GarfieldEnglish“Triangle field”
Riley GarlandFrench“Land of the spear”
Riley GarnetEnglish“Pomegranate”
Riley GarrettGerman“Spear strength”
Riley GarryEnglishDiminutive of Garrett, meaning “Spear strength”
Riley GarthNorse“Keeper of the garden”
Riley GaryEnglishVariant of Garry, meaning “Spear strength”
Riley GastonFrench“Guest” or “Host”
Riley GavinWelsh“White hawk”
Riley GaylordFrench“Lively”
Riley GeneGreek“Well-born” or “Noble”
Riley GeoffreyGerman“Peaceful territory”
Riley GeorgeGreek“Farmer”
Riley GeraldGerman“Spear ruler”
Riley GerardGerman“Spear brave”
Riley GerardoSpanishSpanish form of Gerard, meaning “Spear brave”
Riley GermanLatin“Brother”
Riley GideonHebrew“Feller” or “Hewer”
Riley GilbertGerman“Bright pledge”
Riley GilfordEnglish“Ford with yellow flowers”
Riley GilesGreek“Young goat”
Riley GillisScottish“Servant of Jesus”
Riley GilmoreIrish“Servant of Mary”
Riley GiovanniItalianItalian form of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Riley GlenGaelic“Valley”
Riley GlennGaelicVariant of Glen, meaning “Valley”
Riley GodfreyGerman“God’s peace”
Riley GodwinEnglish“God’s friend”
Riley GonzaloSpanish“Battle”
Riley GordonScottish“Spacious fort”
Riley GradyIrish“Noble” or “Renowned”
Riley GrahamEnglish“Gravelly homestead”
Riley GrantEnglish“Great” or “Large”
Riley GrayEnglish“Gray-haired” or “Gray-bearded”
Riley GraysonEnglish“Son of the gray-haired one”
Riley GregGreekShort form of Gregory, meaning “Watchful” or “Alert”
Riley GregoryGreek“Watchful” or “Alert”
Riley GriffinWelsh“Strong lord”
Riley GriffithWelsh“Strong lord”
Riley GroverEnglish“Grove of trees”
Riley GuidoItalian“Guide”
Riley GuillermoSpanishSpanish form of William, meaning “Resolute protector”
Riley GunnerSwedish“Bold warrior”
Riley GusLatinShort form of Augustus, meaning “Venerable” or “Majestic”
Riley GustavoItalian/SpanishVariant of Gustav, meaning “Staff of the gods”
Riley GuyFrench“Guide”
Riley HadenEnglish“Heathen”
Riley HadleyEnglish“Heath meadow”
Riley HalEnglishShort form of Harold, meaning “Army ruler”
Riley HaleEnglish“Hero”
Riley HallEnglish“From the manor”
Riley HalleyEnglish“Hall meadow”
Riley HamiltonEnglish“From the beautiful mountain”
Riley HamishScottish“James”
Riley HanfordEnglish“High ford”
Riley HankEnglishDiminutive of Henry, meaning “Home ruler”
Riley HansGerman“God is gracious”
Riley HarlanEnglish“From the hare’s land”
Riley HarleyEnglish“From the hare’s meadow”
Riley HaroldEnglish“Army ruler”
Riley HarrisonEnglish“Son of Harry”
Riley HarryEnglish“Home ruler”
Riley HarveyFrench“Battle worthy”
Riley HassanArabic“Good-looking” or “Handsome”
Riley HaydenEnglish“Hay valley”
Riley HayesEnglish“Hedge”
Riley HeathEnglish“Heathland”
Riley HectorGreek“To hold” or “To possess”
Riley HezekiahHebrew“God strengthens”
Riley HoraceLatin“Timekeeper”
Riley HowardGerman“High guardian” or “Brave heart”
Riley HubertGerman“Bright heart” or “Bright spirit”
Riley HughGerman“Mind” or “Intellect”
Riley HugoGerman“Mind” or “Intellect”
Riley HumbertoSpanishSpanish form of Hubert, meaning “Bright heart” or “Bright spirit”
Riley HunterEnglish“One who hunts”
Riley HymanHebrew“Life”
Riley IanScottish“God is gracious”
Riley IraHebrew“Watchful”
Riley IrvinScottish“Green water”
Riley IrvingScottish“Green water”
Riley IsaacHebrew“He will laugh”
