500+ Best Middle Names for Wren

Cam Russo
500+ Best Middle Names for Wren 500+ Best Middle Names for Wren

Welcome to the world of naming, where every choice carries significance! If you’ve chosen the delightful name “Wren” for your little one, congratulations on this unique and whimsical choice. 

As you search for the perfect middle name, you’re in for an exciting adventure! 

With endless possibilities to explore, finding the ideal complement to Wren can be thrilling and overwhelming. 

Well, we hear you, and we’re here to help! 

In this article, we’ve compiled an authoritative list of middle names for Wren that will inspire and guide you in your decision-making process.

Middle Name Ideas for Wren

From traditional to modern, these middle names for Wren offer various options to flutter your heart.

Some names are short and sweet, while others are longer and more elaborate.

There’s a name for every taste and preference, making the selection process an enjoyable experience.

Name Origin Meaning
Wren Abigail Hebrew My father is joyful
Wren Adelaide German Noble kind
Wren Adeline French Noble
Wren Agatha Greek Good or Kind
Wren Agnes Greek/Latin Pure, Chaste or Lamb
Wren Aileen Celtic Bright or shining one
Wren Aimee French Beloved or Dearest
Wren Alexandra Greek Defender of the people
Wren Alice German Noble or Of noble kind
Wren Alison Old Germanic Noble kind or Of noble birth
Wren Allegra Italian Joyful, lively
Wren Allison Old Germanic Noble kind or Of noble birth
Wren Alma Latin Kind or Nourishing
Wren Althea Greek Healer or Wholesome
Wren Alyssa Greek Rational or Logical
Wren Amanda Latin Lovable or Worthy of love
Wren Amber English The name of the gemstone
Wren Amelia German Work or Industrious
Wren Amelie German Hardworking or Industrious
Wren Anastasia Greek Resurrection or Rebirth
Wren Andrea Greek Warrior or Manly
Wren Angelica Latin Angel or Messenger of God
Wren Angie Greek Angel
Wren Ann Hebrew Gracious or Full of grace
Wren Anna Hebrew Grace or Favor
Wren Annabelle French Beautiful
Wren Anne Hebrew Gracious
Wren Annette French Little Ann
Wren Annie Hebrew Gracious
Wren Anthea Greek Flowery
Wren Antoinette French Beyond praise
Wren April Latin To open
Wren Arabella Latin Yielding to prayer
Wren Ariana Greek Very holy one
Wren Ariel Hebrew Lion of God
Wren Arlene Irish Pledge
Wren Arlette French Little eagle
Wren Asha Sanskrit Hope
Wren Ashley English Ash tree meadow
Wren Astrid Norse Divine strength
Wren Athena Greek Goddess of wisdom
Wren Audrey English Noble strength
Wren Aurora Latin Dawn
Wren Autumn Latin Fall season
Wren Ava Latin Life
Wren Aveline French hazelnut
Wren Averie English elf counsel
Wren Avery English elf ruler
Wren Avril French April
Wren Bailey English bailiff
Wren Barbara Greek foreign woman
Wren Beatrice Latin she who brings happiness
Wren Beatrix Latin voyager
Wren Belle French beautiful
Wren Bernadette German brave as a bear
Wren Bernice Greek victorious
Wren Beryl Greek sea-green jewel
Wren Beth Hebrew pledged to God
Wren Bethany Hebrew house of figs
Wren Betsy Hebrew God is my oath
Wren Betty Hebrew God is my oath
Wren Beverly English dweller near the beaver stream
Wren Bianca Italian white
Wren Billie English resolute protector
Wren Blair Scottish plain
Wren Blanche French white
Wren Bonnie Scottish pretty
Wren Brianna Irish strong, virtuous, and honorable
Wren Bridget Irish exalted one
Wren Brigitte French strength or exalted one
Wren Brooke English a small stream
Wren Brooklyn English broken land
Wren Bryn Welsh hill
Wren Brynn Welsh hill
Wren Cadence English rhythm
Wren Caitlin Irish pure
Wren Calla Greek beautiful
Wren Callie Greek beautiful
Wren Camilla Latin young ceremonial attendant
Wren Camille French young ceremonial attendant
Wren Cara Irish friend
Wren Carey Irish dark
Wren Carla German free woman
Wren Carmen Spanish song
Wren Carol English free person
Wren Caroline French free man
Wren Carolyn English free person
Wren Carrie Germanic free man
Wren Casey Irish brave in battle
Wren Cassandra Greek shining upon men
Wren Cassidy Irish curly haired
Wren Catherine Greek pure
Wren Cathy Greek pure
Wren Cecelia Latin blind
Wren Cecilia Latin blind
Wren Celeste French heavenly
Wren Celia Latin heaven
Wren Charity English generosity
Wren Charlene French free woman
Wren Charlotte French free man
Wren Cher French darling
