200 Pretty Middle Names for Savannah

Middle names for Savannah

If you’re eagerly embracing the enchanting name Savannah for your little bundle of joy, we’ve got something extra special in store for you.

We’ve curated a list of middle names for Savannah that perfectly complement this charming and timeless first name.

From classic choices to trendsetting treasures, get ready to discover the ideal middle name to make your little Savannah shine even brighter.

Let’s dive in and find the perfect pairing to create a name that’s as delightful as she is!

Middle Names for Savannah

Middle NameOriginMeaning
Savannah AbigailHebrew“My Father’s Joy”
Savannah AbrielleFrench“God is My Strength”
Savannah AdelaideGerman“Noble and Kind”
Savannah AdeleGermanic“Noble”
Savannah AdelinaSpanish“Noble”
Savannah AdelineGermanic“Noble”
Savannah AinsleyScottish“Clearing with a Hermitage”
Savannah AlainaOld French“Beautiful”
Savannah AlaynaOld French“Bright, Shining Light”
Savannah AlexandraGreek“Defender of the People”
Savannah AliceGermanic“Noble”
Savannah AliviaLatin“Olive Tree”
Savannah AloraLatin“Loving”
Savannah AlyssaGreek“Rational”
Savannah AmaraLatin“Eternal”
Savannah AmeliaGermanic“Work”
Savannah AnastasiaGreek“Resurrection”
Savannah AngelinaGreek“Messenger of God”
Savannah AnnabelHebrew“Favored Grace”
Savannah AnnaliseHebrew“Favored Grace”
Savannah AnnelieseHebrew“Favored Grace”
Savannah AnnetteHebrew“Favor, Grace”
Savannah AntoniaLatin“Priceless”
Savannah ArabellaLatin“Yielding to Prayer”
Savannah ArianaLatin“Very Holy”
Savannah ArielleHebrew“Lion of God”
Savannah AshlynIrish“Dream”
Savannah AubreyOld German“Noble Ruler”
Savannah AureliaLatin“Golden”
Savannah AuroraLatin“Dawn”
Savannah AutumnLatin“Fall Season”
Savannah AvalonCeltic“Isle of Apples”
Savannah AvianaLatin“Birdlike”
Savannah BeatriceLatin“Bringer of Joy”
Savannah BeatrizLatin“Blessed”
Savannah BelleFrench“Beautiful”
Savannah BethanyHebrew“House of Figs”
Savannah BriannaIrish“Strong, Virtuous, and Honourable”
Savannah BrielleFrench“God is My Strength”
Savannah BrinleyEnglish“Burned Meadow”
Savannah BrookeOld English“Small Stream”
Savannah BrooklynDutch“Broken Land”
Savannah BrynnWelsh“Hill”
Savannah CadenceLatin“Rhythm”
Savannah CamillaLatin“Young Ceremonial Attendant”
Savannah CamilleLatin“Young Ceremonial Attendant”
Savannah CarolineGermanic“Free Woman”
Savannah CassidyIrish“Clever”
Savannah CelesteLatin“Heavenly”
Savannah CelestiaLatin“Heavenly”
Savannah CelineFrench“Sky”
Savannah ChantalFrench“Song”
Savannah CharlotteGermanic“Free Woman”
Savannah ChloeGreek “Blooming” or “Verdant,”
Savannah ClaireLatin“Bright, Clear”
Savannah ColetteFrench“People of Victory”
Savannah CoralineLatin“Small Horn”
Savannah CordeliaLatin“Heart”
Savannah CorinneFrench“Maiden”
Savannah CosetteFrench“Victorious People”
Savannah DaisyOld English“Day’s Eye”
Savannah DanielleHebrew“God is My Judge”
Savannah DaphneGreek“Laurel Tree”
Savannah DelaneyIrish“Dark Challenger”
Savannah DelilahHebrew“Delicate, Weak”
Savannah DemetriaGreek“Goddess of Fertility”
Savannah DesireeFrench“Desired”
Savannah DestinyLatin“Fate”
Savannah DianeFrench“Divine”
Savannah DominiqueLatin“Belonging to the Lord”
Savannah ElainaGreek“Bright, Shining Light”
Savannah ElaineOld French“Bright, Shining Light”
Savannah ElaraGreek“Bright, Shining Light”
Savannah EleanorGreek“Bright, Shining Light”
Savannah ElenaGreek“Bright, Shining Light”
Savannah EliseHebrew“God is My Oath”
Savannah ElizaHebrew“God is My Oath”
Savannah ElizabethHebrew“God is My Oath”
Savannah ElleFrench“She”
Savannah ElodieFrench“Foreign Riches”
Savannah EloiseGermanic“Famous Warrior”
Savannah EmeryOld German“Industrious Leader”
Savannah EmmelineGermanic“Work”
Savannah EsmeOld French“Emerald”
Savannah EstelleLatin“Star”
Savannah EvangelineGreek“Bringer of Good News”
Savannah EvelynOld French“Wished for Child”
Savannah FaithLatin“Faith”
Savannah FayeOld French“Fairy”
Savannah FelicityLatin“Happiness, Good Fortune”
Savannah FionaGaelic“Fair”
Savannah GabrielleHebrew“God is My Strength”
