501 Best Middle Names for Wren

middle name ideas for wren

Welcome to the world of naming, where every choice carries significance! If you’ve chosen the delightful name “Wren” for your little one, congratulations on this unique and whimsical choice. 

As you search for the perfect middle name, you’re in for an exciting adventure! 

With endless possibilities to explore, finding the ideal complement to Wren can be thrilling and overwhelming. 

Well, we hear you, and we’re here to help! 

In this article, we’ve compiled an authoritative list of middle names for Wren that will inspire and guide you in your decision-making process.

Middle Name Ideas for Wren

From traditional to modern, these middle names for Wren offer various options to flutter your heart.

Some names are short and sweet, while others are longer and more elaborate.

There’s a name for every taste and preference, making the selection process an enjoyable experience.

Wren AbigailHebrewMy father is joyful
Wren AdelaideGermanNoble kind
Wren AdelineFrenchNoble
Wren AgathaGreekGood or Kind
Wren AgnesGreek/LatinPure, Chaste or Lamb
Wren AileenCelticBright or shining one
Wren AimeeFrenchBeloved or Dearest
Wren AlexandraGreekDefender of the people
Wren AliceGermanNoble or Of noble kind
Wren AlisonOld GermanicNoble kind or Of noble birth
Wren AllegraItalianJoyful, lively
Wren AllisonOld GermanicNoble kind or Of noble birth
Wren AlmaLatinKind or Nourishing
Wren AltheaGreekHealer or Wholesome
Wren AlyssaGreekRational or Logical
Wren AmandaLatinLovable or Worthy of love
Wren AmberEnglishThe name of the gemstone
Wren AmeliaGermanWork or Industrious
Wren AmelieGermanHardworking or Industrious
Wren AnastasiaGreekResurrection or Rebirth
Wren AndreaGreekWarrior or Manly
Wren AngelicaLatinAngel or Messenger of God
Wren AngieGreekAngel
Wren AnnHebrewGracious or Full of grace
Wren AnnaHebrewGrace or Favor
Wren AnnabelleFrenchBeautiful
Wren AnneHebrewGracious
Wren AnnetteFrenchLittle Ann
Wren AnnieHebrewGracious
Wren AntheaGreekFlowery
Wren AntoinetteFrenchBeyond praise
Wren AprilLatinTo open
Wren ArabellaLatinYielding to prayer
Wren ArianaGreekVery holy one
Wren ArielHebrewLion of God
Wren ArleneIrishPledge
Wren ArletteFrenchLittle eagle
Wren AshaSanskritHope
Wren AshleyEnglishAsh tree meadow
Wren AstridNorseDivine strength
Wren AthenaGreekGoddess of wisdom
Wren AudreyEnglishNoble strength
Wren AuroraLatinDawn
Wren AutumnLatinFall season
Wren AvaLatinLife
Wren AvelineFrenchhazelnut
Wren AverieEnglishelf counsel
Wren AveryEnglishelf ruler
Wren AvrilFrenchApril
Wren BaileyEnglishbailiff
Wren BarbaraGreekforeign woman
Wren BeatriceLatinshe who brings happiness
Wren BeatrixLatinvoyager
Wren BelleFrenchbeautiful
Wren BernadetteGermanbrave as a bear
Wren BerniceGreekvictorious
Wren BerylGreeksea-green jewel
Wren BethHebrewpledged to God
Wren BethanyHebrewhouse of figs
Wren BetsyHebrewGod is my oath
Wren BettyHebrewGod is my oath
Wren BeverlyEnglishdweller near the beaver stream
Wren BiancaItalianwhite
Wren BillieEnglishresolute protector
Wren BlairScottishplain
Wren BlancheFrenchwhite
Wren BonnieScottishpretty
Wren BriannaIrishstrong, virtuous, and honorable
Wren BridgetIrishexalted one
Wren BrigitteFrenchstrength or exalted one
Wren BrookeEnglisha small stream