Wren Cheryl French darling
Wren Cheyenne Native American unintelligible speakers
Wren Chloe Greek blooming
Wren Christine Greek follower of Christ
Wren Christy Greek follower of Christ
Wren Cindy English light
Wren Claire French clear, bright
Wren Clara Latin bright, clear
Wren Clarice Latin bright, clear
Wren Clarissa Latin bright, clear
Wren Claudia Latin lame
Wren Claudine French lame
Wren Clover English lucky
Wren Colette French victorious people
Wren Colleen Irish girl
Wren Collette French victorious people
Wren Connie English steadfast
Wren Constance Latin Steadfast
Wren Cora Greek Maiden
Wren Coral English Coral
Wren Cordelia Latin Heart
Wren Corinne French Maiden
Wren Cornelia Latin Horn
Wren Courtney French Domain
Wren Crista Latin Follower of Christ
Wren Crystal English Crystal
Wren Cynthia Greek Of Mount Kynthos
Wren Dahlia Scandinavian Valley
Wren Daisy Old English Day’s eye
Wren Dakota Native American Friends or allies
Wren Dale English Valley
Wren Dana Celtic Bold or daring
Wren Daniela Hebrew God is my judge
Wren Danielle Hebrew God is my judge
Wren Daphne Greek Laurel tree
Wren Darla English Dear one
Wren Darlene English Tenderly loved
Wren Davina Scottish Beloved
Wren Dawn Old English Daybreak
Wren Dayna English From Denmark
Wren Deanna English Divine
Wren Debbie Hebrew Bee
Wren Deborah Hebrew Bee
Wren Debra Hebrew Bee
Wren Delaney Irish Descendant of the challenger
Wren Delia Greek Delicate
Wren Delilah Hebrew Languishing
Wren Denise French Follower of Dionysus
Wren Desiree French Desired
Wren Destiny Latin Fate or destiny
Wren Devyn Welsh Poet
Wren Diana Latin Divine
Wren Diane French Divine
Wren Dina Hebrew Judged
Wren Dolly English Gift of God
Wren Dolores Spanish Sorrows
Wren Dominique French Belonging to the Lord
Wren Donna English Lady
Wren Dora Greek Gift of God
Wren Doreen Greek Gift of God
Wren Dorothea Greek Gift of God
Wren Dorothy Greek Gift of God
Wren Drew Welsh Wise
Wren Dulcie Latin Sweet
Wren Ebony English Dark-wood
Wren Edith English Prosperous in war
Wren Edna Irish Little fire
Wren Edwina English Rich friend
Wren Elaine French Light
Wren Eleanor English Bright, shining one
Wren Elena Spanish Shining light
Wren Elisabeth Hebrew God’s oath
Wren Elise French Pledged to God
Wren Eliza Hebrew God’s oath
Wren Elizabeth Hebrew God’s oath
Wren Ella German All, completely
Wren Elle French She
Wren Ellen Greek Light
Wren Ellie Greek Light
Wren Elsie Scottish God’s promise
Wren Elvira Spanish White, fair
Wren Emelia English Rival
Wren Emelie English Rival
Wren Emilee English Rival
Wren Emilia Latin Rival
Wren Emilie German Industrious
Wren Emily Latin Rival
Wren Emma German Universal
Wren Emmy English Rival
Wren Enid Welsh Soul
Wren Erica Old Norse Ruler
Wren Erin Irish Ireland
Wren Esme French Beloved
Wren Estelle French Star
Wren Esther Hebrew Star
Wren Ethel Old English Noble
Wren Etta German Little one
Wren Eudora Greek good gift
Wren Eugenia Greek well-born or noble
Wren Eula Greek sweetly speaking
Wren Eulalia Greek well-spoken
Wren Eunice Greek good victory
Wren Eva Hebrew life
Wren Evangeline Greek bearer of good news
Wren Evelyn English hazelnut or desired
Wren Faith English faith or belief
Wren Fanny Latin free one
Wren Faye English fairy or loyalty
Wren Felicia Latin lucky or successful
Wren Felicity Latin happiness or good fortune
Wren Fern English fern
Wren Fiona Gaelic fair or white
Wren Flora Latin flower
Wren Florence Latin prosperous or flourishing
Wren Florrie Latin flowering
Wren Fran Latin free one
Wren Frances Latin from France
Wren Francine French free
Wren Freya Norse lady or noblewoman
Wren Frieda German peaceful ruler
Wren Gabriela Hebrew God is my strength
Wren Gabriella Hebrew God is my strength
Wren Gail Hebrew my father rejoices
Wren Gale English cheerful
Wren Galilee Hebrew circle or district
Wren Gena English well-born or noble
Wren Genevieve German woman of the people
Wren Georgia Greek farmer
Wren Georgina Greek farmer
Wren Geraldine English ruler with the spear
Wren Gertrude German spear of strength
Wren Gia Italian God is gracious
Wren Gigi French worker of the earth or God is gracious
Wren Gilda German sacrifice, value, or yield
Wren Gillian Latin youthful or servant of Saint John
Wren Giselle French pledge or hostage
Wren Gladys Welsh princess or land, nation
Wren Gloria Latin glory
Wren Goldie English made of gold
