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800+ Special Middle Names for Rowan (Boy & Girl)

middle name ideas for Rowan

If you’re searching for a name that is both meaningful and versatile, Rowan is an excellent choice for your child.

Whether you’re expecting a baby boy or girl, the name Rowan has a timeless appeal that can suit any personality.

However, choosing the perfect middle name can be challenging, as it needs to complement the first name while reflecting your child’s unique identity.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most creative and unique middle names for Rowan to help you find the perfect match.

From traditional to modern and everything in between, our list will inspire you as you choose the perfect middle name to complete your little one’s name.

So, let’s dive in and explore the most unique middle names for Rowan that you might not have considered before!

Rowan Name Meaning & History

The name Rowan has its roots in Celtic and Gaelic cultures, meaning “little redhead.” It was originally given to boys, but it has become a popular unisex name over time.

In Celtic mythology, the rowan tree was believed to have magical properties and was often used to ward off evil spirits. 

Rowan has a long history of use in literature and pop culture. In Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth,” the witches use the berries of the rowan tree in their potion.

The name has also been used in modern literature, such as the book The Rowan by Anne McCaffrey. 

Perhaps the most well-known Rowan in popular culture today is the English actor Rowan Atkinson, the titular star of the popular Mr. Bean films!

Middle Names for Rowan (Girl)

If you’ve chosen to name your daughter Rowan, you might be looking for a middle name that complements her first name’s unique and beautiful sound.

Here are some middle name ideas for girls named Rowan:

