848 Best Middle Names for Brooklyn [Cute & Unique]

Cam Russo
848 Best Middle Names for Brooklyn [Cute & Unique] 848 Best Middle Names for Brooklyn [Cute & Unique]

Oh, the joy of naming a baby! It’s a mix of excitement and pressure as you try to find the perfect name for your little one. You’ve finally settled on the first name Brooklyn for your new baby girl and are in love with it. 

But now comes the challenge of finding the perfect middle name. 

You’ve got quite a challenge ahead of you, but fear not! This article will take you on a journey through the top middle names for Brooklyn, just waiting to be discovered. 

So sit back, relax, and get inspired by this extensive list of unique options to make your baby-naming adventure a breeze.

Our Favorite Middle Names for Brooklyn

Middle Name Origin Meaning
Brooklyn Aaliyah Arabic Exalted, sublime
Brooklyn Abigail Hebrew Father’s joy
Brooklyn Adelaide German Noble kind
Brooklyn Adele German Noble, kind
Brooklyn Adeline French Noble
Brooklyn Adriana Latin Woman from Adria
Brooklyn Adrienne Latin From Hadria
Brooklyn Agnes Greek Pure, chaste
Brooklyn Ainsley Old English Clearing with a hermitage
Brooklyn Alaina Old German Noble, kind, precious
Brooklyn Alana Irish Little rock, harmony
Brooklyn Alani Hawaiian Orange tree
Brooklyn Alanna Irish Fair, good-looking
Brooklyn Alayna Old German Noble, kind
Brooklyn Alba Latin Dawn, white, bright
Brooklyn Alberta English Noble, bright
Brooklyn Aleah Hebrew Ascending, going up
Brooklyn Alejandra Greek Defender of mankind
Brooklyn Alessandra Greek Defender of mankind
Brooklyn Alexa Greek Defender of mankind
Brooklyn Alexandra Greek Defender of mankind
Brooklyn Alexandria Greek Defender of mankind
Brooklyn Alexia Greek Defender of mankind
Brooklyn Alexis Greek Defender
Brooklyn Alice Germanic Of the nobility
Brooklyn Alicia Old German Noble kind
Brooklyn Alina Slavic Bright, beautiful
Brooklyn Alisa Hebrew Great happiness
Brooklyn Alisha Sanskrit Protected by God
Brooklyn Alison Old German Noble, kind
Brooklyn Alivia Latin Olive tree
Brooklyn Aliyah Hebrew Exalted, sublime
Brooklyn Aliza Hebrew Joyful, exultant
Brooklyn Allegra Italian Joyful, lively
Brooklyn Allie Old German Noble, kind
Brooklyn Allison Old German Noble, kind
Brooklyn Allyson Old German Noble, kind
Brooklyn Alma Latin Nurturing, kind
Brooklyn Alondra Spanish Defender of mankind
Brooklyn Alpha Greek First
Brooklyn Alycia Old German Noble kind
Brooklyn Alyson Old German Noble, kind
Brooklyn Alyssa Greek Rational
Brooklyn Amara Italian Grace, beloved
Brooklyn Amari Swahili Strength, builder
Brooklyn Amaya Japanese Night rain
Brooklyn Amber Arabic Precious jewel
Brooklyn Amelia Latin Industrious, striving
Brooklyn Amelie German Hardworking, industrious
Brooklyn America Latin Land of the rulers
Brooklyn Amira Arabic princess
Brooklyn Amiya Unknown Unknown
Brooklyn Amiyah Unknown Unknown
Brooklyn Amora Spanish love
Brooklyn Amy French beloved
Brooklyn Ana Spanish Form of Anna, meaning gracious or merciful
Brooklyn Anabela Portuguese Combination of Ana and Bela, meaning lovely
Brooklyn Anabelle French Combination of Ana and Belle, meaning beauty
Brooklyn Anahi Unknown Unknown
Brooklyn Anais French Variant of Anna, meaning gracious or merciful
Brooklyn Anastasia Greek resurrection
Brooklyn Anaya Hebrew answer of God
Brooklyn Andi Unknown Unknown
Brooklyn Andrea Greek Messenger of God
Brooklyn Andromeda Greek ruler of men
Brooklyn Angel Spanish angel
Brooklyn Angela Greek Messenger of God
Brooklyn Angelica Greek angelic
Brooklyn Angelina Greek angelic
Brooklyn Angeline French angelic
Brooklyn Angelique French angelic
Brooklyn Angie Greek messenger of God
Brooklyn Anika Russian grace, favor
Brooklyn Aniya Unknown Unknown
Brooklyn Aniyah Unknown Unknown
Brooklyn Ann Hebrew Oaktree
Brooklyn Anna Hebrew grace
Brooklyn Annabella Italian Combination of Anna and Bella, meaning beauty
Brooklyn Annabelle French Combination of Anna and Belle, meaning beauty
Brooklyn Annalise German graceful promise
Brooklyn Anne Hebrew grace
Brooklyn Annette French grace
Brooklyn Annie Hebrew gracious
Brooklyn Annika Scandinavian grace
Brooklyn Ansley English hermitage field
Brooklyn Antonia Latin priceless
Brooklyn Anwen Welsh very beautiful
Brooklyn Anya Russian grace, favor
Brooklyn April Latin to open
Brooklyn Arabella Latin yielding to prayer
Brooklyn Araceli Spanish altar of the sky
Brooklyn Aria Italian air; song or melody
Brooklyn Ariah Hebrew lioness, noble
Brooklyn Ariana Greek most holy
Brooklyn Arianna Greek most holy
Brooklyn Ariel Hebrew lion of God
Brooklyn Ariella Hebrew lion of God
