425 Unique Middle Names for Hazel

middle name nickname ideas for Hazel

If you have already decided on Hazel as your child’s first name, congratulations on choosing a name that exudes warmth, beauty, and tranquility.

Now, it’s time to select a middle name for Hazel that complements and adds depth to your little one’s identity.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the best middle names for Hazel.

We’ve scoured the depths of the internet to find unique, charming, and captivating names that will take your child’s name to the next level.

Whether you’re looking for a classic, modern, or unconventional name, our list of the best middle names for Hazel has something for everyone.

Let’s explore the possibilities!

Hazel Name Meaning & History

Hazel is of English origin and derived from the Old English word “haesel,” which means “hazel tree.”

The hazelnut was highly valued in ancient times, and the name Hazel was popularized by the Old English poem “Beowulf,” where it was used to refer to the hazel tree.

In the Middle Ages, the name Hazel was often given to children born in the spring, as the hazel tree was seen as a symbol of new beginnings and fertility.

In addition to its English roots, the name Hazel has also been used in other cultures. In Ireland, Hazel was used as a nickname for girls with light brown hair, while in Greek mythology, the nymph Corylus was turned into a hazel tree.

The name Hazel has a rich history and symbolism, making it a popular choice for parents today.

Middle Name Ideas for Hazel

Choosing a middle name for Hazel can be difficult, but we have compiled a list of unique middle name ideas to help inspire you.

Whether you are looking for a classic, traditional name or something more modern and unique, there is something on this list for everyone.

