300+ Unique Middle Names for Chloe

Middle names for chloe

If you’ve already fallen in love with the adorable name Chloe, you’ve come to the right place!

We understand how important it is to find that one-of-a-kind middle name that will make your little Chloe’s name shine even brighter.

So, we’ve compiled a delightful list of middle names that will complement Chloe in the most enchanting way.

From timeless classics to trendy gems and even some unique surprises, get ready to explore a world of charming possibilities.

Let’s dive in and discover the perfect middle name for your precious Chloe!

Middle Names for Chloe

Chloe AbigailHebrew“Father’s joy”
Chloe AdaraGreek“Beauty,” “noble”
Chloe AdelaideGerman“Noble type”
Chloe AdeleGerman“Noble,” “graceful”
Chloe AdelineFrench“Noble”
Chloe AinsleyScottish“My own meadow”
Chloe AlainaGreek“Shining light”
Chloe AlexandraGreek“Defender of mankind”
Chloe AliceGerman“Noble,” “of the nobility”
Chloe AlinaGreek“Light”
Chloe AloraGreek“Shining,” “bright”
Chloe AmaryllisGreekA type of flower
Chloe AmeliaGerman“Work” and “effort”
Chloe AnabelleFrenchA combination of Ann and Belle
Chloe AnastasiaGreek“Resurrection”
Chloe AnikaSanskrit“Grace,” “favor”
Chloe AnnabelLatinA combination of Anna and Belle
Chloe AnnaliseFrenchA combination of Anna and Elise
Chloe AnneHebrew“Favor”
Chloe ArabellaLatin“Lovely,” “elegant”
Chloe ArianaGreek“Most holy”
Chloe ArwenWelsh“Noble”
Chloe AshlynIrish“Dream”
Chloe AshlynneIrish“Dream”
Chloe AthenaGreekGoddess of wisdom
Chloe AuroraLatin“Dawn”
Chloe AutumnLatin“Fall season”
Chloe AvalonArthurianLegendary island
Chloe AvianaLatin“Birdlike”
Chloe BeatriceLatin“She who brings happiness”
Chloe BeatrizLatin“Blessed”
Chloe BellamyFrench“Beautiful friend”
Chloe BernadetteGerman“Strong” and “brave”
Chloe BiancaItalian“White”
Chloe BlytheEnglish“Happy”
Chloe BrielleFrench“God is my strength”
Chloe BrionyEnglishA type of climbing plant
Chloe BrookeEnglishA small stream
Chloe BrooklynAmericanA borough of New York City
Chloe CadenceLatin“Rhythm”
Chloe CaledoniaScottish“From Scotland”
Chloe CalistaGreek“Most beautiful”
Chloe CalliopeGreek“Beautiful voice”
Chloe CamillaLatin“Attendant at a religious ritual”
Chloe CamilleLatin“Perfect,” “unblemished”
Chloe CapriItalian“From Capri,” an island in Italy
Chloe CarinaItalian“Beloved”
Chloe CassandraGreek“Shining upon men”
Chloe CatalinaSpanish“Pure”
Chloe CelesteLatin“Heavenly”
Chloe CelineGreek“Moon”
Chloe CharlotteFrench“Free man”
Chloe ClaireFrench“Bright”
Chloe ClarissaLatin“Bright,” “clear”
Chloe ColetteFrench“Victorious”
Chloe CoralineLatin“Coral”
Chloe CordeliaLatin“Heart”
Chloe CorinneGreek“Maiden”
Chloe CosetteFrench“Victorious”
Chloe DanicaSlavic“Morning star”
Chloe DanieleHebrew“God is my judge”
Chloe DaphneGreek“Laurel tree”
Chloe DarcyIrish“Dark”
Chloe DavinaScottish“Beloved”
Chloe DelaneyIrish“Dark challenger”
Chloe DelilahHebrew“Delicate,” “weak”
Chloe DemetriaGreek“Earth mother”
Chloe DesireeFrench“Desired”
Chloe DevynIrish“Poet”
