429 Creative Middle Names for Haven

middle names for haven

Welcome, parents-to-be! Are you exploring the perfect middle name for your little Haven? If so, you’re in the right place.

We’ve compiled an enormous comprehensive list of traditional names to make stylish and timeless middle names for your bundle of joy.

With this list, you have hundreds of options – from classic favorites to unique surprises – giving your registered first name an extra special touch.

So pour yourself a cup of tea, and let’s take a trip through time as we explore these elegant options together!

Middle Name Ideas for Haven

Haven AbigailHebrewFather’s joy
Haven AdelaideGermanNoble kind
Haven AdelineGermanNoble kind
Haven AinsleyScottishHermitage field
Haven AlexandraGreekDefender of mankind
Haven AliceGermanNoble kind
Haven AnaisHebrewGrace
Haven AnastasiaGreekResurrection
Haven AngelinaGreekMessenger of God
Haven AnnabelleEnglishGracious, beautiful
Haven ArabellaLatinAnswered prayer
Haven ArianaWelshSilver
Haven ArielHebrewLion of God
Haven ArwenWelshMuse
Haven AshlynIrishDream
Haven AthenaGreekGoddess of wisdom
Haven AubreyFrenchElf ruler
Haven AugustLatinGreat, magnificent
Haven AuroraLatinGoddess of dawn
Haven AutumnLatinFall season
Haven AveryEnglishElf ruler
Haven AylaHebrewOak tree
Haven BeatriceLatinBringer of joy
Haven BeatrixLatinVoyager
Haven BelleFrenchBeautiful
Haven BiancaItalianWhite
Haven BlairScottishMeadow
Haven BlaireScottishPlain, field
Haven BlakeEnglishFair-haired
Haven BlakelyEnglishDark clearing
Haven BlossomEnglishFlower
Haven BriarEnglishThorny patch
Haven BrielleFrenchGod is my strength
Haven BrinleyWelshHill
Haven BrookeEnglishSmall stream
Haven BrooklynEnglishWater, stream
Haven BrynnWelshHill
Haven CadenceLatinRhythm
Haven CalistaGreekMost beautiful
Haven CamilleLatinYoung ceremonial attendant
Haven CamrynScottishCrooked nose
Haven CapriceFrenchWhim, fancy
Haven CarinaItalianBeloved
Haven CarlyEnglishFree woman
Haven CarmenSpanishSong
Haven CassandraGreekShining upon mankind
Haven CassidyIrishClever
Haven CatalinaGreekPure
Haven CeceliaLatinBlind
Haven CelesteLatinHeavenly
Haven CelineFrenchHeavenly
Haven ChantalFrenchSinger
Haven CharleneGermanFree woman
Haven CharlotteGermanFree woman
Haven ChelseaEnglishPort
Haven CheyenneNative AmericanPeople of a different language
Haven ChloeGreekBlooming
Haven ChristinaGreekFollower of Christ
Haven ChristyGreekFollower of Christ
Haven CiaraIrishBlack
Haven CielFrenchSky
Haven ClaireFrenchClear
Haven ClaraLatinBright, clear
Haven ClariceLatinClear
Haven ClarissaLatinFamous
Haven ColbieScottishVictory of the people
Haven ColleenIrishGirl
Haven ConstanceLatinSteadfastness
Haven CoraGreekMaiden
Haven CoralineLatinFrom the coral reef
Haven CordeliaLatinHeart
Haven CosetteFrenchVictorious people
Haven CrystalEnglishClear
Haven CynthiaGreekMoon goddess
Haven DahliaSwedishValley
Haven DaisyEnglishDay’s eye
Haven DakotaNative American (Sioux)Friendly one
Haven DanaHebrewGod is my judge
Haven DanielleHebrewGod is my judge
Haven DaphneGreekLaurel
Haven DarleneEnglishTenderly loved
Haven DavinaScottishBeloved
Haven DawnEnglishDaybreak
Haven DelilahHebrewDelicate
Haven DelphineGreekDolphin
Haven DemiFrenchHalf
Haven DesireeFrenchDesired
Haven DestinyEnglishCertain fortune