Savannah GenevieveFrench“Tribe Woman”
Savannah GeorgiaGreek“Farmer”
Savannah GiannaHebrew“God is gracious”
Savannah GraceLatin“Grace”
Savannah HadleyOld English“Heather Meadow”
Savannah HaileyOld English“Hay Clearing”
Savannah HarperOld English“Harp Player”
Savannah HavenOld English“Safe Place”
Savannah HazelOld English“Hazel Tree”
Savannah HopeOld English“Hope”
Savannah ImogenCeltic“Maiden”
Savannah IsabellaHebrew“God is My Oath”
Savannah IsabelleHebrew“God is My Oath”
Savannah IvyOld English“Climbing Vine Plant”
Savannah JacquelineFrench“Supplanter”
Savannah JadeSpanish“Precious Green Stone”
Savannah JasminePersian“Jasmine Flower”
Savannah JessaminePersian“Jasmine Flower”
Savannah JoelleFrench“Jehovah is God”
Savannah JulietLatin“Youthful”
Savannah JuniperLatin“Juniper Tree”
Savannah KateGreek“Pure”
Savannah KatherineGreek“Pure”
Savannah KaylaHebrew“Laurel Crown”
Savannah KendallOld English“Valley of the River Kent”
Savannah KennedyIrish“Misshapen Head”
Savannah LaceyOld French“Cheerful”
Savannah LaineEnglish“Path”
Savannah LarkOld English“Songbird”
Savannah LaylaArabic“Night”
Savannah LeighOld English“Clearing”
Savannah LenoreGreek“Sun Ray, Shining Light”
Savannah LilahHebrew“Night”
Savannah LilyOld English“Lily Flower”
Savannah LorraineFrench“Kingdom of Lothar”
Savannah LouiseGermanic“Famous Warrior”
Savannah LucilleFrench“Light”
Savannah LydiaGreek“From Lydia (Ancient Region in
Savannah MadelineHebrew“Woman from Magdala”
Savannah MaeveIrish“Intoxicating”
Savannah MagdaleneHebrew“Woman from Magdala”
Savannah MarcellaLatin“Little Warrior”
Savannah MargotGreek“Pearl”
Savannah MarieFrench“Bitter, Sea of Bitterness”
Savannah MarigoldOld English“Mary’s Gold”
Savannah MarisolSpanish“Sunny Sea”
Savannah MatildaGermanic“Strength in Battle”
Savannah MeadowOld English“Meadow”
Savannah MelodyGreek“Music”
Savannah MeredithWelsh“Great Ruler”
Savannah MichelleFrench“Who is Like God”
Savannah MirabelleLatin“Wonderful”
Savannah NaomiHebrew“Pleasantness”
Savannah NataliaLatin“Born on Christmas Day”
Savannah NicoletteGreek“Victory of the People”
Savannah NoelleFrench“Christmas”
Savannah OpheliaGreek“Help”
Savannah PaigeOld French“Assistant, Page to a Lord”
Savannah PalomaSpanish“Dove”
Savannah PearlOld French“Pearl”
Savannah PenelopeGreek“Weaver”
Savannah PhoebeGreek“Bright, Pure”
Savannah PiperOld English“Pipe or Flute Player”
Savannah PrimroseEnglish“First Rose”
Savannah QuinnIrish“Descendant of Conn”
Savannah RachelHebrew“Ewe, Female Sheep”
Savannah RaquelHebrew“Ewe, Female Sheep”
Savannah ReeseWelsh“Enthusiasm”
Savannah ReganGaelic“Little Ruler”
Savannah ReneeFrench“Reborn”
Savannah RileyIrish“Courageous”
Savannah RoseLatin“Rose Flower”
Savannah RowanIrish“Little Redhead”
Savannah RubyLatin“Red Gemstone”
Savannah SageLatin“Wise and Healing”
Savannah SeraphineHebrew“Fiery, Burning Ones”
Savannah SerenWelsh“Star”
Savannah SierraSpanish“Saw”
Savannah SimoneHebrew“Listening Intently”
Savannah SiobhanIrish“God is Gracious”
Savannah SkyeOld Norse“Cloud”
Savannah SoleilFrench“Sun”
Savannah SophiaGreek“Wisdom”
Savannah StellaLatin“Star”
Savannah SummerOld English“Summer Season”
Savannah SydneyOld English“Wide Island”
Savannah TamsinHebrew“Twin”
Savannah TatianaLatin“Fairy Queen”
Savannah TatumOld English“Tate’s Homestead”
Savannah TaylorOld French“Tailor”
Savannah TemperanceLatin“Moderation”
Savannah TessaGreek“Harvester”
Savannah ThaliaGreek“To Blossom”
Savannah TheodoraGreek“God’s Gift”
Savannah ValentinaLatin“Strong, Healthy, Valiant”
Savannah ValerieLatin“Strong”
Savannah VerityLatin“Truth”
Savannah VictoriaLatin“Victory”
Savannah ViennaLatin“White, Fair”
Savannah VioletLatin“Purple-Blue Flower”
Savannah VivianLatin“Alive”
Savannah VivienneLatin“Alive”
Savannah WaverlyOld English“Quaking Aspen Tree Meadow”
Savannah WillowOld English“Willow Tree”
Savannah WinterOld English“Winter Season”
Savannah WrenOld English“Small Bird”
Savannah XantheGreek“Golden, Yellow”
Savannah YasminPersian“Jasmine Flower”
Savannah YvetteFrench“Yew Wood”
Savannah ZaraHebrew“Princess”
Savannah ZoeGreek“Life”

