400 Unique Middle Names for Madeline

Cam Russo
400 Unique Middle Names for Madeline 400 Unique Middle Names for Madeline

Hello, fellow name enthusiasts! If you’re here, it’s likely because you have a beautiful Madeline in your life or one on the way. You’ve nailed the first name, but now you’re stuck on the middle one.

Fear not; we’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide to unique middle names for Madeline.

Middle Names for Madeline

Choosing a middle name can be just as important as selecting the first. It needs to flow, to have a certain rhythm and melody.

So, without further ado, here’s your list of middle names for Madeline!

Middle Name Origin Meaning
Madeline Abigail Hebrew Father’s Joy
Madeline Adelaide German/French Noble/Noble Kind
Madeline Adele German/French Noble
Madeline Adeline French Noble
Madeline Agnes Greek/Latin Pure
Madeline Aileen Irish Bright/Harmony
Madeline Alexandra Greek Defender of Mankind
Madeline Alice German/French Noble
Madeline Alina Slavic Bright
Madeline Allegra Italian Joyful
Madeline Alma Latin Soul
Madeline Alyssa Greek Rational
Madeline Amara African Grace/Eternal
Madeline Amelia German Work
Madeline Anastasia Greek Resurrection
Madeline Andrea Greek Brave/Manly
Madeline Angelica Latin Angelic
Madeline Angelina Greek Messenger
Madeline Annabelle French Graceful
Madeline Anne Hebrew Grace/Favor
Madeline Annette French Grace/Favor
Madeline April Latin Opening
Madeline Arabella Latin Beautiful Arab
Madeline Ariana Greek Very Holy
Madeline Ariel Hebrew Lion of God
Madeline Arielle Hebrew Lion of God
Madeline Arlene Celtic Pledge/Oath
Madeline Ashley English Ash Tree Meadow
Madeline Astrid Scandinavian Divine Strength
Madeline Athena Greek Goddess of Wisdom
Madeline Aubrey German/French Elf/Power
Madeline Audrey English Noble Strength
Madeline Aurora Latin Dawn
Madeline Autumn Latin Autumn
Madeline Ava Latin Bird
Madeline Avery English Elf Ruler
Madeline Beatrice Latin Bringer of Joy
Madeline Bella Italian Beautiful
Madeline Belle French Beautiful
Madeline Bethany Hebrew House of Figs
Madeline Bianca Italian White
Madeline Blair Scottish Plain/Field
Madeline Blaire Scottish Plain/Field
Madeline Blake English Dark Complexion
Madeline Brielle French God is My Strength
Madeline Brigitte French Strength
Madeline Brooke English Small Stream
Madeline Brynn Welsh Hill
Madeline Cadence Latin Rhythm
Madeline Camille French Perfect
Madeline Cara Irish Friend/Loved One
Madeline Caroline French Free Woman
Madeline Cassandra Greek Shining Upon Men
Madeline Catherine Greek Pure
Madeline Celeste French Heavenly
Madeline Charlotte French Free
Madeline Chloe Greek Green Shoot
Madeline Claire French Clear/Bright
Madeline Clara Latin Bright/Clear
Madeline Clarissa Latin Bright/Famous
Madeline Colette French Victory of the People
Madeline Cora Greek Maiden
Madeline Cordelia Latin Heart
Madeline Courtney French Courtly
Madeline Daisy English Daisy Flower
Madeline Daniela Hebrew God is My Judge
Madeline Danielle Hebrew God is My Judge
Madeline Daphne Greek Laurel Tree
Madeline Delaney Irish Descendant of the Challenger
Madeline Delilah Hebrew Delicate
Madeline Denise French God of Wine
Madeline Diana Latin Divine
Madeline Dior French Golden
Madeline Dominique French Belonging to the Lord
Madeline Dora Greek Gift
Madeline Dorothy Greek Gift of God
Madeline Eden Hebrew Delight
Madeline Edith English Prosperous in War
Madeline Eileen Irish Bright
