209 Beautiful Middle Names for Hailey

middle name ideas for Hailey

Choosing the perfect name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. If you have decided to name your daughter Hailey, congratulations!

Hailey is a beautiful and modern name that has been gaining popularity.

In this article, we will explore the meaning and history of Hailey and provide you with an extensive list of middle name ideas for your little girl.

Hailey Name Meaning & History

The name Hailey is of English origin and means “hay clearing”. This name was first recorded in the 12th century as Hailie and has since evolved to its modern form, Hailey.

Hailey is a unisex name but is more commonly used for girls.

Hailey has gained popularity in recent years, thanks partly to the rise of the famous singer Hailey Baldwin, now Hailey Bieber, after marrying Justin Bieber.

Other famous Haileys include actress Hailey Steinfeld and Olympic gold medalist Hailey Danz.

Middle Name Ideas for Hailey

Choosing a middle name for your child can be just as important as choosing their first name. A middle name can add depth and meaning to a name and can also be a way to honor a loved one.

Here are some great middle name ideas for Hailey:

Hailey AdalynEnglishNoble one
Hailey AddisonEnglishChild of Adam
Hailey AdelineGermanNoble and kind
Hailey AdrianaLatinWoman from Hadria
Hailey AlexandraGreekDefender of mankind
Hailey AliyahHebrewExalted, noble
Hailey AliviaLatinDevoted to life
Hailey AmeliaGermanWork of the Lord
Hailey AnastasiaGreekResurrection
Hailey AndreaGreekFeminine form of Andrew, meaning “manly”
Hailey AngelinaGreekAngelic
Hailey AnnabelleEnglishGraceful and beautiful
Hailey AnneHebrewGrace
Hailey ArabellaLatinBeautiful altar
Hailey ArianaWelshSilver
Hailey AriaItalianMelody
Hailey ArielHebrewLion of God
Hailey AshlynIrishDream
Hailey AubreeFrenchElf ruler
Hailey AudrinaEnglishNoble strength
Hailey AutumnEnglishSeason of harvest
Hailey AvaGermanLike a bird
Hailey AveryEnglishRuler of the elves
Hailey BaileyOld EnglishBailiff or steward
Hailey BeatriceLatinBringer of joy
Hailey BelleFrenchBeautiful
Hailey BernadetteGermanBrave as a bear
Hailey BiancaItalianWhite, pure
Hailey BlaireScottishPlain, field
Hailey BlakeEnglishDark or fair-haired
Hailey BreeIrishStrong, virtuous, honorable
Hailey BreannaIrishStrong, virtuous, honorable
Hailey BriannaIrishStrong, virtuous, honorable
Hailey BridgetteIrishStrong, virtuous, honorable
Hailey BrookeEnglishSmall stream
Hailey BrynnWelshHill
Hailey CadenceLatinRhythm, beat
Hailey CamilaLatinYoung ceremonial attendant
Hailey CamilleFrenchPerfect
Hailey CapriItalianIsland of goats
Hailey CarlyOld GermanFree man
Hailey CarolineFrenchFree man
Hailey CassandraGreekShining upon men
Hailey CatherineGreekPure
Hailey CeciliaLatinBlind
Hailey CelesteFrenchHeavenly
Hailey CharlotteFrench/EnglishFree man
Hailey ChloeGreekBlooming
Hailey ChristinaGreekFollower of Christ
Hailey ClaireFrenchClear, bright
Hailey ClaraLatinBright, clear
Hailey ClarissaLatinBright, clear
Hailey ColetteFrenchVictory of the people
Hailey ColleenIrishGirl
Hailey CoraGreekMaiden
Hailey CordeliaLatinHeart
Hailey CorinneFrenchMaiden
Hailey DaisyEnglishDay’s eye
Hailey DanielleHebrewGod is my judge
Hailey DaphneGreekLaurel tree
Hailey DelaneyIrishDark challenger
Hailey DelilahHebrewDelicate, weak
Hailey DeniseFrenchFollower of Dionysus
Hailey DesireeFrenchDesired
Hailey DianaLatin“divine” or “heavenly”
Hailey DominiqueFrench“belonging to the Lord” or “of God”
Hailey EdenHebrew“delight” or “pleasure”
Hailey EdithOld English“prosperous in war” or “rich in battle”
Hailey ElaineFrench“bright” or “shining”
Hailey EleanorGreek“bright, shining one” or “sun ray”
Hailey EliseFrench“pledged to God” or “consecrated to God”