Wren Grace Latin grace or blessing
Wren Gracie Latin grace or blessing
Wren Gretchen German pearl or little pearl
Wren Greta German pearl
Wren Gwen Welsh white, fair, blessed
Wren Gwendolyn Welsh blessed ring
Wren Hadley English heather meadow
Wren Hailey English hay clearing or ingenious
Wren Haleigh English hay clearing or hero
Wren Hallie English home ruler or dweller at the hall
Wren Hannah Hebrew grace or favor
Wren Harlow English rock hill or army hill
Wren Harmony English agreement or concord
Wren Harper English harp player
Wren Harriet French ruler of the home or estate ruler
Wren Hazel English hazel tree
Wren Heather English flowering plant
Wren Heidi German of noble birth
Wren Helen Greek torch or light
Wren Helena Greek bright or shining
Wren Helene Greek torch or bright one
Wren Henrietta Germanic ruler of the household
Wren Hester Hebrew star
Wren Hilary Latin cheerful or happy
Wren Hilda Germanic battle woman
Wren Holly English holly tree
Wren Hope English hope or optimism
Wren Hortense Latin gardener
Wren Hulda Germanic loved one or gracious
Wren Ida Germanic hardworking or industrious
Wren Ilene Greek torch or bright one
Wren Imelda Germanic entire battle
Wren Imogene Latin maiden or image of
Wren India English India
Wren Inez Spanish pure or humble
Wren Ingrid Scandinavian beautiful or beloved
Wren Irene Greek peace
Wren Iris Greek rainbow
Wren Irma Germanic entire or universal
Wren Isabella Hebrew pledged to God
Wren Isabelle Hebrew God is my oath
Wren Isadora Greek gift of Isis
Wren Isla Scottish island
Wren Ivy English ivy plant
Wren Jacinda Greek beautiful
Wren Jacinta Spanish hyacinth
Wren Jacklyn English God is gracious
Wren Jacqueline French supplanter, may God protect
Wren Jade Spanish gemstone
Wren Jaiden American variant of Jayden, thankful
Wren Jana Hebrew God is gracious
Wren Jane Hebrew God is gracious
Wren Janet Hebrew God is gracious
Wren Janice Hebrew God is gracious
Wren Janie Hebrew God is gracious
Wren Jan Hebrew God is gracious
Wren Jeanie Hebrew God is gracious
Wren Jenna Welsh white shadow
Wren Jennie Welsh white wave
Wren Jenny Welsh white shadow
Wren Jessica Hebrew God beholds
Wren Jessie Hebrew God is gracious
Wren Jewel English precious stone
Wren Jillian Latin youthful
Wren Joanna Hebrew God is gracious
Wren Jocelyn French joyous
Wren Josephine Hebrew God will increase
Wren Josie Hebrew God will increase
Wren Joy English joy, happiness
Wren Juanita Spanish God is gracious
Wren Judith Hebrew woman from Judea
Wren Julia Latin youthful, downy-bearded
Wren Julianne Latin youthful, downy-bearded
Wren Juliana Latin youthful, downy-bearded
Wren Juliette French youthful, downy-bearded
Wren June Latin sixth month of the year
Wren Kacey Irish vigilant
Wren Kaitlyn Irish pure
Wren Kara Latin beloved
Wren Karen Danish pure
Wren Karina Latin beloved
Wren Katherine Greek pure
Wren Kathryn Greek pure
Wren Katie Irish Pure
Wren Katrina German Pure
Wren Kayla Hebrew Crown of laurel
Wren Kaylee Gaelic Descendant of Caollaidhe, slender
Wren Keely Gaelic Descendant of Caollaidhe, slender
Wren Kelly Irish Bright-headed
Wren Kelsey English Island where the crows dwell
Wren Kendra Anglo-Saxon Knowing and understanding
Wren Kennedy Irish Helmeted head
Wren Keri Welsh Love, dear
Wren Kimberly English From the royal fortress meadow
Wren Kirsten Scandinavian Follower of Christ
Wren Kori Greek Maiden
Wren Krista Scandinavian Follower of Christ
Wren Kristen Scandinavian Follower of Christ
Wren Kristin Scandinavian Follower of Christ
Wren Kristina Scandinavian Follower of Christ
Wren Kyra Greek Enthroned, ladylike
Wren Lacey French Derived from Lacey, place in Normandy
Wren Lara Russian Protection
Wren Larissa Greek Cheerful, light-hearted
Wren Latoya American Victorious one
Wren Laura Latin Laurel-crowned
Wren Laurel Latin Laurel-crowned
Wren Lauren Latin Laurel-crowned
Wren Laurie English Crowned with laurels
Wren Leah Hebrew Weary
Wren Leanne English Gracious, merciful
Wren Leeann English Combination of Lee and Ann, meaning gracious meadow
Wren Leila Arabic Night beauty
Wren Lela Greek Black beauty
Wren Lena Greek Torch, bright light
Wren Lenora Greek Light
Wren Leslie Scottish Dweller at the gray fortress
Wren Leticia Latin Joy, happiness
Wren Lia Italian Bringer of good news
Wren Lila Arabic Night beauty
Wren Lily English A flower name
Wren Linda Spanish Pretty one
