321 Best Middle Names for Vincent

middle names for vincent

If you’re a parent-to-be (or love baby names), you know that finding the right middle name can be just as crucial as choosing a first name. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of amazing middle name ideas for Vincent.

Let’s explore some of the best middle names for Vincent and get inspired!

Middle Names for Vincent

Vincent AaronHebrew“Noble friend”
Vincent AdamHebrew“Man of Adria”
Vincent AdrianLatin“man of Adria”
Vincent AidenGaelic“fiery one”
Vincent AlanIrish/Gaelic“rock”
Vincent AlbertGermanic“noble, bright”
Vincent AldenEnglish“old, wise friend”
Vincent AlecGreek“defender, protector of mankind”
Vincent AlexanderGreek“Defender of the people”
Vincent AlvinGermanic“noble friend”
Vincent AndrewGreek“manly, warrior”
Vincent AndyGreek“manly, warrior”
Vincent AngeloGreek“messenger of God”
Vincent AnthonyLatin“Priceless”
Vincent ArcherEnglish“bowman”
Vincent ArloSpanish“barberry tree”
Vincent ArnoldGermanic“ruler, strong as an eagle”
Vincent ArthurIrish/Gaelic“bear”
Vincent AshEnglish“ash tree”
Vincent AsherHebrew“Happy” or “Blessed”
Vincent AshtonEnglish“ash tree town”
Vincent AtticusGreek/Latin“Man of Attica” or “Man of Athens”
Vincent AubreyFrench“elf ruler”
Vincent AuggieLatin“great, magnificent”
Vincent AugustLatin“Great” or “Magnificent”
Vincent AustinLatin“majestic”
Vincent AveryEnglish“Elf ruler”
Vincent AxelScandinavian“Father of peace”
Vincent AydenIrish/Gaelic“little fire”
Vincent BaileyFrench“steward or public official”
Vincent BarrettIrish/Gaelic“spear strength”
Vincent BaxterEnglish“baker”
Vincent BeauFrench“handsome”
Vincent BeckettEnglish“bee cottage”
Vincent BenHebrew“son”
Vincent BenjaminHebrew“Son of the right hand”
Vincent BennettLatin“Blessed”
Vincent BentonEnglish“town in the bent grass”
Vincent BernardGermanic“brave as a bear”
Vincent BertGermanic“bright, famous”
Vincent BiffEnglish“to hit”
Vincent BillGermanic“resolute protection”
Vincent BillyGermanic“resolute protection”
Vincent BjarneDanish“bear”
Vincent BlaineScottish“yellow”
Vincent BlairScottish“field or plain”
Vincent BlakeEnglish“fair-haired, dark”
Vincent BobGermanic“bright fame”
Vincent BobbyGermanic“bright fame”
Vincent BradleyOld English“Broad meadow”
Vincent BradyIrish/Gaelic“Spirited” or “Broad-minded”
Vincent BrandenGermanic“fiery torch”
Vincent BrandonOld English“prince”
Vincent BransonOld Norse“Son of Brand”
Vincent BrantEnglish“firebrand”
Vincent BraydenOld English“From the broad valley”
Vincent BrendanIrish/Gaelic“little raven”
Vincent BrentOld English“Hill” or “Mount”
Vincent BrentonEnglishHilltop settlement
Vincent BrettLatin“From Britany, France”
Vincent BrianIrish/Gaelic“Noble” or “Strong”
Vincent BrodyIrish/Gaelic“Muddy place”
Vincent BrodyIrish/GaelicDescendant of Brodach, meaning “ditch” or “muddy place”
Vincent BruceScottishFrom the French place name Brix
Vincent BrunoItalianBrown
Vincent BryanIrish/GaelicHigh, noble
Vincent BryceIrish/Gaelic“Speckled” or “Freckled”
Vincent BryceScottishSpeckled
Vincent BrysonEnglishSon of Brice, meaning “speckled”
Vincent BuckEnglishMale deer
Vincent BuddyEnglishFriend
Vincent BurkeIrish/GaelicFrom the fortress
Vincent ByronEnglishFrom the cowshed
Vincent CadeEnglishRound, barrel-shaped
Vincent CadenIrish/GaelicFighter
Vincent CaleEnglishFrom the town of Cale Green
Vincent CalebHebrewFaithful, devoted
Vincent CalumScottishDove
Vincent CalvinFrenchBald
Vincent CamEnglishShort form of Camden
Vincent CameronScottish“Crooked nose”
Vincent CameronScottishCrooked nose
Vincent CarlGermanic“Free man”
Vincent CarlGermanFree man
Vincent CarlosSpanishFree man
Vincent CarltonEnglishFrom the farmstead of freemen
Vincent CarlyleScottishFrom the fort by the Liddel Water
Vincent CarmineItalianCrimson, red
