404 Extraordinary Middle Names for Vivienne

middle names for vivienne

Are you looking for the perfect middle name for your little one named Vivienne? With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to find the right one that complements the first name perfectly.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of middle name ideas for Vivienne and some background information on the name’s history, popularity, and nickname options.

Vivienne Name Meaning & History

Vivienne is a French name that originates from the Latin word “vivus,” which means “alive.”

The name has been around since the Middle Ages and was popularized by the Arthurian legend of the Lady of the Lake, who was also known as Vivien or Vivienne.

The name has been commonly used in France and England since the 19th century, and has gained popularity in other English-speaking countries in recent years.

Vivienne is a classic and elegant name that exudes sophistication and charm. It has a feminine and delicate sound that is perfect for a little girl, yet also has a strong and confident feel to it.

The name is often associated with creativity and intelligence, making it a popular choice among parents who value these traits.

Middle Name Ideas for Vivienne

Choosing a middle name for Vivienne can be a fun and creative process, as there are so many options.

Here are middle name ideas for Vivienne to help inspire you:

Full NameOriginMeaning
Vivienne AbigailHebrewFather’s Joy
Vivienne AdelaideGermanicNoble
Vivienne AdelineGermanicNoble
Vivienne AmeliaGermanicWork, Industrious
Vivienne ArabelleFrenchBeautiful Lioness
Vivienne AriaItalianAir, Melody
Vivienne ArianaGreekMost Holy
Vivienne AstridNorseDivine Strength
Vivienne AudreyEnglishNoble Strength
Vivienne AuroraLatinDawn
Vivienne AvaGermanicBird-like
Vivienne AzaleaGreekDry
Vivienne BeatriceLatinBringer of Joy
Vivienne BelleFrenchBeautiful
Vivienne BlytheEnglishHappy
Vivienne BriarEnglishThorny Bush
Vivienne BronteEnglishThunder
Vivienne CamilleFrenchPerfect, Unblemished
Vivienne CarmenSpanishGarden
Vivienne CarolineGermanicFree Woman
Vivienne CassidyIrishCurly-Haired
Vivienne CatalinaSpanishPure
Vivienne CeceliaLatinBlind
Vivienne CelesteLatinHeavenly
Vivienne CeliaLatinHeavenly
Vivienne CharityEnglishKindness
Vivienne CharlotteFrenchFree
Vivienne ChristinaGreekChristian
Vivienne ClaireFrenchClear, Bright
Vivienne ClementineLatinMerciful
Vivienne ClioGreekPraise
Vivienne CocoFrenchHelp, Victory
Vivienne CordeliaCelticHeart, Daughter
Vivienne CosetteFrenchVictory
Vivienne CrystalEnglishClear
Vivienne DahliaScandinavianValley
Vivienne DaisyEnglishDaisy
Vivienne DanikaSlavicMorning Star
Vivienne DaphneGreekLaurel Tree
Vivienne DarcyIrishDark
Vivienne DavinaScottishBeloved
Vivienne DayaSanskritCompassion
Vivienne DelilahHebrewDelicate, Weakened
Vivienne DemiFrenchHalf
Vivienne DianaLatinDivine
Vivienne DiorFrenchGolden
Vivienne DoveEnglishDove
Vivienne EdenHebrewDelight
Vivienne EdithEnglishProsperous, Battle
Vivienne EgyptGreekTemple of the Soul
Vivienne ElainaGreekShining Light
Vivienne EleanorGreekBright, Shining
Vivienne ElectraGreekShining, Bright