Riley IsaiahHebrew“Salvation of the Lord”
Riley IsaiasHebrew“God is my salvation”
Riley IsidoreGreek“Gift of Isis”
Riley IsraelHebrew“He who struggles with God”
Riley IvanRussian“God is gracious”
Riley IvorScandinavian“Bow warrior”
Riley JaceGreek“Healer”
Riley JackEnglish“God is gracious”
Riley JacksonEnglish“Son of Jack”
Riley JacobHebrew“Supplanter”
Riley JadenHebrew“Thankful”
Riley JaggerEnglish“Carter” or “Peddler”
Riley JakeHebrewDiminutive of Jacob, meaning “Supplanter”
Riley JamalArabic“Handsome”
Riley JamesHebrew“Supplanter”
Riley JamesonEnglish“Son of James”
Riley JaredHebrew“Descent”
Riley JarvisGerman“Spear servant”
Riley JasonGreek“Healer”
Riley JasperPersian“Treasurer”
Riley JavierSpanishSpanish form of Xavier, meaning “New house”
Riley JayEnglish“Jaybird”
Riley JaydenAmerican“Thankful” or “God will judge”
Riley JaylenAmericanModern invented name
Riley JeffreyGerman“Peaceful territory”
Riley JeraldEnglishVariant of Gerald, meaning “Spear ruler”
Riley JeremiahHebrew“Exalted of the Lord”
Riley JeremyEnglishVariant of Jeremiah, meaning “Exalted of the Lord”
Riley JeromeGreek“Sacred name”
Riley JerroldEnglishVariant of Gerald, meaning “Spear ruler”
Riley JesseHebrew“Gift”
Riley JesusHebrew“God is salvation”
Riley JimEnglishDiminutive of James, meaning “Supplanter”
Riley JimmyEnglishDiminutive of James, meaning “Supplanter”
Riley JoaquinHebrew“God will establish”
Riley JodyEnglishDiminutive of Joseph, meaning “He will add”
Riley JoeEnglishShort form of Joseph, meaning “He will add”
Riley JoelHebrew“Jehovah is God”
Riley JoeyEnglishDiminutive of Joseph, meaning “He will add”
Riley JohanGerman“God is gracious”
Riley JohnHebrew“God is gracious”
Riley JohnathanHebrew“God has given”
Riley JohnnieHebrewDiminutive of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Riley JohnnyHebrewDiminutive of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Riley JonHebrewShort form of Jonathan, meaning “God has given”
Riley JonasHebrew“Dove”
Riley JonathanHebrew“God has given”
Riley JonathonHebrewVariant of Jonathan, meaning “God has given”
Riley JordanHebrew“Flowing down”
Riley JorgeSpanishSpanish form of George, meaning “Farmer”
Riley JoseSpanishSpanish form of Joseph, meaning “He will add”
Riley JosefGermanGerman form of Joseph, meaning “He will add”
Riley JosephHebrew“He will add”
Riley JoshHebrewShort form of Joshua, meaning “Jehovah is salvation”
Riley JoshuaHebrew“Jehovah is salvation”
Riley JosiahHebrew“Jehovah has healed”
Riley JovanLatin“Father of the sky”
Riley JuanSpanishSpanish form of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Riley JudahHebrew“Praise”
Riley JudeHebrewVariant of Judah, meaning “Praise”
Riley JulianLatin“Youthful” or “Downy”
Riley JuliusGreek“Youthful”
Riley JuniorLatin“Young”
Riley JustinLatin“Just” or “Righteous”
Riley JustusLatin“Just” or “Righteous”
Riley KadenArabic“Companion”
Riley KalebHebrew“Dog” or “Faithful”
Riley KaneIrish“Battle”
Riley KarlGerman“Free man”
Riley KarsonEnglishVariant of Carson, meaning “Son of Carr”
Riley KeatonEnglish“Shed town”
Riley KeeganIrish“Small flame”
Riley KeithScottish“Wood” or “Forest”
Riley KellenGaelic“Slender”
Riley KelleyGaelic“Warrior”
Riley KellyGaelic“Warrior”
Riley KelvinEnglish“From the riverbank”
Riley KenEnglishShort form of Kenneth, meaning “Handsome”
