About Us

Cam R.

Founder, Lead Content Writer

Cam is a blogger, author, and content strategist with a keen love for the written word. His journey with high-functioning autism has kindled a strong advocacy for autism awareness. Today, Cam dedicates his efforts to educating parents. He sees laughter as a game-changer in learning, striving to make education a fun and enjoyable journey.

Deanna C.

Contributing Editor

Deanna is an established Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) with 5 years of experience treating mothers-to-be in the Chicagoland area. When she's not working with clients, she can be found Tik-Tok-Diving, playing with her doggo Sarge, and kicking her boyfriend's ass at Mario Kart.

April F.

Contributing Editor

April is a freelance writer & certified Charlotte Mason instructor with a heart full of homeschooling passion, guiding her fabulous four through life’s educational journey. Her adventure through the realms of teaching has honed her knack for navigating learning disabilities and various educational philosophies.

Stefani S.

Contributing Editor

Stefani is a lifelong learner who took a dive into homeschooling and high school English teaching before landing in the world of full-time writing. But she’s not just about words; she’s a whiz in the garden, a beekeeper with a buzz, and has a knack for wrangling chickens. Now, as a writer, she blends her love for education and the great outdoors into her narratives.