484 Gorgeous Middle Names for Isabella

Isabella middle name ideas

In this post, we’ve compiled a dazzling list of exquisite middle names for Isabella to inspire you and help you find the perfect match for your little one.

So, whether you’re searching for a traditional, trendy, or unconventional option, we’ve got you covered.

With our help, you’ll discover the perfect combination that showcases the beauty and uniqueness of your little one.

Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity and imagination as we explore the most beautiful middle names for Isabella.

Isabella Name Meaning & History

The name Isabella is of Spanish and Italian origin and means “God is my oath.” It’s a variant of Elizabeth derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba.

In the Bible, Elisheba was the wife of the Israelite prophet Aaron and the mother of Moses’ two nephews.

Isabella is a name that exudes strength, beauty, and grace. It’s a timeless name that has been used for generations and is still popular today.

Many parents are drawn to the name’s meaning, representing a strong commitment to God.

The name has also been associated with royalty and nobility, making it a popular choice for parents who want to give their children a regal-sounding name. 

Middle Name Ideas for Isabella

There are many options if you’re looking for a middle name for Isabella. Some popular choices include Rose, Grace, Marie, Sophia, and Elizabeth.

However, you can also choose a unique name that has a special meaning to you or your family. 

Here are some of the best middle names for Isabella!

