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The new parents’ guide to pregnancy, homeschooling, child development, & special needs.

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Welcome to Joy in the Home—your go-to corner of the internet for no-nonsense parenting advice, sprinkled with a dash of humor.

I’m Cam Russo: writer, blogger, disability advocate, and—drumroll, please—the mastermind behind this digital haven.

Look, we’re not pretending to be the Oracle of Parenting here. Far from it.

But what we lack in all-knowing wisdom, we make up for with a knack for breaking down the complicated stuff and a genuine desire to help you out.

Ever read a parenting article and thought, “What the heck does that even mean?” Yeah, us too. That’s why we’re here to translate expert-speak into human language.

We’re not the gurus; we’re the interpreters. We sift through the mumbo jumbo, team up with top-notch, research-backed experts, and serve you the real deal in a way that actually makes sense.

Think of us as your friendly neighborhood translator of parenting facts, mixed with a good laugh and a fresh perspective. We aim to make the rocky road of parenting a bit smoother, one chuckle at a time.

We’re stoked to have you here at Joy in the Home. Enjoy the ride!

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