1200+ Middle Names for Riley (Boy & Girl)

Cam Russo
1200+ Middle Names for Riley (Boy & Girl) 1200+ Middle Names for Riley (Boy & Girl)

Ah, the quest for the perfect middle name! When it comes to naming a child, the first name often steals the spotlight.

But let’s not forget the unsung hero of the naming world: the middle name.

It’s that sweet bridge between the first and last name, adding depth, character, and a touch of personality.

So, you’ve settled on “Riley” – a name that’s both modern and timeless. But what about the encore?

Whether you’re looking for something classic, trendy, or utterly unique, we’ve got a list of middle names for Riley that will make your heart skip a beat, whether you’re naming a boy or a girl.

In this article, we’ll explore over 1200 middle name options for Riley, delve into its meaning and history, and even look at some nickname ideas.

Middle Names for Riley (Girls)

From classic to modern, there are numerous middle names that pair beautifully with Riley for girls.

Name Origin Meaning
Riley Abigail Hebrew “Father’s joy”
Riley Abrielle French “God is my strength”
Riley Adalynn German “Noble, honorable”
Riley Addison English “Son of Adam”
Riley Adeline French “Noble, nobility”
Riley Adriana Latin “From the city Hadria”
Riley Adrienne French “Dark one”
Riley Aileen Scottish/Irish “Bright, shining light”
Riley Aimee French “Beloved”
Riley Ainsley Scottish “One’s own meadow”
Riley Alaina French “Rock”
Riley Alana Irish “Beautiful, harmonious”
Riley Aleah Arabic “Exalted, noble”
Riley Alessandra Italian “Defender of the people”
Riley Alexandra Greek “Defender of the people”
Riley Alexia Greek “Defender”
Riley Alexis Greek “Defender”
Riley Aliah Arabic “Exalted, noble”
Riley Alice German “Noble”
Riley Alicia Spanish “Noble”
Riley Alina Slavic “Bright, beautiful”
Riley Alison German “Of noble kind”
Riley Alissa German “Noble nature”
Riley Alondra Spanish “Defender of mankind”
Riley Alyson English “Noble”
Riley Alyssa Greek “Logical”
Riley Amanda Latin “Worthy of love”
Riley Amara Igbo “Grace”
Riley Amber Arabic “Fossilized tree resin”
Riley Amberly English “Amber + meadow”
Riley Amelia German “Work”
Riley Amelie French “Hardworking”
Riley Amiah Hebrew/Arabic “Close to God”
Riley Amira Arabic “Princess”
Riley Amy French “Beloved”
Riley Anahi Native American “Beautiful”
Riley Anastasia Greek “Resurrection”
Riley Anaya Sanskrit “Caring, compassionate”
Riley Andrea Greek “Brave”
Riley Angel Greek “Messenger of God”
Riley Angela Greek “Messenger of God”
Riley Angelica Latin “Angel-like”
Riley Angelina Italian “Little angel”
Riley Angelique French “Angel”
Riley Angie Greek “Messenger of God”
Riley Anika Hebrew “Grace”
Riley Ann Hebrew “Grace, favor”
Riley Anna Hebrew “Grace, favor”
Riley Annabelle French “Lovable”
Riley Annalise German “God’s bounty”
Riley Anne Hebrew “Grace, favor”
Riley Anne-Marie Hebrew/French “Grace + beloved”
Riley Anneliese German “God’s bounty”
Riley Annika Swedish “Grace”
Riley Antonia Latin “Priceless”
Riley April Latin “To open”
Riley Annette French “Grace”
Riley Arabella Latin “Yielding to prayer”
Riley Araceli Spanish “Altar of the sky”
Riley Ariana Italian “Very holy”
Riley Ariel Hebrew “Lion of God”
Riley Arielle Hebrew “Lion of God”
Riley Ashlee English “Ash tree meadow”
Riley Ashlyn Irish “Dream”
Riley Ashlynn Irish “Dream”
Riley Aspen English “Quaking tree”
Riley Athena Greek “Goddess of wisdom and war”
Riley Aubree French “Elf ruler”
Riley Aubrey German “Elf ruler”
Riley Audra Old German “Noble strength”
Riley Audrey Old English “Noble strength”
Riley Aurora Latin “Dawn”
Riley Autumn Latin “Season of fall”
Riley Ava Hebrew “Life”
Riley Avery Old English “Elf counsel”
Riley Ayla Hebrew/Turkish “Oak tree/Halo”
Riley Azalea Greek “Dry”
Riley Bailee Old French “Bailiff”
Riley Barbara Greek “Foreign woman”
Riley Baylee English “Law enforcer, bailiff”
Riley Beatrice Latin “Bringer of joy”
Riley Beatriz Spanish “Bringer of joy”
Riley Belinda Spanish “Beautiful”
Riley Bella Italian “Beautiful”
Riley Belle French “Beautiful”
Riley Bernadette German “Brave as a bear”
Riley Beth Hebrew “God is my oath”
Riley Bethany Hebrew “House of figs”
Riley Betsy Hebrew “God is my oath”
Riley Beverly Old English “Beaver stream”
Riley Bianca Italian “White”
Riley Blair Scottish “Field, plain”
Riley Blaire Scottish “Field, plain”
Riley Blake Old English “Black or pale”
Riley Blakely Old English “Dark meadow”
Riley Bobbi English “Bright fame”
Riley Brandi English “Brandy”
Riley Brandy English “Brandy”
Riley Brenda Old Norse “Sword”
Riley Brenna Gaelic “Little raven”
Riley Bria Celtic “Strong, noble”
Riley Briana Celtic “Strong, noble”
Riley Brianna Celtic “Strong, noble”
Riley Bridget Gaelic “Strength or exalted one”
Riley Brielle French “God is my strength”
Riley Brinley English “Burnt meadow”
Riley Britney English “From Britain”
Riley Brittany Latin “From Britain”
Riley Brooke English “Small stream”
Riley Brooklyn Dutch “Broken land”
Riley Brooklynn Dutch “Broken land”
Riley Brylee American “Modern invented name”
Riley Brynlee American “Modern invented name”
Riley Brynn Welsh “Hill”
Riley Cadence Latin “Rhythm”
Riley Caitlin Irish “Pure”
Riley Caitlyn Irish “Pure”
Riley Cali Greek “Most beautiful”
Riley Callie Greek “Most beautiful”
Riley Cameron Scottish “Crooked nose”
Riley Camila Latin “Young ceremonial attendant”
Riley Camilla Latin “Young ceremonial attendant”
Riley Camille French “Young ceremonial attendant”
Riley Camryn Celtic “Crooked nose”
Riley Candace Latin “White, pure, sincere”
Riley Candice Latin “White, pure, sincere”
Riley Cara Latin “Beloved”
Riley Carla German “Free woman”
Riley Carly German “Free woman”
Riley Carmen Hebrew “Garden”
Riley Carol German “Free woman”
Riley Carolina German “Free woman”
Riley Caroline German “Free woman”
Riley Carolyn German “Free woman”
Riley Carrie German “Free woman”
Riley Casey Gaelic “Brave in battle”
Riley Cassandra Greek “Prophetess”
Riley Cassidy Gaelic “Curly-haired”
Riley Catalina Spanish “Pure”
Riley Catherine Greek “Pure”
Riley Cecelia Latin “Blind”
Riley Cecilia Latin “Blind”
Riley Celeste Latin “Heavenly”
Riley Celia Latin “Heavenly”
Riley Celine French “Heavenly”
Riley Chana Hebrew “Grace”
Riley Chandler English “Candle maker”
Riley Chanel French “Canal”
Riley Charlee German “Free woman”
Riley Charlene German “Free woman”
Riley Charley German “Free man”
Riley Charlie German “Free man”
Riley Charlotte German “Free woman”
Riley Chaya Hebrew “Life”
Riley Chelsea Old English “Chalk landing place”
Riley Cheyenne Native American “People of a different language”
Riley Chloe Greek “Green shoot”
Riley Christina Greek “Follower of Christ”
Riley Christine Greek “Follower of Christ”
Riley Ciara Gaelic “Dark”
Riley Cindy Greek “Moon”
Riley Claire Latin “Clear, bright”
Riley Clara Latin “Clear, bright”
Riley Clarissa Latin “Clear, bright”
Riley Claudia Latin “Lame”
Riley Clementine Latin “Mild, merciful”
Riley Cleo Greek “Glory”
Riley Colette French “People of victory”
Riley Colleen Irish “Girl”
Riley Constance Latin “Steadfastness”
Riley Cora Greek “Maiden”
Riley Coraline French “Coral”
Riley Corinne Greek “Maiden”
Riley Courtney Old French “Short nose”
Riley Crystal Greek “Ice”
Riley Cynthia Greek “Moon”
Riley Dahlia Swedish “Dahl’s flower”
Riley Daisy Old English “Day’s eye”
Riley Dakota Native American “Friend”
Riley Daleyza Spanish “Modern invented name”
Riley Dana Hebrew “God is my judge”
Riley Dani Hebrew “God is my judge”
Riley Daniela Hebrew “God is my judge”
Riley Danielle Hebrew “God is my judge”
Riley Danna Hebrew “God is my judge”
Riley Daphne Greek “Laurel tree”
Riley Darlene English “Dear, loved one”
Riley Davina Hebrew “Beloved”
Riley Dawn Old English “First appearance of light”
Riley Dayana Hebrew “God is my judge”
Riley Deanna Latin “Divine”
Riley Deborah Hebrew “Bee”
Riley Delaney Old French “From the alder grove”
Riley Delilah Hebrew “Delicate”
Riley Demi French “Half”
Riley Denise French “Follower of Dionysius”
Riley Desiree French “Desired”
Riley Destiny English “Fate”
Riley Devin Irish “Poet”
Riley Devon Irish “Poet”
Riley Diamond English “Brilliant gem”
Riley Diana Latin “Divine”
Riley Diane Latin “Divine”
Riley Dior French “Golden”
Riley Dixie French “Tenth”
Riley Dolly English “Gift of God”
Riley Dominique Latin “Belonging to the Lord”
Riley Donna Italian “Lady”
Riley Dorothy Greek “Gift of God”
Riley Dulce Latin “Sweet”
Riley Dylan Welsh “Son of the sea”
Riley Eden Hebrew “Delight”
Riley Edith Old English “Prosperous in war”
Riley Eileen Irish “Bright, shining one”
Riley Elaine Greek “Sun ray”
Riley Eleanor Greek “Shining light”
Riley Elena Greek “Shining light”
Riley Eleni Greek “Shining light”
Riley Eliana Hebrew “God has answered”
Riley Elie Hebrew “God is my light”
Riley Elisa Hebrew “God is my oath”
Riley Elise French “God is my oath”
Riley Eliza Hebrew “God is my joy”
Riley Elizabeth Hebrew “God is my oath”
Riley Ella German “All, completely; fairy maiden”
Riley Elle French “She”
Riley Ellen Greek “Shining light”
Riley Elliana Hebrew “God has answered”
Riley Ellie Greek “Shining light”
Riley Elliette French “God is my salvation”
Riley Elsie Scottish “God’s oath”
Riley Elyse French “God’s oath”
Riley Emely German “Rival”
Riley Emilia Latin “Rival”
Riley Emily Latin “Rival”
Riley Emma German “Universal”
Riley Emmaline German “Hardworking”
Riley Emmalyn German “Hardworking”
Riley Emmalynn German “Hardworking”
Riley Emmy German “Hardworking”
Riley Emory German “Brave; powerful”
Riley Erica Norse “Eternal ruler”
Riley Erika Norse “Eternal ruler”
Riley Erin Irish “Peace”
Riley Esmeralda Spanish “Emerald”
Riley Esperanza Spanish “Hope”
Riley Essence English “Perfume”
Riley Estella Latin “Star”
Riley Estelle French “Star”
Riley Esther Persian “Star”
Riley Estrella Spanish “Star”
Riley Etta English “Estate ruler”
Riley Eunice Greek “Good victory”
Riley Eva Hebrew “Life”
Riley Evangeline Greek “Good news”
Riley Eve Hebrew “Life”
Riley Evelyn English “Wished for child”
Riley Everlee English “Boar meadow”
Riley Everleigh English “Boar meadow”
Riley Everly English “Boar meadow”
Riley Evie Hebrew “Life”
Riley Faith English “Trust, belief”
Riley Fallon Irish “Leader”
Riley Faye Old English “Fairy”
Riley Felicity Latin “Happiness”
Riley Fernanda German “Bold voyager”
Riley Finley Scottish “Fair warrior”
Riley Fiona Gaelic “White, fair”
Riley Flora Latin “Flower”
Riley Florence Latin “Flourishing, prosperous”
Riley Frances Latin “Free one”
Riley Francesca Italian “Free one”
Riley Franki German “Free or truthful”
Riley Frankie German “Free or truthful”
Riley Freya Norse “A noble woman”
Riley Frida German “Peaceful ruler”
Riley Gabriela Hebrew “God is my strength”
Riley Gabriella Hebrew “God is my strength”
Riley Gabrielle Hebrew “God is my strength”
Riley Galilea Hebrew “Galilee”
Riley Gemma Italian “Gem, precious stone”
Riley Genesis Greek “Beginning”
Riley Genevieve French “Tribe woman”
Riley Georgia Greek “Farmer”
Riley Geraldine German “Spear ruler”
Riley Gia Italian “God’s gracious gift”
Riley Giada Italian “Jade”
Riley Giana Italian “God is gracious”
Riley Gianna Italian “God is gracious”
Riley Giselle German “Pledge”
Riley Giuliana Italian “Youthful”
Riley Gloria Latin “Glory”
Riley Grace Latin “Grace”
Riley Gracelyn Latin “Grace”
Riley Gracie Latin “Grace”
Riley Greta German “Pearl”
Riley Gwen Welsh “White, fair, blessed”