Middle NameOriginTranslation
Isabella AbigailHebrewMy Father’s Joy
Isabella AdalynGermanNoble One
Isabella AddisonEnglishSon of Adam
Isabella AdelineFrenchNoble
Isabella AdrianaLatinFrom Hadria
Isabella AileenIrishBright, Shining Light
Isabella AlexandraGreekDefender of Mankind
Isabella AliceGermanicNoble
Isabella AliciaLatinNoble
Isabella AlinaGreekLight
Isabella AlisaHebrewGreat Happiness
Isabella AliviaLatinAlive
Isabella AllegraItalianJoyful, Lively
Isabella AllisonEnglishSon of the Noble One
Isabella AlmaSpanishSoul, Spirit
Isabella AlyssaGreekRational, Logical
Isabella AmaliaGermanicWork, Industrious
Isabella AmandaLatinLovable, Worthy of Love
Isabella AmeliaGermanicWork, Industrious
Isabella AnastasiaGreekResurrection
Isabella AndreaGreekManly, Brave
Isabella AngelGreekMessenger, Angel
Isabella AngelaGreekMessenger, Angel
Isabella AngelicaGreekMessenger, Angel
Isabella AngelinaGreekMessenger, Angel
Isabella AnnabelleFrenchGracious, Beautiful
Isabella AnnetteFrenchGracious, Merciful
Isabella AnnikaGermanGracious, Merciful
Isabella AntoniaLatinPriceless, Inestimable
Isabella AprilLatinTo Open, Spring
Isabella ArabellaLatinBeautiful
Isabella ArianaGreekVery Holy
Isabella ArielHebrewLion of God
Isabella ArleneGaelicOath, Pledge
Isabella AshlynIrishDream
Isabella AspenEnglishTree Name
Isabella AubreeFrenchElf Ruler
Isabella AudreyEnglishNoble Strength
Isabella AuroraLatinDawn
Isabella AutumnLatinSeason of Harvest
Isabella AvaGermanicBird
Isabella AveryEnglishElf Ruler
Isabella BeatriceLatinShe Who Brings Happiness
Isabella BellaItalianBeautiful
Isabella BelleFrenchBeautiful
Isabella BernadetteGermanicBrave as a Bear
Isabella BethHebrewGod is My Oath
Isabella BiancaItalianWhite
Isabella BlaireScottishField, Plain
Isabella BlakeEnglishBlack
Isabella BlossomEnglishFlower
Isabella BreeIrishStrength
Isabella BriannaIrishStrong, Virtuous
Isabella BridgetIrishStrength, Exalted One
Isabella BrinleyEnglishBurnt Meadow
Isabella BrooklynEnglishWater, Stream
Isabella BrynnWelshHill
Isabella CadenceLatinRhythm, Beat
Isabella CaitlinIrishPure, Chaste
Isabella CaliGreekBeautiful
Isabella CallaGreekBeautiful
Isabella CamilaLatinYoung Ceremonial Attendant
Isabella CamilleFrenchYoung Ceremonial Attendant
Isabella CandaceGreekGlowing, Brilliant
Isabella CapriItalianGoat
Isabella CaraItalianBeloved
Isabella CarlyEnglishFree Person
Isabella CarmenSpanishSong
Isabella CarolineGermanicFree Woman
Isabella CarterEnglishCart Driver
Isabella CassandraGreekShining Upon Men
Isabella CassidyIrishClever
Isabella CatalinaSpanishPure
Isabella CatherineGreekPure
Isabella CeceliaLatinBlind
Isabella CelesteLatinHeavenly
Isabella CeliaLatinHeavenly
Isabella CharlotteGermanicFree Woman
Isabella ChelseaEnglishChalk Landing Place
Isabella CherishEnglishTo Treasure, To Care For
Isabella CheyenneNative AmericanUnintelligible Speakers
Isabella ChloeGreekBlooming
Isabella ChristinaGreekFollower of Christ
Isabella ChristineGreekFollower of Christ
Isabella ClaireFrenchClear, Bright
Isabella ClaraLatinClear, Bright
Isabella ClarissaLatinClear, Bright
Isabella ClaudiaLatinLame
Isabella ColetteFrenchVictorious, People’s Triumph
Isabella ColleenIrishGirl
Isabella ConstanceLatinSteadfast, Constant
Isabella CoralEnglishSemitransparent Red or Pink Gemstone
Isabella CordeliaLatinHeart
Isabella CorinneFrenchMaiden
Isabella CourtneyFrenchCourt Attendant
Isabella CrystalEnglishClear, Brilliant Glass
Isabella CynthiaGreekFrom Mount Kynthos
Isabella DahliaSwedishDahlia Flower
Isabella DaisyEnglishDay’s Eye, Eye of the Day
Isabella DakotaNative AmericanFriendly Companion
Isabella DanaHebrewGod is My Judge
Isabella DanielaHebrewGod is My Judge
Isabella DanielleHebrewGod is My Judge
Isabella DaphneGreekLaurel Tree
Isabella DarleneEnglishDear, Beloved
Isabella DavinaScottishBeloved
Isabella DawnEnglishDaybreak, Sunrise
Isabella DayaSanskritCompassion, Kindness
Isabella DelaneyIrishFrom the Alder Grove
Isabella DelilahHebrewDelicate, Weakened
Isabella DeniseFrenchFollower of Dionysus
Isabella DesireeFrenchDesired
Isabella DestinyEnglishFate, Fortune
Isabella DevynIrishPoet, Bard