Wren Lindsey English From the island of lime trees
Wren Lisa Hebrew God is my oath
Wren Lizbeth Hebrew God is my oath
Wren Lori English Crowned with laurels
Wren Louise French Famous warrior
Wren Lucille English/French light
Wren Lucy English light
Wren Lydia Greek from Lydia
Wren Lynette Welsh idol
Wren Lynn Welsh lake
Wren Madelyn English high tower
Wren Madeline English woman from Magdala
Wren Madison English son of Matthew
Wren Magdalene Hebrew from Magdala
Wren Maggie English pearl
Wren Maisie Scottish pearl
Wren Mallory French unfortunate
Wren Marcia Latin warlike
Wren Margaret Greek pearl
Wren Marguerite French pearl
Wren Maria Latin bitter
Wren Mariah Hebrew bitter
Wren Marilyn English rebel or bitter
Wren Marion Latin of the sea
Wren Marissa Latin of the sea
Wren Marjorie English pearl
Wren Marsha English warlike
Wren Martha Aramaic/Hebrew lady or mistress
Wren Mary Hebrew bitter
Wren Matilda Germanic strength in battle
Wren Maura Irish bitter
Wren Maya Sanskrit illusion or magic
Wren Megan Welsh pearl
Wren Melanie Greek black or dark
Wren Melinda English gentle or honey
Wren Melody Greek song or music
Wren Meredith Welsh Great ruler
Wren Mia Italian, Scandinavian Mine; Bitter, wished for child
Wren Millicent Old French Strong worker
Wren Mindy English Sweet
Wren Miranda Latin Admirable, wonderful
Wren Molly Irish Star of the sea
Wren Mona Irish Noble good
Wren Monica Latin Advisor
Wren Nancy Hebrew Grace
Wren Naomi Hebrew Pleasantness
Wren Natalie Latin Birthday of the Lord
Wren Nellie English Shining light
Wren Nicole French Victory of the people
Wren Nina Spanish Little girl
Wren Noelani Hawaiian Heavenly mist
Wren Noelle French Christmas
Wren Nora Irish Light
Wren Norma Latin Rule, pattern
Wren Olivia Latin Olive tree
Wren Paige French Assistant
Wren Pamela Greek Honeyed
Wren Patricia Latin Noble, patrician
Wren Patti Latin Noble
Wren Paula Latin Little
Wren Pearl English Pearl of great price
Wren Peggy English Pearl
Wren Penelope Greek Weaver
Wren Phoebe Greek Bright, pure
Wren Phyllis Greek Foliage, greenery
Wren Piper English Flute player
Wren Polly English Pet form of Mary
Wren Priscilla Latin Ancient, venerable
Wren Queenie English Queen
Wren Quinn Irish Descendent of Conn
Wren Rachel Hebrew Ewe
Wren Rae English Graceful doe
Wren Ramona Spanish Wise defender
Wren Rebecca Hebrew To bind
Wren Regina Latin Queen
Wren Renee French Reborn
Wren Rhea Greek Stream
Wren Rhonda Welsh Good spear
Wren Rita Spanish Pearl
Wren Robbie English Bright fame
Wren Roberta German Bright fame
Wren Robin English Bright fame
Wren Rochelle French Little rock
Wren Rosa Latin Rose
Wren Rosalie French Rose blossom
Wren Rosemary English Dew of the sea
Wren Rowena Welsh White, fair
Wren Roxanne Persian Dawn, light
Wren Ruby English A deep red precious stone
Wren Ruth Hebrew Companion, friend
Wren Sabrina Celtic Mythical river name
Wren Sadie Hebrew Princess
Wren Sally English Noble lady
Wren Samantha Aramaic Listener, one who hears
Wren Sandra Greek Defender of mankind
Wren Sara Hebrew Princess
Wren Savannah Spanish From the open plain
Wren Selena Greek Moon goddess
Wren Serena Latin Tranquil, serene
Wren Shana Irish Old, wise
Wren Shannon Irish Wise river
Wren Sharon Hebrew A plain or a flat area
Wren Sheila Irish Blind one
Wren Sherri English Darling, beloved
Wren Shirley English Bright meadow
Wren Sierra Spanish Mountain range
Wren Skye Scottish Cloud, sky
Wren Sofia Greek Wisdom
Wren Sonia Russian Wise, wisdom
Wren Sophia Greek Wisdom
Wren Stacey Greek Resurrection
Wren Stella Latin Star
Wren Stephanie Greek Crowned one
Wren Susan Hebrew Lily
Wren Sydney English From St. Denis
Wren Tabitha Aramaic Gazelle
Wren Tammy English Twin
Wren Tanya Russian Fairy queen
Wren Tara Gaelic Tower
Wren Teresa Greek Harvester
Wren Terri English Ruler of the people
Wren Thelma Greek Will, volition
Wren Tiffany Greek God’s manifestation
Wren Tina Greek A follower of Christ
Wren Tracey Irish Brave
Wren Tracy Irish Brave
Wren Ursula Latin Little female bear
Wren Valerie Latin Brave, strong
Wren Vanessa Greek Butterfly
Wren Velma German Will, desire
Wren Veronica Latin True image or honest
Wren Victoria Latin Victorious
Wren Violet English Violet flower
Wren Virginia Latin Maiden or virgin
Wren Vivian Welsh Lively or full of life
Wren Wanda Slavic Wanderer or she who wanders
Wren Yasmine Persian Jasmine flower