Brooklyn Arielle Hebrew Lion of God
Brooklyn Arissa Greek Most excellent
Brooklyn Arwen Welsh Muse or fair, blessed
Brooklyn Asha Sanskrit Hope
Brooklyn Ashanti African Rebellious
Brooklyn Ashlyn English Dream
Brooklyn Ashlynn English Meadow of ash trees
Brooklyn Aspen English Quaking tree
Brooklyn Astrid Norse Godly strength
Brooklyn Athena Greek Goddess of wisdom and war
Brooklyn Aubree French Blond ruler
Brooklyn Aubrey French Elf ruler
Brooklyn Aubriella French Elf ruler
Brooklyn Audrey English Noble strength
Brooklyn August Latin Great, magnificent
Brooklyn Aurora Latin Dawn, light
Brooklyn Austen French Great, magnificent
Brooklyn Autumn English Season of harvest
Brooklyn Ava Latin Bird
Brooklyn Avery English Elf ruler
Brooklyn Aviana Latin Bird-like
Brooklyn Avianna Latin Bird-like
Brooklyn Ayla Hebrew Bringer of Victory
Brooklyn Aylin Turkish Moon halo
Brooklyn Azalea Greek Dry flower
Brooklyn Azealia English Helpful
Brooklyn Azura Spanish Sky blue
Brooklyn Bailee English Bailiff
Brooklyn Bailey English Steward
Brooklyn Barbara Greek Foreign woman
Brooklyn Baylee English Bailiff
Brooklyn Beatrice Latin Voyager, traveler
Brooklyn Beatrix Latin Voyager, traveler
Brooklyn Bella Italian Beautiful
Brooklyn Belinda Spanish Pretty
Brooklyn Belle French Beauty
Brooklyn Benita Spanish Blessed
Brooklyn Bernadette German Brave as a bear
Brooklyn Bernice Greek Bringer of victory
Brooklyn Bess English God is my oath
Brooklyn Beth Hebrew God is my oath
Brooklyn Bethany Hebrew House of figs
Brooklyn Betsy Hebrew God is my oath
Brooklyn Bettina German God is my oath
Brooklyn Bianca Italian White, pure
Brooklyn Billie English determined protector
Brooklyn Blaire Scottish plain, field
Brooklyn Blakely English dark meadow
Brooklyn Blanche French white, pure
Brooklyn Bliss English perfect happiness or joy
Brooklyn Blossom English flowerlike, to bloom
Brooklyn Blythe English cheerful, carefree
Brooklyn Bobbie English Diminutive form of the name Robert, means bright
Brooklyn Bonnie Scottish pretty, charming
Brooklyn Braelyn English Modern invented name, meaning unknown
Brooklyn Brandi English A short form of the name Brandice, meaning burned
Brooklyn Brandy English burned wine
Brooklyn Braxton English Brock’s town
Brooklyn Brenda Norse sword
Brooklyn Brenna Gaelic raven-haired
Brooklyn Bria Irish noble, strong
Brooklyn Briana Irish noble, virtuous
Brooklyn Brianna Irish strong, virtuous, honorable
Brooklyn Brianne Irish strong, virtuous, honorable
Brooklyn Bridget Irish strength, power, vigor
Brooklyn Brielle French God is my strength
Brooklyn Brigitte French strength, power
Brooklyn Brinley English burnt meadow
Brooklyn Briony English to sprout
Brooklyn Bristol English the meeting place of the bridge
Brooklyn Britney English from Britain
Brooklyn Brittany English from Britain
Brooklyn Brooke English a small stream
Brooklyn Brooklynne English water, stream
Brooklyn Bryana Irish high, noble
Brooklyn Bryanna Irish strong, virtuous, honorable
Brooklyn Bryn Welsh hill
Brooklyn Brynn Welsh hill
Brooklyn Brynne Welsh hill
Brooklyn Béatrice French bringer of joy
Brooklyn Cady Irish a rhythmic flow of sounds
Brooklyn Caelan Irish slender
Brooklyn Caitlin Irish pure
Brooklyn Caitlyn Irish pure
Brooklyn Calista Greek most beautiful
Brooklyn Callie Greek beautiful
Brooklyn Calypso Greek she who conceals
Brooklyn Camille French Young ceremonial attendant
Brooklyn Camryn Scottish Crooked nose
Brooklyn Caoimhe Irish Gentle
Brooklyn Cara Italian Dear, beloved
Brooklyn Carey Irish Dark one
Brooklyn Carina Italian Beloved, dear
Brooklyn Caris Welsh Love
Brooklyn Carla German Free woman
Brooklyn Carly English Free woman
Brooklyn Carmen Spanish Song
Brooklyn Carol English Song of happiness
Brooklyn Carole French Song of happiness
Brooklyn Carolina Spanish Strong
Brooklyn Caroline French Strong
Brooklyn Carolyn English Song of happiness
Brooklyn Carrie English Free woman
Brooklyn Carrington English Settlement of the loved ones
Brooklyn Casey Irish Brave in battle
Brooklyn Cassandra Greek Unheeded prophetess
Brooklyn Cassidy Irish Clever
Brooklyn Cassie Greek Unheeded prophetess
Brooklyn Catalina Spanish Pure
Brooklyn Catherine Greek Pure
Brooklyn Cathleen Irish Pure
Brooklyn Cathy Greek Pure
Brooklyn Catriona Scottish Pure
Brooklyn Caydence English Rhythm
Brooklyn Cecelia Latin Blind
Brooklyn Cecilia Latin Blind
Brooklyn Cecily Latin Blind
Brooklyn Celeste Latin Heavenly
Brooklyn Celia Latin Heaven
Brooklyn Celina Latin Sky
Brooklyn Celine French Heaven; the Moon
Brooklyn Cerise French Cherry
Brooklyn Chana Hebrew Gracious
Brooklyn Chandra Sanskrit Moon