Isabella DianaLatinDivine, Heavenly
Isabella DianeFrenchDivine
Isabella DinaHebrewJudged
Isabella DominiqueFrenchBelonging to the Lord
Isabella DonnaItalianLady, Woman
Isabella DoreenIrishSullen, Melancholy
Isabella DorothyGreekGift of God
Isabella DrewEnglishManly
Isabella DulceSpanishSweet
Isabella EbonyEnglishDark Black Wood
Isabella EdenHebrewDelight
Isabella EdithEnglishRiches, Blessed
Isabella EdnaHebrewRejuvenation
Isabella ElaineFrenchBright, Shining Light
Isabella EleanorGreekShining Light
Isabella ElenaSpanishBright, Shining Light
Isabella ElianaHebrewGod has Answered
Isabella EliseFrenchPromise of God
Isabella ElizaHebrewGod is My Oath
Isabella ElizabethHebrewGod is My Oath
Isabella EllaGermanBeautiful, Fairy Maiden
Isabella EllenGreekSun Ray, Shining Light
Isabella EllieEnglishLight, Bright
Isabella ElsieHebrewGod is My Oath
Isabella EmberEnglishBurning Ember, Spark
Isabella EmeliaGermanIndustrious, Striving
Isabella EmeryEnglishIndustrious Ruler
Isabella EmilieLatinRival, Imitator
Isabella EmilyLatinRival, Imitator
Isabella EmmaGermanUniversal, Whole
Isabella EmmalynGermanUniversal, Beautiful
Isabella EmoryEnglishHome Strength
Isabella EricaOld NorseEver Ruler
Isabella ErinIrishIreland
Isabella EsmeFrenchEsteemed, Loved
Isabella EsperanzaSpanishHope
Isabella EstelleFrenchStar
Isabella EstherPersianStar
Isabella EthelEnglishNoble
Isabella EttaGermanLittle One
Isabella EuniceGreekGood Victory
Isabella EvaHebrewLife
Isabella EveHebrewLife
Isabella EvelynEnglishDesired, Beautiful Bird
Isabella EvieHebrewLife
Isabella FaithEnglishFaith, Trust
Isabella FallonIrishSuperiority, Descendant of the Ruler
Isabella FayeEnglishFairy
Isabella FelicityLatinHappiness, Good Fortune
Isabella FernEnglishFern Plant
Isabella FionaGaelicFair, White
Isabella FloraLatinFlower
Isabella FlorenceLatinFlourishing, Prosperous
Isabella FrancesLatinFree
Isabella FrancineLatinFree
Isabella FreyaNorseNoble Woman
Isabella FridaGermanPeaceful, Peaceful Ruler
Isabella GabrielaHebrewGod is My Strength
Isabella GabriellaHebrewGod is My Strength
Isabella GailHebrewMy Father is Joy
Isabella GemmaItalianGem, Jewel
Isabella GenesisGreekBeginning, Birth
Isabella GenevieveFrenchWoman of the People
Isabella GeorgiaGreekFarmer
Isabella GiaItalianGod is Gracious
Isabella GiannaItalianGod is Gracious
Isabella GiselleGermanPledge, Oath
Isabella GloriaLatinGlory
Isabella GraceLatinGrace, Elegance
Isabella GracieLatinGrace, Elegance
Isabella GretaGermanPearl
Isabella GretchenGermanPearl
Isabella GuadalupeSpanishRiver of Black Stones
Isabella GwendolynWelshWhite Browed, Blessed Ring
Isabella HadleyEnglishHeath Covered Meadow
Isabella HaileyEnglishHay Clearing
Isabella HaleighEnglishHay Meadow
Isabella HanaArabicHappiness, Bliss
Isabella HannahHebrewFavor, Grace
Isabella HarperEnglishHarp Player
Isabella HarrietEnglishHome Ruler
Isabella HayleyEnglishHay Clearing
Isabella HazelEnglishHazel Tree
Isabella HeatherEnglishHeather Plant
Isabella HeidiGermanNoble, Kind
Isabella HelenGreekBright, Shining Light
Isabella HeleneGreekTorch, Shining Light
Isabella HenriettaGermanRuler of the Home
Isabella HeraGreekHeroine
Isabella HillaryLatinCheerful, Happy
Isabella HollyEnglishHolly Tree
Isabella HopeEnglishHope
Isabella HortenseLatinGarden
Isabella HunterEnglishHunter, Pursuer
Isabella IlianaGreekLight
Isabella ImeldaItalianWhole, Universal
Isabella ImogenGaelicBeloved Child
Isabella InesSpanishPure, Virginal
Isabella InezSpanishPure, Virginal
Isabella IngridNorseBeautiful, Fair
Isabella IreneGreekPeace
Isabella IrisGreekRainbow
Isabella IsabelHebrewGod is My Oath
Isabella IsadoraGreekGift of Isis
Isabella IvyEnglishClimbing Vine Plant
Isabella JacintaSpanishHyacinth Flower
Isabella JacklynHebrewSupplanter
Isabella JacquelineFrenchSupplanter
Isabella JadeSpanishPrecious Stone
Isabella JaidaArabicBenefit, Generosity
Isabella JailynAmericanModern name, no specific meaning
Isabella JanaHebrewGift from God
Isabella JaneEnglishGod is Gracious
Isabella JanelleEnglishGod is Gracious
Isabella JanetEnglishGod is Gracious
Isabella JaniceHebrewGod is Gracious