Wren BrooklynEnglishbroken land
Wren BrynWelshhill
Wren BrynnWelshhill
Wren CadenceEnglishrhythm
Wren CaitlinIrishpure
Wren CallaGreekbeautiful
Wren CallieGreekbeautiful
Wren CamillaLatinyoung ceremonial attendant
Wren CamilleFrenchyoung ceremonial attendant
Wren CaraIrishfriend
Wren CareyIrishdark
Wren CarlaGermanfree woman
Wren CarmenSpanishsong
Wren CarolEnglishfree person
Wren CarolineFrenchfree man
Wren CarolynEnglishfree person
Wren CarrieGermanicfree man
Wren CaseyIrishbrave in battle
Wren CassandraGreekshining upon men
Wren CassidyIrishcurly haired
Wren CatherineGreekpure
Wren CathyGreekpure
Wren CeceliaLatinblind
Wren CeciliaLatinblind
Wren CelesteFrenchheavenly
Wren CeliaLatinheaven
Wren CharityEnglishgenerosity
Wren CharleneFrenchfree woman
Wren CharlotteFrenchfree man
Wren CherFrenchdarling
Wren CherylFrenchdarling
Wren CheyenneNative Americanunintelligible speakers
Wren ChloeGreekblooming
Wren ChristineGreekfollower of Christ
Wren ChristyGreekfollower of Christ
Wren CindyEnglishlight
Wren ClaireFrenchclear, bright
Wren ClaraLatinbright, clear
Wren ClariceLatinbright, clear
Wren ClarissaLatinbright, clear
Wren ClaudiaLatinlame
Wren ClaudineFrenchlame
Wren CloverEnglishlucky
Wren ColetteFrenchvictorious people
Wren ColleenIrishgirl
Wren ColletteFrenchvictorious people
Wren ConnieEnglishsteadfast
Wren ConstanceLatinSteadfast
Wren CoraGreekMaiden
Wren CoralEnglishCoral
Wren CordeliaLatinHeart
Wren CorinneFrenchMaiden
Wren CorneliaLatinHorn
Wren CourtneyFrenchDomain
Wren CristaLatinFollower of Christ
Wren CrystalEnglishCrystal
Wren CynthiaGreekOf Mount Kynthos
Wren DahliaScandinavianValley
Wren DaisyOld EnglishDay’s eye
Wren DakotaNative AmericanFriends or allies
Wren DaleEnglishValley
Wren DanaCelticBold or daring
Wren DanielaHebrewGod is my judge
Wren DanielleHebrewGod is my judge
Wren DaphneGreekLaurel tree
Wren DarlaEnglishDear one
Wren DarleneEnglishTenderly loved
Wren DavinaScottishBeloved
Wren DawnOld EnglishDaybreak
Wren DaynaEnglishFrom Denmark
Wren DeannaEnglishDivine
Wren DebbieHebrewBee
Wren DeborahHebrewBee
Wren DebraHebrewBee
Wren DelaneyIrishDescendant of the challenger
Wren DeliaGreekDelicate
Wren DelilahHebrewLanguishing
Wren DeniseFrenchFollower of Dionysus
Wren DesireeFrenchDesired
Wren DestinyLatinFate or destiny
Wren DevynWelshPoet
Wren DianaLatinDivine
Wren DianeFrenchDivine
Wren DinaHebrewJudged
Wren DollyEnglishGift of God
Wren DoloresSpanishSorrows
Wren DominiqueFrenchBelonging to the Lord
Wren DonnaEnglishLady
Wren DoraGreekGift of God
Wren DoreenGreekGift of God
Wren DorotheaGreekGift of God
Wren DorothyGreekGift of God
Wren DrewWelshWise
Wren DulcieLatinSweet
Wren EbonyEnglishDark-wood
Wren EdithEnglishProsperous in war
Wren EdnaIrishLittle fire
Wren EdwinaEnglishRich friend
Wren ElaineFrenchLight
Wren EleanorEnglishBright, shining one
Wren ElenaSpanishShining light
Wren ElisabethHebrewGod’s oath
Wren EliseFrenchPledged to God
Wren ElizaHebrewGod’s oath
Wren ElizabethHebrewGod’s oath
Wren EllaGermanAll, completely
Wren ElleFrenchShe
Wren EllenGreekLight
Wren EllieGreekLight
Wren ElsieScottishGod’s promise
Wren ElviraSpanishWhite, fair
Wren EmeliaEnglishRival
Wren EmelieEnglishRival
Wren EmileeEnglishRival
Wren EmiliaLatinRival
Wren EmilieGermanIndustrious
Wren EmilyLatinRival
Wren EmmaGermanUniversal