Vivienne ElenaSpanishShining Light
Vivienne EliseFrenchGod is My Oath
Vivienne ElizaHebrewGod is My Oath
Vivienne ElizabethHebrewMy God is an Oath
Vivienne ElleFrenchShe
Vivienne EloiseFrenchFamous Warrior
Vivienne EmberEnglishSpark, Burning Embers
Vivienne EmeryGermanicBrave, Powerful
Vivienne EmiliaLatinRival
Vivienne EmmelineGermanicIndustrious, Rival
Vivienne EnidWelshSoul, Life
Vivienne ErisGreekStrife
Vivienne EsmeFrenchEsteemed, Loved
Vivienne EsmeraldaSpanishEmerald
Vivienne EstellaLatinStar
Vivienne EstelleLatinStar
Vivienne EthelEnglishNoble
Vivienne EttaGermanicRuler of the Home
Vivienne EugeniaGreekWell-Born
Vivienne EulalieGreekSweetly Speaking
Vivienne EurydiceGreekWide Justice
Vivienne EvangelinaGreekGood News, Messenger
Vivienne EvangelineGreekGood News, Messenger
Vivienne EvelynEnglishDesired, Wished for
Vivienne EverestEnglishHighest Point
Vivienne FableEnglishStory
Vivienne FaithEnglishFaith
Vivienne FelicityEnglishHappiness
Vivienne FernEnglishFern
Vivienne FionaGaelicFair
Vivienne FleurFrenchFlower
Vivienne FloraLatinFlower
Vivienne FlorenceLatinBlooming, Prosperous
Vivienne FrancescaItalianFree
Vivienne FreyaNorseLady
Vivienne GabriellaHebrewGod is My Strength
Vivienne GeorginaGreekFarmer
Vivienne GiaItalianGod is Gracious
Vivienne GinevraItalianJuniper Tree
Vivienne GiselaGermanicPledge
Vivienne GiselleGermanPledge, Hostage
Vivienne GloriaLatinGlory
Vivienne GoldieEnglishGold
Vivienne GraceEnglishGrace
Vivienne GwendolynWelshWhite Ring, Blessed Bow
Vivienne HadleyEnglishHeather Field
Vivienne HarperEnglishHarp Player
Vivienne HarrietEnglishHome Ruler
Vivienne HattieEnglishRuler of the Home
Vivienne HavenEnglishSafe Place
Vivienne HazelEnglishHazelnut, Leader
Vivienne Hazel GraceEnglishHazelnut
Vivienne HeatherEnglishHazelnut Grace
Vivienne HeavenlyEnglishHeather
Vivienne HelenaEnglishFrom Heaven
Vivienne HermioneGreekTorch
Vivienne HesterGreekMessenger
Vivienne HollyEnglishStar
Vivienne HopeEnglishHolly
Vivienne ImeldaEnglishHope
Vivienne ImogenCelticBeloved Child
Vivienne ImogeneItalianPowerful Fighter
Vivienne IndiaLatinImage
Vivienne IndiraEnglishIndia
Vivienne InesSanskritBeauty
Vivienne IngridSpanishPure
Vivienne IreneNorseHero’s Daughter
Vivienne IrisGreekRainbow
Vivienne IsabellaHebrewDevoted to God
Vivienne IslaGreekPeace
Vivienne IsobelGreekRainbow
Vivienne IvoryScottishIsland
Vivienne IvyEnglishIvy
Vivienne JadeSpanishStone of the Side
Vivienne JasminePersianFlower
Vivienne JocelynHebrewGod is My Oath
Vivienne JoleneEnglishIvory
Vivienne JosephineHebrewGod will Add
Vivienne JosieEnglishIvy
Vivienne JourneyEnglishJade
Vivienne JoyceGermanicGaut, Joy
Vivienne JulietteFrenchYouthful
Vivienne JuniperLatinYoung
Vivienne JunoFrenchLittle Jo
Vivienne KairaHebrewGod will Add
Vivienne KalaniHebrewGod will Add
Vivienne KaliEnglishJourney
Vivienne KamilaLatinRejoice
Vivienne KarinaLatinJuniper
Vivienne KateLatinQueen of the Heavens
Vivienne KatherineGreekPure
Vivienne KathrynGreekBeloved
Vivienne KaylaHawaiianThe Heavens
Vivienne KeiraSanskritBlack
Vivienne KendallArabicPerfect
Vivienne KennedyGreekPure
Vivienne KiaraEnglishValley of the River Kent