Chloe DianeFrench“Divine”
Chloe DominiqueFrench“Of the Lord”
Chloe EdenHebrew“Delight”
Chloe EdeniaHebrew“Delight”
Chloe EdithEnglish“Prosperous in war”
Chloe EffieGreek“Well-spoken”
Chloe ElaineGreek“Bright,” “shining light”
Chloe ElaraGreek“Bright”
Chloe EleanorGreek“Bright,” “shining one”
Chloe EleanoraGreek“Bright,” “shining light”
Chloe EleniGreek“Bright,” “shining light”
Chloe EliseFrench“Pledged to God”
Chloe ElizaHebrew“God is my oath”
Chloe Eliza-JaneEnglishA combination of Eliza and Jane
Chloe ElizabethHebrew“God is my oath”
Chloe ElodieFrench“Marsh flower”
Chloe EloiseFrench“Healthy,” “wide”
Chloe EmeryGerman“Industrious leader”
Chloe EmiliaLatin“Rival”
Chloe EmmelineGerman“Work” and “rival”
Chloe EphraimHebrew“Fruitful”
Chloe EsmeFrench“Emerald”
Chloe EstelleFrench“Star”
Chloe EstrellaSpanish“Star”
Chloe EulalieGreek“Sweetly speaking”
Chloe EvangelineGreek“Bringer of good news”
Chloe EvelynEnglish“Desired”
Chloe EvieHebrew“Life”
Chloe FabienneFrench“Bean grower”
Chloe FaithEnglish“Faith”
Chloe FallonIrish“Leader”
Chloe FayeEnglish“Fairy”
Chloe FelicityLatin“Happiness”
Chloe FionaGaelic“Fair”
Chloe FiorellaItalian“Little flower”
Chloe FloraLatin“Flower”
Chloe FrancesLatin“From France”
Chloe FrancineFrench“Free”
Chloe GabriellaHebrew“God is my strength”
Chloe GabrielleHebrew“God is my strength”
Chloe GenevieveGerman“Woman of the race”
Chloe GennaHebrew“Garden”
Chloe GeorgiaGreek“Farmer”
Chloe GiannaItalian“God is gracious”
Chloe GiselleFrench“Pledge,” “hostage”
Chloe GraceLatin“Grace”
Chloe GwendolineWelsh“White ring”
Chloe GwendolynWelsh“White ring”
Chloe HadleyEnglish“Heather field”
Chloe HaleyEnglish“Hay meadow”
Chloe HarperEnglish“Harp player”
Chloe HarrietGerman“Home ruler”
Chloe HavenEnglish“Safe place”
Chloe HazelEnglish“The hazel tree”
Chloe HelenaGreek“Bright,” “shining light”
Chloe HonorLatin“Honorable”
Chloe HopeEnglish“Hope”
Chloe IlariaItalian“Cheerful”
Chloe ImaraSwahili“Strong”
Chloe ImogenIrish“Maiden”
Chloe IndigoEnglishThe color indigo
Chloe IsabellaHebrew“God is my oath”
Chloe IsidoraGreek“Gift of Isis”
Chloe IvannaSlavic“God is gracious”
Chloe IvyEnglish“Ivy,” a climbing plant
Chloe JacindaGreek“Hyacinth flower”
Chloe JacquelineFrench“Supplanter”
Chloe JadeSpanish“Stone of the side”
Chloe JanelleFrench“God is gracious”
Chloe JasminePersian“Gift from God”
Chloe JessaHebrew“God beholds”
Chloe JessaminePersianA flowering plant
Chloe JillianLatin“Youthful”
Chloe JoelleFrench“Jehovah is God”
Chloe JordanaHebrew“To flow down”
Chloe JovannaHebrew“God is gracious”
Chloe JoyEnglish“Joy”
Chloe JubileeHebrew“Ram’s horn,” “ram’s horn”
Chloe JulietFrench“Youthful”
Chloe JuniaLatin“Born in June”
Chloe JuniperLatinA type of evergreen shrub
Chloe KaelaHebrew“Victorious”
Chloe KaliSanskrit“The black one”
Chloe KalistaGreek“Most beautiful”
Chloe KatherineGreek“Pure”
Chloe KatrineGreek“Pure”
Chloe KeiraIrish“Dark-haired”
Chloe KendallEnglish“Valley of the River Kent”
Chloe KendraWelsh“Clear water”