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Biblical Meaning of the Name Wren

Wren is a unisex name of Old English origin. Its meaning is “small bird” or “songbird.”

Although the name Wren has no biblical roots, it has a solid connection to nature and its beauty.

The name Wren is often associated with freedom, joy, and simplicity. In the Christian faith, birds are often used as symbols of hope, faith, and peace. 

The Bible also mentions birds in various verses, including Matthew 6:26, “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

If you’re looking for a middle name for Wren with a biblical meaning, you may want to consider terms associated with birds or having a spiritual connotation.

Some options include: 

    • Wren Dove
    • Wren Faith
    • Wren Grace
    • Wren Hope

Wren Name Popularity

According to the Social Security Administration, the name Wren ranked #798 in popularity in 2013 and reached #251 in 2021!

This increase in popularity can likely be attributed to the rise of nature-inspired and unisex names.

Despite its growing popularity, the name Wren remains unique and distinctive. It’s an older name you no longer hear every day, making it an excellent choice for parents looking for a name that stands out.

Nickname Ideas for Wren

If you’re looking for a cute and catchy nickname for Wren, you have plenty of options. Here are some of our favorite nickname ideas for Wren:

    • Wren-zo
    • Wrenny
    • Ren
    • Reni
    • Wrenna
    • Wrennie Bird
    • Wrenster
    • Wrennie Boo
  • Little Wren

These nicknames sound adorable and add a personal touch to the name Wren.

Plus, they’re perfect for parents who want a nickname that’s easy to say and remember.

Wrapping it Up

Choosing a middle name for Wren may seem daunting, but with this extensive list of options, you’re sure to find the perfect name that complements the first name and adds a special touch. 

When selecting a middle name for Wren, consider the name’s Biblical meaning, popularity, and potential nicknames.

So, take your time – the perfect middle name for Wren is waiting for you.