Middle NameOriginTranslation
Rowan AbigailHebrewFather’s Joy
Rowan AbrielleEnglishStrong One
Rowan AdairScottishOak Tree Ford
Rowan AdalineGermanNoble Serpent
Rowan AdalynnEnglishNoble Serpent
Rowan AddilynEnglishNoble
Rowan AddisonEnglishChild of Adam
Rowan AdeleGermanNoble
Rowan AdelineGermanNoble
Rowan AdelynGermanNoble Beauty
Rowan AdelynnEnglishNoble
Rowan AdrianaLatinWoman from Hadria
Rowan AileenIrishBright, Shining
Rowan AinsleyScottishMy Own Meadow
Rowan AlainaIrishBeautiful
Rowan AlanaIrishAttractive
Rowan AleahHebrewAscend
Rowan AleezaHebrewJoyful
Rowan AlessandraGreekDefender of Mankind
Rowan AlexandraGreekDefender of Mankind
Rowan AlexiaGreekDefender of Mankind
Rowan AlexisGreekDefender of Mankind
Rowan AliceGermanicNoble
Rowan AliciaGermanNoble
Rowan AlinaGermanNoble
Rowan AlisaHebrewGreat Happiness
Rowan AliviaEnglishOlive Tree
Rowan AliyahHebrewExalted, Noble
Rowan AlizaHebrewJoyful
Rowan AlondraSpanishDefender of Man
Rowan AltheaGreekHealing Power
Rowan AlyssaGreekRational
Rowan AmaliaLatinIndustrious
Rowan AmaraIgbo (Nigerian)Grace
Rowan AmariAfricanStrength
Rowan AmayaJapaneseNight Rain
Rowan AmberEnglishFossilized Tree Sap
Rowan AmeliaLatinIndustrious
Rowan AmelieFrenchHardworking
Rowan AmiraArabicPrincess, Leader
Rowan AnabelleEnglishBeautiful Grace
Rowan AnaisGreekGracious
Rowan AnastasiaGreekResurrection
Rowan AnayaSanskritCaring
Rowan AngelinaGreekAngelic
Rowan AnikaSanskritGoddess Durga
Rowan AnistonEnglishAnna’s Town
Rowan AniyahArabicCaring, Affectionate
Rowan AnnabelleFrenchBeautiful Grace
Rowan AnnaliseGermanGraced with God’s Bounty
Rowan AnneHebrewGracious
Rowan AnnelieGermanGraceful
Rowan AnnieHebrewGracious
Rowan AnnikaDutchGrace
Rowan AnsleyEnglishHermitage
Rowan AntoniaLatinPriceless, Praiseworthy
Rowan AprilEnglishOpening, Beginning
Rowan ArabellaLatinLovely, Beautiful
Rowan ArabelleFrenchBeautiful Altar
Rowan ArdenEnglishValley of the Eagle
Rowan AriaItalianMelody, Air
Rowan ArianaGreekVery Holy
Rowan ArielHebrewLion of God
Rowan AriellaHebrewLion of God
Rowan ArleneEnglishPledge
Rowan ArletteFrenchWarlike, Lioness
Rowan ArwenWelshNoble Maiden
Rowan AshlynIrishDream, Vision
Rowan AspenEnglishTree Name
Rowan AstraeaGreekStarry Night
Rowan AstridNorseDivine Strength
Rowan AthenaGreekGoddess of Wisdom
Rowan AubreyGermanElf Ruler
Rowan AudreyEnglishNoble Strength
Rowan AudrinaEnglishNoble Strength
Rowan AuroraLatinDawn, Morning
Rowan AutumnEnglishAutumn
Rowan AvaLatinBird
Rowan AvalonWelshIsland of Apples
Rowan AveryEnglishElf Counsel
Rowan AvianaLatinBird
Rowan AvrilFrenchApril
Rowan AzaleaGreekFlower
Rowan BeatriceLatinVoyager
Rowan BeatrizSpanishBringer of Joy
Rowan BellaItalianBeautiful
Rowan BelleFrenchBeautiful
Rowan BethanyHebrewHouse of Figs
Rowan BiancaItalianWhite, Pure
Rowan BlaireScottishDweller on the Plain
Rowan BlakeEnglishDark
Rowan BlakelyEnglishDark Meadow
Rowan BlytheEnglishHappy, Joyful
Rowan BriannaIrishStrong
Rowan BridgetIrishStrength
Rowan BrielleFrenchStrength, Power
Rowan BristolEnglishPlace Name
Rowan BrookeEnglishSmall Stream
Rowan BrynnWelshHill
Rowan CadenceLatinRhythm
Rowan CalistaGreekMost Beautiful
Rowan CallieGreekBeautiful
Rowan CalliopeGreekBeautiful Voice
Rowan CamilaSpanishYoung Ceremonial
Rowan CamilleFrenchPerfect
Rowan CarlyEnglishFree Woman
Rowan CarmenSpanishGarden
Rowan CarolineFrenchFree Woman
Rowan CassandraGreekShine Upon Mankind
Rowan CassidyIrishClever
Rowan CatalinaSpanishPure
Rowan CatherineGreekPure
Rowan CelesteFrenchHeavenly
Rowan CelestiaLatinHeavenly
Rowan CeliaLatinHeavenly
Rowan ChanelFrenchCanal
Rowan ChantalFrenchSinging
Rowan CharityEnglishGenerosity
Rowan CharlotteFrenchFree
Rowan CharmaineFrenchCharm
Rowan ChelseaEnglishPort
Rowan ChloeGreekGreen Shoot