Vincent CarterEnglish“Cart driver”
Vincent CaryEnglishFort
Vincent CaseyIrish/GaelicBrave
Vincent CasparPersianTreasure master
Vincent CasperPersianTreasurer
Vincent CecilEnglishBlind
Vincent CedricOld EnglishChief, blessed ruler
Vincent ChadEnglishWarrior
Vincent ChadwickEnglishVillage near the winding path
Vincent ChanceEnglishFortune, luck
Vincent ChandlerEnglishCandle maker
Vincent ChanningIrish/GaelicYoung wolf
Vincent CharlesGermanic“Free man”
Vincent CharlesGermanicFree man
Vincent CharlieEnglishFree man
Vincent ChaseFrenchHunter
Vincent ChetEnglishCamp
Vincent ChevyEnglishHorseman
Vincent ChipEnglishShort for Christopher
Vincent ChrisGreekBearer of Christ
Vincent ChristianGreekFollower of Christ
Vincent ChristopherGreek“Bearer of Christ”
Vincent ChristopherGreekChrist-bearer
Vincent ChuckEnglishFree man
Vincent ClarenceLatinBright, shining
Vincent ClarkEnglishScholar, cleric
Vincent ClayEnglishPlace with good clay
Vincent ClaytonEnglishSettlement near clay
Vincent CliffEnglishDweller near the cliff
Vincent CliffordEnglishDweller near the ford by the cliff
Vincent CliftonEnglishFrom the town near the cliff
Vincent ClintEnglishSettlement near a hill
Vincent ClintonVincent ClintonEnglish
Vincent CliveVincent CliveEnglish
Vincent ClydeVincent ClydeScottish
Vincent CodyIrish/Gaelic“Helpful”
Vincent ColeOld English“Coal-black” or “Victory of the people”
Vincent ColinIrish/Gaelic“Victory of the people”
Vincent CooperEnglish“Barrel maker”
Vincent CorbinFrench“Crow”
Vincent CoreyIrish/Gaelic“Hollow”
Vincent CurtisFrench/Latin“Courteous”
Vincent DanielHebrew“God is my judge”
Vincent DavidHebrew“Beloved”
Vincent DawsonEnglish“Son of David”
Vincent DeanOld English“Valley”
Vincent DeclanIrish/Gaelic“Full of goodness”
Vincent DerekGermanic“Ruler of the people”
Vincent DevinIrish/Gaelic“Poet” or “Bard”
Vincent DominicLatin“Belonging to the Lord”
Vincent DonavanIrish/Gaelic“Dark-haired chieftain”
Vincent DrewWelsh“Wise”
Vincent DylanWelsh“Great tide” or “Son of the sea”
Vincent EastonOld English“East-facing place”
Vincent EdwardOld English“Wealthy guardian”
Vincent EliHebrew“Ascended” or “My God”
Vincent ElliottEnglish; Greek“brave ruler” or “Jehovah is God”
Vincent EllisEnglish; Hebrew“the Lord is my God” or “benevolent”
Vincent EricEnglish; Scandinavian“ruler” or “eternal ruler”
Vincent EthanHebrew“firm,” “strong,” or “long-lived”
Vincent EvanWelsh“the Lord is gracious” or “youthful warrior”
Vincent EzraHebrew“help” or “helper”
Vincent FinnIrish/Gaelic“fair” or “white”
Vincent FlynnIrish/Gaelic“descendant of Flann” or “ruddy”
Vincent ForrestEnglish“dweller near the woods” or “of the forest”
Vincent FrancisLatin“free” or “from France”
Vincent GabrielHebrew“God is my strength” or “hero of God”
Vincent GarrettEnglish“spear-strength” or “brave with a spear”
Vincent GeorgeGreek“farmer” or “earth worker”
Vincent GrahamEnglish; Scottish“grey home” or “gravelly homestead”
Vincent GrantEnglish; French“great” or “grand”
Vincent GraysonEnglish“son of the steward” or “son of the grey-haired one”
Vincent GregoryLatin“vigilant” or “watchful”
Vincent GriffinWelsh“strong lord” or “hooked nose”
Vincent HarrisonEnglish“son of Harry” or “son of the ruler”
Vincent HaydenEnglish“hedged valley” or “hay valley”
Vincent HenryGerman“ruler of the household” or “estate ruler”
Vincent HoldenEnglish“deep valley” or “hollow valley”
Vincent HudsonEnglish“son of Hudd” or “son of the hooded man”
Vincent HughGermanic; Old French“heart,” “mind,” “spirit,” or “intellect”
Vincent HunterEnglish“one who hunts” or “protector”
Vincent IanScottish; Gaelic“God is gracious” or “gift from God”
Vincent IsaacHebrew“he will laugh” or “laughter”
Vincent IsiahHebrew“the Lord is salvation” or “God’s helper”
Vincent IvanSlavic“God is gracious” or “God’s gift”