Haven DianaLatinDivine
Haven DiorFrenchGolden
Haven DominiqueFrenchOf the Lord
Haven DorothyGreekGift of God
Haven DoveEnglishBird
Haven DrewWelshWise
Haven DyllanWelshBorn from waves
Haven EdenHebrewDelight
Haven EdithEnglishProsperous in war
Haven EileenGaelicBright, shining one
Haven ElainaGreekLight
Haven ElaineFrenchBright, shining one
Haven EleanorGreekLight
Haven ElenaGreekShining light
Haven EliseFrenchGod is my oath
Haven ElizaHebrewGod is my oath
Haven ElizabethHebrewGod is my oath
Haven EllaEnglishFairy Maiden
Haven ElleFrenchShe
Haven EloiseFrenchHealthy
Haven ElsaGermanGod’s promise
Haven EmberEnglishSpark
Haven EmeryGermanIndustrious leader
Haven EmilyLatinRival
Haven EmmaGermanUniversal
Haven EsmeFrenchLoved
Haven EstelleFrench“star”
Haven EstherPersian“star”
Haven EttaGerman“estate ruler”
Haven EudoraGreek“good gift”
Haven EvaHebrew“life”
Haven EvangelineGreek“bearer of good news”
Haven EveHebrew“life”
Haven EvelynEnglish“wished-for child”
Haven EverlyEnglish“from the boar meadow”
Haven FaithEnglish“faith”
Haven FarrahArabic“happiness”
Haven FelicityLatin“happiness”
Haven FernEnglish“fern”
Haven FleurFrench“flower”
Haven FloraLatin“flower”
Haven FlorenceLatin“blossoming”
Haven FrancesLatin“from France”
Haven FrancescaItalian“from France”
Haven FreyaNorse“goddess of love, fertility, and war”
Haven GabrielleHebrew“God is my strength”
Haven GemmaItalian“gem”
Haven GiaItalian“God is gracious”
Haven GiselleGerman“pledge”
Haven GraceLatin“grace”
Haven GretaGerman“pearl”
Haven GuinevereWelsh“fair one”
Haven HaileyEnglish“hay clearing”
Haven HalleScandinavian“rock”
Haven HannahHebrew“favor”
Haven HarperEnglish“harp player”
Haven HarrietFrench“estate ruler”
Haven HattieEnglish“home ruler”
Haven HaydenEnglish“hay valley”
Haven HazelEnglishhazel tree
Haven HeatherEnglish“flowering shrub”
Haven HeidiGerman“of noble birth”
Haven HelenGreek“torch”
Haven HelenaGreek“bright, shining light”
Haven HestiaGreek“goddess of the hearth, home, and family”
Haven HillaryLatin“cheerful”
Haven HollyEnglish“holly tree”
Haven HopeEnglish“hope”
Haven ImogenCeltic“maiden”
Haven IndiaEnglish“India”
Haven IngridScandinavian“Ing’s beauty”
Haven IreneGreek“peace”
Haven IrisGreek“rainbow”
Haven IsabelSpanish“God is my oath”
Haven IsabellaSpanish“God is my oath”
Haven IslaScottish“island”
Haven IvyEnglish“ivy plant”
Haven JacquelineFrench“supplanter”
Haven JadeSpanish“stone of the side”
Haven JasminePersian“flower”
Haven JennaEnglishdiminutive form of Jennifer, meaning “fair and smooth”
Haven JessamineEnglisha variation of Jasmine, meaning “gift from God”
Haven JessicaHebrewmeaning “God beholds”
Haven JillianLatinderived from Julius, meaning “youthful, downy-bearded”
Haven JocelynFrenchmeaning “joyous, cheerful”
Haven JoelleFrenchmeaning “God is willing”
Haven JohannaHebrewfeminine form of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Haven JolieFrenchmeaning “pretty”
Haven JordanHebrewmeaning “to flow down”
Haven JosephineHebrewfeminine form of Joseph, meaning “God will increase”
Haven JoyEnglishmeaning “happiness, joy”
Haven JoyceBretonmeaning “lord”
Haven JudithHebrewmeaning “woman of Judea”
Haven JuliaLatinfeminine form of Julius, meaning “youthful, downy-bearded”
Haven JulianaLatinfeminine form of Julian, meaning “youthful, downy-bearded”