Rowan ChristinaGreekFollower of Christ
Rowan ClaireFrenchClear
Rowan ClaraLatinBright
Rowan ClariceLatinBright, Clear
Rowan ClarissaLatinClear
Rowan ClaudiaLatinLame
Rowan ClementineEnglishMerciful
Rowan CocoFrenchCoconut
Rowan ColetteFrenchVictorious
Rowan CoraGreekMaiden
Rowan CoralineEnglishCoral
Rowan CordeliaLatinJewel of the Sea
Rowan CorinneFrenchMaiden
Rowan CosetteFrenchVictorious
Rowan CynthiaGreekMoon
Rowan DahliaScandinavianValley
Rowan DaisyEnglishDay’s Eye
Rowan DakotaNative AmericanAllies
Rowan DanicaSlavicMorning Star
Rowan DanielleHebrewGod is My Judge
Rowan DaphneGreekLaurel Tree
Rowan DavinaScottishBeloved
Rowan DeborahHebrewBee
Rowan DelaneyIrishDescendant of the Challenger
Rowan DeliaGreekFrom Delos
Rowan DelilahHebrewDelicate, Weak
Rowan DemiFrenchHalf
Rowan DesireeFrenchDesired
Rowan DestinyEnglishFate
Rowan DianaLatinDivine
Rowan DiorFrenchGold
Rowan DorothyGreekGift of God
Rowan DylanWelshGreat Sea
Rowan EdenHebrewDelight
Rowan EdithEnglishProsperous in War
Rowan EileenIrishBright, Shining
Rowan ElainaGreekBright, Shining
Rowan ElaineFrenchShining Light
Rowan EleanorEnglishBright, Shining One
Rowan ElenaGreekBright, Shining
Rowan ElisaHebrewGod is My Oath
Rowan ElizaHebrewGod is My Oath
Rowan ElizabethHebrewGod is My Oath
Rowan EllaEnglishBeautiful Fairy
Rowan ElleFrenchShe
Rowan ElodieFrenchMarsh Flower
Rowan EloiseFrenchFamous Warrior
Rowan EloraHebrewGod is My Light
Rowan ElsaHebrewGod is My Oath
Rowan ElsieScottishPledged to God
Rowan EmberEnglishSpark
Rowan EmeraldEnglishPrecious Gemstone
Rowan EmeryGermanBrave, Powerful
Rowan EmiliaLatinRival, Imitating
Rowan EmilieFrenchRival, Imitating
Rowan EmilyLatinRival, Imitating
Rowan EmmaGermanUniversal
Rowan EmmalineGermanUniversal, Whole
Rowan EmmelineGermanUniversal, Whole
Rowan EmmyGermanUniversal
Rowan ErinIrishIreland
Rowan EsmeFrenchLoved
Rowan EsmeraldaSpanishEmerald
Rowan EstelleFrenchStar
Rowan EstherHebrewStar
Rowan EstrellaSpanishStar
Rowan EugeniaGreekWell-Born
Rowan EvaHebrewLife
Rowan EvangelineGreekGood News, Bearer of Good News
Rowan EvelinaLatinLife, Living
Rowan EvelynEnglishHazelnut
Rowan EvieHebrewLife, Living
Rowan FaithEnglishFaith
Rowan FallonIrishLeader
Rowan FayeEnglishFairy
Rowan FelicityEnglishHappiness, Good Fortune
Rowan FionaIrishFair
Rowan FlorenceLatinFlowering, Prosperous
Rowan FrancescaItalianFree
Rowan FreyaNorseLady
Rowan GabrielleHebrewGod is My Strength
Rowan GemmaItalianGemstone
Rowan GenevieveFrenchTribe Woman
Rowan GeorgiaGreekFarmer
Rowan GiaItalianGod is Gracious
Rowan GiselleGermanPledge
Rowan GloriaLatinGlory
Rowan GraceLatinGrace
Rowan GracelynEnglishGraceful
Rowan GracieLatinGraceful
Rowan GretchenGermanPearl
Rowan GwendolynWelshWhite Circle
Rowan HadleyEnglishHeather Field
Rowan HaileyEnglishHay Meadow
Rowan HalleGermanHome Ruler
Rowan HarperEnglishHarp Player
Rowan HavenEnglishSafe Place
Rowan HazelEnglishHazel Tree
Rowan HeatherEnglishHeather Plant
Rowan HeidiGermanNoble, Kind
Rowan HelenaGreekBright, Shining
Rowan HollisEnglishHolly Tree
Rowan HollyEnglishHolly Tree
Rowan HonorEnglishHonorable
Rowan HopeEnglishHope
Rowan ImogenGaelicBeloved Child
Rowan IndiaEnglishCountry, Land of the Indus
Rowan IndigoEnglishDeep Blue Dye
Rowan IngridScandinavianIng’s Beauty
Rowan IreneGreekPeace
Rowan IrisGreekRainbow
Rowan IsabellaItalianGod is My Oath
Rowan IsabelleHebrewGod is My Oath
Rowan IsadoraGreekGift of Isis
Rowan IvoryEnglishIvory
Rowan IvyEnglishIvy Plant
Rowan JacquelineFrenchSupplanter
Rowan JadaArabicGoodness, Generosity
Rowan JadeSpanishJade
Rowan JaneEnglishGod is Gracious
Rowan JanelleFrenchGod is Gracious
Rowan JasminPersianJasmine Flower
Rowan JasminePersianJasmine Flower
Rowan JaylaAmericanCombination of Jay and -la suffix