Riley Gwendolyn Welsh “White ring”
Riley Hadassah Hebrew “Myrtle tree”
Riley Hadlee Old English “Heathen meadow”
Riley Hadleigh Old English “Heathen meadow”
Riley Hadley Old English “Heathen meadow”
Riley Hailee English “Hay meadow”
Riley Hailey English “Hay meadow”
Riley Hailie English “Hay meadow”
Riley Haisley English “Hay meadow”
Riley Haley English “Hay meadow”
Riley Halle Old English “Rock”
Riley Hallie Old English “Rock”
Riley Halo Greek “Halo around the moon or sun”
Riley Hanna Hebrew “Grace”
Riley Hannah Hebrew “Grace”
Riley Harlee English “Hare meadow”
Riley Harleigh English “Hare meadow”
Riley Harley English “Hare meadow”
Riley Harmony Latin “A beautiful blending”
Riley Harper Old English “Harp player”
Riley Harriet German “Home ruler”
Riley Haven English “Safe place”
Riley Haylee English “Hay meadow”
Riley Hayley English “Hay meadow”
Riley Hazel Old English “The hazelnut tree”
Riley Heaven English “Paradise”
Riley Heidi German “Noble one”
Riley Helen Greek “Shining light”
Riley Helena Greek “Shining light”
Riley Henley English “High meadow”
Riley Hensley English “Stag meadow”
Riley Hera Greek “Protectress”
Riley Hermione Greek “Earthly”
Riley Hester Greek “Star”
Riley Hope English “Expectation”
Riley Hunter English “One who hunts”
Riley India English “From the river Indus”
Riley Indie English “Independent”
Riley Indigo Greek “Indian dye”
Riley Ingrid Norse “Beautiful, beloved”
Riley Irene Greek “Peace”
Riley Iris Greek “Rainbow”
Riley Isabel Spanish “God is my oath”
Riley Isabela Spanish “God is my oath”
Riley Isabell Spanish “God is my oath”
Riley Isabella Spanish “God is my oath”
Riley Isabelle French “God is my oath”
Riley Isis Egyptian “Throne”
Riley Itzel Mayan “Rainbow lady”
Riley Ivanna Hebrew “God is gracious”
Riley Ivory English “White as elephant tusks”
Riley Ivy Old English “Climbing vine plant”
Riley Izabella Hebrew “God is my oath”
Riley Jacqueline French “Supplanter”
Riley Jada Hebrew “Wise”
Riley Jade Spanish “Stone of the side”
Riley Jaelyn American “Modern invented name”
Riley Jaliyah American “Modern invented name”
Riley Jamie Hebrew “Supplanter”
Riley Jamila Arabic “Beautiful”
Riley Jane Hebrew “God is gracious”
Riley Janelle French “God is gracious”
Riley Janessa Hebrew “God is gracious”
Riley Janiya Hebrew “God is gracious”
Riley Janna Hebrew “God is gracious”
Riley Jazlyn American “Modern invented name”
Riley Jazmin Persian “Jasmine flower”
Riley Jazmine Persian “Jasmine flower”
Riley Jean Hebrew “God is gracious”
Riley Jeanette French “God is gracious”
Riley Jemma English “Gem”
Riley Jenna Arabic “Heaven”
Riley Jennifer Welsh “White wave”
Riley Jenny Welsh “White wave”
Riley Jessica Hebrew “God beholds”
Riley Jessie Hebrew “God beholds”
Riley Jewel Old French “Plaything, delight”
Riley Jill Latin “Youthful”
Riley Jillian Latin “Youthful”
Riley Jimena Hebrew “Heard by God”
Riley Jo Hebrew “God will increase”
Riley Joan Hebrew “God is gracious”
Riley Joann Hebrew “God is gracious”
Riley Joanna Hebrew “God is gracious”
Riley Joanne Hebrew “God is gracious”
Riley Jocelyn German “Member of the Gauts tribe”
Riley Jodi Hebrew “Praised”
Riley Jodie Hebrew “Praised”
Riley Jolene French “Pretty”
Riley Jordan Hebrew “Flowing down”
Riley Jordyn Hebrew “Flowing down”
Riley Josey Hebrew “God will increase”
Riley Josie Hebrew “God will increase”
Riley Journey English “A trip or experience from one place to another”
Riley Joy English “Happiness”
Riley Joyce Latin “Youthful”
Riley Judith Hebrew “Praised”
Riley Judy Hebrew “Praised”
Riley Julia Latin “Youthful”
Riley Juliana Latin “Youthful”
Riley Julianna Latin “Youthful”
Riley Julie Latin “Youthful”
Riley Juliet Latin “Youthful”
Riley Juliette French “Youthful”
Riley Julissa American “Youthful”
Riley June Latin “Young”
Riley Juniper Latin “Evergreen shrub”
Riley Justice English “Righteousness, fairness”
Riley Kacey Irish “Brave in battle”
Riley Kaelin American “Rejoicer”
Riley Kaelyn American “Rejoicer”
Riley Kaia Hawaiian “Sea”
Riley Kailani Hawaiian “Sea and sky”
Riley Kailee American “Keeper of the keys”
Riley Kailey American “Keeper of the keys”
Riley Kailyn American “Keeper of the keys”
Riley Kaitlin Irish “Pure”
Riley Kaitlyn Irish “Pure”
Riley Kaitlynn Irish “Pure”
Riley Kalani Hawaiian “The heavens”
Riley Kali Hawaiian “Hula, dance”
Riley Kaliyah Arabic “Beloved”
Riley Kamila Arabic “Perfect”
Riley Kamryn American “Modern invented name”
Riley Kara Italian “Beloved”
Riley Karen Danish “Pure”
Riley Karina Scandinavian “Pure”
Riley Karis Greek “Grace”
Riley Karla German “Free woman”
Riley Karlee German “Free woman”
Riley Karly German “Free woman”
Riley Karma Sanskrit “Destiny, fate”
Riley Karsyn American “Modern invented name”
Riley Karter English “Transporter”
Riley Kassandra Greek “Prophetess”
Riley Kassidy Irish “Curly-haired”
Riley Kate Greek “Pure”
Riley Katelyn Irish “Pure”
Riley Katelynn Irish “Pure”
Riley Katherine Greek “Pure”
Riley Kathleen Greek “Pure”
Riley Kathryn Greek “Pure”
Riley Katie Greek “Pure”
Riley Katlyn American “Pure”
Riley Kay Greek “Pure”
Riley Kaydence Latin “Rhythm”
Riley Kayla Irish “Slim, fair”
Riley Kaylee American “Pure”
Riley Kayleigh Gaelic “Slim, fair”
Riley Kaylen American “Slim, fair”
Riley Kayley Gaelic “Slim, fair”
Riley Kaylie Gaelic “Slim, fair”
Riley Kaylin Gaelic “Slim, fair”
Riley Keira Irish “Dark-haired”
Riley Kelsey Old English “Ship’s victory”
Riley Kendra Old English “Understanding”
Riley Kenia Hebrew “God’s gift”
Riley Kenley English “Royal meadow”
Riley Kenna Gaelic “Born of fire”
Riley Kennedi American “Helmet head”
Riley Kennedy Gaelic “Helmet head”
Riley Kensley English “King’s meadow”
Riley Kenya African “Animal horn”
Riley Kenzie Gaelic “Fair”
Riley Keyla American “Laurel crown”
Riley Khaleesi Fictional “Queen” (From “Game of Thrones”)
Riley Khloe Greek “Blooming”
Riley Kiana Hawaiian “Divine”
Riley Kiara Irish “Dark-haired”
Riley Kiera Irish “Dark-haired”
Riley Kimber Old English “Royal fortress”
Riley Kimberly Old English “Royal fortress”
Riley Kimora American “Modern invented name”
Riley Kinley Gaelic “Fair warrior”
Riley Kinsey English “King’s victory”
Riley Kinslee English “King’s meadow”
Riley Kinsley English “King’s meadow”
Riley Kira Russian “Throne”
Riley Kyla Gaelic “Slim, fair”
Riley Kylee Gaelic “Slim, fair”
Riley Kyleigh Gaelic “Slim, fair”
Riley Kylie Gaelic “Slim, fair”
Riley Kyra Greek “Lady”
Riley Lacey French “Cheerful”
Riley Laila Arabic “Night”
Riley Lailah Arabic “Night”
Riley Lainey English “Bright shining one”
Riley Laith Arabic “Lion”
Riley Lana Gaelic “Little rock”
Riley Laney English “Bright shining one”
Riley Lara Latin “Protection”
Riley Laura Latin “Laurel tree”
Riley Laurel Latin “Laurel tree”
Riley Lauren Latin “Laurel tree”
Riley Lauryn Latin “Laurel tree”
Riley Layan Arabic “Soft, gentle”
Riley Layla Arabic “Night”
Riley Laylah Arabic “Night”
Riley Layne English “Path, roadway”
Riley Laynie English “Path, roadway”
Riley Leah Hebrew “Weary”
Riley Leanna Hebrew “Graceful willow”
Riley Leela Sanskrit “Play, amusement”
Riley Legacy English “Inheritance”
Riley Leia Hebrew “Weary”
Riley Leighton Old English “Meadow town”
Riley Leila Arabic “Night”
Riley Leilani Hawaiian “Heavenly flowers”
Riley Lena Greek “Torch”
Riley Lennox Scottish “With many elm trees”
Riley Leona Latin “Lion”
Riley Leslie Gaelic “Garden of holly”
Riley Leticia Latin “Joy, happiness”
Riley Lexi Greek “Defender of mankind”
Riley Lexie Greek “Defender of mankind”
Riley Lia Spanish “Weary”
Riley Liana French “To bind”
Riley Libby Hebrew “God is my oath”
Riley Liberty Latin “Freedom”
Riley Lila Arabic “Night”
Riley Lilah Arabic “Night”
Riley Lilian Latin “Lily”
Riley Liliana Latin “Lily”
Riley Lillian Latin “Lily”
Riley Lillie Latin “Lily”
Riley Lilly Latin “Lily”
Riley Lily Latin “Lily”
Riley Linda Spanish “Pretty”
Riley Lindsay Old English “Linden tree island”
Riley Lindsey Old English “Linden tree island”
Riley Linnea Swedish “Twinflower”
Riley Lisa Hebrew “God is my oath”
Riley Lisbeth Hebrew “God is my oath”
Riley Livia Latin “Blue, envious”
Riley Lizbeth Hebrew “God is my oath”
Riley Logan Gaelic “Little hollow”
Riley Lola Spanish “Sorrows”
Riley London English “Fortress of the moon”
Riley Londyn English “Fortress of the moon”
Riley Lora Latin “Laurel tree”
Riley Lorelai German “Luring rock”
Riley Lorelei German “Luring rock”
Riley Lori Latin “Laurel tree”
Riley Lorraine French “From Lorraine”
Riley Lou German “Famous warrior”
Riley Louisa German “Famous warrior”
Riley Louise German “Famous warrior”
Riley Lucia Latin “Light”
Riley Luciana Italian “Light”
Riley Lucille French “Light”
Riley Lucy Latin “Light”
Riley Luna Latin “Moon”
Riley Lupe Spanish “Wolf”
Riley Lydia Greek “Noble”
Riley Lyla Arabic “Night”
Riley Lyra Greek “Lyre”
Riley Lyric English “Words of a song”
Riley Mabel Latin “Lovable”
Riley Maci French “Weapon”
Riley Macie French “Weapon”
Riley Mackenzie Gaelic “Child of the wise leader”
Riley Macy French “Weapon”
Riley Madalyn Hebrew “High tower”
Riley Madalynn Hebrew “High tower”
Riley Maddison English “Son of Maud”
Riley Madeline Hebrew “High tower”
Riley Madelyn Hebrew “High tower”
Riley Madelynn Hebrew “High tower”
Riley Madilyn Hebrew “High tower”
Riley Madison English “Son of Maud”
Riley Madisyn English “Son of Maud”
Riley Mae English “Month of May”
Riley Maeve Irish “Intoxicating”
Riley Magdalena Hebrew “Woman from Magdala”
Riley Maggie Greek “Pearl”
Riley Magnolia Latin “Magnol’s tree”
Riley Maia Greek “Mother”
Riley Makena Hawaiian “The happy one”
Riley Makenna Gaelic “Child of the handsome one”
Riley Makinley Gaelic “Fair warrior”
Riley Malaya Filipino “Free”
Riley Malaysia Malay “Mountain of gold”
Riley Malia Hawaiian “Calm and peaceful”
Riley Maliyah Hebrew “Beloved”
Riley Mallory French “Unfortunate”
Riley Mandy Latin “Lovable”
Riley Manuela Hebrew “God is with us”
Riley Mara Hebrew “Bitter”
Riley Marcella Latin “Young warrior”
Riley Margaret Greek “Pearl”
Riley Margot French “Pearl”
Riley Maria Latin “Sea of bitterness”
Riley Mariah Hebrew “God is my teacher”
Riley Mariam Hebrew “Sea of bitterness”
Riley Mariana Latin “Grace”
Riley Marie Hebrew “Sea of bitterness”
Riley Marilyn Hebrew “Sea of bitterness”
Riley Marina Latin “Of the sea”
Riley Marissa Latin “Of the sea”
Riley Maritza Spanish “Of the sea”
Riley Marjorie Greek “Pearl”
Riley Marlee English “Meadow near the lake”
Riley Marleigh English “Meadow near the lake”
Riley Marley English “Meadow near the lake”
Riley Marlowe English “Driftwood”
Riley Marly English “Meadow near the lake”
Riley Marnie Latin “Rejoice”
Riley Martha Aramaic “Lady”
Riley Mary Hebrew “Sea of bitterness”
Riley Maryam Hebrew “Sea of bitterness”
Riley Matilda German “Mighty in battle”
Riley Mattie Aramaic “Lady”
Riley Mavis French “Songbird”
Riley Maxine Latin “Greatest”
Riley Maya Greek “Mother”
Riley Maylee English “The month of May”
Riley Mazie English “Pearl”
Riley Mckenna Gaelic “Child of the handsome one”
Riley Mckenzie Gaelic “Child of the wise leader”
Riley Meadow English “Meadow”
Riley Meilani Hawaiian “Heavenly flower”
Riley Melania Greek “Black, dark”
Riley Melanie Greek “Black, dark”
Riley Melany Greek “Black, dark”
Riley Melina Greek “Honey”
Riley Melissa Greek “Honey bee”
Riley Melody English “Song”
Riley Mercy English “Compassion, forgiveness”
Riley Meredith Welsh “Great ruler”
Riley Mia Latin “Mine”
Riley Miah Hebrew “God is alive”
Riley Micah Hebrew “Who is like God?”