Riley KendallOld English“Valley of the River Kent”
Riley KendrickEnglish“Bold power”
Riley KennethGaelic“Handsome”
Riley KentEnglish“Bright white”
Riley KentonEnglish“From the king’s town”
Riley KenyonEnglish“Blond”
Riley KieranGaelic“Little dark one”
Riley KimEnglish“From the royal fortress meadow”
Riley KingEnglish“Ruler”
Riley KingstonEnglish“From the king’s town”
Riley KirbyEnglish“Church settlement”
Riley KirkNorse“Church”
Riley KitGreekDiminutive of Christopher, meaning “Bearer of Christ”
Riley KodyEnglish“Helpful”
Riley KolbyNorse“Dark-haired”
Riley KonnorIrishVariant of Connor, meaning “Lover of hounds”
Riley KurtGerman“Courteous” or “Polite”
Riley KyleGaelic“Narrow” or “Straight”
Riley KylerDutch“Archery”
Riley LaceyFrench“From Lacy”
Riley LandonEnglish“Long hill”
Riley LaneEnglish“Path”
Riley LangstonEnglish“Long stone”
Riley LarryLatinDiminutive of Lawrence, meaning “Laurel”
Riley LarsScandinavian“Crowned with laurel”
Riley LaurenceLatin“Laurel”
Riley LawrenceLatin“Laurel”
Riley LawsonEnglish“Son of Lawrence”
Riley LeeEnglish“Meadow”
Riley LeifScandinavian“Heir” or “Descendant”
Riley LeighEnglish“Meadow”
Riley LeightonEnglish“Meadow town”
Riley LelandEnglish“Meadow land”
Riley LemuelHebrew“Devoted to God”
Riley LenEnglishShort form of Leonard, meaning “Lion strength”
Riley LennyEnglishDiminutive of Leonard, meaning “Lion strength”
Riley LeoLatin“Lion”
Riley LeonGreek“Lion”
Riley LeonardGerman“Lion strength”
Riley LeroyFrench“The king”
Riley LeslieGaelic“Garden of holly”
Riley LesterEnglish“Fortified place”
Riley LeviHebrew“Joined” or “Attached”
Riley LewisEnglish“Famous warrior”
Riley LexGreek“Defender of men”
Riley LiamIrish“Strong-willed warrior” or “Protector”
Riley LincolnEnglish“Town by the pool”
Riley LindonEnglish“Linden tree hill”
Riley LinusGreek“Flax”
Riley LionelLatin“Young lion”
Riley LloydWelsh“Gray”
Riley LoganGaelic“Little hollow”
Riley LonGermanShort form of Alonzo, meaning “Noble” or “Ready”
Riley LondonEnglish“Fortress of the moon”
Riley LonnieGermanDiminutive of Alonzo, meaning “Noble” or “Ready”
Riley LorenLatinVariant of Lawrence, meaning “Laurel”
Riley LorenzoItalian“Laurel”
Riley LouieGermanDiminutive of Louis, meaning “Famous warrior”
Riley LouisGerman“Famous warrior”
Riley LowellOld French“Young wolf”
Riley LucasGreek“From Lucania”
Riley LucianLatin“Light”
Riley LuciusLatin“Light”
Riley LukeGreek“From Lucania”
Riley LutherGerman“Army people”
Riley LyndonEnglish“Linden tree hill”
Riley LynnEnglish“Lake”
Riley MaceEnglish“Gift of God”
Riley MackGaelic“Son of”
Riley MaddoxWelsh“Fortunate”
Riley MagnusLatin“Great”
Riley MalachiHebrew“My messenger” or “My angel”
Riley MalcolmScottish“Devotee of Saint Columba”
Riley MalikArabic“King” or “Master”
Riley ManuelHebrew“God is with us”
Riley MarcLatin“Warlike”
Riley MarcelLatin“Little warrior”
Riley MarcoItalian“Warlike”
Riley MarcusLatin“Warlike”
Riley MarioLatin“Warlike”
Riley MarkLatin“Warlike”
Riley MarlinEnglish“Little falcon”
Riley MarlonEnglish“Little falcon”
Riley MarshallFrench“Horse servant” or “Steward”
Riley MartinLatin“Warlike”
Riley MarvinEnglish“Friend of the sea”
Riley MasonEnglish“Worker in stone”
Riley MathewHebrew“Gift of God”
Riley MatthewHebrew“Gift of God”
Riley MatthiasGreek“Gift of God”
Riley MauriceLatin“Dark-skinned” or “Moorish”
Riley MaxLatin“Greatest”