Vincent JackEnglish“God is gracious” or “supplanter”
Vincent JacksonEnglish“son of Jack” or “God has been gracious”
Vincent JacobHebrew“supplanter” or “holder of the heel”
Vincent JamesHebrew“supplanter” or “holder of the heel”
Vincent JaredHebrew“he who descends” or “ruler”
Vincent JasperPersian“bringer of treasure”
Vincent JeffreyGermanic“peaceful pledge”
Vincent JeremyHebrew“exalted by God”
Vincent JesseHebrew“gift” or “God’s gracious gift”
Vincent JoelHebrew“God is willing” or “God’s gracious gift”
Vincent JohnHebrew“God is gracious”
Vincent JonathanHebrew“gift of God”
Vincent JordanHebrew“flowing down” or “descend”
Vincent JosephHebrew“he will add” or “increase”
Vincent JoshuaHebrew“God is salvation”
Vincent JudeLatin“praised” or “thanks”
Vincent JulianLatin“youthful” or “downy-bearded”
Vincent JustinLatin“just” or “fair”
Vincent KaiHawaiian“sea” or “ocean”
Vincent KalebHebrew“dog” or “faithful”
Vincent KaneIrish/Gaelic“warrior” or “little battler”
Vincent KeatonEnglish“shed town” or “place of hawks”
Vincent KeithScottish/Gaelic“wood” or “forest”
Vincent KellanIrish/Gaelic“slender” or “little companion”
Vincent KellyIrish/Gaelic“bright-headed” or “war”
Vincent KendrickWelsh“champion” or “greatest champion”
Vincent KennethScottish/Gaelic“handsome” or “born of fire”
Vincent KevinIrish/Gaelic“handsome” or “lovable”
Vincent KieranIrish/Gaelic“little dark one” or “black-haired”
Vincent KyleScottish/Gaelic“narrow strait” or “channel”
Vincent LandonEnglish“long hill” or “ridge”
Vincent LaneEnglish“narrow road” or “path”
Vincent LeoLatin“lion” or “brave people”
Vincent LeonLatin“lion” or “brave people”
Vincent LeonardoItalian/Spanish“brave lion” or “strong as a lion”
Vincent LiamIrish/Gaelic“resolute protector” or “strong-willed”
Vincent LincolnEnglish“lake settlement” or “colony by the pool”
Vincent LoganScottish/Gaelic“little hollow” or “little hollow place”
Vincent LorenzoItalian/Spanish“from Laurentum” or “crowned with laurel”
Vincent LouisFrench/Germanic“famous warrior” or “renowned fighter”
Vincent LucasGreek/Latin“from Lucania” or “bright”
Vincent LukeGreek/Latin“from Lucania” or “bright”
Vincent MaddoxWelsh“fortunate” or “good”
Vincent MalachiHebrewMy messenger or messenger of God
Vincent MarcusLatinDedicated to Mars, the Roman god of war
Vincent MarkLatinDerived from Marcus, means “warlike”
Vincent MasonFrenchWorker in stone, a builder or bricklayer
Vincent MatthewHebrewGift of God
Vincent MaxLatinGreatest, the greatest in quality or size
Vincent MaxwellScottishFrom Maccus’ stream, a clan name
Vincent MicahHebrewWho is like God?
Vincent MichaelHebrewWho is like God?
Vincent MilesLatinDerived from Milo, means “soldier”
Vincent MiloGermanicMild or peaceful
Vincent MitchellHebrewWho is like God
Vincent NathanielHebrewGift of God or God has given
Vincent NeilIrish/GaelicChampion or passionate
Vincent NicholasGreekVictory of the people
Vincent NolanIrish/GaelicDescendant of Nuallán, means “noble”
Vincent OliverLatinOlive tree, symbol of peace
Vincent OscarIrish/GaelicGod spear or deer lover
Vincent OwenWelshYoung warrior or well-born
Vincent ParkerEnglishKeeper of the park or forest
Vincent PatrickIrish/GaelicNobleman or patrician
Vincent PaulLatinSmall or humble
Vincent PaxtonEnglishPeaceful town or village
Vincent PeterGreekRock or stone
Vincent PhilipGreekLover of horses
Vincent PierceEnglishRock or stone
Vincent PrestonEnglishFrom the priest’s town
Vincent QuinnIrish/GaelicDescendant of Conn, means “chief”
Vincent RafaelLatin / Hebrew“conquering healer” or “God has healed”
Vincent RayEnglish / Germanic“counselor; protector” or “powerful, wise ruler”
Vincent RaymondEnglish / Germanic“counselor; protector” or “wise protector”
Vincent ReidEnglish / Scottish“red-haired” or “redhead”