Haven JuliannaLatina combination of Julia and Anna, meaning “youthful, downy-bearded” and “grace”
Haven JulieFrenchdiminutive form of Julia, meaning “youthful, downy-bearded”
Haven JulietEnglishdiminutive form of Julia, meaning “youthful, downy-bearded”
Haven JulietteFrenchdiminutive form of Juliet, meaning “youthful, downy-bearded”
Haven JuneEnglishmeaning “the sixth month of the year”
Haven JuniperLatinmeaning “evergreen shrub”
Haven JusticeEnglishmeaning “fairness, righteousness”
Haven KaiaHawaiianmeaning “sea”
Haven KaitlynIrishmeaning “pure”
Haven KaraLatinmeaning “beloved”
Haven KarenDanishmeaning “pure”
Haven KassandraGreekmeaning “she who entangles men”
Haven KateEnglishdiminutive form of Katherine, meaning “pure”
Haven KatelynIrishmeaning “pure”
Haven KatherineGreekmeaning “pure”
Haven KathleenIrishmeaning “pure”
Haven KathrynGreekmeaning “pure”
Haven KatieEnglishdiminutive form of Katherine, meaning “pure”
Haven KayEnglishmeaning “rejoice”
Haven KaylaHebrewmeaning “crown of laurels”
Haven KayleeAmericana combination of Kay and Lee, meaning “rejoice” and “meadow”
Haven KeiraIrishmeaning “little dark one”
Haven KelseyEnglishmeaning “island of ships”
Haven KendallEnglishmeaning “valley of the River Kent”
Haven KendraWelshmeaning “greatest champion”
Haven KennedyIrishmeaning “helmeted chief”
Haven KenyaKikuyumeaning “mountainous region”
Haven KieraIrishmeaning “little dark one”
Haven KierraIrishmeaning “little dark one”
Haven KimberEnglishmeaning “from the royal fortress meadow”
Haven KimberleyEnglishmeaning “from the royal fortress meadow”
Haven KimberlyEnglishmeaning “from the royal fortress meadow”
Haven KirstenDanishFollower of Christ
Haven KylaIrishVictorious
Haven KyleighAmericanCombination of Kyle and Leigh, meaning “Narrow Channel” and “Clearing”
Haven KylieAustralianAboriginal, meaning “Boomerang”
Haven KyraGreekSun
Haven LaceyEnglishFrom Lacy, France
Haven LailaArabicNight
Haven LanaHawaiianAfloat; Calm as still waters
Haven LaraRussianFamous
Haven LarissaGreekCheerful
Haven LauraLatinLaurel
Haven LaurelEnglishLaurel tree
Haven LaurenEnglishCrowned with laurels
Haven LaylaArabicNight
Haven LeaHawaiianChild of Joy
Haven LeahHebrewWeary
Haven LeanneEnglishGracious
Haven LeilaPersianDark-haired beauty
Haven LenaGreekLight
Haven LenoreGreekLight
Haven LeonieFrenchLioness
Haven LeoraHebrewI have light
Haven LeslieScottishFrom the gray fortress
Haven LilaIndianDivine playfulness
Haven LilahHebrewNight
Haven LillianLatinLily
Haven LilyEnglishLily flower
Haven LindaSpanishPretty
Haven LindsayEnglishFrom the island of Linden trees
Haven LisaHebrewGod’s promise
Haven LiviaLatinOlive tree
Haven LivvyEnglishLife
Haven LolaSpanishSorrow
Haven LondonEnglishFrom London
Haven LoreleiGermanAlluring enchantress
Haven LuciaLatinLight
Haven LucianaLatinLight
Haven LucilleFrenchLight
Haven LucyEnglishLight
Haven LuisaSpanishFamous warrior
Haven LunaSpanishMoon
Haven LydiaGreekFrom Lydia
Haven LynetteWelshLittle bird
Haven LynnEnglishFrom the lake
Haven MabelLatinLovable
Haven MaceyEnglishGift of the Lord
Haven MackenzieScottishSon of Kenneth
Haven MaddisonEnglishSon of Maud
Haven MadeleineFrenchFrom Magdala
Haven MadelineEnglishHigh tower
Haven MadelynEnglishHigh tower