Brooklyn Chanel French Canal
Brooklyn Chantelle French Singing
Brooklyn Charis Greek Grace
Brooklyn Charissa Greek Grace
Brooklyn Charity English Generosity
Brooklyn Charlene English Free thinker
Brooklyn Charli German Free
Brooklyn Charlie English Free
Brooklyn Charlotte French Free
Brooklyn Charmaine French Charm
Brooklyn Chastity English Purity
Brooklyn Chelsea English Port of ships
Brooklyn Chelsey English Port of ships
Brooklyn Cherie French Darling
Brooklyn Cherish English To treasure or care for deeply
Brooklyn Cherry English Sweet fruit
Brooklyn Cheryl English Beloved
Brooklyn Cheyenne Native American Unintelligible
Brooklyn Chiara Italian Clear
Brooklyn Chloé Greek Blooming
Brooklyn Chrissy Greek Follower of Christ
Brooklyn Christina Greek Christian
Brooklyn Christine French Christian
Brooklyn Christy English Follower of Christ
Brooklyn Ciara Irish Dark-haired
Brooklyn Cilla Latin Blind
Brooklyn Cindy Greek Light
Brooklyn Clair French Bright, Clear
Brooklyn Claire French Clear, Bright
Brooklyn Clara Latin Clear, Bright
Brooklyn Clare Latin Bright, Clear
Brooklyn Clarice Latin Bright, Clear
Brooklyn Clarissa Latin Bright, Famous
Brooklyn Clarisse French Bright, Clear
Brooklyn Claudette French Lame
Brooklyn Claudia Latin Lame
Brooklyn Clementine Latin Merciful
Brooklyn Cleo Greek Pride
Brooklyn Clover English Lucky
Brooklyn Coco Spanish Coconut
Brooklyn Colette French Victory of the people
Brooklyn Colleen Irish Girl
Brooklyn Connie English Constancy
Brooklyn Constance English Steadfastness
Brooklyn Cordelia Latin Heart
Brooklyn Cori Greek Maiden, Daughter
Brooklyn Corina Latin Maiden, Daughter
Brooklyn Corinne French Maiden, Daughter
Brooklyn Cornelia Latin Horn
Brooklyn Corrie Irish Seething pool
Brooklyn Courtney French Domain of Curtis
Brooklyn Cristal Spanish Crystal
Brooklyn Crystal Greek Ice
Brooklyn Cydney English From Cydnus
Brooklyn Cynthia Greek From Kynthos
Brooklyn Dahlia Swedish Valley
Brooklyn Daisy English Day’s eye, a flower
Brooklyn Dakota Native American Friend, ally
Brooklyn Dale English Valley
Brooklyn Dallas Scottish Meadow dwelling
Brooklyn Damaris Greek Gentle
Brooklyn Dana English From Denmark
Brooklyn Dani Hebrew God is my judge
Brooklyn Danica Slavic Morning star
Brooklyn Daniella Hebrew God is my judge
Brooklyn Danielle French Feminine form of Daniel, meaning God is my judge
Brooklyn Daphne Greek Laurel
Brooklyn Darby Irish Free from envy
Brooklyn Darcy Irish Dark one
Brooklyn Daria Persian Wealthy
Brooklyn Darian Persian Wealthy
Brooklyn Darla English Dear or darling
Brooklyn Darlene English Tenderly loved
Brooklyn Davina Scottish Beloved
Brooklyn Dawn English First appearance of light in the morning
Brooklyn Daya Hebrew Gift of God
Brooklyn Dayana Hindi Light and hope
Brooklyn Dayna Irish From Denmark
Brooklyn Deanna English Divine
Brooklyn Debbie Hebrew Bee
Brooklyn Debby Hebrew Bee
Brooklyn Deborah Hebrew Bee
Brooklyn Debra Hebrew Bee
Brooklyn Dedra Greek Sorrowful
Brooklyn Deidre Irish Sorrowful one
Brooklyn Delaney Irish Descendent of the challenger
Brooklyn Delia Greek From Delos, an island in the Aegean sea
Brooklyn Delilah Hebrew Languishing, seductive
Brooklyn Delores Spanish Sorrows
Brooklyn Demi French Half
Brooklyn Denise French From Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and fertility
Brooklyn Desiree French Desired
Brooklyn Destiny English Certain fortune
Brooklyn Devyn Irish Poet
Brooklyn Diamond English Unbreakable or untamed
Brooklyn Diana Latin Divine
Brooklyn Diane French Divine
Brooklyn Dianna Latin Divine
Brooklyn Dina Hebrew Judged
Brooklyn Dinah Hebrew judged
Brooklyn Dionne French divine
Brooklyn Dixie English tenth
Brooklyn Dolly English gift of God
Brooklyn Dolores Spanish sorrows
Brooklyn Dominique French belonging to God
Brooklyn Dona Italian lady
Brooklyn Donna Italian lady
Brooklyn Dora Greek gift
Brooklyn Doreen Irish sullen
Brooklyn Dorian Greek gift
Brooklyn Doris Greek gift
Brooklyn Dorothy Greek gift
Brooklyn Dove English bird
Brooklyn Drusilla Latin fruitful
Brooklyn Dulce Spanish sweet
Brooklyn Dusty English brave, valiant
Brooklyn Dyan Irish divine
Brooklyn Dylan Welsh son of the wave
Brooklyn Eabha Irish life
Brooklyn Ebony English black
Brooklyn Echo Greek sound
Brooklyn Eda Hebrew rejuvenation
Brooklyn Edana Irish fiery
Brooklyn Eddie English wealthy defender
Brooklyn Edeline English noble
Brooklyn Eden Hebrew delight, paradise
Brooklyn Edie English rich gift
Brooklyn Edith English rich gift
Brooklyn Edna Hebrew pleasure
Brooklyn Edwina English wealthy friend
Brooklyn Effie Greek well-spoken
Brooklyn Eileen Gaelic bright, shining