Vivienne KieraGreekPure
Vivienne KimberlyGreekPure
Vivienne KingsleyIrishSlim, Fair
Vivienne KinsleyIrishDark-Haired
Vivienne KiraIrishHelmeted Chief
Vivienne KylaIrishDark-Haired
Vivienne KylieEnglishRuler
Vivienne LaceyEnglishKing’s Meadow
Vivienne LanaEnglishKing’s Meadow
Vivienne LaraIrishDark-Haired
Vivienne LarissaIrishDark-haired
Vivienne LauraIrishNarrow, Strait
Vivienne LaurelIrishNarrow, Strait
Vivienne LavenderFrenchLace-like
Vivienne LaylaHawaiianCalm as Still Waters
Vivienne LeaLatinFamous
Vivienne LeahGreekCheerful
Vivienne LenaLatinLaurel
Vivienne LeonaLatinLaurel
Vivienne LeslieEnglishLavender
Vivienne LiaArabicNight
Vivienne LianaFrenchMeadow
Vivienne LilaPersianLilac
Vivienne LilahHebrewWeary
Vivienne LiliannaGreekLight
Vivienne LilithLatinLioness
Vivienne LillianScottishHolly Garden
Vivienne LillianaItalianBring Good News
Vivienne LilyEnglishLily
Vivienne LinaEnglishYouthful, Bond
Vivienne LiviaHebrewLily
Vivienne LivianaLatinLily
Vivienne LolaHebrewOf the Night
Vivienne LoreleiLatinLily
Vivienne LorenLatinLily
Vivienne LuciaEnglishLily
Vivienne LucianaArabicTender
Vivienne LucilleLatinOlive Branch
Vivienne LucyLatinOlive Branch
Vivienne LunaLatinMoon
Vivienne LydiaSpanishSorrow
Vivienne LylaGermanicAlluring
Vivienne LyraLatinLaurel
Vivienne MadelineEnglishTower, Magdalene
Vivienne MaeLatinLight
Vivienne MaeveIrishIntoxicating
Vivienne MagdalenaLatinLight
Vivienne MaisieFrenchLight
Vivienne MalloryEnglishLight
Vivienne MaraLatinMoon
Vivienne MarcellaGreekNoble Kind
Vivienne MargaretArabicNight
Vivienne MargotGreekLyre
Vivienne MariaEnglishTower
Vivienne MarianaEnglishPearl
Vivienne MaribelIrishIntoxicating
Vivienne MarieFrenchOf the Sea
Vivienne MarigoldHebrewTower, Magnificent
Vivienne MarilynScottishPearl
Vivienne MarisolFrenchUnlucky
Vivienne MarjorieHebrewBitter
Vivienne MarketaLatinYoung Warrior
Vivienne MarloweGreekPearl
Vivienne MarnieFrenchPearl
Vivienne MarsHebrewBitter
Vivienne MartinaLatinOf the Sea
Vivienne MaryLatinWonderful
Vivienne MatildaGermanicBattle-Mighty
Vivienne MaudeEnglishMarigold
Vivienne MaxineEnglishCombination of Mary and Lynn
Vivienne MayaSpanishSea and Sun
Vivienne MeadowEnglishPearl
Vivienne MeganCzechPearl
Vivienne MelinaEnglishDriftwood
Vivienne MelindaHebrewRejoice
Vivienne MelissaRomanGod of War
Vivienne MelodyLatinWarlike
Vivienne MercyHebrewBitter
Vivienne MeredithGermanicStrength in Battle
Vivienne MiaItalianMine
Vivienne MichaelaEnglishStrong Battle-Might
Vivienne MilaLatinGreatest
Vivienne MildredSanskritIllusion
Vivienne MillieEnglishMeadow
Vivienne MireiaWelshPearl
Vivienne MiriamGreekHoney
Vivienne MollyGreekHoney
Vivienne MoniqueGreekBee
Vivienne MorganEnglishMelody
Vivienne MurielEnglishMercy
Vivienne MylaWelshSea Lord
Vivienne NadiaItalianMine
Vivienne NalaHebrewWho is Like God?
Vivienne NaomiSlavicGracious, Dear
Vivienne NataliaEnglishMild, Strength
Vivienne NatalieEnglishIndustrious, Rival
Vivienne NatashaSlavicGracious, Dear
Vivienne NayaCatalanAdmirable
Vivienne NevaehHebrewBitter
Vivienne NicoletteIrishStar of the Sea
Vivienne NoelleFrenchChristmas
Vivienne NolaFrenchAdvisor
Vivienne NoraWelshGreat Circle