Rowan JayleneAmericanCombination of Jay and Darlene
Rowan JayneEnglishGod is Gracious
Rowan JennaWelsh, EnglishFair Phantom
Rowan JenniferWelshFair Phantom
Rowan JessaHebrewGod Beholds
Rowan JessaminePersianJasmine Flower
Rowan JesseniaGreekNoble, Well-Born
Rowan JessicaHebrewGod Beholds
Rowan JewelEnglishPrecious Stone
Rowan JillianLatinYouthful
Rowan JoannaHebrewGod is Gracious
Rowan JocelynGermanGaut’s Child
Rowan JosephineHebrewGod Will Increase
Rowan JosieHebrewGod Will Increase
Rowan JoyEnglishJoy
Rowan JoyceLatinJoy
Rowan JudithHebrewPraised
Rowan JuliaLatinYouthful
Rowan JulianaLatinYouthful
Rowan JulietFrenchYouthful
Rowan JuneLatinJuno
Rowan JuniperEnglishJuniper Tree
Rowan KaitlynIrishPure
Rowan KaraLatinBeloved
Rowan KarenDanishPure
Rowan KarinaSlavicDear Little One
Rowan KassandraGreekDefender of Men
Rowan KateEnglishPure
Rowan KatelynIrishPure
Rowan KatherineGreekPure
Rowan KatieEnglishPure
Rowan KaylaHebrewCrown
Rowan KeiraIrishDark-Haired
Rowan KendraWelshGreatest Champion
Rowan KennedyIrishHelmeted Chief
Rowan KieraIrishDark-Haired
Rowan KimoraJapaneseNoble
Rowan KristenLatinFollower of Christ
Rowan KylieAustralianBoomerang
Rowan LaceyEnglishCheerful
Rowan LailaArabicNight, Dark Beauty
Rowan LanaHawaiianCalm as Still Waters
Rowan LaraRussianProtection
Rowan LarkEnglishSongbird
Rowan LauraLatinLaurel
Rowan LaurelEnglishLaurel
Rowan LaurenEnglishLaurel
Rowan LaylaArabicNight
Rowan LeaEnglishMeadow
Rowan LeahHebrewWeary
Rowan LeilaniHawaiianHeavenly Flower
Rowan LenaGermanLight, Shine
Rowan LennoxScottishElm Grove
Rowan LenoreGreekLight
Rowan LeonaLatinLioness
Rowan LeslieScottishGarden of Hollies
Rowan LexiGreekDefender of Mankind
Rowan LilaArabicNight
Rowan LilahArabicNight
Rowan LilianaLatinLily
Rowan LillianLatinLily
Rowan LilyEnglishLily
Rowan LilyanaEnglishLily
Rowan LinaArabicTender
Rowan LindaSpanishBeautiful
Rowan LindseyScottishPool on the Island
Rowan LisaHebrewGod is My Oath
Rowan LiviaLatinOlive Branch
Rowan LivianaLatinLife
Rowan LolaSpanishSorrow
Rowan LoreleiGermanAlluring Rock
Rowan LouisaGermanicFamous Warrior
Rowan LouiseGermanFamous Warrior
Rowan LuciaLatinLight
Rowan LucianaItalianLight
Rowan LucilleFrenchLight
Rowan LucindaSpanishLight
Rowan LucyEnglishLight
Rowan LunaLatinMoon
Rowan LydiaGreekFrom Lydia (Ancient Region)
Rowan LyraGreekLyre
Rowan MadelineEnglishTower
Rowan MaeEnglishPearl
Rowan MaeveIrishIntoxicating
Rowan MagdaleneHebrewTower
Rowan MaggieEnglishPearl
Rowan MagnoliaEnglishFlower
Rowan MairaArabicBright, Shining
Rowan MaisieScottishPearl
Rowan MalloryFrenchUnfortunate
Rowan MaraHebrewBitter
Rowan MargaretGreekPearl
Rowan MargotFrenchPearl
Rowan MariaHebrewBitter
Rowan MarianaSpanishOf the Sea
Rowan MaribelLatinAdmirable
Rowan MarigoldEnglishMarigold Flower
Rowan MarilynEnglishBitter
Rowan MarinaLatinOf the Sea
Rowan MarissaLatinOf the Sea
Rowan MarleneGermanLittle Maria
Rowan MarleyEnglishPleasant Wood
Rowan MarthaAramaicLady
Rowan MartinaLatinOf Mars
Rowan MaryHebrewBitter
Rowan MatildaGermanMighty in Battle
Rowan MaureenIrishGreat
Rowan MayaHebrewWater
Rowan MeadowEnglishMeadow
Rowan MelinaGreekYellow
Rowan MelindaEnglishGentle
Rowan MelissaGreekHoney Bee
Rowan MelodyEnglishSong
Rowan MeredithWelshGreat Lord
Rowan MiaItalianMine
Rowan MichaelaHebrewWho is like God?
Rowan MichelleFrenchWho is like God?
Rowan MilaSlavicGracious
Rowan MildredEnglishMild
Rowan MilenaSlavicGracious
Rowan MillieEnglishStrength
Rowan MiraSlavic, SanskritPeace
Rowan MirabelLatinWonderful
Rowan MirabelleFrenchWonderful
Rowan MirandaLatinAdmirable
Rowan MiriamHebrewBitter
Rowan MollyIrishStar of the Sea
Rowan MonroeScottishMouth of the Roe
Rowan MorganWelshCircling Sea
Rowan MyraGreek, ArabicSweet