Madeline Elaine French Bright, Shining
Madeline Eleanor Greek Bright, Shining
Madeline Elena Greek Shining Light
Madeline Elise French Pledged to God
Madeline Eliza Hebrew God is My Oath
Madeline Elizabeth Hebrew God is My Oath
Madeline Ella English Beautiful
Madeline Elle French She
Madeline Ellen Greek Sun, Torch
Madeline Eloise French Famous Warrior
Madeline Elsie German Noble
Madeline Emery German Brave/Powerful
Madeline Emilia Latin Rival
Madeline Emily Latin Industrious
Madeline Emma German Whole/Universal
Madeline Emmy English Universal
Madeline Erin Irish Ireland
Madeline Esme French Esteemed/Loved
Madeline Estelle French Star
Madeline Esther Hebrew Star
Madeline Eva Hebrew Life
Madeline Evangeline Greek Good News
Madeline Evelyn English Desired
Madeline Everly English From the Boar Meadow
Madeline Faith English Trust/Faith
Madeline Fallon Irish Leader
Madeline Faye English Fairy
Madeline Felicity Latin Happiness
Madeline Fern English Fern Plant
Madeline Fiona Irish Fair
Madeline Flora Latin Flower
Madeline Florence Latin Blooming
Madeline Frances Latin Free
Madeline Freya Norse Noble Woman
Madeline Gabriella Hebrew God is My Strength
Madeline Gabrielle French God is My Strength
Madeline Gemma Italian Gem
Madeline Genevieve French Tribe Woman
Madeline Georgia Greek Farmer
Madeline Gia Italian God’s Gracious Gift
Madeline Giselle French Pledge
Madeline Gloria Latin Glory
Madeline Grace English Grace
Madeline Gracie Latin Grace
Madeline Gwendolyn Welsh White Brow
Madeline Hadley English Heather Field
Madeline Hailey English Hay Clearing
Madeline Hannah Hebrew Grace
Madeline Harmony English Harmony
Madeline Harper English Harp Player
Madeline Harriet English Home Ruler
Madeline Haven English Place of Safety
Madeline Hazel English Hazelnut
Madeline Heather English Heather
Madeline Helen Greek Light
Madeline Helena Greek Light
Madeline Henrietta German Ruler of the Home
Madeline Holly English Holly Tree
Madeline Hope English Hope
Madeline Imogen Gaelic Maiden
Madeline India English India
Madeline Indigo English Deep Blue
Madeline Ines Spanish Pure
Madeline Ingrid Norse Ing’s Beauty
Madeline Irene Greek Peace
Madeline Iris Greek Rainbow
Madeline Isabel Hebrew God is My Oath
Madeline Isabella Hebrew God is My Oath
Madeline Isabelle Hebrew God is My Oath
Madeline Ivy English Ivy
Madeline Jade English Jade
Madeline Janae Hebrew God is Gracious
Madeline Jane English God is Gracious
Madeline Janet Scottish God is Gracious
Madeline Jasmine Persian Flower
Madeline Jayne English God is Gracious
Madeline Jean French God is Gracious
Madeline Jeanette French God is Gracious
Madeline Jemma English Precious
Madeline Jenna Welsh Fair Phantom
Madeline Jennifer Cornish White Wave
Madeline Jessica Hebrew God Beholds
Madeline Jewel English Jewel
Madeline Jillian Latin Youthful
Madeline Joanna Hebrew God is Gracious
Madeline Jocelyn German Gaut’s Child
Madeline Josephine Hebrew God Will Increase
Madeline Joy English Joy
Madeline Joyce Latin Rejoice
Madeline Judith Hebrew Woman of Judea
Madeline Julia Latin Youthful
Madeline Juliana Latin Youthful
Madeline Julianne French Youthful
Madeline Juliet French Youthful
Madeline June English June
Madeline Juniper English Juniper Tree
Madeline Kaia Hawaiian Sea
Madeline Kaitlyn Irish Pure
Madeline Kara Latin Beloved
Madeline Karen Danish Pure
Madeline Kate English Pure
Madeline Katherine Greek Pure
Madeline Kathryn Greek Pure
Madeline Katie English Pure
