400 Unique Middle Names for Madeline

middle names for madeline

Hello, fellow name enthusiasts! If you’re here, it’s likely because you have a beautiful Madeline in your life or one on the way. You’ve nailed the first name, but now you’re stuck on the middle one.

Fear not; we’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide to unique middle names for Madeline.

Middle Names for Madeline

Choosing a middle name can be just as important as selecting the first. It needs to flow, to have a certain rhythm and melody.

So, without further ado, here’s your list of middle names for Madeline!

Middle NameOriginMeaning
Madeline AbigailHebrewFather’s Joy
Madeline AdelaideGerman/FrenchNoble/Noble Kind
Madeline AdeleGerman/FrenchNoble
Madeline AdelineFrenchNoble
Madeline AgnesGreek/LatinPure
Madeline AileenIrishBright/Harmony
Madeline AlexandraGreekDefender of Mankind
Madeline AliceGerman/FrenchNoble
Madeline AlinaSlavicBright
Madeline AllegraItalianJoyful
Madeline AlmaLatinSoul
Madeline AlyssaGreekRational
Madeline AmaraAfricanGrace/Eternal
Madeline AmeliaGermanWork
Madeline AnastasiaGreekResurrection
Madeline AndreaGreekBrave/Manly
Madeline AngelicaLatinAngelic
Madeline AngelinaGreekMessenger
Madeline AnnabelleFrenchGraceful
Madeline AnneHebrewGrace/Favor
Madeline AnnetteFrenchGrace/Favor
Madeline AprilLatinOpening
Madeline ArabellaLatinBeautiful Arab
Madeline ArianaGreekVery Holy
Madeline ArielHebrewLion of God
Madeline ArielleHebrewLion of God
Madeline ArleneCelticPledge/Oath
Madeline AshleyEnglishAsh Tree Meadow
Madeline AstridScandinavianDivine Strength
Madeline AthenaGreekGoddess of Wisdom
Madeline AubreyGerman/FrenchElf/Power
Madeline AudreyEnglishNoble Strength
Madeline AuroraLatinDawn
Madeline AutumnLatinAutumn
Madeline AvaLatinBird
Madeline AveryEnglishElf Ruler
Madeline BeatriceLatinBringer of Joy
Madeline BellaItalianBeautiful
Madeline BelleFrenchBeautiful
Madeline BethanyHebrewHouse of Figs
Madeline BiancaItalianWhite
Madeline BlairScottishPlain/Field
Madeline BlaireScottishPlain/Field
Madeline BlakeEnglishDark Complexion
Madeline BrielleFrenchGod is My Strength
Madeline BrigitteFrenchStrength
Madeline BrookeEnglishSmall Stream
Madeline BrynnWelshHill
Madeline CadenceLatinRhythm
Madeline CamilleFrenchPerfect
Madeline CaraIrishFriend/Loved One
Madeline CarolineFrenchFree Woman
Madeline CassandraGreekShining Upon Men
Madeline CatherineGreekPure
Madeline CelesteFrenchHeavenly
Madeline CharlotteFrenchFree
Madeline ChloeGreekGreen Shoot
Madeline ClaireFrenchClear/Bright
Madeline ClaraLatinBright/Clear
Madeline ClarissaLatinBright/Famous
Madeline ColetteFrenchVictory of the People
Madeline CoraGreekMaiden
Madeline CordeliaLatinHeart
Madeline CourtneyFrenchCourtly
Madeline DaisyEnglishDaisy Flower
Madeline DanielaHebrewGod is My Judge
Madeline DanielleHebrewGod is My Judge
Madeline DaphneGreekLaurel Tree
Madeline DelaneyIrishDescendant of the Challenger
Madeline DelilahHebrewDelicate
Madeline DeniseFrenchGod of Wine
Madeline DianaLatinDivine
Madeline DiorFrenchGolden
Madeline DominiqueFrenchBelonging to the Lord
Madeline DoraGreekGift
Madeline DorothyGreekGift of God
Madeline EdenHebrewDelight
Madeline EdithEnglishProsperous in War
Madeline EileenIrishBright
Madeline ElaineFrenchBright, Shining
Madeline EleanorGreekBright, Shining