Brooklyn Eilidh Gaelic light
Brooklyn Eilish Irish consecrated to God
Brooklyn Eimear Gaelic swift
Brooklyn Elaina Greek bright, shining
Brooklyn Elaine French bright, shining
Brooklyn Elana Hebrew oak tree
Brooklyn Elayna Greek bright, shining
Brooklyn Eleanor English bright, shining
Brooklyn Eleanora Spanish light
Brooklyn Eleanore French light
Brooklyn Electra Greek shining
Brooklyn Elena Greek Light
Brooklyn Eleni Greek Torch
Brooklyn Eleonora Greek Light
Brooklyn Eliana Hebrew My God has answered
Brooklyn Elin Welsh Torch
Brooklyn Elinor English Compassionate
Brooklyn Elisa Hebrew My God is salvation
Brooklyn Elisabeth Hebrew God is my oath
Brooklyn Elise French Pledged to God
Brooklyn Eliza Hebrew My God is bountiful
Brooklyn Elizabeth Hebrew God is my oath
Brooklyn Ella English Beautiful fairy woman
Brooklyn Ellen Greek Torch
Brooklyn Ellie English Bright shining one
Brooklyn Ellis English The Lord is my God
Brooklyn Elly English Light
Brooklyn Elodie French Marsh flower
Brooklyn Eloise French Healthy, wide
Brooklyn Elouise French Famous warrior
Brooklyn Elsa Hebrew God is my oath
Brooklyn Elsie Scottish Pledged to God
Brooklyn Elspeth Scottish Pledged to God
Brooklyn Elva Irish White
Brooklyn Elvira Spanish True to all
Brooklyn Ember English Spark
Brooklyn Emerald English Bright green gemstone
Brooklyn Emerson English Brave and powerful
Brooklyn Emery Germanic Industrious ruler
Brooklyn Emilee English Industrious
Brooklyn Emilia Latin Rival
Brooklyn Emilie Germanic Industrious
Brooklyn Emily Latin Industrious
Brooklyn Emma Germanic Whole or universal
Brooklyn Emmaline Germanic Work
Brooklyn Emmeline Germanic Work
Brooklyn Emmy English Universal
Brooklyn Enid Welsh Soul or life force
Brooklyn Enya Irish Little fire
Brooklyn Eowyn English Horse joy
Brooklyn Ephraim Hebrew Fruitful
Brooklyn Eris Greek Strife
Brooklyn Eryn Irish Ireland
Brooklyn Esme French To love
Brooklyn Esperanza Spanish Hope
Brooklyn Estella Latin Star
Brooklyn Estelle French Star
Brooklyn Esther Persian Star
Brooklyn Etta English Ruler of the household
Brooklyn Eudora Greek Good gift
Brooklyn Eugenia Greek Well born
Brooklyn Eula Greek Sweetly speaking
Brooklyn Eulalia Greek Sweetly speaking
Brooklyn Eunice Greek Good victory
Brooklyn Euphemia Greek Well spoken
Brooklyn Euridice Greek Justice seeker
Brooklyn Eurydice Greek wide justice
Brooklyn Eva Hebrew life
Brooklyn Evan Welsh young warrior
Brooklyn Evangeline Greek bearer of good news
Brooklyn Evanna Irish young fighter
Brooklyn Eve Hebrew life
Brooklyn Evelina Latin wished-for child
Brooklyn Evelyn English wished-for child
Brooklyn Evie Hebrew life
Brooklyn Evita Spanish life
Brooklyn Fabiana Latin bean grower
Brooklyn Fabienne French bean grower
Brooklyn Fae English fairy
Brooklyn Faith English faith, trust
Brooklyn Fallon Irish leader
Brooklyn Fanny Latin free one
Brooklyn Farrah Arabic happiness
Brooklyn Fatima Arabic to abstain
Brooklyn Fawn English young deer
Brooklyn Fay English fairy
Brooklyn Faye English fairy
Brooklyn Felicity Latin happiness
Brooklyn Felipa Spanish lover of horses
Brooklyn Fenna Dutch peace
Brooklyn Fern English fern plant
Brooklyn Fernanda Spanish adventurous
Brooklyn Fidelia Latin faithful
Brooklyn Fifi French Jehovah increases (short form of Josephine)
Brooklyn Finlay Irish fair warrior
Brooklyn Finn Irish fair
Brooklyn Fiona Irish fair
Brooklyn Fionnuala Irish white shoulder
Brooklyn Flannery Irish red bravery
Brooklyn Flora Latin flower
Brooklyn Florence Latin flourishing, prosperous
Brooklyn Florrie Latin flower
Brooklyn Flossie Latin flower
Brooklyn Fran Latin free one
Brooklyn Frances Latin free one
Brooklyn Francesca Italian from France
Brooklyn Francine French from France
Brooklyn Frankie Latin free one
Brooklyn Franki Latin free one
Brooklyn Freda German peaceful ruler
Brooklyn Freya Norse goddess of love, fertility, war, and death
Brooklyn Frida German peaceful ruler
Brooklyn Gabby Hebrew God’s able-bodied one
Brooklyn Gabriela Hebrew God’s able-bodied one
Brooklyn Gabriella Hebrew God’s able-bodied one
Brooklyn Gabrielle Hebrew God’s able-bodied one
Brooklyn Gail Hebrew Father’s Joy
Brooklyn Galina Russian Calm, tranquil
Brooklyn Gena Hebrew Garden of the Lord
Brooklyn Genevieve French White wave
Brooklyn Georgie Greek Farmer, earthworker
Brooklyn Geraldine German Ruler with the spear
Brooklyn Gerda Old Norse Protected
Brooklyn Geri Scandinavian Ruler with the spear
Brooklyn Germaine French From Germany
Brooklyn Gerry German Ruler with the spear
Brooklyn Gia Italian God is gracious
Brooklyn Gianna Italian God is gracious