Riley Michaela Hebrew “Who is like God?”
Riley Michelle Hebrew “Who is like God?”
Riley Mikaela Hebrew “Who is like God?”
Riley Mikayla Hebrew “Who is like God?”
Riley Mila Slavic “Gracious, dear”
Riley Milagros Spanish “Miracles”
Riley Milan Slavic “Gracious, dear”
Riley Miley English “Smiley”
Riley Miliani Hawaiian “Gentle caress”
Riley Millie German “Strength, determination”
Riley Mina German “Love”
Riley Miracle English “Wonder, marvel”
Riley Miranda Latin “Admirable, wonderful”
Riley Mireya Spanish “Admire”
Riley Miriam Hebrew “Sea of bitterness”
Riley Mischa Russian “Who is like God?”
Riley Mollie Hebrew “Sea of bitterness”
Riley Molly Hebrew “Sea of bitterness”
Riley Monica Latin “Advisor”
Riley Monique French “Advisor”
Riley Monroe Scottish “Mouth of the river Roe”
Riley Morgan Welsh “Sea circle”
Riley Moriah Hebrew “God is my teacher”
Riley Mya Greek “Mother”
Riley Myah Greek “Mother”
Riley Myla English “Soldier”
Riley Mylah English “Soldier”
Riley Myra Latin “Wonderful”
Riley Myracle English “Wonder, marvel”
Riley Nadia Russian “Hope”
Riley Nala African “Successful”
Riley Nalani Hawaiian “The heavens”
Riley Nancy Hebrew “Grace”
Riley Naomi Hebrew “Pleasantness”
Riley Natalia Italian “Birthday”
Riley Natalie Latin “Birthday”
Riley Natasha Russian “Birthday”
Riley Nathalie French “Birthday”
Riley Nayeli Zapotec “I love you”
Riley Nevaeh English “Heaven” (spelled backward)
Riley Nia Swahili “Purpose”
Riley Nicole Greek “Victory of the people”
Riley Nieve Spanish “Snow”
Riley Nikita Greek “Victory of the people”
Riley Nina Spanish “Little girl”
Riley Noa Hebrew “Motion”
Riley Noelle French “Christmas”
Riley Noemi Hebrew “Pleasantness”
Riley Nola Gaelic “Fair shoulder”
Riley Nyla Arabic “Winner”
Riley Nylah Arabic “Winner”
Riley Oaklee English “Oak meadow”
Riley Oakley English “Oak meadow”
Riley Octavia Latin “Eighth”
Riley Odalys Spanish “Ode”
Riley Odelia Hebrew “I will praise the Lord”
Riley Olive Latin “Olive tree”
Riley Olivia Latin “Olive tree”
Riley Ollie Latin “Olive tree”
Riley Olympia Greek “From Mount Olympus”
Riley Opal Sanskrit “Jewel”
Riley Ophelia Greek “Help”
Riley Oriana Latin “Dawn”
Riley Paige English “Page to a lord”
Riley Paislee English “Church, cemetery”
Riley Paisley English “Church, cemetery”
Riley Paloma Spanish “Dove”
Riley Pamela Greek “All honey”
Riley Paola Latin “Small”
Riley Paris Greek “Pledge”
Riley Parker English “Park keeper”
Riley Patience English “Enduring, forebearing”
Riley Patricia Latin “Noble”
Riley Patty Latin “Noble”
Riley Paula Latin “Small”
Riley Paulette French “Small”
Riley Paulina Latin “Small”
Riley Payton English “Pacca’s town”
Riley Pearl English “Pearl”
Riley Peggy Greek “Pearl”
Riley Penelope Greek “Weaver”
Riley Penny Greek “Weaver”
Riley Perla Latin “Pearl”
Riley Peyton English “Pacca’s town”
Riley Phoebe Greek “Bright, pure”
Riley Phoenix Greek “Dark red”
Riley Piper English “Pipe player”
Riley Poppy Latin “Red flower”
Riley Presley English “Priest’s meadow”
Riley Princess English “Royal daughter”
Riley Priscilla Latin “Ancient”
Riley Promise English “Declaration of intent”
Riley Psalm Hebrew “Song”
Riley Queen English “Female monarch”
Riley Queenie English “Female monarch”
Riley Quetzal Nahuatl “Precious feather, bird”
Riley Quinn Gaelic “Wisdom, reason”
Riley Rachel Hebrew “Ewe”
Riley Raegan Gaelic “Little ruler”
Riley Raelyn American “Ray of sunshine”
Riley Raelynn American “Ray of sunshine”
Riley Rain English “Abundant blessings from above”
Riley Raina Slavic “Queen”
Riley Raine English “Queen”
Riley Raven English “Blackbird”
Riley Rayla American “Ray of sunshine”
Riley Raylee American “Ray of sunshine”
Riley Rayna Hebrew “Song of the Lord”
Riley Rayne Hebrew “Song of the Lord”
Riley Reagan Gaelic “Little ruler”
Riley Rebecca Hebrew “To bind”
Riley Rebekah Hebrew “To bind”
Riley Reese Welsh “Ardor”
Riley Regina Latin “Queen”
Riley Reign English “Rule”
Riley Reina Spanish “Queen”
Riley Remi French “Oarsman”
Riley Remington English “Raven’s estate”
Riley Remy French “Oarsman”
Riley Renata Latin “Reborn”
Riley Rhea Greek “Flowing”
Riley Rhyan Irish “Little king”
Riley Ria Spanish “River”
Riley Rian Gaelic “Little king”
Riley Rianna Welsh “Great queen”
Riley Rilee English “Courageous”
Riley Riley Gaelic “Courageous”
Riley Rilynn American “Courageous”
Riley Rita Spanish “Pearl”
Riley River English “Stream of water”
Riley Rivka Hebrew “To bind”
Riley Robin English “Bright fame”
Riley Robyn English “Bright fame”
Riley Rocio Spanish “Dew”
Riley Roma Italian “Rome”
Riley Romina Latin “Man from Rome”
Riley Romy Latin “Man from Rome”
Riley Rosa Latin “Rose”
Riley Rosalie Latin “Rose”
Riley Rosalyn Latin “Rose”
Riley Rose Latin “Rose”
Riley Roselyn Latin “Rose”
Riley Rosemary Latin “Dew of the sea”
Riley Roslyn Gaelic “Little red-haired one”
Riley Rowan Gaelic “Little redhead”
Riley Roxana Persian “Dawn”
Riley Roxanne Persian “Dawn”
Riley Royalty English “Royal status”
Riley Ruby Latin “Red gemstone”
Riley Rylee Irish “Courageous”
Riley Ryleigh Irish “Courageous”
Riley Rylie Irish “Courageous”
Riley Sabrina Latin “From the river Severn”
Riley Sade African “Honor confers a crown”
Riley Sadie Hebrew “Princess”
Riley Saffron Arabic “Yellow flower”
Riley Sage Latin “Wise”
Riley Saige Latin “Wise”
Riley Salma Arabic “Safe”
Riley Salome Hebrew “Peace”
Riley Samara Hebrew “Guarded by God”
Riley Samiyah Arabic “Elevated”
Riley Sandra Greek “Defender of mankind”
Riley Sandy Greek “Defender of mankind”
Riley Sania Arabic “Brilliance”
Riley Sara Hebrew “Princess”
Riley Sarah Hebrew “Princess”
Riley Sarai Hebrew “Princess”
Riley Sariah Hebrew “Princess”
Riley Sasha Russian “Defender of mankind”
Riley Savana Spanish “Treeless plain”
Riley Savanah Spanish “Treeless plain”
Riley Savanna Spanish “Treeless plain”
Riley Savannah Spanish “Treeless plain”
Riley Sawyer English “Woodcutter”
Riley Scarlet English “Red”
Riley Scarlett English “Red”
Riley Selah Hebrew “Rock”
Riley Selena Greek “Moon”
Riley Selene Greek “Moon”
Riley Serenity Latin “Peaceful”
Riley Serina Latin “Serene, calm”
Riley Shania Ojibwa “I’m on my way”
Riley Shannon Gaelic “Little wise owl”
Riley Sharon Hebrew “A plain”
Riley Shay Gaelic “Gift”
Riley Shayla Gaelic “Gift”
Riley Shaylee Gaelic “Gift”
Riley Sheila Gaelic “Blind”
Riley Shelby English “Sheltered town”
Riley Sherlyn English “Bright meadow”
Riley Shiloh Hebrew “His gift”
Riley Shirley English “Bright meadow”
Riley Shreya Sanskrit “Auspicious”
Riley Siena Italian “From Siena”
Riley Sienna Italian “From Siena”
Riley Sierra Spanish “Mountain range”
Riley Simone Hebrew “Heard”
Riley Sincere English “Earnest”
Riley Skye English “Sky”
Riley Skyler Dutch “Scholar”
Riley Skyla English “Scholar”
Riley Skylar Dutch “Scholar”
Riley Sloan Irish “Warrior”
Riley Sloane Irish “Warrior”
Riley Sofia Greek “Wisdom”
Riley Sophia Greek “Wisdom”
Riley Sophie Greek “Wisdom”
Riley Stella Latin “Star”
Riley Stephanie Greek “Crown”
Riley Stevie Greek “Crown”
Riley Storm English “Tempest”
Riley Summer English “Warmest season”
Riley Sunny English “Cheerful”
Riley Susan Hebrew “Lily”
Riley Susanna Hebrew “Lily”
Riley Suzanne Hebrew “Lily”
Riley Sway English “Influence”
Riley Sydney French “Wide island”
Riley Sylvia Latin “Forest”
Riley Tabitha Aramaic “Gazelle”
Riley Talia Hebrew “Dew from heaven”
Riley Taliyah Arabic “Gentle rain, dew from heaven”
Riley Tamera Hebrew “Palm tree”
Riley Tamia Japanese “People”
Riley Tania Latin “Fairy queen”
Riley Taniya Hebrew “God’s gift”
Riley Tanya Russian “Fairy queen”
Riley Tara Gaelic “Rocky hill”
Riley Taryn Gaelic “Rocky hill”
Riley Tatiana Latin “Fairy queen”
Riley Tatum English “Brings joy”
Riley Taylor English “Tailor”
Riley Teagan Irish “Little poet”
Riley Tegan Welsh “Fair”
Riley Tenley English “Burnt clearing”
Riley Teresa Greek “Harvest”
Riley Tessa Greek “Harvest”
Riley Thalia Greek “To flourish”
Riley Thea Greek “Goddess”
Riley Thelma Greek “Will”
Riley Theodora Greek “Gift of God”
Riley Theresa Greek “Harvest”
Riley Tia Spanish “Aunt”
Riley Tiana Russian “Fairy queen”
Riley Tianna Russian “Fairy queen”
Riley Tiara Latin “Crown”
Riley Tinsley English “Tynni’s meadow”
Riley Tiana Greek “Princess”
Riley Tiffany Greek “Manifestation of God”
Riley Timber English “Wood, strong”
Riley Timea Hungarian “Honor”
Riley Tina Latin “River”
Riley Tinley English “Meadow of the leading town”
Riley Tinsley English “Tynni’s meadow”
Riley Tirzah Hebrew “She is my delight”
Riley Tonia Latin “Invaluable”
Riley Tonya Russian “Invaluable”
Riley Tori Japanese “Bird”
Riley Tracey Latin “Brave”
Riley Tracie Latin “Brave”
Riley Tracy Latin “Brave”
Riley Treasure English “Prized possession”
Riley Trina Scandinavian “Pure”
Riley Trinity Latin “Threefold”
Riley Trista Latin “Tumult, outcry”
Riley Tristen French “Tumult, outcry”
Riley Tristin French “Tumult, outcry”
Riley Tristyn French “Tumult, outcry”
Riley Trudy German “Spear of strength”
Riley Truly English “Truth”
Riley Trynity Latin “Threefold”
Riley Tulip Persian “Red gem”
Riley Tyla English “Good”
Riley Tyler English “Tile maker”
Riley Tyra Scandinavian “God of battle”
Riley Ulani Hawaiian “Cheerful”
Riley Uma Sanskrit “Nation”
Riley Unique English “Unlike others”
Riley Unity English “Oneness”
Riley Ursula Latin “Little bear”
Riley Valentina Latin “Health”
Riley Valeria Latin “To be strong”
Riley Valerie Latin “To be strong”
Riley Valery Latin “To be strong”
Riley Vanessa Greek “Butterfly”
Riley Vanity English “Excessive pride in one’s appearance”
Riley Vera Russian “Faith”
Riley Veronica Latin “True image”
Riley Veronika Latin “True image”
Riley Vicky Latin “Victory”
Riley Victoria Latin “Victory”
Riley Vienna Latin “From wine country”
Riley Violet Latin “Purple”
Riley Virginia Latin “Maiden”
Riley Vivian Latin “Alive”
Riley Viviana Latin “Alive”
Riley Vivienne French “Alive”
Riley Waverly English “Meadow of quivering aspens”
Riley Wendy English “Friend”
Riley Whitney English “White island”
Riley Willa German “Resolute protection”
Riley Willow English “Slender, graceful”
Riley Winter English “Coldest season of the year”
Riley Wren English “Small bird”
Riley Wynter English “Coldest season of the year”
Riley Xandra Greek “Defender of mankind”
Riley Xena Greek “Guest, stranger”
Riley Xenia Greek “Guest, stranger”
Riley Ximena Hebrew “Heard”
Riley Xiomara Spanish “Ready for battle”
Riley Xitlali Nahuatl “Star”
Riley Xylia Greek “Woodland”
Riley Yael Hebrew “Mountain goat”
Riley Yamileth Arabic “Beautiful”
Riley Yara Arabic “Butterfly”
Riley Yasmin Persian “Jasmine flower”
Riley Yazmin Persian “Jasmine flower”
Riley Yesenia Spanish “Flower”
Riley Yessenia Spanish “Flower”
Riley Yolanda Greek “Violet flower”
Riley Yoselin Nahuatl “Heart of Jesus”
Riley Yuliana Spanish “Youthful”
Riley Yvette French “Yew”
Riley Yvonne French “Yew”
Riley Zaniyah Hebrew “God’s gift”
Riley Zara Arabic “Princess”
Riley Zaria Arabic “Rose”
Riley Zariah Hebrew “God has remembered”
Riley Zariyah Hebrew “God has remembered”
Riley Zendaya Shona “To give thanks”
Riley Zia Arabic “Light”
Riley Zion Hebrew “Highest point”
Riley Ziva Hebrew “Brightness, radiance”
Riley Zoe Greek “Life”
Riley Zoey Greek “Life”
Riley Zoie Greek “Life”
Riley Zola Zulu “Quiet, tranquil”
Riley Zora Slavic “Dawn”
Riley Zuri Swahili “Beautiful”
Riley Zuria Basque “White”
Riley Zuriel Hebrew “God is my rock”
Riley Zyanya Zapotec “Always, forever”
Riley Zyla African “Calm”