Wren EmmyEnglishRival
Wren EnidWelshSoul
Wren EricaOld NorseRuler
Wren ErinIrishIreland
Wren EsmeFrenchBeloved
Wren EstelleFrenchStar
Wren EstherHebrewStar
Wren EthelOld EnglishNoble
Wren EttaGermanLittle one
Wren EudoraGreekgood gift
Wren EugeniaGreekwell-born or noble
Wren EulaGreeksweetly speaking
Wren EulaliaGreekwell-spoken
Wren EuniceGreekgood victory
Wren EvaHebrewlife
Wren EvangelineGreekbearer of good news
Wren EvelynEnglishhazelnut or desired
Wren FaithEnglishfaith or belief
Wren FannyLatinfree one
Wren FayeEnglishfairy or loyalty
Wren FeliciaLatinlucky or successful
Wren FelicityLatinhappiness or good fortune
Wren FernEnglishfern
Wren FionaGaelicfair or white
Wren FloraLatinflower
Wren FlorenceLatinprosperous or flourishing
Wren FlorrieLatinflowering
Wren FranLatinfree one
Wren FrancesLatinfrom France
Wren FrancineFrenchfree
Wren FreyaNorselady or noblewoman
Wren FriedaGermanpeaceful ruler
Wren GabrielaHebrewGod is my strength
Wren GabriellaHebrewGod is my strength
Wren GailHebrewmy father rejoices
Wren GaleEnglishcheerful
Wren GalileeHebrewcircle or district
Wren GenaEnglishwell-born or noble
Wren GenevieveGermanwoman of the people
Wren GeorgiaGreekfarmer
Wren GeorginaGreekfarmer
Wren GeraldineEnglishruler with the spear
Wren GertrudeGermanspear of strength
Wren GiaItalianGod is gracious
Wren GigiFrenchworker of the earth or God is gracious
Wren GildaGermansacrifice, value, or yield
Wren GillianLatinyouthful or servant of Saint John
Wren GiselleFrenchpledge or hostage
Wren GladysWelshprincess or land, nation
Wren GloriaLatinglory
Wren GoldieEnglishmade of gold
Wren GraceLatingrace or blessing
Wren GracieLatingrace or blessing
Wren GretchenGermanpearl or little pearl
Wren GretaGermanpearl
Wren GwenWelshwhite, fair, blessed
Wren GwendolynWelshblessed ring
Wren HadleyEnglishheather meadow
Wren HaileyEnglishhay clearing or ingenious
Wren HaleighEnglishhay clearing or hero
Wren HallieEnglishhome ruler or dweller at the hall
Wren HannahHebrewgrace or favor
Wren HarlowEnglishrock hill or army hill
Wren HarmonyEnglishagreement or concord
Wren HarperEnglishharp player
Wren HarrietFrenchruler of the home or estate ruler
Wren HazelEnglishhazel tree
Wren HeatherEnglishflowering plant
Wren HeidiGermanof noble birth
Wren HelenGreektorch or light
Wren HelenaGreekbright or shining
Wren HeleneGreektorch or bright one
Wren HenriettaGermanicruler of the household
Wren HesterHebrewstar
Wren HilaryLatincheerful or happy
Wren HildaGermanicbattle woman
Wren HollyEnglishholly tree
Wren HopeEnglishhope or optimism
Wren HortenseLatingardener
Wren HuldaGermanicloved one or gracious
Wren IdaGermanichardworking or industrious
Wren IleneGreektorch or bright one
Wren ImeldaGermanicentire battle
Wren ImogeneLatinmaiden or image of
Wren IndiaEnglishIndia
Wren InezSpanishpure or humble
Wren IngridScandinavianbeautiful or beloved
Wren IreneGreekpeace
Wren IrisGreekrainbow
Wren IrmaGermanicentire or universal
Wren IsabellaHebrewpledged to God
Wren IsabelleHebrewGod is my oath
Wren IsadoraGreekgift of Isis
Wren IslaScottishisland
Wren IvyEnglishivy plant
Wren JacindaGreekbeautiful
Wren JacintaSpanishhyacinth
Wren JacklynEnglishGod is gracious
Wren JacquelineFrenchsupplanter, may God protect
Wren JadeSpanishgemstone
