260 Dazzling Middle Names for Gianna

Gianna middle name ideas

If you’ve already chosen the beautiful name Gianna for your baby girl, you have great taste. The name Gianna captures hearts everywhere with its melodious rhythm and Italian flair.

But you still have work to do. Since you found this post, I assume you’re looking for a unique middle name for Gianna that complements her perfectly.

Well, your search is over. I compiled an all-encompassing list of middle names for Gianna, along with their meanings and origins.

We’ll also discuss the popularity of Gianna and offer some nickname ideas to consider.


We ride!

What Does the Name Gianna Mean?

Gianna is a feminine Italian name derived from “Giovanna,” the Italian equivalent of Joanna or Jane.

The name originates in the Hebrew name Yochanan, which means “God is gracious” or “God is merciful.”

The name Gianna invokes a sense of grace, strength, and spirituality, making it an ideal choice for parents seeking a name with depth and meaning.

Middle Names for Gianna

Here is a comprehensive list of unique, meaningful, and popular Gianna middle names to help you find the perfect match for your little girl.

Remember, the best middle name for Gianna has personal significance and complements the first name beautifully.

Middle NameOriginMeaning
Gianna AbigailHebrewFather’s joy
Gianna AddisonEnglishChild of Adam
Gianna AdeleGermanNoble
Gianna AdelineFrenchNoble
Gianna AdrianaLatinWoman from Hadria
Gianna AdrienneFrenchFrom Adria
Gianna AimeeFrenchBeloved
Gianna AinsleyScottishMeadow of aspen trees
Gianna AlainaGreekBright, shining
Gianna AlanaIrishFair, beautiful
Gianna AlessandraItalianDefender of mankind
Gianna AlexaGreekDefender, helper
Gianna AlexandraGreekDefender of mankind
Gianna AlexiaGreekDefender, helper
Gianna AlexisGreekDefender, helper
Gianna AliceEnglishNoble
Gianna AliciaGermanNoble
Gianna AlinaSlavicBright, beautiful
Gianna AlisaHebrewGreat happiness
Gianna AlishaSanskritProtected by God
Gianna AlisonGermanNoble
Gianna AliviaLatinAlive, lively
Gianna AllisonGermanNoble
Gianna AlondraSpanishDefender of mankind
Gianna AlyssaGermanNoble
Gianna AmandaLatinWorthy of love
Gianna AmaraItalianBeloved
Gianna AmberEnglishFossilized tree resin
Gianna AmeliaLatinIndustrious, striving
Gianna AmelieGermanHardworking
Gianna AmiraArabicPrincess, leader
Gianna AmyLatinBeloved
Gianna AnastasiaGreekResurrection
Gianna AndreaGreekBrave, strong
Gianna AngelGreekMessenger
Gianna AngelaGreekMessenger of God
Gianna AngelicaLatinAngelic
Gianna AngelinaGreekMessenger of God
Gianna AnnabelleFrenchGracious, beautiful
Gianna AnneHebrewGrace
Gianna AnnetteFrenchGrace
Gianna AnnieHebrewGrace
Gianna AprilLatinOpening, spring
Gianna ArabellaLatinLovely, graceful
Gianna AriaItalianAir, melody
Gianna ArianaWelshSilver
Gianna AriannaGreekMost holy
Gianna ArielHebrewLion of God
Gianna AriellaHebrewLion of God
Gianna AryaSanskritNoble, honorable
Gianna AshleyEnglishAsh tree meadow
Gianna AspenEnglishTree name
Gianna AthenaGreekGoddess of wisdom
Gianna AubreeFrenchElf ruler
Gianna AubreyGermanElf ruler
Gianna AudreyEnglishNoble strength
Gianna AuroraLatinDawn
Gianna AutumnEnglishSeason
Gianna AvaGermanLife
Gianna AverieEnglishWise
Gianna AveryEnglishElf ruler
Gianna AvianaLatinLike a bird
Gianna AvrilFrenchApril
Gianna BaileyEnglishBailiff, steward
Gianna BeatriceLatinVoyager, traveler
Gianna BellaItalianBeautiful
Gianna BelleFrenchBeautiful
Gianna BethanyHebrewHouse of figs
Gianna BiancaItalianWhite
Gianna BlairScottishField, plain
Gianna BlakeEnglishDark
Gianna BlakelyEnglishDark meadow
