250 Spot-On Middle Names for Ruthie

Middle names that go with Ruthie

Welcome to our exciting guide on middle names for Ruthie! Choosing a middle name is a delightful opportunity to add depth and personal significance to your little one’s name.

Whether you’re seeking a classic, trendy, or meaningful middle name, we’ve curated a collection of options that perfectly complement Ruthie.

Ready to be inspired?

Middle Names for Ruthie

Middle NameOriginMeaning
Ruthie AbigailHebrewFather’s joy
Ruthie AdalineGermanNoble
Ruthie AdelaideGermanNoble, nobility
Ruthie AinsleyScottishOne meadow
Ruthie AlanaIrishFair, beautiful
Ruthie AlexandriaGreekDefender of mankind
Ruthie AllisonEnglishNoble, of noble birth
Ruthie AlyssaGreekRational, logical
Ruthie AmberEnglishFossilized tree resin
Ruthie AnastasiaGreekResurrection
Ruthie AngelinaItalianAngelic
Ruthie AnnaliseGermanGraced with God’s bounty
Ruthie AnnikaSwedishGrace
Ruthie AnnetteFrenchGrace
Ruthie AprilLatinTo bloom
Ruthie ArabellaLatinYielding to prayer
Ruthie AriellaHebrewLion of God
Ruthie ArielleHebrewLion of God
Ruthie AshlynIrishDream
Ruthie AspenEnglishShaking tree
Ruthie AthenaGreekGoddess of wisdom
Ruthie AutumnEnglishSeason of harvest
Ruthie BeatriceLatinBringer of joy
Ruthie BellaItalianBeautiful
Ruthie BethanyHebrewHouse of figs
Ruthie BiancaItalianWhite
Ruthie BlairScottishField or plain
Ruthie BlossomEnglishFlowering, bloom
Ruthie BrielleFrenchGod is my strength
Ruthie BrinleyEnglishBurnt meadow
Ruthie BrookeEnglishSmall stream
Ruthie BrynnWelshHill
Ruthie CadenceLatinRhythm, flow
Ruthie CalliopeGreekBeautiful voice
Ruthie CamillaLatinYoung ceremonial attendant
Ruthie CassandraGreekShining upon mankind
Ruthie CelesteFrenchHeavenly, divine
Ruthie CelineFrenchHeavenly
Ruthie CelestineLatinHeavenly
Ruthie CharityEnglishGenerosity
Ruthie CheyenneNative AmericanPeople of a different language
Ruthie ChloeGreekBlooming
Ruthie ClarissaLatinBright, clear
Ruthie ClementineLatinMerciful
Ruthie ColetteFrenchVictorious
Ruthie CoralineEnglishMaiden, coral
Ruthie CordeliaCelticDaughter of the sea
Ruthie CorinneFrenchMaiden
Ruthie DanielleHebrewGod is my judge
Ruthie DaphneGreekLaurel tree
Ruthie DelaneyIrishDescendant of the challenger
Ruthie DelilahHebrewDelicate, weak
Ruthie DesireeFrenchDesired, wished for
Ruthie DianaLatinDivine
Ruthie EdenHebrewDelight, paradise
Ruthie EdithEnglishProsperous in war
Ruthie EileenIrishBright, shining
Ruthie ElaineFrenchShining light
Ruthie EliseFrenchPledged to God
Ruthie EloiseFrenchFamous warrior
Ruthie EmeryEnglishBrave, powerful
Ruthie EmersonEnglishBrave, powerful
Ruthie EmiliaLatinRival, competitor
Ruthie EmilyLatinTo excel
Ruthie EmmaGermanWhole, universal
Ruthie EsmeFrenchEsteemed, beloved
Ruthie EstelleFrenchStar
Ruthie EvangelineGreekGood news
Valley of the River KentEnglishWild boar meadow
Ruthie FionaGaelicFair
Ruthie FlorenceLatinFlourishing
Ruthie FrancescaItalianFree
Ruthie GabrielleFrenchGod is my strength
Ruthie GemmaItalianPrecious stone
Ruthie GenevieveFrenchTribe woman
Ruthie GiselleGermanPledge
Ruthie GraceLatinElegance, grace
Ruthie GwendolynWelshWhite ring
Ruthie HadleyEnglishHeather meadow
Ruthie HarperEnglishHarp player
Ruthie HazelEnglishHazel tree
Ruthie HelenaGreekBright, shining light
Ruthie HopeEnglishHope
Ruthie ImogenCelticBeloved child
Ruthie IndiaEnglishRiver name
Ruthie IsabelleFrenchGod is my oath
Ruthie IvyEnglishClimbing vine
Ruthie JacquelineFrenchSupplanter
Ruthie JadeSpanishStone of the side
Ruthie JaneEnglishGod is gracious
Ruthie JasminePersianGift from God
Ruthie JosephineHebrewGod will add
Ruthie JoyEnglishJoy
Ruthie JulietEnglishYouthful, downy
Ruthie JuniperEnglishEvergreen tree
Ruthie KaitlynIrishPure
Ruthie KalaniHawaiianThe heavens, the sky
Ruthie KateEnglishPure
Ruthie KathrynGreekPure
Ruthie KendallEnglishValley of the river Kent
Ruthie KennedyIrishHelmeted chief
Ruthie KimberlyEnglishRuler, leader
Ruthie LaceyEnglishCheerful
Ruthie LanaHawaiianCalm as still waters
Ruthie LarkEnglishSongbird
Ruthie LauraLatinLaurel, honor
Ruthie LaylaArabicNight
Ruthie LeilaniHawaiianHeavenly flower
Ruthie LenaGreekLight
Ruthie LilahArabicNight beauty
Ruthie LilyEnglishLily flower
Ruthie LoreleiGermanAlluring, temptress
Ruthie LucilleFrenchLight
Ruthie LydiaGreekBeautiful, noble
Ruthie MadelineEnglishTower
Ruthie MaeveIrishIntoxicating
Ruthie MagdalenaHebrewWoman from Magdala
Ruthie MakenzieScottishSon of the wise ruler
Ruthie MalloryFrenchUnfortunate, unlucky
Ruthie MariahHebrewBitter, rebellious
Ruthie MarinaLatinOf the sea
Ruthie MatildaGermanBattle-mighty
Ruthie MaxineLatinGreatest
Ruthie MelodyEnglishSong
Ruthie MeredithWelshGreat ruler
Ruthie MichelleFrenchWho is like God
Ruthie MiriamHebrewWished-for child
Ruthie MonroeScottishFrom the red river fort
Ruthie NataliaLatinChristmas
Ruthie NatalieFrenchBirthday
Ruthie NoelleFrenchChristmas
Ruthie NovaLatinNew
Ruthie OpheliaGreekHelp, aid
Ruthie PaigeEnglishPage, young servant
Ruthie PaisleyScottishChurch
Ruthie PenelopeGreekWeaver
Ruthie PeytonEnglishFrom the warrior’s town
Ruthie PiperEnglishFlute player
Ruthie PrimroseEnglishFirst rose
Ruthie QuinnIrishWisdom, intelligence
Ruthie RachelHebrewEwe, female sheep
Ruthie RamonaSpanishWise guardian
Ruthie RavenEnglishBlackbird
Ruthie RebekahHebrewCaptivating
Ruthie ReeseWelshArdent, fiery
Ruthie RenataLatinReborn
Ruthie RosalieFrenchRose
Ruthie RoselynFrenchBeautiful rose
Ruthie RosemaryEnglishDew of the sea
Ruthie RowanIrishLittle red-haired one
Ruthie RubyEnglishRed gemstone
Ruthie SabrinaCelticPrincess
Ruthie SadieHebrewPrincess
Ruthie SageLatinWise
Ruthie SavannahSpanishOpen plain
Ruthie ScarlettEnglishRed
Ruthie SeraphinaHebrewFiery, ardent
Ruthie SerenaLatinTranquil
Ruthie SerenityEnglishPeaceful
Ruthie ShannonGaelicWise river
Ruthie SierraSpanishMountain range
Ruthie SimoneFrenchOne who hears
Ruthie SkyeEnglishSky
Ruthie SophiaGreekWisdom
Ruthie StellaLatinStar
Ruthie SummerEnglishSummer
Ruthie SydneyEnglishWide island
Ruthie SylviaLatinForest
Ruthie TabithaAramaicGazelle
Ruthie TaliaHebrewDew from heaven
Ruthie TessaGreekHarvest
Ruthie TheaGreekGoddess, godly
Ruthie TheresaGreekHarvester
Ruthie ValentinaLatinStrong, vigorous
Ruthie ValerieLatinStrong, brave
Ruthie VanessaGreekButterfly
Ruthie VeronicaGreekTrue image
Ruthie VictoriaLatinVictory
Ruthie VioletEnglishPurple flower
Ruthie VivienneLatinFull of life, alive
Ruthie WillowEnglishWillow tree
Ruthie WinterEnglishWinter
Ruthie WrenEnglishSmall bird
Ruthie XimenaSpanishListener
Ruthie YaraArabicSmall butterfly
Ruthie YasminPersianJasmine
Ruthie YvetteFrenchYew tree
Ruthie YvonneFrenchArcher
Ruthie ZaraHebrewBlooming flower
Ruthie ZariahHebrewGod has helped
Ruthie ZinniaLatinFlower
Ruthie ZoeGreekLife
Ruthie ZoeyGreekLife