Madeline ElenaGreekShining Light
Madeline EliseFrenchPledged to God
Madeline ElizaHebrewGod is My Oath
Madeline ElizabethHebrewGod is My Oath
Madeline EllaEnglishBeautiful
Madeline ElleFrenchShe
Madeline EllenGreekSun, Torch
Madeline EloiseFrenchFamous Warrior
Madeline ElsieGermanNoble
Madeline EmeryGermanBrave/Powerful
Madeline EmiliaLatinRival
Madeline EmilyLatinIndustrious
Madeline EmmaGermanWhole/Universal
Madeline EmmyEnglishUniversal
Madeline ErinIrishIreland
Madeline EsmeFrenchEsteemed/Loved
Madeline EstelleFrenchStar
Madeline EstherHebrewStar
Madeline EvaHebrewLife
Madeline EvangelineGreekGood News
Madeline EvelynEnglishDesired
Madeline EverlyEnglishFrom the Boar Meadow
Madeline FaithEnglishTrust/Faith
Madeline FallonIrishLeader
Madeline FayeEnglishFairy
Madeline FelicityLatinHappiness
Madeline FernEnglishFern Plant
Madeline FionaIrishFair
Madeline FloraLatinFlower
Madeline FlorenceLatinBlooming
Madeline FrancesLatinFree
Madeline FreyaNorseNoble Woman
Madeline GabriellaHebrewGod is My Strength
Madeline GabrielleFrenchGod is My Strength
Madeline GemmaItalianGem
Madeline GenevieveFrenchTribe Woman
Madeline GeorgiaGreekFarmer
Madeline GiaItalianGod’s Gracious Gift
Madeline GiselleFrenchPledge
Madeline GloriaLatinGlory
Madeline GraceEnglishGrace
Madeline GracieLatinGrace
Madeline GwendolynWelshWhite Brow
Madeline HadleyEnglishHeather Field
Madeline HaileyEnglishHay Clearing
Madeline HannahHebrewGrace
Madeline HarmonyEnglishHarmony
Madeline HarperEnglishHarp Player
Madeline HarrietEnglishHome Ruler
Madeline HavenEnglishPlace of Safety
Madeline HazelEnglishHazelnut
Madeline HeatherEnglishHeather
Madeline HelenGreekLight
Madeline HelenaGreekLight
Madeline HenriettaGermanRuler of the Home
Madeline HollyEnglishHolly Tree
Madeline HopeEnglishHope
Madeline ImogenGaelicMaiden
Madeline IndiaEnglishIndia
Madeline IndigoEnglishDeep Blue
Madeline InesSpanishPure
Madeline IngridNorseIng’s Beauty
Madeline IreneGreekPeace
Madeline IrisGreekRainbow
Madeline IsabelHebrewGod is My Oath
Madeline IsabellaHebrewGod is My Oath
Madeline IsabelleHebrewGod is My Oath
Madeline IvyEnglishIvy
Madeline JadeEnglishJade
Madeline JanaeHebrewGod is Gracious
Madeline JaneEnglishGod is Gracious
Madeline JanetScottishGod is Gracious
Madeline JasminePersianFlower
Madeline JayneEnglishGod is Gracious
Madeline JeanFrenchGod is Gracious
Madeline JeanetteFrenchGod is Gracious
Madeline JemmaEnglishPrecious
Madeline JennaWelshFair Phantom
Madeline JenniferCornishWhite Wave
Madeline JessicaHebrewGod Beholds
Madeline JewelEnglishJewel
Madeline JillianLatinYouthful
Madeline JoannaHebrewGod is Gracious
Madeline JocelynGermanGaut’s Child
Madeline JosephineHebrewGod Will Increase
Madeline JoyEnglishJoy
Madeline JoyceLatinRejoice
Madeline JudithHebrewWoman of Judea
Madeline JuliaLatinYouthful
Madeline JulianaLatinYouthful
Madeline JulianneFrenchYouthful
Madeline JulietFrenchYouthful
Madeline JuneEnglishJune
Madeline JuniperEnglishJuniper Tree
Madeline KaiaHawaiianSea
Madeline KaitlynIrishPure
Madeline KaraLatinBeloved
Madeline KarenDanishPure
Madeline KateEnglishPure
Madeline KatherineGreekPure
Madeline KathrynGreekPure
Madeline KatieEnglishPure
Madeline KatrinaGreekPure
Madeline KaylaArabicWise Child
Madeline KayleeEnglishPure
Madeline KeiraIrishDark-haired