Gianna BriannaIrishStrong, virtuous
Gianna BridgetIrishStrength
Gianna BrinleyEnglishBurnt meadow
Gianna BristolEnglishMeeting place by the bridge
Gianna BrookeEnglishSmall stream
Gianna BrooklynEnglishWater stream
Gianna BrynnWelshHill
Gianna CadenceLatinRhythm
Gianna CaitlinIrishPure
Gianna CallieGreekBeautiful
Gianna CamilaSpanishYoung ceremonial attendant
Gianna CamilleFrenchPerfect
Gianna CaraItalianDear
Gianna CarolineFrenchFree man
Gianna CarolynEnglishStrong
Gianna CarterEnglishCart driver
Gianna CatherineGreekPure
Gianna CelesteLatinHeavenly
Gianna CharlotteFrenchFree man
Gianna ChelseaEnglishChalk landing place
Gianna ClaireFrenchBright, clear
Gianna ClaraLatinClear, bright
Gianna ClarissaLatinClear, bright
Gianna ColetteFrenchVictory of the people
Gianna CoraGreekMaiden
Gianna CordeliaLatinHeart, daughter of the sea
Gianna CourtneyIrishDescendant of the court attendant
Gianna DaisyEnglishDay’s eye
Gianna DanielleHebrewGod is my judge
Gianna DelaneyIrishDescendant of the challenger
Gianna DelphineGreekDolphin
Gianna DestinyEnglishFate, fortune
Gianna DianaLatinDivine
Gianna EdenHebrewDelight
Gianna EdithEnglishProsperous in war
Gianna ElenaGreekShining light
Gianna ElianaHebrewMy God has answered
Gianna EliseFrenchGod is my oath
Gianna ElizabethHebrewGod is my oath
Gianna EllaGermanAll
Gianna EllieHebrewGod is my light
Gianna EloiseFrenchFamous warrior
Gianna EmiliaLatinRival
Gianna EmilyLatinRival
Gianna EmmaGermanWhole, universal
Gianna ErinIrishIreland
Gianna EsmeFrenchBeloved
Gianna EstherPersianStar
Gianna EvaHebrewLife
Gianna EvangelineGreekGood news, bearer of good news
Gianna EvelynEnglishDesired, beautiful
Gianna FaithEnglishTrust, belief
Gianna FelicityLatinHappiness
Gianna FionaGaelicFair
Gianna GabriellaHebrewGod is my strength
Gianna GemmaItalianGem, precious stone
Gianna GenevieveFrenchTribe woman
Gianna GeorgiaGreekFarmer
Gianna GraceLatinGrace, elegance
Gianna GracieLatinGrace, favor
Gianna HadleyEnglishHeather field
Gianna HaileyEnglishHay meadow
Gianna HannahHebrewGrace, favor
Gianna HarperEnglishHarp player
Gianna HazelEnglishHazelnut tree
Gianna HeidiGermanNoble, kind
Gianna HopeEnglishHope, optimism
Gianna ImogenCelticBeloved child
Gianna IsabellaHebrewGod is my oath
Gianna IsabelleFrenchGod is my oath
Gianna IvyEnglishIvy plant
Gianna JadeSpanishPrecious green stone
Gianna JaneEnglishGod is gracious
Gianna JasminePersianJasmine flower
Gianna JocelynGermanJoyous
Gianna JosephineHebrewGod will add
Gianna JoyEnglishJoy, happiness
Gianna JuliaLatinYouthful
Gianna JulianaLatinYouthful
Gianna JulietteFrenchYouthful
Gianna JuneLatinJune
Gianna KateEnglishPure
Gianna KatherineGreekPure
Gianna KaylaHebrewCrown, laurel
Gianna KendallEnglishValley of the River Kent
Gianna KennedyIrishHelmeted chief
Gianna KimberlyEnglishCyneburg’s meadow
Gianna KylieIrishNarrow, straight
Gianna LaceyEnglishLace-like
Gianna LanaHawaiianCalm as still waters
Gianna LaraLatinProtection
Gianna LaurenEnglishLaurel tree
Gianna LaylaArabicNight, dark beauty
Gianna LeahHebrewWeary
Gianna LeilaArabicNight, dark beauty
Gianna LilahPersianLilac, bluish
Gianna LillianLatinLily
Gianna LilyEnglishLily flower
Gianna LindsayScottishLake on an island
Gianna LindseyEnglishLinden tree island
Gianna LisaHebrewGod is my oath
Gianna LolaSpanishSorrows
Gianna LondonEnglishFrom London
Gianna LuciaItalianLight
Gianna LucyEnglishLight
Gianna LydiaGreekFrom Lydia
Gianna MackenzieScottishSon of the wise ruler
Gianna MadelineHebrewTower
Gianna MaeEnglishMonth of May
Gianna MaeveIrishIntoxicating
Gianna MagdalenaHebrewFrom Magdala