Brooklyn Gigi French Pledge of God
Brooklyn Gillian Latin Youthful
Brooklyn Gina Italian Queen
Brooklyn Ginevra Italian White wave
Brooklyn Ginnie Latin Virgin
Brooklyn Ginny English Virgin
Brooklyn Giovanna Italian God is gracious
Brooklyn Giselle German Pledge
Brooklyn Gisselle French Pledge of God
Brooklyn Giuseppina Italian God will add
Brooklyn Gladys Welsh Princess
Brooklyn Glenda Welsh Holy, good
Brooklyn Glenna Scottish Valley, glen
Brooklyn Gloria Latin Glory
Brooklyn Golda Yiddish Gold
Brooklyn Goldie English Gold
Brooklyn Grace Latin Grace
Brooklyn Gracelyn English Graceful
Brooklyn Gracie Latin Grace
Brooklyn Gráinne Irish Love
Brooklyn Gretchen German Pearl
Brooklyn Greta German Pearl
Brooklyn Gretel German Pearl
Brooklyn Grier Scottish Watchful, vigilant
Brooklyn Guadalupe Spanish Valley of the wolf
Brooklyn Gwendolyn Welsh Blessed ring
Brooklyn Gwenyth Welsh Blessed, happy
Brooklyn Gwyneth Welsh Blessed, happy
Brooklyn Haddie Hebrew myrtle tree
Brooklyn Hadley English heather meadow
Brooklyn Hailie English hay clearing
Brooklyn Hailee English hay clearing
Brooklyn Hailey English hay clearing
Brooklyn Haleigh English hay clearing
Brooklyn Haley English hay clearing
Brooklyn Halle Scandinavian rock or home ruler
Brooklyn Hallie English dweller at the hall meadow
Brooklyn Hana Hebrew/Japanese flower
Brooklyn Hannah Hebrew grace
Brooklyn Harlee English hare meadow
Brooklyn Harley English hare meadow
Brooklyn Harlow English hare hill or army hill
Brooklyn Harper English harp player or one who harps
Brooklyn Harriet German ruler of the household
Brooklyn Harriett German ruler of the household
Brooklyn Harriette German ruler of the household
Brooklyn Hattie English ruler of the household
Brooklyn Hayden English hay valley
Brooklyn Haylee English hay clearing
Brooklyn Hayley English hay clearing
Brooklyn Haylie English hay clearing
Brooklyn Hazel English hazel tree
Brooklyn Heather English flowering evergreen plant
Brooklyn Heaven English paradise or heavenly
Brooklyn Heidi German noble or of a noble kind
Brooklyn Helen Greek torch or bright one
Brooklyn Helena Greek bright or shining light
Brooklyn Helene Greek torch or bright one
Brooklyn Henrietta German ruler of the household
Brooklyn Hepsie Greek delight
Brooklyn Hera Greek queen or lady
Brooklyn Hermione Greek messenger
Brooklyn Hester Greek star or myrtle leaf
Brooklyn Hetty English ruler of the household
Brooklyn Hilda German battle woman or battle maid
Brooklyn Hildegard German battle guard or protector
Brooklyn Hillary Latin cheerful or joyful
Brooklyn Hollie English hollow or the holly tree
Brooklyn Holly English hollow or the holly tree
Brooklyn Honor English honor or dignity
Brooklyn Honora Irish Honor, respect
Brooklyn Hope English Optimism, faith, aspiration
Brooklyn Hortense Latin Garden, orchard
Brooklyn Hunter English Hunter, one who hunts
Brooklyn Hyacinth Greek Flower
Brooklyn Hypatia Greek Highest, supreme
Brooklyn Ianthe Greek Violet flower
Brooklyn Ida Germanic Prosperous, hardworking
Brooklyn Idina Hebrew Gentle
Brooklyn Ifeoma Igbo Something good has come, a blessing
Brooklyn Ila Sanskrit Earth, speech, goddess
Brooklyn Ilana Hebrew Tree
Brooklyn Ilene Greek Light
Brooklyn Iliana Greek Bright, shining
Brooklyn Ilona Hungarian Bright, shining
Brooklyn Imelda Germanic Universal power, whole battle
Brooklyn Imogen Gaelic Beloved child
Brooklyn Imogene Gaelic Maiden
Brooklyn Ina Germanic Cleanliness
Brooklyn India English Country in South Asia
Brooklyn Indiana Native American Land of the Indians, state in the US
Brooklyn Indigo English Blue-purple color
Brooklyn Indira Sanskrit Beauty, splendor
Brooklyn Ines Spanish Pure, chaste
Brooklyn Inez Spanish Pure, chaste
Brooklyn Ingrid Norse Beauty
Brooklyn Iola Greek Violet-colored dawn
Brooklyn Iona Greek Purple jewel
Brooklyn Ione Greek Violet flower
Brooklyn Irena Greek Peace
Brooklyn Irene Greek Peace
Brooklyn Iris Greek Rainbow, messenger of the gods
Brooklyn Irma Germanic Universal, complete
Brooklyn Irina Greek Peace
Brooklyn Isabell French Devoted to God
Brooklyn Isabella Italian Devoted to God
Brooklyn Isabelle French Devoted to God
Brooklyn Isadora Greek Gift of Isis
Brooklyn Isla Scottish Island
Scottish Devoted to God
Brooklyn Italia Italian Italy
Brooklyn Itzel Mayan Rainbow lady
Brooklyn Ivana Slavic God is gracious
Brooklyn Ivanna Slavic God is gracious
Brooklyn Ivy English Type of climbing plant
Brooklyn Izabella Italian Devoted to God
Brooklyn Izabelle French Devoted to God
Brooklyn Jacinda Greek Hyacinth flower
Brooklyn Jacinta Spanish Hyacinth flower
Brooklyn Jade Spanish Precious green stone