Isabella JanineHebrewGod is Gracious
Isabella JasminePersianGift from God
Isabella JaylaAmericanModern name, no specific meaning
Isabella JayleenAmericanModern name, no specific meaning
Isabella JayleneAmericanModern name, no specific meaning
Isabella JazlynAmericanModern name, no specific meaning
Isabella JeanFrenchGod is Gracious
Isabella JeanetteFrenchGod is Gracious
Isabella JemmaHebrewSupplanter
Isabella JenelleEnglishWhite Wave
Isabella JennaWelshWhite, Smooth
Isabella JenniferCornishWhite Wave
Isabella JennyWelshWhite, Smooth
Isabella JessicaHebrewGod Beholds
Isabella JessieHebrewGod Beholds
Isabella JewelEnglishPrecious Stone
Isabella JillianLatinYouthful
Isabella JocelynGermanJoyous
Isabella JoleneFrenchViolet Flower
Isabella JosephineHebrewGod will Add
Isabella JourneyEnglishTravel, Adventure
Isabella JoyEnglishJoy, Happiness
Isabella JoyceEnglishJoy, Happiness
Isabella JuanitaSpanishGod is Gracious
Isabella JudithHebrewPraised
Isabella JuliaLatinYouthful
Isabella JulianneLatinYouthful
Isabella JulieFrenchYouthful
Isabella JulietFrenchYouthful
Isabella JulietteFrenchYouthful
Isabella JuneLatinYoung
Isabella JuniperEnglishJuniper Tree
Isabella JustineLatinJust, Fair
Isabella KaitlynIrishPure
Isabella KaleighIrishPure
Isabella KaliSanskritThe Dark One
Isabella KarenDanishPure
Isabella KarinaItalianDear, Beloved
Isabella KarlaGermanStrong, Womanly
Isabella KarolinaGermanFree Woman
Isabella KassandraGreekShining Upon Man
Isabella KateEnglishPure
Isabella KatelynIrishPure
Isabella KatherineGreekPure
Isabella KathleenIrishPure
Isabella KathrynGreekPure
Isabella KathyGreekPure
Isabella KatieGreekPure
Isabella KatrinGermanPure
Isabella KayWelshPure
Isabella KaylaAmericanModern name, no specific meaning
Isabella KayleeAmericanModern name, no specific meaning
Isabella KeiraIrishDark Haired
Isabella KellyIrishBright-Headed
Isabella KendallEnglishValley of the River Kent
Isabella KennedyIrishHelmeted Chief
Isabella KennaIrishHandsome
Isabella KenyaKikuyuMount Kenya
Isabella KieraIrishDark Haired
Isabella KimEnglishBrave Leader
Isabella KimberlyEnglishRuler, Leader
Isabella KinleyIrishWhite Warrior
Isabella KirstenDanishChristian
Isabella KirstinDanishChristian
Isabella KoraGreekMaiden
Isabella KristaDanishChristian
Isabella KristenDanishChristian
Isabella KristinDanishChristian
Isabella KristinaDanishChristian
Isabella KristineDanishChristian
Isabella KylieAustralianModern name, no specific meaning
Isabella LaceyEnglishCheerful
Isabella LailaArabicNight
Isabella LanaEnglishLight
Isabella LaraLatinLaurel
Isabella LarissaGreekCheerful, Lighthearted
Isabella LauraLatinLaurel
Isabella LaurelEnglishLaurel
Isabella LaurenLatinLaurel
Isabella LaurynLatinLaurel
Isabella LaylaArabicNight
Isabella LeahHebrewWeary
Isabella LeilaArabicNight
Isabella LeilaniHawaiianHeavenly Flower
Isabella LenaGermanLight
Isabella LeonaLatinLioness
Isabella LeslieScottishHolly Garden
Isabella LetitiaLatinJoyful, Happy
Isabella LexiGreekDefender of Mankind
Isabella LianaItalianYouthful, Graceful
Isabella LibertyEnglishFreedom
Isabella LilaArabicNight
Isabella LilahArabicNight
Isabella LiliaLatinLily
Isabella LilianaLatinLily
Isabella LilithHebrewNight Monster
Isabella LillianLatinLily
Isabella LilyEnglishLily
Isabella LilyanaEnglishCombination of Lily and Anna
Isabella LindaSpanishPretty
Isabella LindsayScottishLake Dweller
Isabella LindseyScottishLake Dweller
Isabella LisaHebrewGod is My Oath
Isabella LiviaLatinBlue
Isabella LizbethHebrewGod is My Oath
Isabella LizzieHebrewGod is My Oath
Isabella LoganScottishLittle Hollow
Isabella LolaSpanishSorrow
Isabella LondonEnglishFrom London
Isabella LoreleiGermanAlluring
Isabella LoriEnglishLaurel
Isabella LorraineFrenchFrom Lorraine
Isabella LouisaGermanRenowned Warrior
Isabella LouiseFrenchFamous Warrior
Isabella LucianaItalianLight
Isabella LucilleFrenchLight
Isabella LucyEnglishLight
Isabella LuluArabicPearl
Isabella LunaSpanishMoon
Isabella LydiaGreekFrom Lydia
Isabella LylaEnglishNight
Isabella LyndsayScottishFrom the Island of the Lime Tree
Isabella LynnEnglishWaterfall
Isabella LynnetteEnglishLittle Lion