Middle Names for Riley (Boys)

For boys, the name Riley can be paired with strong, traditional, or contemporary middle names.

Name Origin Meaning
Riley Andy English Diminutive of Andrew, meaning “Manly” or “Brave”
Riley Angel Greek “Messenger” or “Angel”
Riley Angus Scottish/Gaelic “One strength” or “Unique choice”
Riley Anthony Latin Derived from the Roman clan name Antonius, meaning is unknown but possibly related to “priceless” or “of inestimable worth”
Riley Anton Latin Variant of Anthony, possibly meaning “priceless one”
Riley Antonio Spanish/Italian Spanish and Italian form of Anthony, meaning “priceless one”
Riley Archer English “Bowman” or “Archer”
Riley Arlo Unknown The origin and meaning are unclear, possibly derived from Charles
Riley Arnold German “Eagle power”
Riley Arthur Celtic “Bear” or “Bear-like”, possibly derived from the Roman surname Artorius
Riley Asher Hebrew “Happy” or “Blessed”
Riley Ashton English “Ash tree town”
Riley Atlas Greek “To endure”, also the name of a Titan condemned to hold up the sky
Riley Atticus Latin From Attica, a region surrounding Athens in Greece
Riley August Latin “Venerable” or “Consecrated”
Riley Austin Latin Variant of Augustin, meaning “Majestic”
Riley Avery French “Elf counsel”
Riley Axel Hebrew/Scandinavian “Father of peace”
Riley Ayden Turkish “Enlightened” or “Brightness”
Riley Bailey English “Bailiff” or “Steward”, also refers to a “berry clearing” in Old English
Riley Barclay Scottish “Birch tree meadow”
Riley Barrett German “Bear strength”
Riley Barry Irish “Spear” or “Sharp pointed”
Riley Barton English “Barley settlement”
Riley Basil Greek “King” or “Royal”
Riley Beau French “Handsome” or “Beautiful”
Riley Benjamin Hebrew “Son of the right hand”
Riley Bennett Latin “Blessed”
Riley Benson English “Son of Ben” or “Son of the right hand”
Riley Bernard German “Bear” and “Hardy” or “Brave”
Riley Bert German/English Short form of names like Albert, Bertram, meaning “Bright” or “Famous”
Riley Bevan Welsh “Son of Evan” or “Young soldier”
Riley Bill English Diminutive of William, meaning “Resolute protector”
Riley Billy English Diminutive of William, meaning “Resolute protector”
Riley Blaine Gaelic “Thin” or “Lean”
Riley Blair Scottish/Gaelic “Field” or “Plain”
Riley Blaise Latin “Lisp” or “Stutter”
Riley Blake English “Fair-haired” or “Dark”
Riley Blayne English Variant of Blaine, meaning “Thin” or “Lean”
Riley Bob English Diminutive of Robert, meaning “Famed” or “Bright”
Riley Bobby English Diminutive of Robert, meaning “Famed” or “Bright”
Riley Boris Slavic “Fight” or “Short”
Riley Boyd Scottish/Gaelic “Blond” or “Yellow-haired”
Riley Brad English Short form of Bradley, meaning “Broad meadow”
Riley Braden Irish “Salmon”
Riley Bradley English “Broad meadow”
Riley Brady Irish “Broad island” or “Descendant of Brádach”
Riley Brandon English “Broom hill”
Riley Brant German “Firebrand” or “Sword”
Riley Brendan Irish “Little raven”
Riley Brett Celtic “From Brittany”
Riley Brian Celtic “High” or “Noble”
Riley Brock Old English/Norman French “Badger” or “Stream”
Riley Brody Irish “Ditch” or “Muddy place”
Riley Bruce French “From Brix”, a town in France
Riley Bruno German “Brown”
Riley Bryan Celtic Variant of Brian, meaning “High” or “Noble”
Riley Bryce Celtic “Speckled” or “Spotted”
Riley Bryson Welsh “Son of Brice”
Riley Buck English “Male deer”
Riley Bud English Diminutive of Buddy, meaning “Friend”
Riley Buddy English “Friend”
Riley Burke Old French “From the fortress”
Riley Byron English “Barn for cows”
Riley Cade Old English “Round” or “Lumpy”
Riley Caden American “Spirit of battle”
Riley Cael Celtic “Slender”
Riley Cain Hebrew “Acquired”
Riley Calder Scottish “Rocky water” or “Stream”
Riley Caleb Hebrew “Faithful” or “Devotion to God”
Riley Callum Scottish/Gaelic “Dove”
Riley Calvin Latin “Bald”
Riley Camden Scottish “From the winding valley”
Riley Cameron Scottish/Gaelic “Crooked nose”
Riley Carl German “Free man”
Riley Carlos Spanish Spanish form of Charles, meaning “Free man”
Riley Carlton Old English “Free man’s town”
Riley Carson Scottish “Son of the marsh-dwellers”
Riley Carter Old English “Transporter of goods by cart”
Riley Cary Welsh “From the fortress”
Riley Casey Irish “Vigilant” or “Watchful”
Riley Casper Persian “Treasurer”
Riley Cecil Latin “Blind”
Riley Cedric Celtic “Bounty”
Riley Chad English “Warrior” or “Battle”
Riley Chaim Hebrew “Life”
Riley Chance English “Good fortune”
Riley Chandler French “Candle maker”
Riley Charles German “Free man”
Riley Charlie English Diminutive of Charles, meaning “Free man”
Riley Chase English “Hunter”
Riley Chester Latin “Fortress” or “Camp”
Riley Chris Greek Short form of Christopher, meaning “Bearer of Christ”
Riley Christian Latin “Follower of Christ”
Riley Christopher Greek “Bearer of Christ”
Riley Chuck English Diminutive of Charles, meaning “Free man”
Riley Clarence Latin “Bright” or “Clear”
Riley Clark English “Clerk” or “Scholar”
Riley Claude Latin “Lame” or “Limping”
Riley Clay English “Mortal” or “Settlement by the clay pit”
Riley Clayton English “Place with good clay”
Riley Cliff English Short form of Clifford, meaning “Ford by a cliff”
Riley Clifford Old English “Ford by a cliff”
Riley Clifton Old English “From the town near a cliff”
Riley Clint English Short form of Clinton, meaning “Settlement on the River Glyme”
Riley Clinton English “Settlement on the River Glyme”
Riley Clyde Scottish “From the River Clyde”
Riley Cody Irish “Helpful”
Riley Colby Old Norse “Coal town”
Riley Cole English “Swarthy” or “Black coal”
Riley Colin Greek “Young child” or “Victory of the people”
Riley Collin Greek Variant of Colin, meaning “Young child” or “Victory of the people”
Riley Colt English “Young horse”
Riley Colton English “Coal town”
Riley Conner Irish “Lover of hounds”
Riley Conrad German “Brave counsel”
Riley Cooper English “Barrel maker”
Riley Corbin Latin “Raven” or “Crow”
Riley Corey Gaelic “Hollow”
Riley Cormac Irish “Charioteer”
Riley Cornelius Latin “Horn”
Riley Cory Gaelic Variant of Corey, meaning “Hollow”
Riley Craig Scottish “Rock” or “Crag”
Riley Cullen Irish “Handsome”
Riley Curtis French “Courteous” or “Polite”
Riley Cyrus Persian “Sun” or “Throne”
Riley Dale English “Valley”
Riley Dallas Scottish “Meadow dwelling”
Riley Dalton Old English “From the valley town”
Riley Damian Greek “To tame”
Riley Damon Greek “To tame” or “Subdue”
Riley Dane English “From Denmark”
Riley Daniel Hebrew “God is my judge”
Riley Danny Hebrew Diminutive of Daniel, meaning “God is my judge”
Riley Dante Italian “Enduring”
Riley Darian Persian/Greek “Wealthy” or “Upholder of the good”
Riley Darnell English “Hidden nook”
Riley Darren Irish “Great”
Riley Darryl English “Darling”
Riley Darwin Old English “Dear friend”
Riley Daryl English Variant of Darryl, meaning “Darling”
Riley Dave Hebrew Short form of David, meaning “Beloved”
Riley David Hebrew “Beloved”
Riley Davis Hebrew “Son of David” or “Beloved”
Riley Dean Old English “Valley”
Riley Declan Irish “Man of prayer”
Riley Dee English “Beloved”
Riley Delbert German “Bright as day”
Riley Delmar Spanish “Of the sea”
Riley Delmer English Variant of Delmar, meaning “Of the sea”
Riley Demetrius Greek “Devoted to Demeter”
Riley Denis Greek Variant of Dennis, meaning “Follower of Dionysus”
Riley Dennis Greek “Follower of Dionysus”
Riley Denver English “From the green valley”
Riley Derek German “Ruler of the people”
Riley Derick German Variant of Derek, meaning “Ruler of the people”
Riley Deryl English Variant of Darryl, meaning “Darling”
Riley Desmond Irish “From South Munster”
Riley Devin Irish “Poet”
Riley Dewey Welsh “Beloved”
Riley Dexter Latin “Right-handed”
Riley Dick English Diminutive of Richard, meaning “Brave ruler”
Riley Diego Spanish Variant of James, meaning “Supplanter”
Riley Dillon Irish “Like a lion”
Riley Dion Greek Short form of Dionysius, meaning “Follower of Dionysus”
Riley Dirk German Variant of Derek, meaning “Ruler of the people”
Riley Dixon Old English “Son of Dick”
Riley Dominic Latin “Of the Lord”
Riley Dominick Latin Variant of Dominic, meaning “Of the Lord”
Riley Don English Short form of Donald, meaning “World ruler”
Riley Donald Scottish “World ruler”
Riley Donovan Irish “Dark” or “Brown”
Riley Dorian Greek “Child of the sea”
Riley Doug Scottish Short form of Douglas, meaning “Dark river”
Riley Douglas Scottish “Dark river”
Riley Doyle Irish “Dark stranger”
Riley Drake English “Dragon”
Riley Drew English Short form of Andrew, meaning “Manly” or “Brave”
Riley Duane Irish “Dark” or “Black”
Riley Duncan Scottish “Dark warrior”
Riley Dwight German “Blond”
Riley Dylan Welsh “Son of the sea”
Riley Earl English “Nobleman” or “Warrior”
Riley Earnest German “Serious” or “Determined”
Riley Ed English Short form of Edward, meaning “Wealthy guardian”
Riley Eddie English Diminutive of Edward, meaning “Wealthy guardian”
Riley Eddy English Variant of Eddie, meaning “Wealthy guardian”
Riley Edgar English “Fortunate and powerful”
Riley Edmond English “Wealthy protector”
Riley Edmund English “Wealthy protector”
Riley Edric English “Wealthy ruler”
Riley Edsel English “Noble”