Rowan NadiaSlavic, RussianHope
Rowan NaomiHebrewPleasant
Rowan NataliaLatinChristmas
Rowan NatalieLatinChristmas
Rowan NatashaRussianChristmas
Rowan NayaHebrewBeautiful
Rowan NellEnglishBright
Rowan NellaLatinShining
Rowan NevaehEnglishHeaven (spelled backwards)
Rowan NiaWelshBright
Rowan NicoleFrenchVictory of the People
Rowan NicoletteFrenchVictorious
Rowan NinaSpanish, HebrewLittle Girl, Grace
Rowan NoelleFrenchChristmas
Rowan NoraIrishHonor
Rowan NorahIrishHonor
Rowan NovaLatinNew
Rowan OctaviaLatinEighth
Rowan OdetteFrenchWealth
Rowan OliveEnglishOlive Tree
Rowan OliviaLatinOlive Tree
Rowan OpheliaGreekHelper
Rowan PaigeEnglishAttendant
Rowan PaisleyScottishPatterned Fabric
Rowan PalomaSpanishDove
Rowan PamelaGreekAll Honey
Rowan PandoraGreekAll-Giving
Rowan PatienceEnglishPatience
Rowan PatriciaLatinNoble
Rowan PearlEnglishPearl
Rowan PenelopeGreekWeaver
Rowan PerlaSpanishPearl
Rowan PeytonEnglishPea
Rowan PhoebeGreekBright, Pure
Rowan PiperEnglishFlute Player
Rowan PoppyEnglishPoppy
Rowan PrimroseEnglishFirst Rose
Rowan PriscillaLatinAncient
Rowan QuinnIrishDescendant
Rowan RachelHebrewEwe
Rowan RaeganIrishLittle Ruler
Rowan RainaSanskritNight, Peace
Rowan RaineEnglishQueen
Rowan RamonaSpanishWise Protector
Rowan RavenEnglishBlackbird
Rowan RebeccaHebrewCaptivating
Rowan ReeseWelshEnthusiasm
Rowan ReginaLatinQueen
Rowan RenataLatinReborn
Rowan ReneeFrenchReborn
Rowan RheaGreekFlowing Stream
Rowan RhiannonWelshDivine Queen
Rowan RiannaIrishLittle King
Rowan RileyIrishCourageous
Rowan RitaSpanishPearl
Rowan RiverEnglishRiver
Rowan RomyLatinRosemary
Rowan RosalieFrenchRose
Rowan RosalindGermanBeautiful Horse
Rowan RoseEnglishRose
Rowan RoselynEnglishBeautiful Rose
Rowan RosemaryEnglishRose and Mary
Rowan RosieEnglishRose
Rowan RowenaCelticWhite Mane
Rowan RoxannePersianDawn
Rowan RubyEnglishRuby
Rowan RuthHebrewCompanion
Rowan SabrinaCelticFrom the Border
Rowan SadieHebrewPrincess
Rowan SageEnglishWise
Rowan SalomeHebrewPeace
Rowan SamanthaHebrewListener
Rowan SamaraHebrewUnder God’s Rule
Rowan SamiraArabicPleasant
Rowan SandraGreekDefender of Mankind
Rowan SandyGreekDefending Men
Rowan SaraHebrewPrincess
Rowan SavannahEnglishTree-filled plain
Rowan ScarlettEnglishRed
Rowan SelenaGreekMoon
Rowan SeraphinaHebrewFiery
Rowan SerenaLatinTranquil
Rowan SerenityEnglishPeace
Rowan ShannonGaelicWise River
Rowan SheilaIrishBlind
Rowan SiennaItalianOrange-Red
Rowan SierraSpanishMountain Range
Rowan SimoneHebrewHeard
Rowan SkyeScottishCloud
Rowan SloaneIrishWarrior
Rowan SophiaGreekWisdom
Rowan SophieGreekWisdom
Rowan StellaLatinStar
Rowan StephanieGreekCrowned
Rowan SummerEnglishSummer
Rowan SunnyEnglishSunshine
Rowan SusanHebrewLily
Rowan SydneyEnglishWide Island
Rowan SylviaLatinForest
Rowan TabithaAramaicGazelle
Rowan TahliaHebrewMorning Dew
Rowan TaliaHebrewDew from Heaven
Rowan TessaGreekHarvester
Rowan ThaliaGreekBlossoming
Rowan TheaGreekGoddess
Rowan TheresaGreekHarvester
Rowan TiffanyGreekManifestation
Rowan TrinityLatinThree
Rowan ValentinaLatinStrength
Rowan ValerieLatinStrong
Rowan VanessaGreekButterfly
Rowan VeraRussianFaith
Rowan VerityLatinTruth
Rowan VeronicaLatinTrue Image
Rowan VictoriaLatinVictory
Rowan ViennaLatinFrom Wine Country
Rowan VioletEnglishPurple Flower
Rowan VirginiaLatinMaiden
Rowan VivianLatinLively
Rowan VivienneFrenchFull of Life
Rowan WillowEnglishGraceful
Rowan WinterEnglishWinter
Rowan WrenEnglishSmall Bird
Rowan XantheGreekYellow
Rowan YaraArabicSmall Butterfly
Rowan YasminPersianJasmine
Rowan YvetteFrenchYew Tree
Rowan YvonneFrenchYew Tree
Rowan ZaraHebrewBlossom
Rowan ZariaHebrewPrincess
Rowan ZeldaGermanGray Haired
Rowan ZephyrGreekWest Wind
Rowan ZoeGreekLife
Rowan ZoeyGreekLife
Rowan ZuriSwahiliBeautiful