Brooklyn Kate Greek Pure, clear
Brooklyn Kay Greek Rejoice, happy
Brooklyn Kendall English Valley of the River Kent
Brooklyn Kennedy Irish Helmeted chief
Brooklyn Kiera Irish Little dark one
Brooklyn Kim Korean Gold
Brooklyn Kimberly English From the wood of the royal forest
Brooklyn Kirsten Scandinavian Follower of Christ
Brooklyn Kyla Gaelic Narrow strait
Brooklyn Kylee Gaelic Narrow strait
Brooklyn Kylie Australian Boomerang
Brooklyn Laine French Path
Brooklyn Lane English Pathway
Brooklyn Lara Russian Famous one
Brooklyn Laurel Latin Laurel tree
Brooklyn Layla Arabic Night
Brooklyn Lea Hawaiian Clearing
Brooklyn Leah Hebrew Weary
Brooklyn Leigh English Clearing
Brooklyn Leilani Hawaiian Heavenly garland of flowers
Brooklyn Lennox Scottish Field of elm trees
Brooklyn Lexi Greek Defender
Brooklyn Lexie Greek Defender
Brooklyn Liberty English Freedom
Brooklyn Lilah Arabic Night
Brooklyn Lila Persian Purple
Brooklyn Lillian English Lily flower
Brooklyn Lilly English Lily flower
Brooklyn Lily English Lily flower
Brooklyn Lina Arabic Tender
Brooklyn Livia Latin Olive tree
Brooklyn Logan Scottish Small hollow
Brooklyn Lola Spanish Sorrows
Brooklyn London English From the great river
Brooklyn Lorelei German Alluring enchantress
Brooklyn Lucia Italian Light
Brooklyn Luciana Italian Light
Brooklyn Lucille French Light
Brooklyn Lucy English Light
Brooklyn Luna Spanish Moon
Brooklyn Lyla English Night
Brooklyn Lyra Greek Lyre
Brooklyn Madison English Son of Matthew
Brooklyn Mae English May
Brooklyn Maeve Irish Intoxicating
Brooklyn Magdalene Greek Woman of Magdala
Brooklyn Magnolia Latin Magnol’s flower
Brooklyn Maisie Scottish Pearl
Brooklyn Malia Hawaiian Calm, peaceful
Brooklyn Mallory French Unlucky
Brooklyn Mara Hebrew Bitter
Brooklyn Mariah Hebrew Bitter
Brooklyn Marie French Bitterness or Wished-for child
Brooklyn Marina Latin Of the sea
Brooklyn Marley English From the lake meadow
Brooklyn Mary Hebrew Bitter
Brooklyn Matilda German Mighty in battle
Brooklyn Maxine Latin Greatest
Brooklyn Maya Sanskrit Illusion or Goddess of spring
Brooklyn Mckenna Irish Son of Cionaodh
Brooklyn Meadow English Grassy field
Brooklyn Megan Welsh Pearl
Brooklyn Melina Greek Honey
Brooklyn Melissa Greek Honey bee
Brooklyn Melody Greek Music
Brooklyn Mercy English Compassion
Brooklyn Meredith Welsh Great ruler
Brooklyn Mia Italian Mine
Brooklyn Michaela Hebrew Who is like God
Brooklyn Michelle French Who is like God
Brooklyn Mikayla Hebrew Who is like God
Brooklyn Mila Slavic Gracious or Dear
Brooklyn Miley English From the field
Brooklyn Milena Slavic Gracious or Dear
Brooklyn Millie English Gentle strength
Brooklyn Mira Sanskrit Ocean or Wonderful
Brooklyn Miranda Latin Worthy of admiration
Brooklyn Molly Irish Star of the sea
Brooklyn Monroe Scottish Mouth of the Roe River
Brooklyn Morgan Welsh Sea-born or Bright, white sea dweller
Brooklyn Mya Greek Great one or Mother
Brooklyn Nadia Russian Hope
Brooklyn Naomi Hebrew Pleasantness
Brooklyn Natalia Latin Born on Christmas day
Brooklyn Natalie Latin Born on Christmas day
Brooklyn Natasha Russian Birthday of the Lord
Brooklyn Naya Native American Younger sister
Brooklyn Nevaeh English Heaven spelled backwards
Brooklyn Nicolette French Victory of the people
Brooklyn Nola Irish Famous
Brooklyn Noelle French Christmas
Brooklyn Noemi Hebrew Pleasantness
Brooklyn Nora Irish Honor or Light
Brooklyn Nova Latin New
Brooklyn Odette French Wealthy or Prosperous
Brooklyn Olive English Olive tree
Brooklyn Olivia Latin Olive tree
Brooklyn Ophelia Greek Help or Serpent
Brooklyn Paige English Page or Attendant
Brooklyn Paisley Scottish Church
Brooklyn Paloma Spanish Dove
Brooklyn Paris Greek Wager
Brooklyn Parker English Keeper of the park
Brooklyn Patience English Enduring without complaint
Brooklyn Paulina Latin Little, small
Brooklyn Pearl English Pearl
Brooklyn Penelope Greek Weaver
Brooklyn Peyton English From Pacca’s town
Brooklyn Phoenix Greek Dark red, purple
Brooklyn Piper English Flute player
Brooklyn Poppy English Poppy
Brooklyn Presley English From the priest’s meadow
Brooklyn Primrose English First rose
Brooklyn Priscilla Latin Ancient, venerable
Brooklyn Promise English Promise
Brooklyn Quinn Irish Descendant of Conn
Brooklyn Rachel Hebrew Ewe, female sheep
Brooklyn Rae English Doe, female deer
Brooklyn Raegan Irish Descendant of Riagan
Brooklyn Raelynn American Combination of Rae and Lynn
Brooklyn Raina Slavic Queen, pure
Brooklyn Ramona Spanish Wise protector
Brooklyn Rayna Spanish Queenly, wise protector
Brooklyn Reagan Irish Descendant of Riagan
Brooklyn Reese Welsh Fiery, enthusiastic