Riley MaxwellScottish“Great stream”
Riley MelvinEnglish“Gentle lord”
Riley MerrickWelsh“Dark-skinned”
Riley MervinWelsh“Sea hill”
Riley MicahHebrew“Who is like God?”
Riley MichaelHebrew“Who is like God?”
Riley MichealHebrewVariant of Michael, meaning “Who is like God?”
Riley MickeyHebrewDiminutive of Michael, meaning “Who is like God?”
Riley MiguelSpanishSpanish form of Michael, meaning “Who is like God?”
Riley MikeHebrewShort form of Michael, meaning “Who is like God?”
Riley MilanSlavic“Gracious” or “Dear”
Riley MilesLatin“Soldier”
Riley MiloGerman“Merciful”
Riley MiltonEnglish“Mill town”
Riley MitchEnglishShort form of Mitchell, meaning “Who is like God?”
Riley MitchellHebrew“Who is like God?”
Riley MohamedArabic“Praiseworthy”
Riley MohammadArabic“Praiseworthy”
Riley MohammedArabic“Praiseworthy”
Riley MoisesSpanishSpanish form of Moses, meaning “Drawn out of the water”
Riley MonroeScottish“Mouth of the Roe river”
Riley MontgomeryNorman“Man’s power” or “Gomeric’s hill”
Riley MontyNormanDiminutive of Montgomery, meaning “Man’s power” or “Gomeric’s hill”
Riley MorganWelsh“Sea circle”
Riley MorrisLatin“Dark-skinned” or “Moorish”
Riley MosesHebrew“Drawn out of the water”
Riley MylesLatin“Soldier”
Riley MyronGreek“Myrrh”
Riley NashEnglish“At the ash tree”
Riley NathanHebrew“He gave”
Riley NathanaelHebrew“God has given”
Riley NealIrish“Champion”
Riley NedEnglishDiminutive of Edward, meaning “Wealthy guardian”
Riley NeilIrish“Champion”
Riley NelsonEnglish“Son of Neil”
Riley NestorGreek“Homecoming”
Riley NevilleFrench“New town”
Riley NewellEnglish“New hall”
Riley NewtonEnglish“New town”
Riley NicholasGreek“People of victory”
Riley NickGreekShort form of Nicholas, meaning “People of victory”
Riley NickolasGreekVariant of Nicholas, meaning “People of victory”
Riley NicoGreekShort form of Nicholas, meaning “People of victory”
Riley NicolasGreekVariant of Nicholas, meaning “People of victory”
Riley NigelLatin“Dark” or “Black”
Riley NikolasGreekVariant of Nicholas, meaning “People of victory”
Riley NoahHebrew“Rest” or “Comfort”
Riley NoelFrench“Christmas”
Riley NolanGaelic“Champion”
Riley NorbertGerman“North bright”
Riley NormanGerman“North man”
Riley NorrisFrench“Northern”
Riley NortonEnglish“North town”
Riley OliverLatin“Olive tree”
Riley OmarArabic“First son” or “Long-lived”
Riley OranGaelic“Pale”
Riley OrvilleFrench“Golden city”
Riley OsbornEnglish“Divine bear”
Riley OscarGaelic“Friend of deer”
Riley OsmondEnglish“Divine protector”
Riley OssieEnglishDiminutive of Osborn, meaning “Divine bear”
Riley OswaldEnglish“Divine power”
Riley OtisGerman“Wealthy”
Riley OttoGerman“Wealthy”
Riley OwenWelsh“Young warrior” or “Noble”
Riley PabloSpanishSpanish form of Paul, meaning “Small”
Riley PalmerEnglish“Pilgrim”
Riley ParisGreek“From Paris, France”
Riley ParkerEnglish“Park keeper”
Riley PascalFrench“Born on Passover”
Riley PatLatinDiminutive of Patrick, meaning “Noble”
Riley PatrickLatin“Noble”
Riley PaulLatin“Small”
Riley PedroSpanishSpanish form of Peter, meaning “Rock”
Riley PercyFrench“Piercing the valley”
Riley PerryEnglish“Pear tree”
Riley PeteGreekShort form of Peter, meaning “Rock”
Riley PeterGreek“Rock”
Riley PeytonEnglish“Fighting man’s estate”
Riley PhilGreekShort form of Philip, meaning “Lover of horses”
Riley PhilipGreek“Lover of horses”