Haven MadisonEnglishSon of Maud
Haven MaeEnglishPearl
Haven MaeveIrishIntoxicating
Haven MagdalenaSpanishFrom Magdala
Haven MaggieEnglish/IrishMaggie is a diminutive form of Margaret, which means “pearl”
Haven MaisieScottishMaisie is a diminutive form of Mairead, which means “pearl”
Haven MalaikaSwahiliMalaika means “angel”
Haven MaliaHawaiianMalia means “calm and peaceful”
Haven MalloryFrenchMallory is derived from an Old French surname meaning “unfortunate”
Haven MaraHebrewMara means “bitterness”
Haven MarcelaSpanishMarcela is a feminine form of Marcellus, which means “young warrior”
Haven MarcellaLatinMarcella is a feminine form of Marcellus, which means “young warrior”
Haven MargauxFrenchMargaux is a French form of Margaret, which means “pearl”
Haven MargoEnglishMargo is a diminutive form of Margaret, which means “pearl”
Haven MargotFrenchMargot is a French form of Margaret, which means “pearl”
Haven MariaLatinMaria is derived from the Hebrew name Miryam, which means “bitterness” or “rebellion”
Haven MarianaSpanishMariana is a combination of the names Maria and Ana, meaning “bitter grace”
Haven MaribelSpanishMaribel is a combination of the names Maria and Isabel, meaning “bitterness of God”
Haven MarieFrenchMarie is a French form of Mary, which means “bitterness” or “rebellion”
Haven MarilynEnglishMarilyn is a combination of the names Mary and Lyn, meaning “bitterness” and “lake” respectively
Haven MarinaLatinMarina means “of the sea”
Haven MarisolSpanishMarisol is a combination of the names Maria and Sol, meaning “bitter sun”
Haven MarissaLatinMarissa is a variation of the name Maris, which means “of the sea”
Haven MarleyEnglishMarley is derived from an Old English surname meaning “pleasant wood”
Haven MarloweEnglishMarlowe is derived from an Old English surname meaning “remnants of a lake”
Haven MarnieHebrewMarnie is a diminutive form of Marina, which means “of the sea”
Haven MarthaAramaicMartha means “lady” or “mistress”
Haven MaryHebrewMary is derived from the Hebrew name Miryam, which means “bitterness” or “rebellion”
Haven MathildaGermanMathilda is derived from the Germanic name Mahthildis, which means “strength in battle”
Haven MatildaGermanMatilda is derived from the Germanic name Mahthildis, which means “strength in battle”
Haven MaudeGermanMaude is derived from the Germanic name Mathilda, which means “strength in battle”
Haven MauraIrishMaura is a variant of the name Maureen, which means “bitterness”
Haven MaxineLatinMaxine is a feminine form of Maximus, which means “greatest”
Haven MayaHebrewMaya means “water” or “illusion”
Haven MayraSpanishMayra is a variant of the name Maira, which means “sea of bitterness
Haven McKennaIrish/Gaelicson of Cionaodh or “born of fire”
Haven MeganWelshpearl
Haven MelinaGreekhoney or “tree”
Haven MelissaGreekhoney bee
Haven MelodyEnglishmusic
Haven MercedesSpanishmercies
Haven MeredithWelshgreat ruler
Haven MiaItalianmine or “my own”
Haven MicaelaHebrewwho is like God?
Haven MichaelaHebrewwho is like God?
Haven MichelleFrenchwho is like God?
Haven MilaSlavicgracious
Haven MileyEnglishsmiling
Haven MillicentOld Frenchstrong in work
Haven MindyEnglishaffectionate
Haven MiraSanskritocean or “sea”
Haven MirandaLatinadmirable or “wonderful”
Haven MiriamHebrewwished-for child