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Middle Names for Rowan (Boy)

If you’ve chosen to name your son Rowan, you might be looking for a middle name that complements his first name’s unique and strong sound.

Here’s a list of middle name ideas for boys named Rowan:

Middle NameOriginTranslation
Rowan AaronHebrewEnlightened
Rowan AbelHebrewBreath
Rowan AbramHebrewExalted Father
Rowan AdrianLatinFrom Hadria
Rowan AidenIrishLittle Fire
Rowan AlexanderGreekDefender of Mankind
Rowan AllanGaelicHarmony
Rowan AllenCelticHarmony
Rowan AlonsoSpanishEager for Battle
Rowan AlonzoSpanishEager for Battle
Rowan AmosHebrewBurdened
Rowan AndreFrenchManly
Rowan AnthonyLatinPriceless One
Rowan ArcherLatinPriceless
Rowan AriEnglishBowman
Rowan ArmandHebrewLion
Rowan ArthurFrenchArmy Man
Rowan AsherCelticBear Man
Rowan AshtonCelticBear
Rowan AtticusHebrewHappy or Blessed
Rowan AugustHebrewHappy, Blessed
Rowan AustinEnglishAsh Tree Town
Rowan AveryGreekMan of Attica
Rowan AxelLatinGreat
Rowan BaldwinEnglishMajestic
Rowan BarrettEnglishElf Ruler
Rowan BeckettHebrewFather is Peace
Rowan BenjaminScandinavianFather of Peace
Rowan BennettEnglishBold Friend
Rowan BentleyIrishBear Strength
Rowan BlakeEnglishBee Cottage
Rowan BodhiHebrewSon of the Right Hand
Rowan BradleyEnglishLittle Blessed One
Rowan BrandonEnglishClearing with Bent Grass
Rowan BraydenEnglishPale Blond One
Rowan BrennanEnglishFair-haired
Rowan BrianSanskritAwakening
Rowan BriceEnglishBroad Clearing
Rowan BrodyEnglishBroad Meadow
Rowan BryceEnglishBeacon Hill
Rowan CadenEnglishBroad Valley
Rowan CalebIrishLittle Raven
Rowan CalvinIrishNoble
Rowan CamdenWelshSpeckled
Rowan CameronIrishDescendant of Bródaigh
Rowan CarlCelticQuick
Rowan CarlosIrishSpirit of Battle
Rowan CarsonHebrewWhole-Hearted
Rowan CarterHebrewFaithful
Rowan CaseyLatinBald
Rowan CharlesScottishWinding Valley
Rowan ChaseScottishCrooked Nose
Rowan ChristianScottishBent Nose
Rowan ChristopherGermanicFree Man
Rowan CodySpanishFree Man
Rowan ColeScottishSon of the Marsh-dwellers
Rowan ColinScottishSon of Carr
Rowan ColtonEnglishCart Driver
Rowan ConnorIrishObservant
Rowan CooperGermanicFree Man
Rowan CormacEnglishHunter
Rowan CraigLatinFollower of Christ
Rowan CristianGreekChrist-Bearer
Rowan CurtisIrishDescendant of the Helpful One
Rowan CyrusEnglishVictory of the People
Rowan DamianScottishYoung Creature
Rowan DamienScottishYoung Victor
Rowan DamonEnglishCoal Town
Rowan DanielIrishLover of Hounds
Rowan DariusEnglishBarrel Maker
Rowan DavidIrishCharioteer
Rowan DawsonIrishChariot Son
Rowan DeclanScottishCrag
Rowan DennisSpanishFollower of Christ
Rowan DerekEnglishCourteous
Rowan DesmondPersianSun
Rowan DevinGreekTo Tame
Rowan DexterGreekTo Tame
Rowan DominicGreekTo Tame
Rowan DonovanHebrewGod is my Judge
Rowan DouglasPersianWealthy
Rowan DrakeHebrewBeloved
Rowan DylanEnglishSon of David
Rowan EdgarIrishFull of Goodness
Rowan EdmundEnglishGod of Wine
Rowan EdwardGermanicRuler of the People
Rowan EliIrishGracious
Rowan EliasIrishPoet
Rowan ElijahLatinSkillful
Rowan ElliotIrishDark Brown
Rowan EliottIrishDark Warrior
Rowan EllisScottishDark Stream
Rowan EmanuelEnglishDragon
Rowan EmersonWelshSon of the Sea
Rowan EmilEnglishRich Spear
Rowan EmmanuelEnglishProsperous Spear
Rowan EmmettEnglishProsperous Protector
Rowan EnzoEnglishGuardian of Prosperity
Rowan EricEnglishWealthy Guardian
Rowan ErnestHebrewAscended
Rowan EthanHebrewJehovah is God
Rowan EvanHebrewMy God is Yahweh
Rowan EverettHebrewMy God is the Lord
Rowan EzekielEnglishThe Lord is My God
Rowan EzraEnglishJehovah is God
Rowan FabianWelshKind
Rowan FelixHebrewGod is with us
Rowan FernandoEnglishBrave, Powerful
Rowan FinnGermanicRival
Rowan FletcherHebrewGod is with us
Rowan FlynnEnglishIndustrious
Rowan FosterItalianHome Ruler
Rowan FrancisNorseEver Ruler
Rowan FranklinScandinavianEternal Ruler
Rowan GabrielGermanicSerious
Rowan GaelHebrewStrong
Rowan GarrettHebrewStrong, Firm
Rowan GavinWelshGod is Gracious
Rowan GeorgeEnglishWild Boar
Rowan GeraldEnglishBrave as a Boar
Rowan GilbertHebrewGod Strengthens
Rowan GiovanniHebrewGod will Strengthen
Rowan GrahamHebrewHelper, Helper
Rowan GrantLatinBean Grower
Rowan GregoryLatinHappy
Rowan GreysonLatinHappy, Fortunate
Rowan GriffinSpanishBrave Journey
Rowan HamiltonSpanishAdventurous
Rowan HarrisonIrishFair
Rowan HarveyEnglishArrow Maker
Rowan HaydenIrishDescendant of Flann
Rowan HayesIrishDescendant of the Red-Haired One
Rowan HectorEnglishForest Guardian
Rowan HenryLatinFree
Rowan HoldenLatinFree Man
Rowan HoraceEnglishFree Landowner
Rowan HowardEnglishFree Man
Rowan HudsonHebrewGod is my Strength
Rowan HugoCelticStranger
Rowan HunterEnglishSpear Strength
Rowan IanScottishWhite Hawk
Rowan IgnatiusGreekFarmer
Rowan IsaacGermanicSpear Ruler
Rowan IsaiahGermanicBright Pledge
Rowan IvanItalianGod is Gracious
Rowan JaceScottishGravelly Homestead
Rowan JackScottishGravelly Place
Rowan JacksonScottishTall
Rowan JacobScottishGreat
Rowan JadenGreekWatchful
Rowan JakeGreekVigilant
Rowan JamesEnglishSon of the Steward
Rowan JamieEnglishSon of the Gray-haired One
Rowan JaredWelshLord
Rowan JasonWelshStrong Lord
Rowan JasperScottishBeautiful Mountain
Rowan JaydenScottishCrooked Hill
Rowan JeffreyEnglishSon of Harry
Rowan JeremiahFrenchBattle Worthy
Rowan JeremyEnglishFire
Rowan JesseIrishDescendant of the Vigilant One
Rowan JoelGreekHolding Fast
Rowan JohnGermanicRuler of the Home
Rowan JonahGermanicRuler of the Household
Rowan JonathanEnglishDeep Valley
Rowan JordanLatinTimekeeper
Rowan JosephGermanicBrave Heart
Rowan JoshuaEnglishHugh’s Son
Rowan JosiahEnglishSon of Hudd
Rowan JuanGermanicMind, Spirit