Full NameOriginTranslation
Hazel AbigailHebrewMy father is joyful
Hazel AdalynGermanicNoble
Hazel AddisonEnglishSon of Adam
Hazel AdelineGermanNoble
Hazel AdrianaLatinWoman from Hadria
Hazel AileenGaelicBright, shining light
Hazel AlexandraGreekDefender of mankind
Hazel AliceGermanicNoble, kind
Hazel AlisonGermanicNoble, exalted
Hazel AllegraItalianJoyful, lively
Hazel AlyssaGreekRational, logical
Hazel AmaraArabicEternal, unfading
Hazel AmandaLatinWorthy of love
Hazel AmeliaGermanicIndustrious, striving
Hazel AnastasiaGreekResurrection
Hazel AndreaGreekManly, courageous
Hazel AngelinaGreekAngel, messenger
Hazel AnnabelleEnglishGraceful, beautiful
Hazel AnneHebrewFavor, grace
Hazel AnnetteFrenchGrace, favor
Hazel ArabellaLatinLovely, beautiful
Hazel ArianaItalianChaste, pure
Hazel ArielHebrewLion of God
Hazel ArleneIrishOath
Hazel AshlynIrishDream
Hazel AspenEnglishTree name
Hazel AthenaGreekGoddess of wisdom and warfare
Hazel AudreyEnglishNoble strength
Hazel AuroraLatinDawn
Hazel AutumnEnglishSeason name
Hazel AvaGermanicBird
Hazel AvelineFrenchHazelnut
Hazel AveryEnglishRuler of the elves
Hazel BeatriceLatinBringer of joy
Hazel BeatrixLatinVoyager, traveler
Hazel BelleFrenchBeautiful
Hazel BernadetteGermanicBold as a bear
Hazel BethanyHebrewHouse of figs
Hazel BiancaItalianWhite
Hazel BlaireScottishPlain, field
Hazel BlakeEnglishBlack, dark
Hazel BlakeleyEnglishDark meadow
Hazel BlytheEnglishJoyful, cheerful
Hazel BrandyEnglishWarm, comforting
Hazel BreannaIrishStrong, virtuous
Hazel BreeIrishStrength
Hazel BrendaOld NorseSword
Hazel BrianaIrishNoble, virtuous
Hazel BriarEnglishThorny bush
Hazel BridgetIrishStrong, spirited
Hazel BrinleyEnglishBurnt meadow
Hazel BrooklynEnglishWater, stream
Hazel BrynnWelshHill
Hazel CadenceLatinRhythm, harmony
Hazel CaitlinIrishPure
Hazel CalistaGreekMost beautiful
Hazel CallaGreekBeautiful
Hazel CamilleLatinYoung ceremonial attendant
Hazel CandaceGreekQueen mother
Hazel CapriceFrenchWhimsical, impulsive
Hazel CaraLatinDear, beloved
Hazel CarinaItalianBeloved
Hazel CarmenSpanishSong
Hazel CarolineFrenchFree man
Hazel CassandraGreekProphetess
Hazel CassidyIrishCurly-haired
Hazel CatalinaSpanishPure
Hazel CatherineGreekPure
Hazel CeciliaLatinBlind
Hazel CelesteLatinHeavenly
Hazel CeliaLatinHeavenly
Hazel CharlotteFrenchFree man
Hazel ChelseaEnglishPort, landing place
Hazel CheriseFrenchCherry
Hazel CheyenneNative AmericanUnintelligible speakers
Hazel ChloeGreekBlooming
Hazel ChristaGreekAnointed
Hazel ChristineGreekAnointed
Hazel ClaraLatinBright, clear
Hazel ClareLatinBright, clear
Hazel ClarissaLatinBright, clear
Hazel ClaudiaLatinLame
Hazel ClementineLatinMerciful
Hazel ColetteFrenchVictorious
Hazel ColleenIrishGirl
Hazel ConstanceLatinConstant, steadfast
Hazel CordeliaLatinHeart
Hazel CorinneFrenchMaiden
Hazel CourtneyFrenchShort nose
Hazel CrystalEnglishClear, brilliant
Hazel CynthiaGreekMoon
Hazel DahliaSwedishValley
Hazel DaisyEnglishFlower name
Hazel DakotaNative AmericanFriend
Hazel DaleEnglishValley
Hazel DallasScottishMeadow dwelling
Hazel DanaEnglishFrom Denmark
Hazel DanicaSlavicMorning star
Hazel DanielaHebrewGod is my judge
Hazel DanielleHebrewGod is my judge
Hazel DaphneGreekLaurel tree
Hazel DarleneEnglishDear, beloved
Hazel DavinaScottishBeloved
Hazel DawnEnglishDaybreak
Hazel DaynaEnglishFrom Denmark
Hazel DeannaLatinDivine
Hazel DeborahHebrewBee
Hazel DelaneyIrishCompetitor’s child
Hazel DelilahHebrewDelicate
Hazel DeniseFrenchGod of wine