Haven MistyEnglishmist or “dew”
Haven MollyIrish/Gaelicstar of the sea
Haven MonicaLatinadvisor
Haven MoniqueFrenchadvisor
Haven MorganWelshsea-born
Haven MoriahHebrewchosen by God
Haven MyaGreekemerald
Haven NadiaRussianhope
Haven NalaSanskritstem or “hollow reed”
Haven NanciHebrewgrace
Haven NancyHebrewgrace
Haven NaomiHebrewpleasantness
Haven NataliaLatinborn on Christmas day
Haven NatalieLatinborn on Christmas day
Haven NatashaRussianbirthday of the Lord
Haven NayaHebrewto flow
Haven NevaehEnglishheaven spelled backward
Haven OctaviaLatineighth
Haven OpalSanskritprecious stone
Haven OliviaLatinolive tree
Haven OnyxGreekclaw or “fingernail”
Haven OrlaIrish/Gaelicgolden princess
Haven OrianaLatindawn or “golden”
Haven PaigeFrenchyoung servant
Haven PalomaSpanishdove
Haven ParisGreekwallet or “merchandise”
Haven PatriceLatinnoble
Haven PhoebeGreekbright or “pure”
Haven PhoenixGreekdark red or “mythical bird”
Haven PippaEnglishlover of horses
Haven PresleyEnglishFrom a meadow
Haven PrimroseEnglishFirst rose
Haven QueenieEnglishQueen-like
Haven QuianaAmericanSoft, silky
Haven QuinnIrishDescendant of Conn
Haven RachelleFrenchLittle lamb
Haven RainaHebrewQueen
Haven RamonaSpanishWise defender
Haven RavenEnglishBlackbird
Haven ReaganIrishLittle king
Haven ReginaLatinQueen
Haven ReneeFrenchReborn
Haven ReynaSpanishQueen
Haven RhiannonWelshGreat queen
Haven RhythmEnglishFlowing
Haven RitaSpanishPearl
Haven RiverEnglishStream
Haven RominaLatinRoman woman
Haven RoryIrishRed-haired
Haven RosalindGermanicPretty rose
Haven RoselynEnglishLittle rose
Haven RowanIrishLittle red-haired
Haven RoxannePersianBright dawn
Haven RoyaltyEnglishRoyal, regal
Haven SabinaLatinSabine woman
Haven SadieHebrewPrincess
Haven SakuraJapaneseCherry blossom
Haven SallyEnglishPrincess
Haven SalmaArabicPeaceful
Haven SamiraArabicEntertaining
Haven SandraGreekDefender of man
Haven SaraHebrewPrincess
Haven SarinaHebrewPrincess
Haven SavannahSpanishOpen plain
Haven SiennaItalianReddish-brown
Haven SierraSpanishMountain range
Haven SkyeScottishIsle of Skye
Haven SloaneIrishWarrior
Haven SofiaGreekWisdom
Haven SolaraSpanishSun-like
Haven SoleilFrenchSun
Haven SonjaRussianWisdom
Haven SorayaPersianRich
Haven StarlaEnglishStar
Haven SummerEnglishSummer
Haven SylvieFrenchFrom the forest
Haven TabithaAramaicGazelle
Haven TahliaHebrewMorning dew
Haven TaliaHebrewMorning dew
Haven TalullaIrishAbundance
Haven TamaraHebrewPalm tree
Haven TamsinCornishTwin
Haven TaraIrishTower
Haven TeaganWelshBeautiful
Haven TempestEnglishStorm
Haven TessEnglishHarvester
Haven ThaliaGreekTo blossom
Haven TheaGreekGoddess
Haven TiaGreek“Goddess”
Haven TigerlilyEnglish“Tiger Lily”
Haven TiffanyGreek“Manifestation of God”
Haven TrinityLatin“Triad”
Haven TrueEnglish“Genuine”
Haven UrsulaLatin“Little Bear”
Haven ValerieLatin“Strength”
Haven VedaSanskrit“Knowledge”
Heaven VenetiaLatin“From Venice”
Heaven VeniceItalian“Venice”
Heaven VeraRussian“Faith”
Heaven VersaLatin“Reverse”
Heaven VestaRoman Mythology“Goddess of the hearth”
Heaven VictoryEnglish“Victory”
Haven ViennaGerman“From Vienna”
Haven VioletEnglish“Violet flower”
Haven VivianWelsh“Lively”
Haven WaverlyEnglish“Quaking aspen tree”
Haven WillaGerman“Resolute protector”
Haven WillowEnglish“Willow tree”