Rowan JudeEnglishHunter
Rowan JulianScottishGod is Gracious
Rowan JuliusLatinFiery
Rowan JustinLatinFiery, Ardent
Rowan KadenHebrewHe will Laugh
Rowan KaiHebrewLaughter
Rowan KalebHebrewSalvation of God
Rowan KaneHebrewGod is Salvation
Rowan KarlSlavicGracious Gift
Rowan KeeganEnglishHealer
Rowan KeithEnglishGod is Gracious
Rowan KendrickEnglishSon of Jack
Rowan KennethHebrewSupplanter
Rowan KevinHebrewGod has Heard
Rowan KieranHebrewSupplanter
Rowan KillianHebrewSupplanter
Rowan KingstonHebrewSupplanter
Rowan KnoxHebrewDescending
Rowan KyleHebrewDescent
Rowan LachlanGreekHealer
Rowan LancePersianTreasurer
Rowan LandonHebrewThankful
Rowan LawrenceHebrewGod has Heard
Rowan LawsonGermanicDivinely Peaceful
Rowan LeeGermanicPeaceful Ruler
Rowan LeoHebrewGod will Uplift
Rowan LeonardHebrewGod will Exalt
Rowan LeviHebrewGod will Uplift
Rowan LewisHebrewGift
Rowan LiamHebrewGod is Willing
Rowan LincolnHebrewGod is Gracious
Rowan LionelHebrewDove
Rowan LoganHebrewGod has Given
Rowan LouisHebrewTo Flow Down
Rowan LucaHebrewDescend
Rowan LucasHebrewGod will Add
Rowan LuisHebrewGod will Increase
Rowan LukeHebrewGod is Salvation
Rowan LutherHebrewGod is My Salvation
Rowan LyleHebrewGod will Save
Rowan MaddoxHebrewGod Supports
Rowan MagnusSpanishGod is Gracious
Rowan MalachiHebrewPraised
Rowan MalcolmLatinYouthful
Rowan MarcusLatinYouthful
Rowan MarioLatinJust
Rowan MarkArabicFriend
Rowan MarshallArabicCompanion
Rowan MartinHawaiianOcean
Rowan MasonHebrewWhole-Hearted
Rowan MateoHebrewWholehearted
Rowan MatthewIrishTribute
Rowan MatthiasGermanicFree Man
Rowan MaxIrishSmall Flame
Rowan MaximilianIrishSmall, Fiery One
Rowan MaxwellScottishWood
Rowan MicahScottishWood, Forest
Rowan MichaelScottishBold Ruler
Rowan MiguelScottishHandsome
Rowan MilesIrishHandsome
Rowan MiloIrishLittle Dark One
Rowan MiltonIrishStrife
Rowan MitchellIrishStrife, Battle
Rowan NathanielEnglishKing’s Town
Rowan NeilScottishHill
Rowan NelsonScottishRound Hill
Rowan NicholasScottishNarrow Channel
Rowan NicoScottishNarrow Strait
Rowan NoahScottishLand of Lakes
Rowan NolanGermanicLand
Rowan OliverEnglishLong Hill
Rowan OmarLatinLaurel-Crowned
Rowan OscarLatinLaurel
Rowan OwenScottishSon of Lawrence
Rowan ParkerEnglishClearing
Rowan PatrickLatinLion
Rowan PaulGermanicBrave Lion
Rowan PaxtonHebrewJoined or Attached
Rowan PeterWelshFame, Renown
Rowan PhilipIrishStrong-Willed Warrior
Rowan PierceEnglishLake Colony
Rowan PrestonLatinYoung Lion
Rowan QuentinScottishLittle Hollow
Rowan QuinnFrenchFamous Warrior
Rowan RafaelGermanicRenowned Warrior
Rowan RalphItalianBringer of Light
Rowan RamseyLatinBringer of Light
Rowan RaphaelSpanishFamous Warrior
Rowan RaymondGreekLight
Rowan ReeseGermanicFamous Warrior
Rowan ReidScottishIsland
Rowan RemingtonWelshBenefactor
Rowan ReneWelshSon of Madoc
Rowan RhysLatinGreat
Rowan RichardScandinavianGreat
Rowan RileyHebrewMessenger
Rowan RiverScottishDisciple of Saint Columba
Rowan RobertLatinWarlike
Rowan RobinItalianManly
Rowan RoccoLatinWarlike
Rowan RodneyEnglishHorse Keeper
Rowan RodrigoLatinWarlike
Rowan RogerEnglishStone Worker
Rowan RolandSpanishGift of God
Rowan RomanHebrewGift of God
Rowan RonaldHebrewGift of God
Rowan RoryLatinGreatest
Rowan RoscoeLatinGreatest
Rowan RoyScottishGreat Stream
Rowan RubenHebrewWho is Like God
Rowan RussellHebrewWho is Like God?
Rowan RyanHebrewWho is Like God
Rowan RyderSpanishWho is Like God?
Rowan SamuelSpanishWho is Like God
Rowan SantiagoLatinSoldier
Rowan SaulGermanicMerciful
Rowan SawyerEnglishSettlement with a Mill
Rowan ScottEnglishBig Like a Mountain
Rowan SebastianHebrewGift of God
Rowan SethHebrewGod has Given
Rowan ShaneIrishChampion
Rowan ShannonEnglishSon of Neil
Rowan ShaunGreekVictorious People
Rowan SheaGreekVictory of the People
Rowan SidneyGreekVictory of the People
Rowan SilasHebrewRest
Rowan SimonHebrewRest, Peace
Rowan SpencerIrishNoble
Rowan StanleyIrishDescendant of Nuallán
Rowan StefanLatinOlive Tree
Rowan StephenArabicLong-Lived
Rowan SterlingGaelicFriend of Deer
Rowan StevenGaelicDeer Friend
Rowan SullivanWelshYoung Warrior
Rowan TadhgEnglishPark Keeper
Rowan TannerLatinNobleman
Rowan TateLatinSmall
Rowan TaylorEnglishPeaceful Town
Rowan TheodoreGreekRock
Rowan ThomasGreekStone
Rowan TimothyGreekLover of Horses
Rowan TobyEnglishRock
Rowan TomEnglishPriest’s Town
Rowan TonyLatinFifth
Rowan TristanIrishWisdom
Rowan TuckerHebrewGod has Healed
Rowan TylerEnglishWolf-Counsel
Rowan TyroneScottishWild Garlic
Rowan UlrichHebrewGod has Healed
Rowan UriahGermanicWise Protector
Rowan ValentinWelshFiery
Rowan ValentinoScottishRed
Rowan VanceScottishRed-headed
Rowan VaughnEnglishSettlement on a Rough Hill
Rowan VictorEnglishRaven Town
Rowan VincentFrenchReborn
Rowan VincenzoWelshEnthusiasm
Rowan VladimirGermanicBrave Power
Rowan WadeGermanicBrave Ruler
Rowan WalkerIrishValiant
Rowan WalterEnglishRiver
Rowan WarrenGermanicBright Fame
Rowan WayneEnglishBright Fame
Rowan WesleyGermanicRest
Rowan WestinGermanicFamous Spear
Rowan WilfredSpanishFamous Ruler
Rowan WilliamGermanicFamous Spear
Rowan WilsonGermanicFamous Land
Rowan WinstonLatinOf Rome
Rowan WyattNorseRuler’s Counsel
Rowan XanderIrishRed King
Rowan XavierNorseDeer Forest
Rowan YaelScottishRed
Rowan YahirHebrewBehold, a Son
Rowan YasirFrenchRed-Haired
Rowan YosefFrenchLittle Red
Rowan ZachariahIrishLittle King
Rowan ZacharyEnglishMounted Warrior
Rowan ZackEnglishHorseman
Rowan ZaidenHebrewHeard by God
Rowan ZanderSpanishSaint James
Rowan ZaneHebrewAsked For
Rowan ZaynEnglishWoodcutter
Rowan ZechariahScottishFrom Scotland
Rowan ZephyrScottishWanderer
Rowan ZeusGreekVenerable
Rowan ZevHebrewAppointed
Rowan ZurielIrishGod is Gracious