Isabella MabelLatinLovable
Isabella MaciEnglishWeapon
Isabella MackenzieScottishChild of the Wise Leader
Isabella MacyEnglishWeapon
Isabella MadalynEnglishHigh Tower
Isabella MaddieEnglishMighty in Battle
Isabella MadelineEnglishTower
Isabella MadisonEnglishSon of Matthew
Isabella MaeEnglishPearl
Isabella MagdalenaGreekFrom Magdala
Isabella MaggieEnglishPearl
Isabella MagnoliaEnglishMagnolia Flower
Isabella MaiaGreekGreat
Isabella MakaylaHebrewWho is like God
Isabella MaliaHawaiianCalm, Peaceful
Isabella MalloryFrenchUnfortunate
Isabella MaloryFrenchUnfortunate
Isabella MaraHebrewBitter
Isabella MarciaLatinWarlike
Isabella MargaretGreekPearl
Isabella MargaritaSpanishPearl
Isabella MargotFrenchPearl
Isabella MariaHebrewBitter
Isabella MariahHebrewBitter
Isabella MariamHebrewBitter
Isabella MarianEnglishBitter
Isabella MaribelLatinBeautiful Sea
Isabella MarieFrenchBitter
Isabella MarielaSpanishBitter
Isabella MarilynEnglishSea of Bitterness
Isabella MarisolSpanishSea and Sun
Isabella MarissaLatinOf the Sea
Isabella MaritzaSpanishOf the Sea
Isabella MarjorieFrenchPearl
Isabella MarleneGermanTender, Delicate
Isabella MarnieEnglishFrom the Sea
Isabella MarshaEnglishOf Mars, the God of War
Isabella MarthaAramaicLady
Isabella MaryHebrewBitter
Isabella MasonEnglishStone Worker
Isabella MatildaGermanMighty in Battle
Isabella MattieHebrewLady
Isabella MaxineLatinGreatest
Isabella MayaHebrewWater
Isabella MckennaIrishSon of Cionaodh
Isabella MeganWelshPearl
Isabella MelindaEnglishGentle, Sweet
Isabella MelissaGreekBee
Isabella MelodyEnglishSong
Isabella MeredithWelshGreat Ruler
Isabella MiaItalianMine
Isabella MichaelaHebrewWho is like God
Isabella MichelleFrenchWho is like God
Isabella MilaSlavicGracious, Dear
Isabella MildredEnglishGentle Strength
Isabella MilenaSlavicGracious, Dear
Isabella MileyEnglishSmiling
Isabella MillieEnglishGentle Strength
Isabella MinaGermanLove
Isabella MirandaLatinWorthy of Admiration
Isabella MiriamHebrewRebellious
Isabella MollyIrishStar of the Sea
Isabella MonaIrishNoble, Aristocratic
Isabella MoniqueFrenchAdvisor
Isabella MorganWelshSea Circle
Isabella MurielIrishSea Bright
Isabella MyaGreekGreat
Isabella MyraGreekSweet-smelling Oil
Isabella NadiaRussianHope
Isabella NadineFrenchHope
Isabella NancyHebrewGrace
Isabella NaomiHebrewPleasantness
Isabella NataliaLatinChristmas Day
Isabella NatalieLatinChristmas Day
Isabella NatashaRussianBorn on Christmas Day
Isabella NellieEnglishLight
Isabella NiaWelshBright
Isabella NicholeFrenchVictory of the People
Isabella NicoleFrenchVictory of the People
Isabella NicoletteFrenchVictory of the People
Isabella NieveSpanishSnow
Isabella NikiGreekVictory of the People
Isabella NikkiGreekVictory of the People
Isabella NinaSpanishLittle Girl
Isabella NoelleFrenchChristmas
Isabella NoemiHebrewPleasantness
Isabella NoraEnglishHonor
Isabella NormaLatinPattern, Rule
Isabella NovaLatinNew
Isabella NyahAfricanPurpose
Isabella OakleyEnglishMeadow of Oak Trees
Isabella OdetteGermanWealth
Isabella OlgaScandinavianHoly
Isabella OliveEnglishOlive Tree
Isabella OliviaLatinOlive Tree
Isabella OpheliaGreekHelp
Isabella OrianaLatinGolden
Isabella PaigeEnglishAssistant
Isabella PaisleyScottishChurch
Isabella PalomaSpanishDove
Isabella PamelaGreekHoney
Isabella PaolaItalianSmall
Isabella ParisGreekWager
Isabella PatienceEnglishPatience
Isabella PatriciaLatinNoble
Isabella PaulinaLatinSmall
Isabella PaytonEnglishFighter’s Town
Isabella PearlEnglishPrecious Gem
Isabella PenelopeGreekWeaver
Isabella PerlaItalianPearl
Isabella PetraGreekRock
Isabella PeytonEnglishFighting Man’s Estate
Isabella PhoebeGreekBright, Pure
Isabella PhoenixGreekDark Red
Isabella PiperEnglishFlute Player
Isabella PollyEnglishBitter
Isabella PoppyLatinPoppy Flower
Isabella PortiaLatinPig
Isabella PriscillaLatinAncient
Isabella QuinnIrishWise
Isabella RachaelHebrewEwe
Isabella RachelHebrewEwe
Isabella RaineEnglishRain
Isabella RamonaSpanishWise Protector
Isabella RaquelHebrewEwe
Isabella RavenEnglishRaven
Isabella ReeseWelshArdent, Fiery
Isabella ReginaLatinQueen, Ruler
Isabella ReneeFrenchReborn