Middle Name Combinations for Haven

Creating a meaningful middle name combination for Haven requires careful consideration of the names’ flow, rhythm, and sound. 

Here are some tips and guidelines to help you find the perfect middle name combination for Haven:

  • Balance the number of syllables in the first and middle names. For example, if Haven is paired with a one-syllable middle name, consider a two or three-syllable last name for a balanced flow.
  • Consider the overall sound and meaning of the name. Choose middle names that complement Haven’s unique qualities and create a harmonious blend of sounds and meanings.
  • Experiment with different middle name combinations to find the perfect match for your baby’s name.

Here are some examples of middle name combinations that work well with Haven:

  • Haven Isabella Rhodes
  • Haven Jackson Wyatt
  • Haven Amelia Jade
  • Haven Penelope Mae
  • Haven Seraphina Belle
  • Haven Ashton Cole
  • Haven Eloise Claire

Haven Name Meaning & History

The name Haven is derived from the Middle English word “haven,” which means a safe place or refuge. It’s a beautiful name that conveys a sense of comfort and security, making it a great choice for your child. Haven can be used for both sexes, making it a versatile and unique name option.

The name Haven is not associated with a specific geographic origin or culture, making it a truly universal name. It has been used in literature, film, and television, possibly contributing to its popularity and widespread recognition.

Haven Name Popularity

Haven has been steadily growing in popularity over the past few decades. According to the Social Security Administration’s name database, Haven has ranked consistently in the Top 1000 List. It achieved its highest ranking of #286 in 2021!

Even though Haven is not a very common name, its distinctiveness and special quality set it apart. It’s an easily pronounced and spelled name that retains uniqueness and memorability.

Haven Nickname Ideas

Although Haven is a lovely name, it may benefit your child to have some nickname options for added flexibility and variety as they mature. 

Here are some imaginative suggestions:

  • Havi
  • Hav
  • H
  • Havenie
  • Henny
  • Venny
  • Vennie
  • Havenly

These nicknames can be used interchangeably with the full name or as a shortened version in certain situations.

Wrapping it Up

Choosing the perfect name for your child is an important decision, and we hope this list of middle names for Haven has helped you in your search. Whether you choose a classic or unique name, the most important thing is that it feels right for your child and your family.

Don’t forget that we have several other comprehensive lists of middle name suggestions. Check ’em out for more inspiration and ideas for your child’s name!

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