Wren JaidenAmericanvariant of Jayden, thankful
Wren JanaHebrewGod is gracious
Wren JaneHebrewGod is gracious
Wren JanetHebrewGod is gracious
Wren JaniceHebrewGod is gracious
Wren JanieHebrewGod is gracious
Wren JanHebrewGod is gracious
Wren JeanieHebrewGod is gracious
Wren JennaWelshwhite shadow
Wren JennieWelshwhite wave
Wren JennyWelshwhite shadow
Wren JessicaHebrewGod beholds
Wren JessieHebrewGod is gracious
Wren JewelEnglishprecious stone
Wren JillianLatinyouthful
Wren JoannaHebrewGod is gracious
Wren JocelynFrenchjoyous
Wren JosephineHebrewGod will increase
Wren JosieHebrewGod will increase
Wren JoyEnglishjoy, happiness
Wren JuanitaSpanishGod is gracious
Wren JudithHebrewwoman from Judea
Wren JuliaLatinyouthful, downy-bearded
Wren JulianneLatinyouthful, downy-bearded
Wren JulianaLatinyouthful, downy-bearded
Wren JulietteFrenchyouthful, downy-bearded
Wren JuneLatinsixth month of the year
Wren KaceyIrishvigilant
Wren KaitlynIrishpure
Wren KaraLatinbeloved
Wren KarenDanishpure
Wren KarinaLatinbeloved
Wren KatherineGreekpure
Wren KathrynGreekpure
Wren KatieIrishPure
Wren KatrinaGermanPure
Wren KaylaHebrewCrown of laurel
Wren KayleeGaelicDescendant of Caollaidhe, slender
Wren KeelyGaelicDescendant of Caollaidhe, slender
Wren KellyIrishBright-headed
Wren KelseyEnglishIsland where the crows dwell
Wren KendraAnglo-SaxonKnowing and understanding
Wren KennedyIrishHelmeted head
Wren KeriWelshLove, dear
Wren KimberlyEnglishFrom the royal fortress meadow
Wren KirstenScandinavianFollower of Christ
Wren KoriGreekMaiden
Wren KristaScandinavianFollower of Christ
Wren KristenScandinavianFollower of Christ
Wren KristinScandinavianFollower of Christ
Wren KristinaScandinavianFollower of Christ
Wren KyraGreekEnthroned, ladylike
Wren LaceyFrenchDerived from Lacey, place in Normandy
Wren LaraRussianProtection
Wren LarissaGreekCheerful, light-hearted
Wren LatoyaAmericanVictorious one
Wren LauraLatinLaurel-crowned
Wren LaurelLatinLaurel-crowned
Wren LaurenLatinLaurel-crowned
Wren LaurieEnglishCrowned with laurels
Wren LeahHebrewWeary
Wren LeanneEnglishGracious, merciful
Wren LeeannEnglishCombination of Lee and Ann, meaning gracious meadow
Wren LeilaArabicNight beauty
Wren LelaGreekBlack beauty
Wren LenaGreekTorch, bright light
Wren LenoraGreekLight
Wren LeslieScottishDweller at the gray fortress
Wren LeticiaLatinJoy, happiness
Wren LiaItalianBringer of good news
Wren LilaArabicNight beauty
Wren LilyEnglishA flower name
Wren LindaSpanishPretty one
Wren LindseyEnglishFrom the island of lime trees
Wren LisaHebrewGod is my oath
Wren LizbethHebrewGod is my oath
Wren LoriEnglishCrowned with laurels
Wren LouiseFrenchFamous warrior
Wren LucilleEnglish/Frenchlight
Wren LucyEnglishlight
Wren LydiaGreekfrom Lydia
Wren LynetteWelshidol
Wren LynnWelshlake
Wren MadelynEnglishhigh tower
Wren MadelineEnglishwoman from Magdala
Wren MadisonEnglishson of Matthew
Wren MagdaleneHebrewfrom Magdala
Wren MaggieEnglishpearl
Wren MaisieScottishpearl
Wren MalloryFrenchunfortunate
Wren MarciaLatinwarlike
Wren MargaretGreekpearl
Wren MargueriteFrenchpearl
Wren MariaLatinbitter
Wren MariahHebrewbitter
Wren MarilynEnglishrebel or bitter
Wren MarionLatinof the sea
Wren MarissaLatinof the sea
Wren MarjorieEnglishpearl
Wren MarshaEnglishwarlike
Wren MarthaAramaic/Hebrewlady or mistress