Riley PhillipGreekVariant of Philip, meaning “Lover of horses”
Riley PierceEnglish“Son of Piers”
Riley PierreFrench“Rock”
Riley PrestonEnglish“Priest’s town”
Riley PriceWelsh“Son of Rhys”
Riley PrinceLatin“First” or “Chief”
Riley QuentinLatin“Fifth”
Riley QuinnGaelic“Counsel”
Riley RafaelHebrew“God has healed”
Riley RafeHebrewVariant of Rafael, meaning “God has healed”
Riley RalstonEnglish“Ralph’s town”
Riley RamonSpanish“Wise protector”
Riley RandallEnglish“Wolf shield”
Riley RandolphEnglish“Wolf shield”
Riley RandyEnglishDiminutive of Randall or Randolph, meaning “Wolf shield”
Riley RaphaelHebrew“God has healed”
Riley RashadArabic“Rightly guided”
Riley RaulSpanishSpanish form of Ralph, meaning “Wolf counsel”
Riley RayEnglish“Stream”
Riley RaymondGerman“Protecting hands”
Riley ReedEnglish“Red-haired”
Riley ReeseWelsh“Ardor”
Riley ReggieLatinDiminutive of Reginald, meaning “Counsel power”
Riley ReginaldLatin“Counsel power”
Riley ReidScottish“Red-haired”
Riley ReubenHebrew“Behold, a son”
Riley RexLatin“King”
Riley ReySpanish“King”
Riley ReynaldoSpanish“Counsel power”
Riley RhettWelsh“Advice”
Riley RicardoSpanish“Brave ruler”
Riley RichardGerman“Brave ruler”
Riley RickGermanShort form of Richard, meaning “Brave ruler”
Riley RickyGermanDiminutive of Richard, meaning “Brave ruler”
Riley RicoSpanish“Brave ruler”
Riley RigobertoSpanish“Bright fame”
Riley RileyIrish“Valiant”
Riley RobGermanShort form of Robert, meaning “Bright fame”
Riley RobbieGermanDiminutive of Robert, meaning “Bright fame”
Riley RobertGerman“Bright fame”
Riley RobertoItalian“Bright fame”
Riley RoccoItalian“Rest”
Riley RodGermanShort form of Roderick, meaning “Famous power”
Riley RoderickGerman“Famous power”
Riley RodneyEnglish“Island clearing”
Riley RodolfoSpanish“Famous wolf”
Riley RodrigoSpanish“Famous ruler”
Riley RogelioSpanish“Request”
Riley RogerGerman“Famous spear”
Riley RolandGerman“Famous land”
Riley RolandoSpanish“Famous land”
Riley RolfGerman“Famous wolf”
Riley RonHebrewShort form of Ronald, meaning “Song of joy”
Riley RonaldNorse“Counsel power”
Riley RonnieNorseDiminutive of Ronald, meaning “Counsel power”
Riley RooseveltDutch“Field of roses”
Riley RoryGaelic“Red king”
Riley RoscoeNorse“Deer wood”
Riley RossScottish“Headland”
Riley RowanGaelic“Little redhead”
Riley RoyFrench“King”
Riley RoyceEnglish“Son of the king”
Riley RubenSpanish“Behold, a son”
Riley RudolphGerman“Famous wolf”
Riley RudyGermanDiminutive of Rudolph, meaning “Famous wolf”
Riley RufusLatin“Red-haired”
Riley RupertGerman“Bright fame”
Riley RussLatinShort form of Russell, meaning “Red-haired”
Riley RussellFrench“Red-haired”
Riley RustyEnglishDiminutive of Russell, meaning “Red-haired”
Riley RyanGaelic“Little king”
Riley RyderEnglish“Knight”
Riley RykerDanish“Strength”
Riley RylanEnglish“Land where rye is grown”
Riley RyderEnglish“Horseman”
Riley RylandEnglish“Land where rye is grown”
Riley RyleeIrish“Valiant”
Riley RyleyIrish“Valiant”
Riley RyneEnglish“Rye”
Riley SabastianGreek“Venerable”
Riley SalHebrewShort form of Salvador, meaning “Savior”
Riley SalvadorSpanish“Savior”
Riley SalvatoreItalian“Savior”
Riley SamHebrewShort form of Samuel, meaning “Asked of God”
Riley SammyHebrewDiminutive of Samuel, meaning “Asked of God”
Riley SamsonHebrew“Sun”
Riley SamuelHebrew“Asked of God”