Brooklyn Remi French Oarsman
Brooklyn Renee French Reborn
Brooklyn Remy French Oarsman
Brooklyn Renata Latin Reborn
Brooklyn Rhea Greek Flowing stream, ease, power
Brooklyn Rhys Welsh Ardent, fiery, enthusiastic
Brooklyn Riley Irish Valiant, courageous
Brooklyn River English Stream, river
Brooklyn Riviera Italian Coastline, shore
Brooklyn Robyn English Bright fame
Brooklyn Rochelle French Little rock
Brooklyn Rosalind German Gentle horse
Brooklyn Rosalyn English Pretty rose
Brooklyn Rose Latin Rose
Brooklyn Roselyn English Little rose
Brooklyn Rosemary Latin Dew of the sea, rosemary plant
Brooklyn Rowan Irish Descendant of Ruadhan
Brooklyn Rowena German Fame and happiness
Brooklyn Ruby English Red gemstone
Brooklyn Ruth Hebrew Companion, friend
Brooklyn Ryan Irish Descendant of Riain (little king/king)
Brooklyn Sabrina Latin From the River Severn
Brooklyn Sage Latin Wise, having wisdom
Brooklyn Saige Latin Wise, having wisdom
Brooklyn Samantha Hebrew Listener, heard by God
Brooklyn Samara Hebrew Under God’s rule, protected by God
Brooklyn Samira Arabic Entertaining companion, pleasant company
Brooklyn Sammie Hebrew Listener, heard by God
Brooklyn Sammy Hebrew Listener, heard by God
Brooklyn Sandra Greek Defender of mankind
Brooklyn Sandy Greek Defender of mankind
Brooklyn Sapphire Greek Blue gemstone
Brooklyn Sara Hebrew Princess
Brooklyn Sarah Hebrew Princess
Brooklyn Sasha Russian Defender of mankind
Brooklyn Savannah Spanish Flat tropical grassland
Brooklyn Scarlett English Red
Brooklyn Selena Spanish Moon goddess
Brooklyn Serena Latin Tranquil, serene
Brooklyn Serenity Latin Peaceful, calm
Brooklyn Shay Irish From the fairy fort
Brooklyn Shiloh Hebrew Tranquil, peaceful
Brooklyn Sierra Spanish Saw-like mountain range
Brooklyn Skye Scottish Isle of Skye
Brooklyn Skylar Dutch Scholar, learned person
Brooklyn Sloane Irish Fighter, warrior
Brooklyn Sofia Greek Wisdom, skill
Brooklyn Solange French Dignified, solemn
Brooklyn Soleil French Sun
Brooklyn Sophia Greek Wisdom, skill
Brooklyn Sophie Greek Wisdom, skill
Brooklyn Soraya Persian Princess, star
Brooklyn Spencer English Dispenser of provisions
Brooklyn Stacey Greek Resurrection, to stand up
Brooklyn Stella Latin Star
Brooklyn Stephanie Greek Crowned one
Brooklyn Summer English Summer season
Brooklyn Sunny English Bright, cheerful
Brooklyn Susan Hebrew Lily
Brooklyn Sydney English Wide meadow
Brooklyn Sylvie Latin Of the forest
Brooklyn Tabitha Aramaic Gazelle
Brooklyn Tahlia Hebrew Morning dew
Brooklyn Talia Hebrew Dew from God
Brooklyn Tamara Hebrew Palm tree
Brooklyn Tamsin English Twin
Brooklyn Tania Russian Fairy Queen
Brooklyn Tanya Russian Fairy queen
Brooklyn Tara Irish Tower
Brooklyn Taryn Irish Rocky hill
Brooklyn Tatum English Cheerful, full of spirit
Brooklyn Taylor English Tailor
Brooklyn Teagan Irish Poet
Brooklyn Tegan Welsh Fair, beautiful
Brooklyn Tessa Greek Harvest
Brooklyn Thalia Greek Flourishing; to blossom
Brooklyn Thea Greek Goddess
Brooklyn Theresa Greek Reaper; to harvest
Brooklyn Tiffany Greek Appearance of God
Brooklyn Tina Greek Noble; gracious
Brooklyn Tori Japanese Bird; victory
Brooklyn Trinity Latin Three-fold
Brooklyn Trixie English Bringer of joy
Brooklyn Uma Sanskrit Fairy Queen
Brooklyn Valentina Latin Strong; healthy
Brooklyn Valerie Latin Strong; valiant
Brooklyn Vanessa Greek Butterfly
Brooklyn Veda Sanskrit Knowledge; wisdom
Brooklyn Vega Spanish Meadow; plain
Brooklyn Vera Russian Faith; truth; victory
Brooklyn Veronica Latin True image
Brooklyn Vicky Latin Victorious
Brooklyn Victoria Latin Victory
Brooklyn Vienna Latin From Wine Country
Brooklyn Viola Latin Violet
Brooklyn Violet Latin Purple flower
Brooklyn Virginia Latin Pure; chaste
Brooklyn Vivian Latin Full of life
Brooklyn Vivienne French Lively; animated
Brooklyn Waverly English Quaking aspen tree
Brooklyn Whitney English White Island
Brooklyn Willa German Resolute protection
Brooklyn Willow English Graceful; slender
Brooklyn Winter English Winter season
Brooklyn Wren English Small bird
Brooklyn Xanthe Greek Yellow; blonde
Brooklyn Ximena Spanish Hearkening; listening
Brooklyn Yara Arabic Small butterfly
Brooklyn Yasmin Persian Jasmine
Brooklyn Yvette French Yew tree
Brooklyn Yvonne French Yew tree
Brooklyn Zahara Arabic Flowering
Brooklyn Zara Arabic Princess
Brooklyn Zaria Arabic Princess
Brooklyn Zaylee Arabic Sweetheart
Brooklyn Zelda Yiddish Grey warrior
Brooklyn Zella Italian Little rock
Brooklyn Zephyr Greek West wind
Brooklyn Zinnia Latin Flower name
Brooklyn Zola Italian Lump of earth
Brooklyn Zora Slavic Dawn; aurora
Brooklyn Zuri Swahili Beautiful