Madeline KendallEnglishValley of the River Kent
Madeline KennedyIrishHelmeted Chief
Madeline KhloeGreekBlooming
Madeline KiaraItalianClear, Bright
Madeline KimberlyEnglishRuler of the Meadow
Madeline KirstenDanishFollower of Christ
Madeline KylaGaelicNarrow
Madeline KylieAustralian AboriginalBoomerang
Madeline LanaHawaiianCalm as Still Waters
Madeline LaraRussianFamous
Madeline LarkEnglishLark Bird
Madeline LauraLatinLaurel
Madeline LaurenEnglishLaurel
Madeline LaylaArabicNight
Madeline LeahHebrewWeary
Madeline LenaGreekLight
Madeline LeonaLatinLioness
Madeline LeslieScottishHolly Garden
Madeline LexiGreekDefender of Mankind
Madeline LiaItalianBringer of Good News
Madeline LilaPersianLilac
Madeline LilahArabicNight or Dark
Madeline LilianaLatinLily
Madeline LilyEnglishLily
Madeline LindaSpanishBeautiful
Madeline LindseyEnglishLinden Tree
Madeline LisaHebrewGod is My Oath
Madeline LiviaLatinBlue
Madeline LolaSpanishSorrows
Madeline LondonEnglishFrom London
Madeline LoreleiGermanAlluring Rock
Madeline LouiseFrenchFamous Warrior
Madeline LuciaItalianLight
Madeline LucianaItalianLight
Madeline LucilleFrenchLight
Madeline LucyEnglishLight
Madeline LunaLatinMoon
Madeline LydiaGreekNoble Kind
Madeline LyricEnglishLyric
Madeline MackenzieScottishSon of Kenneth
Madeline MacyFrenchWeapon
Madeline MadelynEnglishTower
Madeline MaeEnglishPearl
Madeline MaeveIrishIntoxicating
Madeline MagdalenaHebrewFrom Magdala
Madeline MaggieEnglishPearl
Madeline MaisieScottishPearl
Madeline MalloryFrenchUnlucky
Madeline MaraHebrewBitter
Madeline MargaretGreekPearl
Madeline MargoFrenchPearl
Madeline MariaHebrewBitter
Madeline MariahHebrewBitter
Madeline MarianaSpanishBitter
Madeline MarieFrenchBitter
Madeline MarilynEnglishBitter
Madeline MarinaLatinOf the Sea
Madeline MarisolSpanishSea and Sun
Madeline MarissaLatinOf the Sea
Madeline MarjorieFrenchPearl
Madeline MarleyEnglishLake Meadow
Madeline MarthaAramaicLady
Madeline MaryHebrewBitter
Madeline MatildaGermanMighty in Battle
Madeline MayaSanskritIllusion
Madeline MckennaIrishSon of Cionaodh
Madeline MeganWelshPearl
Madeline MelanieGreekDark, Black
Madeline MelissaGreekHoney Bee
Madeline MelodyEnglishMelody
Madeline MeredithWelshGreat Lord
Madeline MiaItalianMine
Madeline MicahHebrewWho is Like God
Madeline MichaelaHebrewWho is Like God
Madeline MichelleFrenchWho is Like God
Madeline MilaSlavicGracious
Madeline MileyEnglishSmiling
Madeline MillieGermanHardworking
Madeline MiraSanskritOcean
Madeline MirandaLatinAdmirable
Madeline MiriamHebrewBitter
Madeline MollyIrishBitter
Madeline MorganWelshSea Circle
Madeline MyaGreekEmerald
Madeline MyraGreekMyrrh
Madeline NadiaLatinZinnia Flower
Madeline NaomiHebrewPleasant
Madeline NataliaLatinBirthday
Madeline NatalieLatinBirthday
Madeline NatashaRussianChrist’s Birthday
Madeline NayaHindiFresh
Madeline NellieGreekShining Light
Madeline NiaWelshBright
Madeline NicoleFrenchVictory of the People
Madeline NinaSpanishGirl
Madeline NoelleFrenchChristmas
Madeline NoraIrishHonor
Madeline NovaLatinNew
Madeline OctaviaSwahiliBeautiful
Madeline OliveSlavicDawn
Madeline OliviaLatinOlive Tree
Madeline OpheliaGreekHelp
Madeline PaigeEnglishYoung Servant
Madeline PaisleyScottishChurch
Madeline ParkerEnglishPark Keeper
Madeline PatriciaLatinNoble
Madeline PaulinaLatinSmall