Riley SandyGreekDiminutive of Alexander, meaning “Defender of men”
Riley SanfordEnglish“Sandy ford”
Riley SantiagoSpanish“Saint James”
Riley SantosSpanish“Saints”
Riley SaulHebrew“Asked for”
Riley SawyerEnglish“Woodcutter”
Riley ScotScottish“Scotsman”
Riley ScottScottish“Scotsman”
Riley ScottieScottishDiminutive of Scott, meaning “Scotsman”
Riley ScottyScottishDiminutive of Scott, meaning “Scotsman”
Riley SeanIrish“God is gracious”
Riley SebastianGreek“Venerable”
Riley SergeFrench“Servant”
Riley SergioItalian“Servant”
Riley SethHebrew“Appointed”
Riley SeymourEnglish“Marshy land near the sea”
Riley ShaneIrish“God is gracious”
Riley ShannonGaelic“Little wise owl”
Riley ShaunIrish“God is gracious”
Riley ShawnIrish“God is gracious”
Riley ShayGaelic“Hawk”
Riley SheldonEnglish“Steep valley”
Riley ShemarHebrew“God has heard”
Riley ShepardEnglish“Shepherd”
Riley ShepherdEnglish“Shepherd”
Riley SherwinEnglish“Bright friend”
Riley SherwoodEnglish“Bright forest”
Riley ShirleyEnglish“Bright meadow”
Riley SidneyEnglish“Wide meadow”
Riley SilasLatin“Wood” or “Forest”
Riley SimeonHebrew“He has heard”
Riley SimonHebrew“He has heard”
Riley SkylerDutch“Scholar”
Riley SladeEnglish“Valley”
Riley SolomonHebrew“Peace”
Riley SonnyEnglish“Son”
Riley SpencerEnglish“Steward”
Riley SpenserEnglish“Steward”
Riley StacyGreek“Resurrection”
Riley StanfordEnglish“Stony ford”
Riley StanleyEnglish“Stony meadow”
Riley StantonEnglish“Stony town”
Riley StefanGreek“Crown” or “Garland”
Riley StephenGreek“Crown” or “Garland”
Riley SterlingEnglish“Little star”
Riley SteveGreekShort form of Stephen, meaning “Crown” or “Garland”
Riley StevenGreek“Crown” or “Garland”
Riley StewartEnglish“Steward”
Riley StoneEnglish“Stone”
Riley StuartEnglish“Steward”
Riley SullivanGaelic“Dark eyes”
Riley SumnerEnglish“Summertime”
Riley SvenSwedish“Youth”
Riley SylvesterLatin“Wild”
Riley TadAramaicDiminutive of Thaddeus, meaning “Heart”
Riley TalbotEnglish“Messenger of destruction”
Riley TalonFrench“Large claw of a bird of prey”
Riley TannerEnglish“Leather worker”
Riley TateEnglish“Cheerful”
Riley TaylorEnglish“Tailor”
Riley TedGreekDiminutive of Theodore, meaning “Gift of God”
Riley TeddyGreekDiminutive of Theodore, meaning “Gift of God”
Riley TerenceLatin“Tender” or “Gracious”
Riley TerrellEnglish“Thunder ruler”
Riley TerryLatinDiminutive of Terence, meaning “Tender” or “Gracious”
Riley ThadAramaicShort form of Thaddeus, meaning “Heart”
Riley ThaddeusAramaic“Heart”
Riley ThatcherEnglish“Roof fixer”
Riley TheoGreekShort form of Theodore, meaning “Gift of God”
Riley TheodoreGreek“Gift of God”
Riley ThiagoPortuguese“Supplanter”
Riley ThomasAramaic“Twin”
Riley ThorNorse“Thunder”
Riley ThorneEnglish“Thorn bush”
Riley ThorntonEnglish“Thorn town”
Riley ThurmanOld German“Thor’s protection”
Riley ThurstonOld English“Thor’s stone”
Riley TildenEnglish“Fertile valley”
Riley TimGreekShort form of Timothy, meaning “Honoring God”
Riley TimmyGreekDiminutive of Timothy, meaning “Honoring God”
Riley TimothyGreek“Honoring God”
Riley TitusLatin“Title of honor”
Riley TobinHebrew“God is good”
Riley TobiasHebrew“God is good”
Riley TobyHebrewDiminutive of Tobias, meaning “God is good”
Riley ToddEnglish“Fox”
Riley TomAramaicShort form of Thomas, meaning “Twin”
Riley TomasAramaicVariant of Thomas, meaning “Twin”