Riley Edward English “Wealthy guardian”
Riley Edwin English “Wealthy friend”
Riley Efrain Hebrew “Fruitful”
Riley Efren Spanish Spanish form of Ephraim, meaning “Fruitful”
Riley Elbert English “Noble” or “Bright”
Riley Elden English “Old friend”
Riley Eldon English “Old” or “From the sacred hill”
Riley Eli Hebrew “Ascend” or “My God”
Riley Elias Greek “Jehovah is God”
Riley Eliezer Hebrew “My God helps”
Riley Elijah Hebrew “My God is Yahweh”
Riley Elisha Hebrew “God is salvation”
Riley Elmer English “Noble” or “Famous”
Riley Elmo Italian “Protector”
Riley Elroy French “The king”
Riley Elton English “Ella’s town”
Riley Elvin English “Elf friend”
Riley Elvis Scandinavian “All wise”
Riley Emery German “Industrious” or “Ruler of work”
Riley Emil Latin “Rival”
Riley Emilio Spanish Spanish form of Emil, meaning “Rival”
Riley Emmanuel Hebrew “God is with us”
Riley Emmett English “Universal” or “Truth”
Riley Emory German Variant of Emery, meaning “Industrious” or “Ruler of work”
Riley Enrique Spanish Spanish form of Henry, meaning “Home ruler”
Riley Ephraim Hebrew “Fruitful”
Riley Erasmo Greek “Beloved”
Riley Eric Norse “Ever ruler”
Riley Erick Norse Variant of Eric, meaning “Ever ruler”
Riley Erik Norse Variant of Eric, meaning “Ever ruler”
Riley Ernie English Diminutive of Ernest, meaning “Serious” or “Determined”
Riley Ernest German “Serious” or “Determined”
Riley Errol English “Earl” or “Nobleman”
Riley Ervin Scottish “Green water”
Riley Erwin English “Friend of the sea”
Riley Esteban Spanish Spanish form of Stephen, meaning “Crown” or “Garland”
Riley Ethan Hebrew “Strong” or “Firm”
Riley Eugene Greek “Well-born” or “Noble”
Riley Eustace Greek “Fruitful” or “Productive”
Riley Evan Welsh “God is gracious”
Riley Everett English “Wild boar” or “Strong”
Riley Ezekiel Hebrew “God strengthens”
Riley Ezra Hebrew “Help”
Riley Fabian Latin “Bean grower”
Riley Fairfax English “Blond”
Riley Farley English “Fern meadow”
Riley Felix Latin “Fortunate” or “Happy”
Riley Ferdinand German “Bold voyager”
Riley Fermin Spanish “Strong”
Riley Fidel Latin “Faithful”
Riley Filbert German “Very bright”
Riley Filmore English “Famous”
Riley Finley Scottish/Irish “Fair-haired hero”
Riley Fletcher English “Arrow maker”
Riley Floyd Welsh “Gray”
Riley Ford English “River crossing”
Riley Forrest English “Of the woods”
Riley Foster English “Forest worker”
Riley Frances Latin “Free man”
Riley Francis Latin “Free man”
Riley Franco Italian Italian form of Francis, meaning “Free man”
Riley Frank German “Free man”
Riley Franklin English “Free landholder”
Riley Fred German Short form of Frederick, meaning “Peaceful ruler”
Riley Freddie German Diminutive of Frederick, meaning “Peaceful ruler”
Riley Freddy German Variant of Freddie, meaning “Peaceful ruler”
Riley Frederick German “Peaceful ruler”
Riley Freeman English “Free man”
Riley Fritz German Short form of Frederick, meaning “Peaceful ruler”
Riley Fulton English “Bird hill”
Riley Gabriel Hebrew “God is my strength”
Riley Gage French “Pledge”
Riley Gale English “Pleasant” or “Merry”
Riley Galen Greek “Calm” or “Healer”
Riley Garfield English “Triangle field”
Riley Garland French “Land of the spear”
Riley Garnet English “Pomegranate”
Riley Garrett German “Spear strength”
Riley Garry English Diminutive of Garrett, meaning “Spear strength”
Riley Garth Norse “Keeper of the garden”
Riley Gary English Variant of Garry, meaning “Spear strength”
Riley Gaston French “Guest” or “Host”
Riley Gavin Welsh “White hawk”
Riley Gaylord French “Lively”
Riley Gene Greek “Well-born” or “Noble”
Riley Geoffrey German “Peaceful territory”
Riley George Greek “Farmer”
Riley Gerald German “Spear ruler”
Riley Gerard German “Spear brave”
Riley Gerardo Spanish Spanish form of Gerard, meaning “Spear brave”
Riley German Latin “Brother”
Riley Gideon Hebrew “Feller” or “Hewer”
Riley Gilbert German “Bright pledge”
Riley Gilford English “Ford with yellow flowers”
Riley Giles Greek “Young goat”
Riley Gillis Scottish “Servant of Jesus”
Riley Gilmore Irish “Servant of Mary”
Riley Giovanni Italian Italian form of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Riley Glen Gaelic “Valley”
Riley Glenn Gaelic Variant of Glen, meaning “Valley”
Riley Godfrey German “God’s peace”
Riley Godwin English “God’s friend”
Riley Gonzalo Spanish “Battle”
Riley Gordon Scottish “Spacious fort”
Riley Grady Irish “Noble” or “Renowned”
Riley Graham English “Gravelly homestead”
Riley Grant English “Great” or “Large”
Riley Gray English “Gray-haired” or “Gray-bearded”
Riley Grayson English “Son of the gray-haired one”
Riley Greg Greek Short form of Gregory, meaning “Watchful” or “Alert”
Riley Gregory Greek “Watchful” or “Alert”
Riley Griffin Welsh “Strong lord”
Riley Griffith Welsh “Strong lord”
Riley Grover English “Grove of trees”
Riley Guido Italian “Guide”
Riley Guillermo Spanish Spanish form of William, meaning “Resolute protector”
Riley Gunner Swedish “Bold warrior”
Riley Gus Latin Short form of Augustus, meaning “Venerable” or “Majestic”
Riley Gustavo Italian/Spanish Variant of Gustav, meaning “Staff of the gods”
Riley Guy French “Guide”
Riley Haden English “Heathen”
Riley Hadley English “Heath meadow”
Riley Hal English Short form of Harold, meaning “Army ruler”
Riley Hale English “Hero”
Riley Hall English “From the manor”
Riley Halley English “Hall meadow”
Riley Hamilton English “From the beautiful mountain”
Riley Hamish Scottish “James”
Riley Hanford English “High ford”
Riley Hank English Diminutive of Henry, meaning “Home ruler”
Riley Hans German “God is gracious”
Riley Harlan English “From the hare’s land”
Riley Harley English “From the hare’s meadow”
Riley Harold English “Army ruler”
Riley Harrison English “Son of Harry”
Riley Harry English “Home ruler”
Riley Harvey French “Battle worthy”
Riley Hassan Arabic “Good-looking” or “Handsome”
Riley Hayden English “Hay valley”
Riley Hayes English “Hedge”
Riley Heath English “Heathland”
Riley Hector Greek “To hold” or “To possess”
Riley Hezekiah Hebrew “God strengthens”
Riley Horace Latin “Timekeeper”
Riley Howard German “High guardian” or “Brave heart”
Riley Hubert German “Bright heart” or “Bright spirit”
Riley Hugh German “Mind” or “Intellect”
Riley Hugo German “Mind” or “Intellect”
Riley Humberto Spanish Spanish form of Hubert, meaning “Bright heart” or “Bright spirit”
Riley Hunter English “One who hunts”
Riley Hyman Hebrew “Life”
Riley Ian Scottish “God is gracious”
Riley Ira Hebrew “Watchful”
Riley Irvin Scottish “Green water”
Riley Irving Scottish “Green water”
Riley Isaac Hebrew “He will laugh”
Riley Isaiah Hebrew “Salvation of the Lord”
Riley Isaias Hebrew “God is my salvation”
Riley Isidore Greek “Gift of Isis”
Riley Israel Hebrew “He who struggles with God”
Riley Ivan Russian “God is gracious”
Riley Ivor Scandinavian “Bow warrior”
Riley Jace Greek “Healer”
Riley Jack English “God is gracious”
Riley Jackson English “Son of Jack”
Riley Jacob Hebrew “Supplanter”
Riley Jaden Hebrew “Thankful”
Riley Jagger English “Carter” or “Peddler”
Riley Jake Hebrew Diminutive of Jacob, meaning “Supplanter”
Riley Jamal Arabic “Handsome”
Riley James Hebrew “Supplanter”
Riley Jameson English “Son of James”
Riley Jared Hebrew “Descent”
Riley Jarvis German “Spear servant”
Riley Jason Greek “Healer”
Riley Jasper Persian “Treasurer”
Riley Javier Spanish Spanish form of Xavier, meaning “New house”
Riley Jay English “Jaybird”
Riley Jayden American “Thankful” or “God will judge”
Riley Jaylen American Modern invented name
Riley Jeffrey German “Peaceful territory”
Riley Jerald English Variant of Gerald, meaning “Spear ruler”
Riley Jeremiah Hebrew “Exalted of the Lord”
Riley Jeremy English Variant of Jeremiah, meaning “Exalted of the Lord”
Riley Jerome Greek “Sacred name”
Riley Jerrold English Variant of Gerald, meaning “Spear ruler”
Riley Jesse Hebrew “Gift”
Riley Jesus Hebrew “God is salvation”
Riley Jim English Diminutive of James, meaning “Supplanter”
Riley Jimmy English Diminutive of James, meaning “Supplanter”
Riley Joaquin Hebrew “God will establish”
Riley Jody English Diminutive of Joseph, meaning “He will add”
Riley Joe English Short form of Joseph, meaning “He will add”
Riley Joel Hebrew “Jehovah is God”
Riley Joey English Diminutive of Joseph, meaning “He will add”
Riley Johan German “God is gracious”
Riley John Hebrew “God is gracious”
Riley Johnathan Hebrew “God has given”
Riley Johnnie Hebrew Diminutive of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Riley Johnny Hebrew Diminutive of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Riley Jon Hebrew Short form of Jonathan, meaning “God has given”
Riley Jonas Hebrew “Dove”
Riley Jonathan Hebrew “God has given”
Riley Jonathon Hebrew Variant of Jonathan, meaning “God has given”
Riley Jordan Hebrew “Flowing down”
Riley Jorge Spanish Spanish form of George, meaning “Farmer”
Riley Jose Spanish Spanish form of Joseph, meaning “He will add”
Riley Josef German German form of Joseph, meaning “He will add”
Riley Joseph Hebrew “He will add”
Riley Josh Hebrew Short form of Joshua, meaning “Jehovah is salvation”
Riley Joshua Hebrew “Jehovah is salvation”
Riley Josiah Hebrew “Jehovah has healed”