Nickname Ideas for Brooklyn

If you’ve named your little girl Brooklyn, you may be looking for a fun and unique nickname to call her. We’ve compiled a list of creative nickname ideas for Brooklyn to help you find the perfect moniker for your little one.

Here are some nickname ideas for Brooklyn:

    1. Brook
    2. Brookie
    3. B
    1. Bee
    2. Brooklynne
    3. Lyn
    1. Lynnie
    2. Lynne
    3. Brooky
    1. Brookster
    2. Brooklynator
    3. Brooski
    1. Brooky Bear
    2. Brooky Boo
    3. B-Rok
    1. Brooklet
    2. Brooksy
    3. Brooky-Poo
    1. Brooky-Lou
    2. B-Dawg
    3. B-Rose
  1. B-Ro
  2. Brook-Bag

Meaning of Brooklyn & History

Brooklyn is a unisex name of English origin. The meaning of the name is derived from the Old English words “broc” (meaning “brook” or “stream”) and “lēah” (meaning “woodland” or “clearing”), and it originally referred to a village near the river or stream.

Brooklyn has been used as a gender-neutral name in the United States since the late 19th century. 

It became more popular as a first name for girls in the 1990s and 2000s, likely due to its association with the trendy New York City borough of Brooklyn.

Famous Brooklyns

The name has also been used in popular culture, such as in the novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, published in 1943 and later adapted into a film in 1945. 

In recent years, the name has been used by several famous people for their children, including Victoria and David Beckham, who named their son Brooklyn in 1999.

Brooklyn Name Popularity

In recent years, Brooklyn has been a popular name for girls in the United States. Here are some statistics on its popularity:

    • According to the Social Security Administration, Brooklyn was the 63rd most popular name for girls in the United States in 2021.
  • Brooklyn broke the top 100 names for girls in 2005 and has ranked consistently as one of the best first names since then.
  • Brooklyn peaked in popularity in 2011, when it was the 21st most popular name for girls. 7,172 newborns were named Brooklyn that year, accounting for 0.370 percent of all female births.