Vivienne NovaIrishBright Sea
Vivienne OctaviaEnglishMerciful
Vivienne OdeliaAfricanSuccessful Woman
Vivienne OdetteSlavicHope
Vivienne OliveHebrewPleasant, Delightful
Vivienne OliviaLatinOlive
Vivienne OpheliaLatinChristmas
Vivienne OrianaLatinChristmas
Vivienne PaigeRussianBorn on Christmas
Vivienne PaisleyNative AmericanYoung
Vivienne PalomaEnglishHeaven Spelled Backwards
Vivienne PandoraFrenchVictory of the People
Vivienne ParisIrishFamous
Vivienne PatienceFrenchChristmas
Vivienne PatriciaIrishHonor
Vivienne PaulaLatinNew
Vivienne PearlEnglishPearl
Vivienne PenelopeGreekWeaver
Vivienne PersephoneLatinEighth
Vivienne PhoebeFrenchWealth
Vivienne PiperGermanicWealth
Vivienne PoppyLatinPoppy
Vivienne PrimroseEnglishFirst Rose
Vivienne PriscillaEnglishOlive
Vivienne PriyaLatinOlive
Vivienne QuinnGreekHelp
Vivienne RachelLatinSunrise
Vivienne RaeganEnglishAttendant
Vivienne RaelynScottishPattern
Vivienne RamonaSpanishWise Protector
Vivienne RaquelSpanishDove
Vivienne RavenGreekAll Gifts
Vivienne RebekahFrenchCity of Love
Vivienne ReginaEnglishPatience
Vivienne ReignLatinNoble
Vivienne RemiLatinSmall
Vivienne RenataEnglishPearl
Vivienne ReneeGreekWeaver
Vivienne RheaGreekBringer of Destruction
Vivienne RhianneGreekRadiant, Shining
Vivienne RhiannonEnglishFlute Player
Vivienne RileyEnglishPoppy
Vivienne RiverEnglishFirst Rose
Vivienne RobertaLatinAncient
Vivienne RobinSanskritBeloved
Vivienne RochelleIrishDescendant of Conn
Vivienne RosaHebrewEwe
Vivienne RosalieFrenchRose
Vivienne RosalindIrishLittle Ruler
Vivienne RoseEnglishRose
Vivienne RoselynEnglishWise Protector
Vivienne RosemarySpanishInnocent Lamb
Vivienne RowanEnglishBlackbird
Vivienne RubyEnglishRuby
Vivienne RuthHebrewCompanion, Friend
Vivienne SabrinaHebrewCaptivating
Vivienne SadieLatinQueen
Vivienne SafiyaEnglishRule, Sovereign
Vivienne SageFrenchWise
Vivienne SaidaFrenchOarsman
Vivienne SalmaLatinReborn
Vivienne SamanthaFrenchReborn
Vivienne SamaraGreekFlowing Stream
Vivienne SamiraWelshGreat Queen
Vivienne SamiyaWelshDivine Queen
Vivienne SandraIrishCourageous
Vivienne SapphireEnglishRiver
Vivienne SaraGermanicBright Fame
Vivienne SarahEnglishBright Fame
Vivienne SaraiFrenchLittle Rock
Vivienne ScarlettEnglishRed
Vivienne SelenaLatinRose
Vivienne SeleneFrenchRose
Vivienne SeraphinaHebrewFiery Winged
Vivienne SerenaGermanicGentle Horse
Vivienne SerenityEnglishRose
Vivienne ShilohEnglishPretty Rose
Vivienne SienaEnglishDew of the Sea
Vivienne SiennaItalianOrange-Red
Vivienne SierraIrishLittle Red-haired One
Vivienne SigneHebrewCompanion, Friend
Vivienne SilviaEnglishRuby
Vivienne SimoneHebrewHeard
Vivienne SkylarCelticLegendary Princess
Vivienne SkylerHebrewPrincess
Vivienne SloaneArabicPure
Vivienne SofiaEnglishWise
Vivienne SolangeArabicHappy, Lucky
Vivienne SoleilArabicSafe
Vivienne SophiaGreekWisdom
Vivienne SophieHebrewListener
Vivienne SorayaHebrewWatchful
Vivienne StellaLatinStar
Vivienne StephanieArabicEntertaining
Vivienne SummerEnglishSummer
Vivienne SusannaArabicElevated
Vivienne SuttonGreekDefender of Mankind
Vivienne SydneyEnglishSapphire
Vivienne SylvieHebrewPrincess
Vivienne TabithaHebrewPrincess