Hailey ElizaHebrew“God is my oath” or “God is my promise”
Hailey ElizabethHebrew“God is my oath” or “God is my promise”
Hailey EllaGerman“all, completely” or “entirely”
Hailey ElleFrench“she” or “her”
Hailey EllieEnglish“God is my light” or “God is my torch”
Hailey EloiseFrench“famous warrior” or “renowned in battle”
Hailey EmiliaLatin“rival” or “competitor”
Hailey EmilyLatin“rival” or “competitor”
Hailey EmmaGerman“universal” or “whole”
Hailey EmmalynGerman“universal” or “whole”
Hailey EmmelineGerman“universal” or “whole”
Hailey ErinIrish“peace” or “tranquility”
Hailey EsmeFrench“beloved” or “esteemed”
Hailey EstelleFrench“star” or “celestial”
Hailey EstherPersian“star” or “myrtle leaf”
Hailey EvaHebrew“life” or “vivacious”
Hailey EvelynEnglish“wished for child” or “longed for offspring”
Hailey FaithEnglish“belief, faith” or “confidence in God”
Hailey FelicityLatin“happiness” or “good fortune”
Hailey FernEnglish“fern plant” or “leafy plant”
Hailey FionaIrish“fair” or “white”
Hailey FloraLatin“flower” or “blooming”
Hailey FrancescaItalian“from France” or “free one”
Hailey GabrielleFrench“God is my strength” or “God is my strong man”
Hailey GiaItalian“God is gracious” or “God’s grace”
Hailey GiselleGerman“pledge” or “oath”
Hailey GraceEnglish“grace” or “elegance”
Hailey GracelynEnglish“graceful” or “full of grace”
Hailey GretchenGerman“pearl” or “precious”
Hailey GuinevereWelsh“white shadow” or “fair one”
Hailey GwenWelsh“blessed” or “white, fair”
Hailey HadleyOld English“heather field” or “heather meadow”
Hailey HarperOld English“harp player” or “harpist”
Hailey HazelOld English“hazel tree” or “hazel wood”
Hailey HeatherEnglish“a flowering evergreen plant” or “heather plant”
Hailey HeidiGerman“noble” or “kind”
Hailey HelenGreek“bright” or “shining”
Hailey HenriettaGerman/French“ruler of the household” or “home ruler”
Hailey HollyEnglish“holly tree” or “holy”
Hailey HopeEnglish“optimism” or “confidence in the future”
Hailey ImogenCeltic/Gaelic“maiden” or “innocent”
Hailey IngridOld Norse“beautiful” or “fair”
Hailey IreneGreek“peace” or “peaceful”
Hailey IsabellaItalian/Spanish“God is my oath” or “devoted to God”
Hailey IsabelleFrench“God is my oath” or “devoted to God”
Hailey IvyEnglish“a climbing evergreen plant” or “faithfulness”
Hailey JacquelineFrench“supplanter” or “may God protect”
Hailey JadeSpanish“a precious green stone” or “jewel”
Hailey JanelleEnglish/French“God is gracious” or “gift from God”
Hailey JasminePersian/Arabic“a flowering plant” or “fragrant flower”
Hailey JaylaAmerican“a combination of Jay and Kayla”
Hailey JayleenAmerican“a combination of Jay and Aileen” or “God is gracious”
Hailey JazminePersian/Arabic“a flowering plant” or “fragrant flower”
Hailey JennaWelsh/English“fair” or “white shadow”
Hailey JenniferWelsh/English“fair” or “white wave”
Hailey JessamineEnglish“jasmine flower” or “fragrant flower”
Hailey JessicaHebrew“wealthy” or “God beholds”
Hailey JocelynOld German/French“a member of the Gauts tribe” or “Joyful”
Hailey JosephineHebrew/French“God increases” or “may God add”
Hailey JoyEnglish“happiness” or “delight”
Hailey JuliannaLatin“youthful” or “downy”
Hailey JulietEnglish/French“youthful” or “downy”
Hailey JuneEnglishyounger or child of the moon
Hailey KaitlynIrish/Greekpure or “chaste”
Hailey KassandraGreekshining upon man or “man’s defender”
Hailey KatherineGreekpure or “chaste”
Hailey KathrynGreekpure or “chaste”
Hailey KatieGreekpure or “chaste”
Hailey KeiraIrish/Gaelicdark-haired or “dusky”
Hailey KendallOld Englishvalley of the River Kent
Hailey KennedyIrish/Gaelichelmeted chief or “misshapen head”
Hailey KieraIrish/Gaelicdark-haired or “dusky”
Hailey KimberlyOld Englishfrom the royal fortress meadow
Hailey KinleyIrish/Gaelicwhite-haired warrior
Hailey KirstenScandinavianChristian or “follower of Christ”