Madeline PaytonEnglishVillage Dweller
Madeline PenelopeGreekWeaver
Madeline PeytonEnglishVillage Dweller
Madeline PhoebeGreekBright, Pure
Madeline PiperEnglishFlute Player
Madeline PoppyLatinFlower
Madeline PresleyEnglishPriest’s Meadow
Madeline PrimroseEnglishFirst Rose
Madeline PrincessEnglishRoyal Daughter
Madeline QuinnIrishWise
Madeline RachelHebrewEwe
Madeline RaeganIrishLittle Ruler
Madeline RainaArabicQueen
Madeline RaquelHebrewInnocent Lamb
Madeline ReaganIrishLittle Ruler
Madeline RebekahHebrewTo Tie, To Bind
Madeline ReeseWelshArdent
Madeline ReganIrishLittle Ruler
Madeline ReignEnglishSovereign Rule
Madeline ReneeFrenchReborn
Madeline RheaGreekFlowing Stream
Madeline RileyIrishCourageous
Madeline RiverEnglishRiver
Madeline RobinEnglishBright Fame
Madeline RosaLatinRose
Madeline RosalieFrenchRose
Madeline RosalindLatinGentle Horse
Madeline RosalynFrenchRose
Madeline RoseEnglishRose
Madeline RosemaryLatinDew of the Sea
Madeline RowanIrishLittle Redhead
Madeline RubyEnglishRuby
Madeline RuthHebrewCompanion
Madeline RyanIrishLittle Ruler
Madeline RyleeEnglishIsland Meadow
Madeline RylieEnglishIsland Meadow
Madeline SabrinaRussianLife
Madeline SadieHebrewPrincess
Madeline SageEnglishWise
Madeline SalmaArabicSafe
Madeline SamanthaHebrewListener
Madeline SamaraHebrewProtected by God
Madeline SamiraArabicEntertaining
Madeline SandraGreekProtector
Madeline SaraHebrewPrincess
Madeline SarahHebrewPrincess
Madeline SavannahEnglishGrassy Plain
Madeline ScarlettEnglishRed
Madeline SelenaGreekMoon
Madeline SerenityEnglishCalm, Peaceful
Madeline ShannonIrishWise
Madeline ShilohHebrewTranquil
Madeline SierraSpanishMountain
Madeline SimoneHebrewListener
Madeline SkyeEnglishSky
Madeline SofiaGreekWisdom
Madeline SophiaGreekWisdom
Madeline SophieFrenchWisdom
Madeline StellaLatinStar
Madeline StephanieGreekCrowned
Madeline SummerEnglishSummer
Madeline SydneyEnglishWide Island
Madeline SylviaLatinForest
Madeline TabithaAramaicGazelle
Madeline TaliaHebrewDew of God
Madeline TessaGreekHarvester
Madeline TheaGreekGoddess
Madeline TheresaGreekHarvester
Madeline TiffanyGreekManifestation of God
Madeline TinaGreekGod is Good
Madeline TrinityLatinTrinity
Madeline UmaAfricanBrilliant, Virtuous
Madeline ValentinaLatinStrong, Healthy
Madeline ValerieFrenchStrong, Brave
Madeline VanessaGreekButterfly
Madeline VeraRussianFaith
Madeline VeronicaGreekTrue Image
Madeline VictoriaLatinVictory
Madeline VioletEnglishViolet Flower
Madeline VirginiaLatinChaste
Madeline VivianLatinAlive
Madeline WaverlyRussianLife
Madeline WendySwahiliBeautiful
Madeline WillowEnglishWillow Tree
Madeline WinterEnglishWinter
Madeline XantheSwahiliBeautiful
Madeline XeniaAfricanBrilliant, Virtuous
Madeline XimenaSpanishHearkening
Madeline YaraArabicSmall Butterfly
Madeline YasminPersianJasmine
Madeline YasmineArabicJasmine
Madeline YvonneFrenchYew Tree
Madeline ZaraArabicPrincess
Madeline ZariaHebrewPrincess
Madeline ZariahHebrewPrincess
Madeline ZeldaYiddishBlessed
Madeline ZendayaAfricanTo Give Thanks
Madeline ZenobiaGreekLife of Zeus
Madeline ZinniaArabicPrincess
Madeline ZoeGreekLife
Madeline ZoeyGreekLife
Madeline ZolaGreekLife of Zeus
Madeline ZoraHebrewPrincess
Madeline ZoyaYiddishBlessed
Madeline ZulaAfricanTo Give Thanks
Madeline ZuriHebrewPrincess