Vincent RhysWelsh“enthusiasm” or “passion”
Vincent RileyEnglish / Irish/Gaelic“valiant” or “courageous”
Vincent RiverEnglish“stream” or “flowing water”
Vincent RobertGermanic / English“bright fame” or “famous brilliance”
Vincent RoccoItalian“rest” or “to rest”
Vincent RomanLatin“of Rome” or “citizen of Rome”
Vincent RonanIrish/Gaelic“little seal” or “little mighty one”
Vincent RoryIrish/Gaelic“red king” or “red-haired king”
Vincent RossScottish / Gaelic“promontory” or “headland”
Vincent RowanIrish/Gaelic“little redhead” or “little red one”
Vincent RoyceFrench / English“rose” or “son of the king”
Vincent RussellFrench / Germanic“red-haired” or “little red one”
Vincent RyanIrish/Gaelic“little king” or “little ruler”
Vincent RyderEnglish“horseman” or “cavalryman”
Vincent SamuelHebrew“name of God” or “God heard”
Vincent SawyerEnglish“woodcutter” or “cuts timber”
Vincent ScottEnglish / Scottish“Scotsman” or “from Scotland”
Vincent SeanIrish/Gaelic“God is gracious” or “gift from God”
Vincent SebastianLatin / Greek“venerable” or “revered”
Vincent SethHebrew“appointed” or “placed”
Vincent ShaneIrish/Gaelic“God is gracious” or “gift from God”
Vincent ShawnIrish/Gaelic“God is gracious” or “gift from God”
Vincent SimonHebrew / Greek“listener” or “he who hears”
Vincent SkylarEnglish“scholar” or “learned one”
Vincent SpencerEnglish“steward” or “administrator”
Vincent StephenGreek“crown” or “garland”
Vincent SterlingEnglish / Old Norse“little star” or “star-like”
Vincent StevenGreek“crown” or “garland”
Vincent StuartEnglish / Old French“steward” or “guardian of the estate”
Vincent SullivanIrish/Gaelic“hawk-eyed” or “dark-eyed”
Vincent TadEnglishShort form of Thaddeus
Vincent TannerEnglishOccupational name meaning “tanner”
Vincent TateEnglishFrom Old English “tætte”, meaning “cheerful” or “glad”
Vincent TaylorEnglishOccupational name meaning “tailor”
Vincent TheodoreGreekFrom the Greek name “Theodoros”, meaning “gift of God”
Vincent ThomasAramaicFrom the Aramaic name “Toma”, meaning “twin”
Vincent TimothyGreekFrom the Greek name “Timotheos”, meaning “honoring God”
Vincent TitusLatinFrom the Roman name “Titus”, meaning “honorable”
Vincent TobiasHebrewFrom the Hebrew name “Toviyyah”, meaning “God is good”
Vincent ToddEnglishVariant of “Tod”, meaning “fox”
Vincent TravisFrenchFrom the Old French word “traverser”, meaning “to cross”
Vincent TrentEnglishFrom the Old English word “trenta”, meaning “an invader”
Vincent TrevorWelshFrom the Welsh name “Trefor”, meaning “great settlement”
Vincent TroyIrish/GaelicFrom the Irish/Gaelic surname “O Troighthigh”, meaning “descendant of Troighthigh”
Vincent TylerEnglishOccupational name meaning “maker or layer of tiles”
Vincent TyreseAmericanInvented name, possibly a combination of “Tyson” and “Reese”
Vincent TysonEnglishFrom the Old French name “Tison”, meaning “firebrand”
Vincent UriahHebrewFrom the Hebrew name “Uriyah”, meaning “God is my light”
Vincent VictorLatinFrom the Latin name “Victor”, meaning “victorious”
Vincent WadeEnglishOccupational name meaning “ford” or “river crossing”
Vincent WalkerEnglishOccupational name meaning “cloth-walker”
Vincent WarrenEnglishFrom the Old Norman name “Warin”, meaning “guard”
Vincent WayneEnglishFrom the Old English name “Wain”, meaning “wagon”
Vincent WesleyEnglishFrom the Old English name “Wesley”, meaning “western meadow”
Vincent WestinEnglishVariant of “Weston”, meaning “western town”
Vincent WilliamGermanicFrom the Germanic name “Wilhelm”, meaning “will-helmet”
Vincent XanderGreekShort form of “Alexander”, meaning “defender of the people”
Vincent XavierBasqueFrom the Basque name “Etxeberria”, meaning “the new house”
Vincent ZacharyHebrewFrom the Hebrew name “Zekharyah”, meaning “God has remembered”
Vincent ZaneEnglish“God is gracious”