Wren MaryHebrewbitter
Wren MatildaGermanicstrength in battle
Wren MauraIrishbitter
Wren MayaSanskritillusion or magic
Wren MeganWelshpearl
Wren MelanieGreekblack or dark
Wren MelindaEnglishgentle or honey
Wren MelodyGreeksong or music
Wren MeredithWelshGreat ruler
Wren MiaItalian, ScandinavianMine; Bitter, wished for child
Wren MillicentOld FrenchStrong worker
Wren MindyEnglishSweet
Wren MirandaLatinAdmirable, wonderful
Wren MollyIrishStar of the sea
Wren MonaIrishNoble good
Wren MonicaLatinAdvisor
Wren NancyHebrewGrace
Wren NaomiHebrewPleasantness
Wren NatalieLatinBirthday of the Lord
Wren NellieEnglishShining light
Wren NicoleFrenchVictory of the people
Wren NinaSpanishLittle girl
Wren NoelaniHawaiianHeavenly mist
Wren NoelleFrenchChristmas
Wren NoraIrishLight
Wren NormaLatinRule, pattern
Wren OliviaLatinOlive tree
Wren PaigeFrenchAssistant
Wren PamelaGreekHoneyed
Wren PatriciaLatinNoble, patrician
Wren PattiLatinNoble
Wren PaulaLatinLittle
Wren PearlEnglishPearl of great price
Wren PeggyEnglishPearl
Wren PenelopeGreekWeaver
Wren PhoebeGreekBright, pure
Wren PhyllisGreekFoliage, greenery
Wren PiperEnglishFlute player
Wren PollyEnglishPet form of Mary
Wren PriscillaLatinAncient, venerable
Wren QueenieEnglishQueen
Wren QuinnIrishDescendent of Conn
Wren RachelHebrewEwe
Wren RaeEnglishGraceful doe
Wren RamonaSpanishWise defender
Wren RebeccaHebrewTo bind
Wren ReginaLatinQueen
Wren ReneeFrenchReborn
Wren RheaGreekStream
Wren RhondaWelshGood spear
Wren RitaSpanishPearl
Wren RobbieEnglishBright fame
Wren RobertaGermanBright fame
Wren RobinEnglishBright fame
Wren RochelleFrenchLittle rock
Wren RosaLatinRose
Wren RosalieFrenchRose blossom
Wren RosemaryEnglishDew of the sea
Wren RowenaWelshWhite, fair
Wren RoxannePersianDawn, light
Wren RubyEnglishA deep red precious stone
Wren RuthHebrewCompanion, friend
Wren SabrinaCelticMythical river name
Wren SadieHebrewPrincess
Wren SallyEnglishNoble lady
Wren SamanthaAramaicListener, one who hears
Wren SandraGreekDefender of mankind
Wren SaraHebrewPrincess
Wren SavannahSpanishFrom the open plain
Wren SelenaGreekMoon goddess
Wren SerenaLatinTranquil, serene
Wren ShanaIrishOld, wise
Wren ShannonIrishWise river
Wren SharonHebrewA plain or a flat area
Wren SheilaIrishBlind one
Wren SherriEnglishDarling, beloved
Wren ShirleyEnglishBright meadow
Wren SierraSpanishMountain range
Wren SkyeScottishCloud, sky
Wren SofiaGreekWisdom
Wren SoniaRussianWise, wisdom
Wren SophiaGreekWisdom
Wren StaceyGreekResurrection
Wren StellaLatinStar
Wren StephanieGreekCrowned one
Wren SusanHebrewLily
Wren SydneyEnglishFrom St. Denis
Wren TabithaAramaicGazelle
Wren TammyEnglishTwin
Wren TanyaRussianFairy queen
Wren TaraGaelicTower
Wren TeresaGreekHarvester
Wren TerriEnglishRuler of the people
Wren ThelmaGreekWill, volition
Wren TiffanyGreekGod’s manifestation
Wren TinaGreekA follower of Christ
Wren TraceyIrishBrave
Wren TracyIrishBrave
Wren UrsulaLatinLittle female bear
Wren ValerieLatinBrave, strong
Wren VanessaGreekButterfly
Wren VelmaGermanWill, desire
Wren VeronicaLatinTrue image or honest
Wren VictoriaLatinVictorious
Wren VioletEnglishViolet flower
Wren VirginiaLatinMaiden or virgin
Wren VivianWelshLively or full of life
Wren WandaSlavicWanderer or she who wanders
Wren YasminePersianJasmine flower