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Isabella Name Popularity

Isabella has been a popular name for centuries and is still strong today. According to the Social Security Administration, Isabella was the seventh most popular name for baby girls in the United States in 2021.

It’s been in the top 10 since 2004 and reached number one in 2010. 

Isabella’s popularity is not limited to the United States. It’s a popular name in many countries worldwide, including Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

In fact, Queen Isabella of Spain was one of the most powerful and influential Isabellas in European history!

It’s also a popular name in Latin America, often with the alternate spelling “Isabela”. 

Nickname Ideas for Isabella

If you’re considering naming your baby girl Isabella, you might wonder if there are any cute and creative nicknames. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Here are some of the best nickname ideas for Isabella:

  • Bella: This is the most popular nickname for Isabella. It’s short, sweet, and easy to pronounce. It means “beautiful” in Italian, which makes it an extra special nickname for your little one.
  • Izzy: This is a fun, spunky nickname perfect for a little girl full of energy. It’s also easy to pronounce and spell, making it a great choice for parents who want a simple nickname for their child.
  • Belle: This nickname resembles Bella but has a slightly different feel. It’s a bit more old-fashioned and elegant, which makes it a great choice for parents who want a classic nickname for their little girl.
  • Isa: This is a unique and uncommon nickname for Isabella. It’s short and sweet, and it has a modern, trendy feel to it.
  • Izzie: This is another fun and spunky nickname perfect for a little girl who’s full of personality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Isabella mean?

The name Isabella means “God is my oath” in Spanish and Italian.

Is Isabella a biblical name?

The name Isabella does not appear in the Bible, so it has no biblical meaning. However, Isabella is derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba, which means “God is my oath.” In Spanish and Italian, it has been adapted as a variation of that name.

What color represents the name Isabella?

The color pink is often connected to Isabella due to its feminine and romantic qualities. In contrast, others may associate it with blue or purple for its regal origins.

How rare is the name Isabella?

Not that rare. Isabella was the 7th most popular girls’ name in the United States in 2021. 


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