Riley Jovan Latin “Father of the sky”
Riley Juan Spanish Spanish form of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Riley Judah Hebrew “Praise”
Riley Jude Hebrew Variant of Judah, meaning “Praise”
Riley Julian Latin “Youthful” or “Downy”
Riley Julius Greek “Youthful”
Riley Junior Latin “Young”
Riley Justin Latin “Just” or “Righteous”
Riley Justus Latin “Just” or “Righteous”
Riley Kaden Arabic “Companion”
Riley Kaleb Hebrew “Dog” or “Faithful”
Riley Kane Irish “Battle”
Riley Karl German “Free man”
Riley Karson English Variant of Carson, meaning “Son of Carr”
Riley Keaton English “Shed town”
Riley Keegan Irish “Small flame”
Riley Keith Scottish “Wood” or “Forest”
Riley Kellen Gaelic “Slender”
Riley Kelley Gaelic “Warrior”
Riley Kelly Gaelic “Warrior”
Riley Kelvin English “From the riverbank”
Riley Ken English Short form of Kenneth, meaning “Handsome”
Riley Kendall Old English “Valley of the River Kent”
Riley Kendrick English “Bold power”
Riley Kenneth Gaelic “Handsome”
Riley Kent English “Bright white”
Riley Kenton English “From the king’s town”
Riley Kenyon English “Blond”
Riley Kieran Gaelic “Little dark one”
Riley Kim English “From the royal fortress meadow”
Riley King English “Ruler”
Riley Kingston English “From the king’s town”
Riley Kirby English “Church settlement”
Riley Kirk Norse “Church”
Riley Kit Greek Diminutive of Christopher, meaning “Bearer of Christ”
Riley Kody English “Helpful”
Riley Kolby Norse “Dark-haired”
Riley Konnor Irish Variant of Connor, meaning “Lover of hounds”
Riley Kurt German “Courteous” or “Polite”
Riley Kyle Gaelic “Narrow” or “Straight”
Riley Kyler Dutch “Archery”
Riley Lacey French “From Lacy”
Riley Landon English “Long hill”
Riley Lane English “Path”
Riley Langston English “Long stone”
Riley Larry Latin Diminutive of Lawrence, meaning “Laurel”
Riley Lars Scandinavian “Crowned with laurel”
Riley Laurence Latin “Laurel”
Riley Lawrence Latin “Laurel”
Riley Lawson English “Son of Lawrence”
Riley Lee English “Meadow”
Riley Leif Scandinavian “Heir” or “Descendant”
Riley Leigh English “Meadow”
Riley Leighton English “Meadow town”
Riley Leland English “Meadow land”
Riley Lemuel Hebrew “Devoted to God”
Riley Len English Short form of Leonard, meaning “Lion strength”
Riley Lenny English Diminutive of Leonard, meaning “Lion strength”
Riley Leo Latin “Lion”
Riley Leon Greek “Lion”
Riley Leonard German “Lion strength”
Riley Leroy French “The king”
Riley Leslie Gaelic “Garden of holly”
Riley Lester English “Fortified place”
Riley Levi Hebrew “Joined” or “Attached”
Riley Lewis English “Famous warrior”
Riley Lex Greek “Defender of men”
Riley Liam Irish “Strong-willed warrior” or “Protector”
Riley Lincoln English “Town by the pool”
Riley Lindon English “Linden tree hill”
Riley Linus Greek “Flax”
Riley Lionel Latin “Young lion”
Riley Lloyd Welsh “Gray”
Riley Logan Gaelic “Little hollow”
Riley Lon German Short form of Alonzo, meaning “Noble” or “Ready”
Riley London English “Fortress of the moon”
Riley Lonnie German Diminutive of Alonzo, meaning “Noble” or “Ready”
Riley Loren Latin Variant of Lawrence, meaning “Laurel”
Riley Lorenzo Italian “Laurel”
Riley Louie German Diminutive of Louis, meaning “Famous warrior”
Riley Louis German “Famous warrior”
Riley Lowell Old French “Young wolf”
Riley Lucas Greek “From Lucania”
Riley Lucian Latin “Light”
Riley Lucius Latin “Light”
Riley Luke Greek “From Lucania”
Riley Luther German “Army people”
Riley Lyndon English “Linden tree hill”
Riley Lynn English “Lake”
Riley Mace English “Gift of God”
Riley Mack Gaelic “Son of”
Riley Maddox Welsh “Fortunate”
Riley Magnus Latin “Great”
Riley Malachi Hebrew “My messenger” or “My angel”
Riley Malcolm Scottish “Devotee of Saint Columba”
Riley Malik Arabic “King” or “Master”
Riley Manuel Hebrew “God is with us”
Riley Marc Latin “Warlike”
Riley Marcel Latin “Little warrior”
Riley Marco Italian “Warlike”
Riley Marcus Latin “Warlike”
Riley Mario Latin “Warlike”
Riley Mark Latin “Warlike”
Riley Marlin English “Little falcon”
Riley Marlon English “Little falcon”
Riley Marshall French “Horse servant” or “Steward”
Riley Martin Latin “Warlike”
Riley Marvin English “Friend of the sea”
Riley Mason English “Worker in stone”
Riley Mathew Hebrew “Gift of God”
Riley Matthew Hebrew “Gift of God”
Riley Matthias Greek “Gift of God”
Riley Maurice Latin “Dark-skinned” or “Moorish”
Riley Max Latin “Greatest”
Riley Maxwell Scottish “Great stream”
Riley Melvin English “Gentle lord”
Riley Merrick Welsh “Dark-skinned”
Riley Mervin Welsh “Sea hill”
Riley Micah Hebrew “Who is like God?”
Riley Michael Hebrew “Who is like God?”
Riley Micheal Hebrew Variant of Michael, meaning “Who is like God?”
Riley Mickey Hebrew Diminutive of Michael, meaning “Who is like God?”
Riley Miguel Spanish Spanish form of Michael, meaning “Who is like God?”
Riley Mike Hebrew Short form of Michael, meaning “Who is like God?”
Riley Milan Slavic “Gracious” or “Dear”
Riley Miles Latin “Soldier”
Riley Milo German “Merciful”
Riley Milton English “Mill town”
Riley Mitch English Short form of Mitchell, meaning “Who is like God?”
Riley Mitchell Hebrew “Who is like God?”
Riley Mohamed Arabic “Praiseworthy”
Riley Mohammad Arabic “Praiseworthy”
Riley Mohammed Arabic “Praiseworthy”
Riley Moises Spanish Spanish form of Moses, meaning “Drawn out of the water”
Riley Monroe Scottish “Mouth of the Roe river”
Riley Montgomery Norman “Man’s power” or “Gomeric’s hill”
Riley Monty Norman Diminutive of Montgomery, meaning “Man’s power” or “Gomeric’s hill”
Riley Morgan Welsh “Sea circle”
Riley Morris Latin “Dark-skinned” or “Moorish”
Riley Moses Hebrew “Drawn out of the water”
Riley Myles Latin “Soldier”
Riley Myron Greek “Myrrh”
Riley Nash English “At the ash tree”
Riley Nathan Hebrew “He gave”
Riley Nathanael Hebrew “God has given”
Riley Neal Irish “Champion”
Riley Ned English Diminutive of Edward, meaning “Wealthy guardian”
Riley Neil Irish “Champion”
Riley Nelson English “Son of Neil”
Riley Nestor Greek “Homecoming”
Riley Neville French “New town”
Riley Newell English “New hall”
Riley Newton English “New town”
Riley Nicholas Greek “People of victory”
Riley Nick Greek Short form of Nicholas, meaning “People of victory”
Riley Nickolas Greek Variant of Nicholas, meaning “People of victory”
Riley Nico Greek Short form of Nicholas, meaning “People of victory”
Riley Nicolas Greek Variant of Nicholas, meaning “People of victory”
Riley Nigel Latin “Dark” or “Black”
Riley Nikolas Greek Variant of Nicholas, meaning “People of victory”
Riley Noah Hebrew “Rest” or “Comfort”
Riley Noel French “Christmas”
Riley Nolan Gaelic “Champion”
Riley Norbert German “North bright”
Riley Norman German “North man”
Riley Norris French “Northern”
Riley Norton English “North town”
Riley Oliver Latin “Olive tree”
Riley Omar Arabic “First son” or “Long-lived”
Riley Oran Gaelic “Pale”
Riley Orville French “Golden city”
Riley Osborn English “Divine bear”
Riley Oscar Gaelic “Friend of deer”
Riley Osmond English “Divine protector”
Riley Ossie English Diminutive of Osborn, meaning “Divine bear”
Riley Oswald English “Divine power”
Riley Otis German “Wealthy”
Riley Otto German “Wealthy”
Riley Owen Welsh “Young warrior” or “Noble”
Riley Pablo Spanish Spanish form of Paul, meaning “Small”
Riley Palmer English “Pilgrim”
Riley Paris Greek “From Paris, France”
Riley Parker English “Park keeper”
Riley Pascal French “Born on Passover”
Riley Pat Latin Diminutive of Patrick, meaning “Noble”
Riley Patrick Latin “Noble”
Riley Paul Latin “Small”
Riley Pedro Spanish Spanish form of Peter, meaning “Rock”
Riley Percy French “Piercing the valley”
Riley Perry English “Pear tree”
Riley Pete Greek Short form of Peter, meaning “Rock”
Riley Peter Greek “Rock”
Riley Peyton English “Fighting man’s estate”
Riley Phil Greek Short form of Philip, meaning “Lover of horses”
Riley Philip Greek “Lover of horses”
Riley Phillip Greek Variant of Philip, meaning “Lover of horses”
Riley Pierce English “Son of Piers”
Riley Pierre French “Rock”
Riley Preston English “Priest’s town”
Riley Price Welsh “Son of Rhys”
Riley Prince Latin “First” or “Chief”
Riley Quentin Latin “Fifth”
Riley Quinn Gaelic “Counsel”
Riley Rafael Hebrew “God has healed”
Riley Rafe Hebrew Variant of Rafael, meaning “God has healed”
Riley Ralston English “Ralph’s town”
Riley Ramon Spanish “Wise protector”
Riley Randall English “Wolf shield”
Riley Randolph English “Wolf shield”
Riley Randy English Diminutive of Randall or Randolph, meaning “Wolf shield”
Riley Raphael Hebrew “God has healed”
Riley Rashad Arabic “Rightly guided”
Riley Raul Spanish Spanish form of Ralph, meaning “Wolf counsel”
Riley Ray English “Stream”
Riley Raymond German “Protecting hands”
Riley Reed English “Red-haired”
Riley Reese Welsh “Ardor”
Riley Reggie Latin Diminutive of Reginald, meaning “Counsel power”
Riley Reginald Latin “Counsel power”
Riley Reid Scottish “Red-haired”
Riley Reuben Hebrew “Behold, a son”
Riley Rex Latin “King”
Riley Rey Spanish “King”
Riley Reynaldo Spanish “Counsel power”
Riley Rhett Welsh “Advice”
Riley Ricardo Spanish “Brave ruler”
Riley Richard German “Brave ruler”
Riley Rick German Short form of Richard, meaning “Brave ruler”