Nickname Ideas for Ruthie

Nicknames are a fun part of naming, as they often show affection and familiarity.

Here are a few nicknames for Ruthie:

  • Rue: Short and sweet, this nickname is easy to pronounce and remember.
  • Ruth: An obvious choice, but still charming.
  • Ruth-Beer: A nod to the famous sarsaparilla drink (and the wonderful girl with the cool new nickname). 

Ruthie Name Meaning & History

Derived from the name Ruth, which in Hebrew means “compassionate friend” or “companion,” Ruthie encapsulates the essence of kindness, loyalty, and empathy.

The name Ruthie gained popularity in the early 20th century as a beloved diminutive form of Ruth.

It holds a timeless charm that resonates with parents seeking a name that exudes warmth and approachability.

Historically, the name Ruthie traces its roots to the biblical figure of Ruth. In the Old Testament, Ruth symbolizes devotion, resilience, and unwavering faith.

Her story showcases the power of love and the importance of steadfastness, making Ruthie an embodiment of these remarkable qualities.

In contemporary society, the name Ruthie has embraced its own distinct identity. It evokes a sense of nostalgia while remaining fresh and endearing.

The simplicity and sweetness of Ruthie make it an ideal choice for parents looking to bestow a name with a touch of timeless elegance.

Ruthie Name Popularity

According to the Social Security Administration, Ruthie was ranked #1903 in popularity in 2020 in the United States, making it a unique choice for parents seeking a less common name.

Over to You!

Remember, when selecting a middle name, consider its compatibility with Ruthie’s first name and your personal values.

Whether you opt for a classic, trendy, meaningful, or family-inspired middle name, the goal is to create a harmonious combination that will stand the test of time.

As you embark on this journey of selecting a middle name for Ruthie, trust your intuition and listen to your heart.

Your baby girl’s middle name should hold a special place in your family’s story, reflecting your hopes, dreams, and love.


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