Hazel DesireeFrenchDesired
Hazel DestinyEnglishCertain fortune
Hazel DevynIrishPoet, bard
Hazel DianaLatinDivine
Hazel DianeFrenchDivine
Hazel DinaHebrewJudged
Hazel DixieEnglishTenth
Hazel DominiqueFrenchOf the Lord
Hazel DonnaItalianLady
Hazel DoraGreekGift
Hazel DorothyGreekGift of God
Hazel DrewEnglishManly
Hazel DulceSpanishSweet
Hazel EileenGaelicBright, shining light
Hazel ElaineFrenchBright, shining light
Hazel EleanorGreekBright, shining light
Hazel ElenaGreekBright, shining light
Hazel EliseFrenchGod is my oath
Hazel ElizaHebrewGod is my oath
Hazel ElizabethHebrewGod is my oath
Hazel EllaGermanAll, completely
Hazel ElleFrenchShe
Hazel EllenGreekLight, torch
Hazel EllieHebrewGod is my light
Hazel EloiseFrenchFamous in war
Hazel ElsieHebrewGod is my oath
Hazel EmeliaGermanicIndustrious, striving
Hazel EmeryGermanicIndustrious, striving
Hazel EmiliaLatinRival, challenger
Hazel EmilyLatinRival, challenger
Hazel EmmaGermanicWhole, universal
Hazel EmmalynGermanicWork
Hazel EmmelineGermanicWork
Hazel EnidWelshSoul, life
Hazel EricaOld NorseEternal ruler
Hazel ErinIrishIreland
Hazel EsmeraldaSpanishEmerald
Hazel EstelleFrenchStar
Hazel EstherPersianStar
Hazel EttaGermanicRuler of the household
Hazel EugenieGreekWell-born
Hazel EvaHebrewLife, living one
Hazel EveHebrewLife, living one
Hazel EvelynEnglishDesired, wished for
Hazel EvieHebrewLife, living one
Hazel FaithEnglishFidelity, belief
Hazel FallonIrishLeader
Hazel FayeEnglishFairy
Hazel FelicityLatinHappiness
Hazel FernEnglishPlant name
Hazel FionaScottishWhite, fair
Hazel FloraLatinFlower
Hazel FlorenceLatinFlourishing, prosperous
Hazel FrancesLatinFrom France
Hazel FrancineFrenchFrom France
Hazel FreyaOld NorseLady
Hazel GabriellaHebrewGod is my strength
Hazel GabrielleHebrewGod is my strength
Hazel GailHebrewFather’s joy
Hazel GwendolynWelshWhite ring
Hazel HadleyOld EnglishHeathery meadow
Hazel HaileyOld EnglishHay meadow
Hazel HannahHebrewFavor, grace
Hazel HarperEnglishHarp player
Hazel HarrietGermanicRuler of the home
Hazel HavenEnglishSafe place
Hazel HayleyOld EnglishHay meadow
Hazel HeatherEnglishPlant name
Hazel HeidiGermanicNoble
Hazel HelenGreekLight, torch
Hazel HelenaGreekLight, torch
Hazel HeleneGreekLight, torch
Hazel HenriettaGermanicRuler of the home
Hazel HeraGreekGoddess of marriage
Hazel HermioneGreekMessenger
Hazel HesterPersianStar
Hazel HildaGermanicBattle
Hazel HollyEnglishPlant name
Hazel HonorLatinHonorable
Hazel HopeEnglishExpectation, belief
Hazel IdaGermanicHardworking
Hazel ImogenCelticMaiden
Hazel IndiaEnglishCountry name
Hazel IndigoEnglishColor name
Hazel IngridNorseBeautiful, beloved
Hazel IreneGreekPeace
Hazel IrisGreekRainbow
Hazel IsabellaHebrewGod is my oath
Hazel IsabelleHebrewGod is my oath
Hazel IslaScottishIsland
Hazel IvyEnglishPlant name
Hazel JacintaSpanishHyacinth
Hazel JacklynHebrewSupplanter
Hazel JadeSpanishPrecious stone
Hazel JaimeHebrewSupplanter
Hazel JamieHebrewSupplanter
Hazel JaneHebrewGod is gracious
Hazel JanessaHebrewGod is gracious
Hazel JanelleHebrewGod is gracious
Hazel JasminePersianJasmine flower
Hazel JaydaEnglishPrecious stone
Hazel JeanHebrewGod is gracious
Hazel JeanetteHebrewGod is gracious
Hazel JemmaHebrewSupplanter
Hazel JennaArabicParadise
Hazel JenniferWelshFair, smooth
Hazel JessicaHebrewGod beholds
Hazel JewelEnglishPrecious stone
Hazel JillianLatinYouthful
Hazel JoanneHebrewGod is gracious
Hazel JocelynGermanicGaut
Hazel JodieHebrewGod is gracious
Hazel JohannaHebrewGod is gracious