Riley Ricky German Diminutive of Richard, meaning “Brave ruler”
Riley Rico Spanish “Brave ruler”
Riley Rigoberto Spanish “Bright fame”
Riley Riley Irish “Valiant”
Riley Rob German Short form of Robert, meaning “Bright fame”
Riley Robbie German Diminutive of Robert, meaning “Bright fame”
Riley Robert German “Bright fame”
Riley Roberto Italian “Bright fame”
Riley Rocco Italian “Rest”
Riley Rod German Short form of Roderick, meaning “Famous power”
Riley Roderick German “Famous power”
Riley Rodney English “Island clearing”
Riley Rodolfo Spanish “Famous wolf”
Riley Rodrigo Spanish “Famous ruler”
Riley Rogelio Spanish “Request”
Riley Roger German “Famous spear”
Riley Roland German “Famous land”
Riley Rolando Spanish “Famous land”
Riley Rolf German “Famous wolf”
Riley Ron Hebrew Short form of Ronald, meaning “Song of joy”
Riley Ronald Norse “Counsel power”
Riley Ronnie Norse Diminutive of Ronald, meaning “Counsel power”
Riley Roosevelt Dutch “Field of roses”
Riley Rory Gaelic “Red king”
Riley Roscoe Norse “Deer wood”
Riley Ross Scottish “Headland”
Riley Rowan Gaelic “Little redhead”
Riley Roy French “King”
Riley Royce English “Son of the king”
Riley Ruben Spanish “Behold, a son”
Riley Rudolph German “Famous wolf”
Riley Rudy German Diminutive of Rudolph, meaning “Famous wolf”
Riley Rufus Latin “Red-haired”
Riley Rupert German “Bright fame”
Riley Russ Latin Short form of Russell, meaning “Red-haired”
Riley Russell French “Red-haired”
Riley Rusty English Diminutive of Russell, meaning “Red-haired”
Riley Ryan Gaelic “Little king”
Riley Ryder English “Knight”
Riley Ryker Danish “Strength”
Riley Rylan English “Land where rye is grown”
Riley Ryder English “Horseman”
Riley Ryland English “Land where rye is grown”
Riley Rylee Irish “Valiant”
Riley Ryley Irish “Valiant”
Riley Ryne English “Rye”
Riley Sabastian Greek “Venerable”
Riley Sal Hebrew Short form of Salvador, meaning “Savior”
Riley Salvador Spanish “Savior”
Riley Salvatore Italian “Savior”
Riley Sam Hebrew Short form of Samuel, meaning “Asked of God”
Riley Sammy Hebrew Diminutive of Samuel, meaning “Asked of God”
Riley Samson Hebrew “Sun”
Riley Samuel Hebrew “Asked of God”
Riley Sandy Greek Diminutive of Alexander, meaning “Defender of men”
Riley Sanford English “Sandy ford”
Riley Santiago Spanish “Saint James”
Riley Santos Spanish “Saints”
Riley Saul Hebrew “Asked for”
Riley Sawyer English “Woodcutter”
Riley Scot Scottish “Scotsman”
Riley Scott Scottish “Scotsman”
Riley Scottie Scottish Diminutive of Scott, meaning “Scotsman”
Riley Scotty Scottish Diminutive of Scott, meaning “Scotsman”
Riley Sean Irish “God is gracious”
Riley Sebastian Greek “Venerable”
Riley Serge French “Servant”
Riley Sergio Italian “Servant”
Riley Seth Hebrew “Appointed”
Riley Seymour English “Marshy land near the sea”
Riley Shane Irish “God is gracious”
Riley Shannon Gaelic “Little wise owl”
Riley Shaun Irish “God is gracious”
Riley Shawn Irish “God is gracious”
Riley Shay Gaelic “Hawk”
Riley Sheldon English “Steep valley”
Riley Shemar Hebrew “God has heard”
Riley Shepard English “Shepherd”
Riley Shepherd English “Shepherd”
Riley Sherwin English “Bright friend”
Riley Sherwood English “Bright forest”
Riley Shirley English “Bright meadow”
Riley Sidney English “Wide meadow”
Riley Silas Latin “Wood” or “Forest”
Riley Simeon Hebrew “He has heard”
Riley Simon Hebrew “He has heard”
Riley Skyler Dutch “Scholar”
Riley Slade English “Valley”
Riley Solomon Hebrew “Peace”
Riley Sonny English “Son”
Riley Spencer English “Steward”
Riley Spenser English “Steward”
Riley Stacy Greek “Resurrection”
Riley Stanford English “Stony ford”
Riley Stanley English “Stony meadow”
Riley Stanton English “Stony town”
Riley Stefan Greek “Crown” or “Garland”
Riley Stephen Greek “Crown” or “Garland”
Riley Sterling English “Little star”
Riley Steve Greek Short form of Stephen, meaning “Crown” or “Garland”
Riley Steven Greek “Crown” or “Garland”
Riley Stewart English “Steward”
Riley Stone English “Stone”
Riley Stuart English “Steward”
Riley Sullivan Gaelic “Dark eyes”
Riley Sumner English “Summertime”
Riley Sven Swedish “Youth”
Riley Sylvester Latin “Wild”
Riley Tad Aramaic Diminutive of Thaddeus, meaning “Heart”
Riley Talbot English “Messenger of destruction”
Riley Talon French “Large claw of a bird of prey”
Riley Tanner English “Leather worker”
Riley Tate English “Cheerful”
Riley Taylor English “Tailor”
Riley Ted Greek Diminutive of Theodore, meaning “Gift of God”
Riley Teddy Greek Diminutive of Theodore, meaning “Gift of God”
Riley Terence Latin “Tender” or “Gracious”
Riley Terrell English “Thunder ruler”
Riley Terry Latin Diminutive of Terence, meaning “Tender” or “Gracious”
Riley Thad Aramaic Short form of Thaddeus, meaning “Heart”
Riley Thaddeus Aramaic “Heart”
Riley Thatcher English “Roof fixer”
Riley Theo Greek Short form of Theodore, meaning “Gift of God”
Riley Theodore Greek “Gift of God”
Riley Thiago Portuguese “Supplanter”
Riley Thomas Aramaic “Twin”
Riley Thor Norse “Thunder”
Riley Thorne English “Thorn bush”
Riley Thornton English “Thorn town”
Riley Thurman Old German “Thor’s protection”
Riley Thurston Old English “Thor’s stone”
Riley Tilden English “Fertile valley”
Riley Tim Greek Short form of Timothy, meaning “Honoring God”
Riley Timmy Greek Diminutive of Timothy, meaning “Honoring God”
Riley Timothy Greek “Honoring God”
Riley Titus Latin “Title of honor”
Riley Tobin Hebrew “God is good”
Riley Tobias Hebrew “God is good”
Riley Toby Hebrew Diminutive of Tobias, meaning “God is good”
Riley Todd English “Fox”
Riley Tom Aramaic Short form of Thomas, meaning “Twin”
Riley Tomas Aramaic Variant of Thomas, meaning “Twin”
Riley Tommy Aramaic Diminutive of Thomas, meaning “Twin”
Riley Tony Latin Diminutive of Anthony, meaning “Priceless”
Riley Trace English “From Tracy, France”
Riley Tracey Irish “Warlike”
Riley Travis French “Crossing”
Riley Trent Latin “Gushing waters”
Riley Trenton English “Trent’s town”
Riley Trey English “Three”
Riley Tristan Celtic “Tumult” or “Outcry”
Riley Troy Greek “Foot soldier”
Riley Truman English “Loyal one”
Riley Tucker English “Fabric pleater”
Riley Turner English “Lathe worker”
Riley Ty English Short form of Tyler, meaning “Tile maker”
Riley Tyler English “Tile maker”
Riley Tyrone Gaelic “Land of Eoghan”
Riley Tyshawn American Combination of Ty and Shawn
Riley Ulysses Latin “Wounded in the thigh”
Riley Uriah Hebrew “God is my light”
Riley Vance English “Thresher”
Riley Vaughn Welsh “Small”
Riley Vernon French “Alder tree”
Riley Vicente Spanish “Conquering”
Riley Victor Latin “Conqueror”
Riley Vince Latin Short form of Vincent, meaning “Conquering
Riley Vincent Latin “Conquering”
Riley Vinnie Latin Diminutive of Vincent, meaning “Conquering”
Riley Virgil Latin “Staff bearer”
Riley Wade English “Ford”
Riley Walker English “Cloth walker”
Riley Wallace French “Stranger”
Riley Walter German “Army ruler”
Riley Walton English “Walled town”
Riley Ward English “Guard”
Riley Warren German “Guard”
Riley Waylon English “Land by the road”
Riley Wayne English “Wagon maker”
Riley Wendell German “Wanderer”
Riley Werner German “Army guard”
Riley Wes English Short form of Wesley, meaning “Western meadow”
Riley Wesley English “Western meadow”
Riley Weston English “Western town”
Riley Whitley English “White meadow”
Riley Wilbert German “Bright will”
Riley Wilbur English “Wild boar”
Riley Wilford English “Will’s ford”
Riley Will German Short form of William, meaning “Resolute protector”
Riley Willard English “Resolute”
Riley Willem Dutch Dutch form of William, meaning “Resolute protector”
Riley William German “Resolute protector”
Riley Willis German Variant of William, meaning “Resolute protector”
Riley Wilson English “Son of Will”
Riley Wilton English “Will’s town”
Riley Winfred English “Friend of peace”
Riley Winston English “Joyful stone”
Riley Woodrow English “Row of houses by the wood”
Riley Woody English Diminutive of Woodrow, meaning “Row of houses by the wood”
Riley Wyatt English “Brave in war”
Riley Xavier Basque “New house”
Riley Xander Greek Short form of Alexander, meaning “Defender of men”
Riley Xavier Arabic “Bright”
Riley Yadiel Hebrew “God has heard”
Riley Yahir Arabic “Hand”
Riley Yale Welsh “Fertile upland”
Riley Yandel Spanish Combination of Yan and Del
Riley Yehuda Hebrew “Praise”
Riley Yosef Hebrew “God will increase”
Riley Yousef Arabic “God will increase”
Riley Yulian Latin “Youthful”
Riley Yusuf Arabic “God will increase”
Riley Zack Hebrew Short form of Zachary, meaning “God has remembered
Riley Zachariah Hebrew “God has remembered”
Riley Zachary Hebrew “God has remembered”
Riley Zackery Hebrew Variant of Zachary, meaning “God has remembered”
Riley Zaid Arabic “Abundance”
Riley Zaiden Hebrew “God is gracious”
Riley Zain Arabic “Beauty”
Riley Zaire African “River”
Riley Zander Greek Variant of Alexander, meaning “Defender of men”
Riley Zane Hebrew “God is gracious”
Riley Zechariah Hebrew “God has remembered”
Riley Zeke Hebrew Short form of Ezekiel, meaning “God will strengthen”
Riley Zion Hebrew “Highest point”
Riley Zyaire African “River”
Riley Zylen English “Bell”
Riley Zyon Hebrew “Highest point”