Rowan Name Popularity

The name Rowan has been growing in popularity over the years. In the United States, it first entered the top 1000 names for boys in 2000 and for girls in 2003.

In 2021, Rowan was ranked #106 for boys and #241 for girls. 

Male Nickname Ideas for Rowan

If you’re looking for a cute or cool nickname for your son named Rowan, here are some ideas:

  1. Ro
  2. Row
  3. Roro
  4. Rownie
  5. Rowdy
  6. Ron
  7. Ronnie
  8. Roon
  9. Roonie
  10. Rown
  11. Rojo
  12. Rowlie
  13. Rowlan
  14. Rowlie
  15. Rowaner
  16. Rowanster
  17. Rowanator
  18. Row-man
  19. Rowlad
  20. Rowlyn

Female Nickname Ideas for Rowan

If you’re looking for a cute or cool nickname for your daughter named Rowan, here are some ideas:

  1. Ro
  2. Row
  3. Roro
  4. Rownie
  5. Rowdy
  6. Roni
  7. Ronnie
  8. Roon
  9. Roonie
  10. Rown
  11. Rojo
  12. Rowlie
  13. Rowlan
  14. Rowlie
  15. Rowaner
  16. Rowanster
  17. Rowanator
  18. Row-woman
  19. Rowlad
  20. Rowlyn


Choosing the perfect middle name for your child is an important decision. It can be challenging to find a name that complements your child’s first name while making just as big a statement on its own.

We hope this list of middle name ideas for Rowan has helped inspire you in your search.

Remember to choose a name that feels right for you and your family, and enjoy the process of naming your little one!


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