Hazel JosephineHebrewGod will add
Hazel JoyEnglishHappiness, delight
Hazel JoyceLatinRejoice
Hazel JudithHebrewPraised
Hazel JuliaLatinYouthful
Hazel JulianneLatinYouthful
Hazel JulieFrenchYouthful
Hazel JulietFrenchYouthful
Hazel JuniperLatinEvergreen shrub
Hazel JustineLatinJust, fair
Hazel KaitlynIrishPure
Hazel KaleighIrishWarrior
Hazel KarenDanishPure
Hazel KarinaGreekPure
Hazel KateGreekPure
Hazel KatherineGreekPure
Hazel KathleenIrishPure
Hazel KathrynGreekPure
Hazel KatieGreekPure
Hazel KaylaArabicWise child
Hazel KeiraIrishDark-haired
Hazel KellyIrishBright-headed
Hazel KendallEnglishValley of the River Kent
Hazel KennedyIrishHelmeted chief
Hazel KenzieScottishFair one
Hazel KimberlyEnglishCyneburg’s field
Hazel KirstenDanishAnointed
Hazel KristenDanishAnointed
Hazel KylieAustralian AboriginalBoomerang
Hazel LaceyEnglishCheerful, lively
Hazel LailaArabicNight
Hazel LanaHawaiianCalm as still waters
Hazel LarkEnglishBird name
Hazel LauraLatinLaurel
Hazel LaurenLatinLaurel
Hazel LaylaArabicNight
Hazel LeahHebrewWeary
Hazel LeilaArabicNight
Hazel LenaGreekLight, torch
Hazel LeonaLatinLioness
Hazel LeslieScottishGarden of holly
Hazel LexiGreekDefender of mankind
Hazel LiaGreekBearer of good news
Hazel LilaArabicNight
Hazel LilyEnglishFlower name
Hazel LindaSpanishPretty
Hazel LindseyScottishPool on an island
Hazel LisaHebrewGod is my oath
Hazel LiviaLatinBlue
Hazel LizbethHebrewGod is my oath
Hazel LorettaItalianLaurel
Hazel LouisaGermanicRenowned warrior
Hazel LouiseGermanicRenowned warrior
Hazel LuciaLatinLight
Hazel LucilleFrenchLight
Hazel LucyEnglishLight
Hazel LunaSpanishMoon
Hazel LydiaGreekWoman from Lydia
Hazel LylaArabicNight
Hazel LynnWelshLake
Hazel MadelineHebrewWoman from Magdala
Hazel MadelynHebrewWoman from Magdala
Hazel MadisonEnglishSon of Maude
Hazel MaeEnglishMonth of May
Hazel MaeveIrishIntoxicating
Hazel MaggieEnglishPearl
Hazel MakenzieScottishFair one
Hazel MalloryFrenchUnlucky
Hazel MaraHebrewBitter
Hazel MargaretGreekPearl
Hazel MargotGreekPearl
Hazel MariaLatinSea of bitterness
Hazel MarianaLatinBitter
Hazel MaribelHebrewBitter
Hazel MarissaLatinOf the sea
Hazel MarleneGermanicLittle Marcus
Hazel MarthaAramaicLady
Hazel MaryHebrewBitter
Hazel MatildaGermanicMighty in battle
Hazel MaureenIrishGreat
Hazel MaxineLatinGreatest
Hazel MayaHebrewWater
Hazel MckennaIrishSon of Cionaodh
Hazel MeganWelshPearl
Hazel MelindaGreekHoney
Hazel MelodyGreekSong
Hazel MeredithWelshGreat lord
Hazel MiaItalianMine
Hazel MichaelaHebrewWho is like God?
Hazel MichelleHebrewWho is like God?
Hazel MilaSlavicGracious
Hazel MildredOld EnglishGentle strength
Hazel MillieGermanicStrength
Hazel MiraLatinWonderful
Hazel MirandaLatinAdmirable
Hazel MollyHebrewBitter
Hazel MorganWelshSea circle
Hazel MyaArabicGreat
Hazel MyraGreekFragrant
Hazel NancyHebrewGrace
Hazel NaomiHebrewPleasantness
Hazel NataliaLatinChristmas Day
Hazel NatalieLatinChristmas Day
Hazel NatashaRussianChristmas Day
Hazel NathalieLatinChristmas Day
Hazel NevaehEnglishHeaven
Hazel NiaWelshBrightness
Hazel NicoleGreekVictory of the people
Hazel NinaSpanishLittle girl
Hazel NoelleFrenchChristmas
Hazel NoraLatinHonor
Hazel NorahLatinHonor
Hazel NovaLatinNew
Hazel OpheliaGreekHelp
Hazel PaigeEnglishYoung servant
Hazel PaisleyScottishChurch
Hazel PamelaGreekHoney
Hazel ParisGreekWallet
Hazel PatriciaLatinNoble
Hazel PaulinaLatinSmall
Hazel PaytonEnglishVillage of Peagmund
Hazel PearlEnglishPearl
Hazel PenelopeGreekWeaver