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Biblical Meaning of the Name Wren

Wren is a unisex name of Old English origin. Its meaning is “small bird” or “songbird.”

Although the name Wren has no biblical roots, it has a solid connection to nature and its beauty.

The name Wren is often associated with freedom, joy, and simplicity. In the Christian faith, birds are often used as symbols of hope, faith, and peace. 

The Bible also mentions birds in various verses, including Matthew 6:26, “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

If you’re looking for a middle name for Wren with a biblical meaning, you may want to consider terms associated with birds or having a spiritual connotation.

Some options include: 

  • Wren Dove
  • Wren Faith
  • Wren Grace
  • Wren Hope

Wren Name Popularity

According to the Social Security Administration, the name Wren ranked #798 in popularity in 2013 and reached #251 in 2021!

This increase in popularity can likely be attributed to the rise of nature-inspired and unisex names.

Despite its growing popularity, the name Wren remains unique and distinctive. It’s an older name you no longer hear every day, making it an excellent choice for parents looking for a name that stands out.

Nickname Ideas for Wren

If you’re looking for a cute and catchy nickname for Wren, you have plenty of options. Here are some of our favorite nickname ideas for Wren:

  • Wren-zo
  • Wrenny
  • Ren
  • Reni
  • Wrenna
  • Wrennie Bird
  • Wrenster
  • Wrennie Boo
  • Little Wren

These nicknames sound adorable and add a personal touch to the name Wren.

Plus, they’re perfect for parents who want a nickname that’s easy to say and remember.

Wrapping it Up

Choosing a middle name for Wren may seem daunting, but with this extensive list of options, you’re sure to find the perfect name that complements the first name and adds a special touch. 

When selecting a middle name for Wren, consider the name’s Biblical meaning, popularity, and potential nicknames.

So, take your time – the perfect middle name for Wren is waiting for you.


  • Cam Russo

    Cam is a blogger, author, and content strategist with a keen love for the written word. His journey with high-functioning autism has kindled a strong advocacy for autism awareness. Today, Cam dedicates his efforts to educating parents. He sees laughter as a game-changer in learning, and strives every day to make education a fun and enjoyable journey for all his readers.