Nicknames for Vincent

A nickname for your child can be a fun addition to their beautiful and unique first name like Vincent.

Here are some popular and distinct nicknames for Vincent that you should consider:

  • Vin
  • Vince
  • Vinny
  • Vinnie
  • Vinz
  • Vincenzo

Vincent Name Meaning & History

Vincent is a classic name with a rich history and a powerful meaning. Its origins can be traced back to Latin, derived from the word “vincere,” meaning “to conquer.”

This makes Vincent a name that symbolizes victory and triumph.

Despite its ancient roots, Vincent remains a timeless choice for parents who want to give their children a name that exudes strength and resilience.

Famous Vincents

The name Vincent has been prominent for centuries and has been adopted by several renowned historical figures.

Here are just a few easily-recognizable famous Vincents:

Saint Vincent de Paul

Saint Vincent de Paul is duly recognized as the patron saint of charitable societies, hospitals, and prisoners.

A French Catholic priest renowned for his relentless dedication to serving the underprivileged, St. Vincent established the Congregation of the Mission and the Daughters of Charity.

These two organizations still exist today and consistently provide assistance to those in need.

Vincent van Gogh

Despite his troubled life and mental health struggles, the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh is widely recognized as one of the greatest artists ever.

Van Gogh’s works are well-known for their distinctive emotional depth, bold brushstrokes, and vivid colors.

Vincent Name Popularity

For centuries, Vincent has remained a well-liked name, and even today it remains a favored choice among parents.

According to the Social Security Administration, Vincent ranked as the 121st most popular name for boys in the United States in 2020.

Though its popularity has fluctuated (with its peak in the 1920s and 30s and a dip in the 60s and 70s), the name has reclaimed its appeal and is now a classic and enduring option for parents.

Wrapping it Up

Picking the ideal middle name for your child can seem overwhelming, but this authority guide on middle names for Vincent should provide you with some excellent inspiration.

Whether you prefer traditional, modern, or distinctive options, you’ll find a name on this list that will meet your requirements!

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