Chloe KennedyIrish“Helmeted chief”
Chloe KimberlyEnglish“From the royal fortress meadow”
Chloe KinsleyEnglish“King’s meadow”
Chloe LaceyEnglish“From Lacy, France”
Chloe LaviniaLatin“Purified”
Chloe LeonaLatin“Lioness”
Chloe LilahHebrew“Night”
Chloe LioraHebrew“I have light”
Chloe LoreleiGerman“Alluring”
Chloe LorraineFrench“From Lorraine, France”
Chloe LouiseGerman“Famous warrior”
Chloe LucianaLatin“Light”
Chloe LucilleFrench“Light”
Chloe LuellaEnglishA combination of Lou and Ella
Chloe LysandraGreek“Liberator of mankind”
Chloe MadelineEnglish“High tower”
Chloe MaevaFrench“Welcome”
Chloe MaeveIrish“Intoxicating”
Chloe MagdaleneHebrew“From Magdala”
Chloe MarcellaLatin“Little warrior”
Chloe MarcellineLatin“Little warrior”
Chloe MargotFrench“Pearl”
Chloe MariahHebrew“Of the sea”
Chloe MarieFrench“Bitter”
Chloe MarigoldEnglishA type of flower
Chloe MarisolSpanish“Sea and sun”
Chloe MarleneGerman“Little warrior”
Chloe MarloweEnglish“From the hill by the lake”
Chloe MatildaGerman“Mighty in battle”
Chloe MeadowEnglish“Meadow”
Chloe MeadowlarkEnglishA type of bird
Chloe MegaraGreek“Blessed”
Chloe MelinaGreek“Honey”
Chloe MelodyGreek“Song”
Chloe MeridianEnglish“Middle,” “equator”
Chloe MichelleFrench“Who is like God?”
Chloe MilenaSlavic“Favor,” “gracious”
Chloe MirabelleFrench“Wonderful”
Chloe MiriamHebrew“Sea of bitterness”
Chloe MoiraGreek“Destiny,” “fate”
Chloe NadineFrench“Hope”
Chloe NaomiHebrew“Pleasant”
Chloe NataliaLatin“Born on Christmas Day”
Chloe NellieGreek“Light”
Chloe NerissaGreek“Sea nymph”
Chloe NicoletteGreek“Victory of the people”
Chloe NirvanaSanskrit“Liberation”
Chloe NoelleFrench“Christmas”
Chloe NovalieSwedish“New luck”
Chloe NyssaGreek“Beginning,” “new beginning”
Chloe OctaviaLatin“Eighth”
Chloe OdetteFrench“Wealthy”
Chloe OpheliaGreek“Help”
Chloe OrlaIrish“Golden princess”
Chloe OvidiaLatin“Egg”
Chloe PaigeEnglish“Assistant”
Chloe PalomaSpanish“Dove”
Chloe PandoraGreek“All-gifted”
Chloe PatriceLatin“Noble”
Chloe PenelopeGreek“Weaver,” “duck”
Chloe PersephoneGreek“Bringer of destruction”
Chloe PhilomenaGreek“Lover of strength”
Chloe PhoebeGreek“Bright,” “shining”
Chloe PortiaLatin“Pig,” “hog”
Chloe PrairieEnglish“Meadow”
Chloe PresleyEnglish“Priest’s meadow”
Chloe PrimroseEnglishA type of flower
Chloe PriscillaLatin“Ancient”
Chloe ProsperaLatin“Prosperous”
Chloe QuinlanIrish“Fit, shapely, strong”
Chloe QuinnIrish“Wise”
Chloe RachelHebrew“Ewe”
Chloe RaffaellaItalian“God has healed”
Chloe RamonaSpanish“Advice”
Chloe RaquelHebrew“Ewe”
Chloe RebekahHebrew“Tied,” “to bind”
Chloe ReeseWelsh“Enthusiasm”
Chloe ReginaLatin“Queen”
Chloe RenataLatin“Reborn”
Chloe RhiannonWelsh“Great queen”
Chloe RosalindLatin“Pretty rose”
Chloe RoseLatin“Rose”
Chloe RowanGaelic“Little redhead”
Chloe RowenaEnglish“White-haired”
Chloe RoxannePersian“Dawn”
Chloe RubyEnglish“Red gemstone”
Chloe RuthieHebrew“Friend”
Chloe SabrinaLatin“River Severn”
Chloe SadieHebrew“Princess”
Chloe SageLatin“Wise”
Chloe SamaraHebrew“Guarded by God”
Chloe SeraphineGreek“Burning ones”