Vivienne TaliaHebrewPrincess
Vivienne TamaraEnglishScarlet
Vivienne TamsinGreekMoon
Vivienne TanyaGreekMoon
Vivienne TaraLatinSerene
Vivienne TatianaEnglishSerenity
Vivienne TatumHebrewTranquil
Vivienne TessaGreekHarvester
Vivienne ThaliaSpanishMountain Range
Vivienne TheaItalianFrom Siena
Vivienne TheodoraGreekGod’s Gift
Vivienne TheresaLatinFrom the Forest
Vivienne ThomasFrenchHeard
Vivienne TiffanyItalianReddish-Brown
Vivienne TillyItalianFrom Siena
Vivienne TinaSpanishMountain Range
Vivienne TitaniaLatinFrom the Forest
Vivienne TrinityItalianReddish-Brown
Vivienne TristaFrenchHeard
Vivienne UmaNorseNew Victory
Vivienne UrsulaDutchNoble Scholar
Vivienne ValentinaDutchNoble Scholar
Vivienne ValerieIrishWarrior
Vivienne VanessaGreekWisdom
Vivienne VedaFrenchSolemn
Vivienne VegaFrenchSun
Vivienne VeraGreekWisdom
Vivienne VeronicaFrenchWisdom
Vivienne VictoriaLatinVictory
Vivienne ViennaPersianRich
Vivienne ViolaLatinStar
Vivienne VioletEnglishViolet
Vivienne VirginiaGreekCrowned
Vivienne VittoriaEnglishSummer
Vivienne WaverlyHebrewLily
Vivienne WillowEnglishWillow Tree
Vivienne WinterEnglishWinter
Vivienne XantheEnglishSouthern Settlement
Vivienne XimenaEnglishWide Island
Vivienne YaraFrenchFrom the Forest
Vivienne YasminHebrewGazelle
Vivienne YasmineHebrewDew of Heaven
Vivienne YvetteHebrewPalm Tree
Vivienne YvonneEnglishTwin
Vivienne ZaraHebrewPrincess
Vivienne ZariaRussianFairy Queen
Vivienne ZariyahIrishTower
Vivienne ZayleeRussianFairy Queen
Vivienne ZeldaEnglishLight-hearted
Vivienne ZephyrGreekWest Wind

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Vivienne Name Popularity

Vivienne has been steadily rising in popularity over the past decade, ranking as the 316th most popular name for girls in the United States in 2021.

It has also gained popularity in other countries, such as Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Its classic and timeless appeal and its association with creativity and intelligence make it a popular choice among parents.

While Vivienne has become more popular as a first name, it is still relatively unique when used as a middle name.

Adding a middle name to Vivienne can help personalize the name and make it stand out from other Vivienne’s out there.

Nickname Ideas for Vivienne

While Vivienne is a beautiful name on its own, it also has some great nickname options that can add a cute and playful touch.

Here are some nickname ideas for Vivienne:

  1. Vivi
  2. Viv
  3. V
  4. Vee
  5. Vie
  6. ViVi
  7. Vivi-Belle
  8. Vivi-Lou
  9. Vivi-Rose
  10. Vivi-Grace


Choosing a middle name for your child can be a daunting task, but with this list of middle name ideas for Vivienne, you’re sure to find the perfect one that complements the first name perfectly.

Whether you prefer classic names or more unique options, there’s something for everyone on this list.

And with Vivienne’s rising popularity and timeless appeal, it’s a name that will stand the test of time. Don’t forget to consider the nickname options as well, as they can add a playful and personalized touch to the name.


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