Nickname Ideas for Madeline

A good nickname can be a lovely way to add some personal flair to your Madeline’s name.

Whether it’s a playful shortening of her name or a cute term of endearment, here are some nickname ideas for Madeline:

  • Maddy: Classic, simple, and sweet.
  • Del: A bit more unique, but still adorable.
  • Lina: A bit more sophisticated, perhaps for an older Madeline.
  • Mads: For the Madeline with a bit of a cheeky streak.
  • Delle: A cute twist on the more traditional ‘Del.’
  • Maddywhack: A whimsical play on the word “Paddywhack”,

Madeline Name Meaning & History

Now let’s delve into the nitty-gritty – the Madeline name meaning and history. Madeline is a French form of Magdalene, referring to Mary Magdalene in the Christian tradition.

The name is often associated with the French phrase “haute Madeleine,” meaning “high tower” or “woman of Magdala.”

The name Madeleine was popularized in France in the 19th century and spread to English-speaking countries in the 20th century. 

It gained popularity thanks to the famous French Madeleines – sweet, shell-shaped sponge cakes that are a staple in French patisserie.

The name also has a rich literary history, appearing in Ludwig Bemelmans’ popular children’s book series about a spirited little girl named Madeline. 

So, not only is the name Madeline sweet and beautiful, but it also comes with a side of cultural and historical richness!

Madeline Name Popularity

Madeline’s name popularity has seen some ups and downs over the years. It peaked in popularity in the US in the late 1990s and early 2000s, likely influenced by the beloved children’s book series.

According to the SSA Popular Baby Names Chart, although the name’s ranking has varied slightly from year to year, it has remained a well-liked choice for parents.

In recent years, Madeline has maintained a stable level of popularity, with its ranking ranging from 89 to 102.

Its highest rank in the given data was 56, a rank held from 2000 to 2003.

Wrapping it Up

Choosing a name, let alone a middle name, for your baby is no easy feat. It’s a significant decision that your child will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

But remember, the best middle name for Madeline is one that feels right to you.

So whether you choose Madeline Aria or Madeline Zephyr, rest assured that you’re giving your child a name steeped in history, meaning, and personal significance.

Whatever you decide, your Madeline will surely wear her name with pride. After all, she’s named after a high tower, a beloved children’s book character, and a delicious French pastry.

What’s not to love?


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