Riley TommyAramaicDiminutive of Thomas, meaning “Twin”
Riley TonyLatinDiminutive of Anthony, meaning “Priceless”
Riley TraceEnglish“From Tracy, France”
Riley TraceyIrish“Warlike”
Riley TravisFrench“Crossing”
Riley TrentLatin“Gushing waters”
Riley TrentonEnglish“Trent’s town”
Riley TreyEnglish“Three”
Riley TristanCeltic“Tumult” or “Outcry”
Riley TroyGreek“Foot soldier”
Riley TrumanEnglish“Loyal one”
Riley TuckerEnglish“Fabric pleater”
Riley TurnerEnglish“Lathe worker”
Riley TyEnglishShort form of Tyler, meaning “Tile maker”
Riley TylerEnglish“Tile maker”
Riley TyroneGaelic“Land of Eoghan”
Riley TyshawnAmericanCombination of Ty and Shawn
Riley UlyssesLatin“Wounded in the thigh”
Riley UriahHebrew“God is my light”
Riley VanceEnglish“Thresher”
Riley VaughnWelsh“Small”
Riley VernonFrench“Alder tree”
Riley VicenteSpanish“Conquering”
Riley VictorLatin“Conqueror”
Riley VinceLatinShort form of Vincent, meaning “Conquering
Riley VincentLatin“Conquering”
Riley VinnieLatinDiminutive of Vincent, meaning “Conquering”
Riley VirgilLatin“Staff bearer”
Riley WadeEnglish“Ford”
Riley WalkerEnglish“Cloth walker”
Riley WallaceFrench“Stranger”
Riley WalterGerman“Army ruler”
Riley WaltonEnglish“Walled town”
Riley WardEnglish“Guard”
Riley WarrenGerman“Guard”
Riley WaylonEnglish“Land by the road”
Riley WayneEnglish“Wagon maker”
Riley WendellGerman“Wanderer”
Riley WernerGerman“Army guard”
Riley WesEnglishShort form of Wesley, meaning “Western meadow”
Riley WesleyEnglish“Western meadow”
Riley WestonEnglish“Western town”
Riley WhitleyEnglish“White meadow”
Riley WilbertGerman“Bright will”
Riley WilburEnglish“Wild boar”
Riley WilfordEnglish“Will’s ford”
Riley WillGermanShort form of William, meaning “Resolute protector”
Riley WillardEnglish“Resolute”
Riley WillemDutchDutch form of William, meaning “Resolute protector”
Riley WilliamGerman“Resolute protector”
Riley WillisGermanVariant of William, meaning “Resolute protector”
Riley WilsonEnglish“Son of Will”
Riley WiltonEnglish“Will’s town”
Riley WinfredEnglish“Friend of peace”
Riley WinstonEnglish“Joyful stone”
Riley WoodrowEnglish“Row of houses by the wood”
Riley WoodyEnglishDiminutive of Woodrow, meaning “Row of houses by the wood”
Riley WyattEnglish“Brave in war”
Riley XavierBasque“New house”
Riley XanderGreekShort form of Alexander, meaning “Defender of men”
Riley XavierArabic“Bright”
Riley YadielHebrew“God has heard”
Riley YahirArabic“Hand”
Riley YaleWelsh“Fertile upland”
Riley YandelSpanishCombination of Yan and Del
Riley YehudaHebrew“Praise”
Riley YosefHebrew“God will increase”
Riley YousefArabic“God will increase”
Riley YulianLatin“Youthful”
Riley YusufArabic“God will increase”
Riley ZackHebrewShort form of Zachary, meaning “God has remembered
Riley ZachariahHebrew“God has remembered”
Riley ZacharyHebrew“God has remembered”
Riley ZackeryHebrewVariant of Zachary, meaning “God has remembered”
Riley ZaidArabic“Abundance”
Riley ZaidenHebrew“God is gracious”
Riley ZainArabic“Beauty”
Riley ZaireAfrican“River”
Riley ZanderGreekVariant of Alexander, meaning “Defender of men”
Riley ZaneHebrew“God is gracious”
Riley ZechariahHebrew“God has remembered”
Riley ZekeHebrewShort form of Ezekiel, meaning “God will strengthen”
Riley ZionHebrew“Highest point”
Riley ZyaireAfrican“River”
Riley ZylenEnglish“Bell”
Riley ZyonHebrew“Highest point”