Nickname Ideas for Savannah

Choosing the perfect nickname for your little Savannah can add a touch of endearment and make her name even more personal and special.

Whether you’re looking for something cute and playful or a more classic and elegant option, we’ve compiled a list of delightful nickname ideas to suit every taste:

  1. Savi – A short and sweet nickname for Savannah that exudes charm.
  2. Vanna – A stylish and trendy diminutive that retains the essence of the full name.
  3. Nana – A cute and affectionate nickname that’s perfect for a beloved little one.
  4. Savvy – This playful and contemporary nickname showcases the modern appeal of Savannah.
  5. Anna – A classic option, derived from the latter part of the name.
  6. Vivi – A spunky and energetic nickname that’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.
  7. Sana – A unique and melodic option, perfect for those who love a touch of originality.
  8. Sassy – For the little girl with a big personality and a lot of spunk.
  9. Vannah-Banana – A whimsical and fun nickname that adds a delightful twist to Savannah’s name.

Savannah Name Meaning & History

The name Savannah has roots in the Spanish language and means “open plain” or “treeless plain.”

Derived from the lush and sprawling landscapes of the American South, the name Savannah exudes an air of natural elegance and captivating charm. Its namesake city in Georgia is proof of this!

This enchanting name has gained popularity over the years, enticing parents with its delicate beauty and evocative imagery.

Savannah Name Popularity

According to the Social Security Administration, Savannah has held a spot in the Top 100 names for baby girls since 2000. Its peak popularity was in 2006-2007 when it ranked #30. From 2018 onward, Savannah’s popularity dropped somewhat, achieving ranks of #45-76.

Over to You!

There you have it…a treasure trove of middle names for Savannah! We hope this delightful collection has sparked your imagination and helped you find the ideal complement to your little one’s enchanting first name.

Remember, choosing the perfect middle name is a wonderful opportunity to infuse your child’s name with meaning, sentiment, or a dash of personal flair.

Whether you opt for a family name, a name inspired by cherished memories, or simply one that sings to your heart, the result will undoubtedly be a truly extraordinary name combination!


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