Chloe SerenWelsh“Star”
Chloe SharleneAmericanA combination of Sharon and Charlene
Chloe SiennaItalian“Orange-red”
Chloe SimoneHebrew“Heard”
Chloe SiobhanIrish“God is gracious”
Chloe SolangeFrench“Dignified”
Chloe SophiaGreek“Wisdom”
Chloe StarlingEnglish“Small bird”
Chloe SummerEnglish“Summer”
Chloe SuriHebrew“Princess”
Chloe SybellaGreek“Prophetess”
Chloe TallulahNative American“Leaping water”
Chloe TamsinHebrew“Twin”
Chloe TatianaLatin“Fairy queen”
Chloe TatumEnglish“Cheerful”
Chloe TemperanceLatin“Moderation”
Chloe TessaGreek“Harvester”
Chloe ThaliaGreek“To blossom”
Chloe TheodoraGreek“God’s gift”
Chloe TovahHebrew“Good”
Chloe TrilbyIrish“Triple”
Chloe TristanCeltic“Tumult,” “uproar”
Chloe UlyanaRussian“Youthful”
Chloe UrsulaLatin“Little bear”
Chloe ValentinaLatin“Strength,” “vigor”
Chloe ValoraLatin“Valorous”
Chloe VanessaGreek“Butterfly”
Chloe VedaSanskrit“Knowledge”
Chloe VenetiaLatin“From Venice”
Chloe VerenaLatin“True”
Chloe VerityLatin“Truth”
Chloe VictoriaLatin“Victory”
Chloe ViennaLatin“From Vienna”
Chloe VioletLatin“Violet”
Chloe VittoriaItalian“Victory”
Chloe VivienneLatin“Alive”
Chloe WaverlyEnglish“Quaking aspen”
Chloe WillowEnglish“Willow tree”
Chloe WinonaNative American“Firstborn daughter”
Chloe WinterEnglish“Winter season”
Chloe WrenEnglish“Wren,” a small bird
Chloe XandraGreek“Defender of mankind”
Chloe XantheGreek“Yellow”
Chloe YaraArabic“Small butterfly”
Chloe YasminPersian“Jasmine flower”
Chloe YasminePersian“Jasmine flower”
Chloe YvetteFrench“Yew wood”
Chloe YvonneFrench“Yew wood”
Chloe ZaraHebrew“Seed”
Chloe ZinniaLatinA type of flower

Chloe Name Meaning & History

If you’re considering the name Chloe for your little one, you’re in for a treat! This delightful name has a fascinating history and a meaning that will tug at your heartstrings.

The name Chloe has appeared in various forms throughout history across different cultures and languages.

From ancient Greek mythology, Chloe was associated with the goddess Demeter, who symbolized fertility and agriculture.

In Greek, the name Chloe translates to “blooming” or “verdant,” evoking the image of fresh growth and new beginnings.

Chloe Name Popularity

According to Baby Center, Chloe has been on the list of top 30 popular baby girl names in the United States since 2000.

It is also a popular name in other English-speaking countries, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Nickname Ideas for Chloe

Some popular nicknames for Chloe include:

  • Lo
  • Chloe-bear
  • Chlo
  • Coco
  • Clo-Jo
  • Clover

Wrapping it Up

If you’re drawn to names with a touch of mythology and meaning that celebrates life and growth, Chloe might be the perfect choice for your precious bundle of joy.

Its rich history and timeless elegance make it a name that will be cherished for generations.

So, if you’re considering Chloe for your little one, you’re on the right path to giving her a beautiful and meaningful name.


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