Riley Name Meaning & History

The name Riley originates from the Old English word “ryge leah,” which means “wood clearing.” It’s a name that has both Irish and English roots.

In Gaelic, Riley (or Reilly) translates to “valiant,” giving it a strong and courageous connotation.

Over the years, Riley has transformed from a surname to a popular first name for both boys and girls.

Riley Name Popularity

According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, Riley has consistently ranked in the top 50 names for girls and in the top 250 for boys over the past decade.

In this section, we break down the data on Riley’s name popularity for both boys and girls.

Riley Name Popularity (Boys)

  • Peak Popularity: The name “Riley” for males reached its peak popularity in the year 2002, where it was ranked 99th.
  • The trend from 2000 to 2013: From the year 2000 to 2013, the name “Riley” saw a significant increase in popularity. It moved from the 109th rank in 2000 to its highest position at 133rd in 2012 and then slightly improved to 158th in 2013.
  • The trend from 2014 to 2022: Post-2013, the name began to decrease in popularity. Starting from 174th in 2014, it gradually moved down the ranks to 225th in 2022.
  • Overall: The name “Riley” for males has seen fluctuations in its popularity over the years. It reached its peak in the early 2000s, saw a rise in the early 2010s, and has been on a gradual decline in recent years.

Riley Name Popularity (Girls)

  • Peak Popularity: The name “Riley” for girls reached its peak popularity in the year 2016, where it was ranked 22nd.
  • The trend from 2000 to 2016: From the year 2000 to 2016, the name “Riley” for girls saw a significant increase in popularity. It moved from the 131st rank in 2000 to its highest position at 22nd in 2016. This indicates a strong upward trend over these 16 years.
  • The trend from 2017 to 2022: Post-2016, the name began to decrease slightly in popularity. Starting from 25th in 2017, it moved to 39th in 2022. However, it’s worth noting that the name still remains within the top 50, indicating its sustained popularity.
  • Overall: The name “Riley” for girls has seen a consistent rise in its popularity from the early 2000s to the mid-2010s. While there has been a slight decline in recent years, it remains a popular choice, consistently ranking within the top 50 names for girls.

Different Ways to Spell Riley

While “Riley” is the most common spelling, there are several variations to consider:

  • Rylee
  • Rylie
  • Reilly
  • Ryleigh

Each spelling offers a unique twist while maintaining the name’s essence and sound.

Nickname Ideas for Riley

If you’re looking for shorter, affectionate versions of Riley for everyday use, here are some nicknames to consider:

  • Rye
  • Lee
  • RiRi


And there you have it! A treasure trove of middle names to complement the ever-charming Riley.

Whether you lean towards the traditional or the unexpected, remember that the best names are those that resonate with you.

After all, this is a name that will echo in the hallways of your home, be scribbled on countless school papers, and become a part of family lore.

So, take a moment, say it out loud, and feel its rhythm. Whatever you choose, know that Riley, paired with the perfect middle name, will be music to the ears for years to come.


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