Hailey KristinaScandinavian/GreekChristian or “follower of Christ”
Hailey KyraPersianthrone or “lordly”
Hailey LaceyOld Frenchcheerful or “lively”
Hailey LailaArabic/Persiannight or “dark beauty”
Hailey LanaHawaiiancalm as still waters or “afloat”
Hailey LaraLatincheerful or “famous”
Hailey LarissaGreekcheerful or “light-hearted”
Hailey LaurenEnglishfrom Laurentum or “crowned with laurel”
Hailey LaylaArabicnight or “dark beauty”
Hailey LeanneEnglishgracious or “merciful”
Hailey LeilaniHawaiianheavenly lei or “royal child”
Hailey LenaGreeklight or “torch”
Hailey LeonieGreeklioness or “brave as a lion”
Hailey LeslieScottish/Gaelicgarden of holly or “from the gray fortress”
Hailey LilaPersian/Arabicnight or “dark beauty”
Hailey LilianaLatinlily or “pure”
Hailey LilyEnglisha flowering plant or “pure”
Hailey LinaArabic/Germantender or “delicate”
Hailey LindaSpanish/Germanpretty or “beautiful”
Hailey LindseyOld Englishfrom the island of the lime tree
Hailey LisaHebrew/GreekGod is my oath or “devoted to God”
Hailey LorraineFrenchfrom Lorraine or “famous in battle”
Hailey LorraineGreek“bright, shining one”
Hailey MarloweEnglish“driftwood meadow”
Hailey MaudeEnglish“powerful battler”
Hailey MaxineEnglish“greatest”
Hailey MistyEnglish“covered with mist or fog”
Hailey NadineFrench“hope”
Hailey NataliaLatin“birthday of the Lord”
Hailey OctaviaLatin“eighth born”
Hailey OliveLatin“olive tree”
Hailey OliviaLatin“olive tree”
Hailey PaigeEnglish“attendant or page”
Hailey PearlEnglish“precious jewel”
Hailey PetraGreek“stone or rock”
Hailey PhoebeGreek“bright, shining one”
Hailey QuinnIrish“descendant of Conn”
Hailey ReneeFrench“reborn”
Hailey RileyEnglish“rye meadow”
Hailey RoseLatin“rose flower”
Hailey RoxannePersian“dawn”
Hailey SabinaLatin“Sabine woman”
Hailey SageEnglish“wise one”
Hailey SamanthaHebrew“listener”
Hailey SavannahSpanish“open plain or grassland”
Hailey SeleneGreek“goddess of the moon”
Hailey ShannonIrish“wise river or wise one”
Hailey SkyeScottish“isle of Skye”
Hailey StacyGreek“bringer of joy”
Hailey StellaLatin“star”
Hailey SummerEnglish“season of summertime”
Hailey TabithaAramaic“gazelle”
Hailey TamaraHebrew“palm tree”
Hailey TrinityLatin“three in one”
Hailey UrsulaLatin“little female bear”
Hailey ValerieLatin“to be strong”
Hailey VanessaGreek“butterfly”
Hailey VictoriaLatin“victory”
Hailey VivienneLatin“lively or full of life”
Hailey WillowEnglish“slender and graceful”
Hailey ZoeyGreek“life”
Hailey ZolaHebrew“peaceful one”

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Hailey Name Popularity

Hailey has been steadily rising in popularity over the past few decades. In 2021, Hailey was the 77th most popular name for girls in the United States.

This is a slight drop from the early 2000s when the name ranked in the 30s and 40s on the top 100 list.

Hailey’s popularity can be attributed to its modern, trendy feel and versatility.

Hailey can be paired with various middle names and nicknames, making it a great choice for parents who want a name that can grow with their child.

Nickname Ideas for Hailey

Many parents give their children a nickname, either as a shortened version of their first name or as a completely different name altogether.

Here are some nickname ideas for Hailey:

  1. Hail
  2. Hails
  3. Hay
  4. Hay-Hay
  5. Hal
  6. Halle
  7. Lee
  8. Lia
  9. Lay
  10. Lulu


Choosing a name for your child is a big decision, but hopefully, our list of middle name ideas for Hailey has helped make the process a little easier.

Remember to choose a name that you love and that your child will be proud to carry with them for the rest of their life.

Your little Hailey will shine whether you choose a traditional or unique middle name.


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