Hazel PennyGreekWeaver
Hazel PeytonEnglishVillage of Peagmund
Hazel PhoebeGreekBright, radiant
Hazel PiperEnglishFlute player
Hazel PoppyLatinFlower name
Hazel PriscillaLatinAncient
Hazel QuinnIrishWisdom, reason
Hazel RachelHebrewEwe
Hazel RaeganIrishLittle ruler
Hazel ReaganIrishLittle ruler
Hazel RebeccaHebrewTo bind
Hazel ReeseWelshArdent, fiery
Hazel ReginaLatinQueen
Hazel RemyFrenchOarsman
Hazel ReneeFrenchReborn
Hazel ReynaSpanishQueen
Hazel RileyEnglishRye clearing
Hazel RiverEnglishBody of water
Hazel RobinEnglishBright, famous
Hazel RochelleFrenchLittle rock
Hazel RosaLatinRose
Hazel RosalieFrenchRose
Hazel RoseLatinRose
Hazel RosemaryLatinDew of the sea
Hazel RowanGaelicLittle red one
Hazel RubyEnglishRed gemstone
Hazel RuthHebrewCompanion
Hazel SabrinaCelticRiver Severn
Hazel SadieHebrewPrincess
Hazel SamanthaHebrewListener
Hazel SandraGreekDefender of man
Hazel SaraHebrewPrincess
Hazel SarahHebrewPrincess
Hazel ScarlettEnglishRed
Hazel SelenaGreekMoon
Hazel SerenityEnglishPeaceful
Hazel ShannonGaelicOld, wise
Hazel ShilohHebrewTranquil
Hazel SierraSpanishMountain range
Hazel SimoneHebrewListener
Hazel SkyeNorseCloud
Hazel SofiaGreekWisdom
Hazel SophiaGreekWisdom
Hazel SophieGreekWisdom
Hazel StellaLatinStar
Hazel StephanieGreekCrown
Hazel SummerEnglishSeason name
Hazel SydneyEnglishWide island
Hazel SylviaLatinForest
Hazel TabithaHebrewGazelle
Hazel TaliaHebrewDew of God
Hazel TamaraHebrewPalm tree
Hazel TessaGreekHarvester
Hazel TheaGreekGoddess
Hazel TheresaGreekHarvester
Hazel TiffanyGreekManifestation of God
Hazel TinaGreekGrace
Hazel TrinityLatinTriad
Hazel ValentinaLatinStrong, healthy
Hazel ValerieLatinStrong, healthy
Hazel VanessaGreekButterfly
Hazel VeronicaGreekTrue image
Hazel VictoriaLatinVictory
Hazel ViennaLatinCity of music
Hazel VioletEnglishPurple-blue flower
Hazel VivianLatinAlive
Hazel WendyWelshFair, blessed
Hazel WhitneyEnglishWhite island
Hazel WillaGermanicWill, desire
Hazel WillowEnglishTree name
Hazel WinterEnglishSeason name
Hazel WrenEnglishSmall bird
Hazel XimenaSpanishHearkening
Hazel YaraArabicSmall butterfly
Hazel YasminPersianJasmine flower
Hazel YvonneFrenchYew
Hazel ZoeGreekLife
Hazel ZoeyGreekLife
Hazel ZuriSwahiliBeautiful

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Hazel Name Popularity

The name Hazel has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years. In 2021, Hazel was ranked #28 on the list of most popular baby names for girls.

The name’s popularity can be attributed to its vintage charm and versatility.

Hazel can be paired with various middle names and nicknames, making it a great choice for parents who want a classic and unique name.

Nickname Ideas for Hazel

Speaking of nicknames, if you are looking for a cute nickname for your little Hazel, we have compiled a list of adorable options below!

  1. Hazy
  2. Hazelnut
  3. Haze
  4. Hazel Bug
  5. Honey Hazel
  6. Hazie Mae
  7. Hazel Bean
  8. Hazel Boo
  9. Hazel Grace
  10. Hazel Bear

Wrapping it Up

Choosing the perfect name for your child can be daunting, but we hope that our list of unique middle names for Hazel has inspired you.

Whether you choose a classic name or something more modern and unique, the name Hazel is a beautiful choice that will stand the test of time.

Don’t forget to consider a cute nickname for your little Hazel, and enjoy the process of choosing the perfect name for your bundle of joy!


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