Gianna MaggieEnglishPearl
Gianna MakenzieScottishSon of the wise ruler
Gianna MalloryFrenchUnlucky
Gianna MaraHebrewBitter
Gianna MargaretGreekPearl
Gianna MariaHebrewBitter
Gianna MariahHebrewBitter
Gianna MariannaHebrewBitter
Gianna MarieFrenchBeloved
Gianna MarleyEnglishMeadow near the lake
Gianna MaryHebrewBitter
Gianna MayaHebrewWater
Gianna MeganWelshPearl
Gianna MelanieGreekDark, black
Gianna MiaItalianMine
Gianna MichelleFrenchWho is like God?
Gianna MikaylaHebrewWho is like God?
Gianna MollyIrishStar of the sea
Gianna MorganWelshCircling sea
Gianna NadiaRussianHope
Gianna NaomiHebrewPleasantness
Gianna NataliaLatinChristmas Day
Gianna NatalieLatinChristmas Day
Gianna NatashaRussianChrist’s birthday
Gianna NicoleFrenchVictory of the people
Gianna NoelleFrenchChristmas
Gianna NoraIrishHonor
Gianna OliviaLatinOlive tree
Gianna PaigeEnglishYoung servant
Gianna PaisleyScottishChurch
Gianna PenelopeGreekWeaver
Gianna PeytonEnglishFrom the warrior’s town
Gianna PiperEnglishPipe player
Gianna QuinnIrishDescendant of Conn
Gianna RachelHebrewEwe
Gianna ReaganIrishLittle ruler
Gianna RebeccaHebrewTo bind, to join
Gianna ReeseWelshEnthusiasm
Gianna RemyFrenchOarsman
Gianna RileyIrishCourageous
Gianna RoseLatinRose
Gianna RubyEnglishPrecious gem
Gianna RuthHebrewCompanion, friend
Gianna SadieHebrewPrincess
Gianna SamanthaHebrewListener
Gianna SarahHebrewPrincess
Gianna SavannahSpanishFlat tropical grassland
Gianna ScarlettEnglishRed
Gianna SelenaGreekMoon goddess
Gianna SeraphinaHebrewFiery, burning ones
Gianna SerenityEnglishCalm, peaceful
Gianna SiennaItalianOrange-red
Gianna SimoneHebrewHeard, listened to
Gianna SofiaGreekWisdom
Gianna SophiaGreekWisdom
Gianna SophieGreekWisdom
Gianna StellaLatinStar
Gianna StephanieGreekCrowned
Gianna SydneyEnglishWide island
Gianna TaylorEnglishTailor
Gianna TeresaGreekHarvester
Gianna TrinityLatinTrinity
Gianna ValentinaLatinStrong, vigorous, healthy
Gianna ValerieLatinStrong, vigorous, healthy
Gianna VanessaGreekButterfly
Gianna VeraRussianFaith
Gianna VeronicaGreekTrue image
Gianna VictoriaLatinVictory
Gianna VioletEnglishViolet flower
Gianna VivianLatinFull of life
Gianna VivienneFrenchAlive, lively
Gianna WhitneyEnglishWhite island
Gianna WillowEnglishWillow tree
Gianna WinterEnglishWinter
Gianna ZoeGreekLife
Gianna ZoeyGreekLife

Gianna Name Popularity

Over the past few decades, the name Gianna has steadily gained popularity in the United States. According to Social Security Administration data, Gianna ranked as the 22nd most popular name for girls in 2022.

This growing popularity is likely attributed to the name’s beautiful sound and an increased sense of pride from those of Italian heritage.

By choosing a unique and complementary middle name, you can create a unique and distinctive name combination that will be cherished for a lifetime!

Nickname Ideas for Gianna

Gianna is a versatile name that lends itself to various adorable nicknames.

Whether you’re looking for a shortened version of the name or a playful alternative, here are some nickname ideas for Gianna:

  • Gia
  • Gigi
  • Nana
  • Gi
  • Giana
  • Ginnie
  • Gigianna
  • Ana

Wrapping it Up

Selecting the perfect middle name for Gianna can be a fun and meaningful process.

With so many unique middle names for Gianna, I’m confident you’ll find the perfect combination that captures your child’s spirit and personality.

Remember, the best middle names for Gianna are those that have personal significance and create a harmonious flow with the first name.

Good luck!


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