Riley Name Meaning & History

The name Riley originates from the Old English word “ryge leah,” which means “wood clearing.” It’s a name that has both Irish and English roots.

In Gaelic, Riley (or Reilly) translates to “valiant,” giving it a strong and courageous connotation.

Over the years, Riley has transformed from a surname to a popular first name for both boys and girls.

Riley Name Popularity

According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, Riley has consistently ranked in the top 50 names for girls and in the top 250 for boys over the past decade.

In this section, we break down the data on Riley’s name popularity for both boys and girls.

Riley Name Popularity (Boys)

    • Peak Popularity: The name “Riley” for males reached its peak popularity in the year 2002, where it was ranked 99th.
    • The trend from 2000 to 2013: From the year 2000 to 2013, the name “Riley” saw a significant increase in popularity. It moved from the 109th rank in 2000 to its highest position at 133rd in 2012 and then slightly improved to 158th in 2013.
  • The trend from 2014 to 2022: Post-2013, the name began to decrease in popularity. Starting from 174th in 2014, it gradually moved down the ranks to 225th in 2022.
  • Overall: The name “Riley” for males has seen fluctuations in its popularity over the years. It reached its peak in the early 2000s, saw a rise in the early 2010s, and has been on a gradual decline in recent years.

Riley Name Popularity (Girls)

    • Peak Popularity: The name “Riley” for girls reached its peak popularity in the year 2016, where it was ranked 22nd.
    • The trend from 2000 to 2016: From the year 2000 to 2016, the name “Riley” for girls saw a significant increase in popularity. It moved from the 131st rank in 2000 to its highest position at 22nd in 2016. This indicates a strong upward trend over these 16 years.
    • The trend from 2017 to 2022: Post-2016, the name began to decrease slightly in popularity. Starting from 25th in 2017, it moved to 39th in 2022. However, it’s worth noting that the name still remains within the top 50, indicating its sustained popularity.
    • Overall: The name “Riley” for girls has seen a consistent rise in its popularity from the early 2000s to the mid-2010s. While there has been a slight decline in recent years, it remains a popular choice, consistently ranking within the top 50 names for girls.

Different Ways to Spell Riley

While “Riley” is the most common spelling, there are several variations to consider:

    • Rylee
    • Rylie
  • Reilly
  • Ryleigh

Each spelling offers a unique twist while maintaining the name’s essence and sound.

Nickname Ideas for Riley

If you’re looking for shorter, affectionate versions of Riley for everyday use, here are some nicknames to consider:

    • Rye
    • Lee
  • RiRi


And there you have it! A treasure trove of middle names to complement the ever-charming Riley.

Whether you lean towards the traditional or the unexpected, remember that the best names are those that resonate with you.

After all, this is a name that will echo in the hallways of your home, be scribbled on countless school papers, and become a part of family lore.

So, take a moment, say it out loud, and feel its rhythm. Whatever you choose, know that Riley, paired with the perfect middle name, will be music to the ears for years to come.