Madeline Katrina Greek Pure
Madeline Kayla Arabic Wise Child
Madeline Kaylee English Pure
Madeline Keira Irish Dark-haired
Madeline Kendall English Valley of the River Kent
Madeline Kennedy Irish Helmeted Chief
Madeline Khloe Greek Blooming
Madeline Kiara Italian Clear, Bright
Madeline Kimberly English Ruler of the Meadow
Madeline Kirsten Danish Follower of Christ
Madeline Kyla Gaelic Narrow
Madeline Kylie Australian Aboriginal Boomerang
Madeline Lana Hawaiian Calm as Still Waters
Madeline Lara Russian Famous
Madeline Lark English Lark Bird
Madeline Laura Latin Laurel
Madeline Lauren English Laurel
Madeline Layla Arabic Night
Madeline Leah Hebrew Weary
Madeline Lena Greek Light
Madeline Leona Latin Lioness
Madeline Leslie Scottish Holly Garden
Madeline Lexi Greek Defender of Mankind
Madeline Lia Italian Bringer of Good News
Madeline Lila Persian Lilac
Madeline Lilah Arabic Night or Dark
Madeline Liliana Latin Lily
Madeline Lily English Lily
Madeline Linda Spanish Beautiful
Madeline Lindsey English Linden Tree
Madeline Lisa Hebrew God is My Oath
Madeline Livia Latin Blue
Madeline Lola Spanish Sorrows
Madeline London English From London
Madeline Lorelei German Alluring Rock
Madeline Louise French Famous Warrior
Madeline Lucia Italian Light
Madeline Luciana Italian Light
Madeline Lucille French Light
Madeline Lucy English Light
Madeline Luna Latin Moon
Madeline Lydia Greek Noble Kind
Madeline Lyric English Lyric
Madeline Mackenzie Scottish Son of Kenneth
Madeline Macy French Weapon
Madeline Madelyn English Tower
Madeline Mae English Pearl
Madeline Maeve Irish Intoxicating
Madeline Magdalena Hebrew From Magdala
Madeline Maggie English Pearl
Madeline Maisie Scottish Pearl
Madeline Mallory French Unlucky
Madeline Mara Hebrew Bitter
Madeline Margaret Greek Pearl
Madeline Margo French Pearl
Madeline Maria Hebrew Bitter
Madeline Mariah Hebrew Bitter
Madeline Mariana Spanish Bitter
Madeline Marie French Bitter
Madeline Marilyn English Bitter
Madeline Marina Latin Of the Sea
Madeline Marisol Spanish Sea and Sun
Madeline Marissa Latin Of the Sea
Madeline Marjorie French Pearl
Madeline Marley English Lake Meadow
Madeline Martha Aramaic Lady
Madeline Mary Hebrew Bitter
Madeline Matilda German Mighty in Battle
Madeline Maya Sanskrit Illusion
Madeline Mckenna Irish Son of Cionaodh
Madeline Megan Welsh Pearl
Madeline Melanie Greek Dark, Black
Madeline Melissa Greek Honey Bee
Madeline Melody English Melody
Madeline Meredith Welsh Great Lord
Madeline Mia Italian Mine
Madeline Micah Hebrew Who is Like God
Madeline Michaela Hebrew Who is Like God
Madeline Michelle French Who is Like God
Madeline Mila Slavic Gracious
Madeline Miley English Smiling
Madeline Millie German Hardworking
Madeline Mira Sanskrit Ocean
Madeline Miranda Latin Admirable
Madeline Miriam Hebrew Bitter
Madeline Molly Irish Bitter
Madeline Morgan Welsh Sea Circle
Madeline Mya Greek Emerald
Madeline Myra Greek Myrrh
Madeline Nadia Latin Zinnia Flower
Madeline Naomi Hebrew Pleasant
Madeline Natalia Latin Birthday
Madeline Natalie Latin Birthday
Madeline Natasha Russian Christ’s Birthday
Madeline Naya Hindi Fresh
Madeline Nellie Greek Shining Light
Madeline Nia Welsh Bright
Madeline Nicole French Victory of the People
Madeline Nina Spanish Girl
Madeline Noelle French Christmas
Madeline Nora Irish Honor
Madeline Nova Latin New
Madeline Octavia Swahili Beautiful
Madeline Olive Slavic Dawn
Madeline Olivia Latin Olive Tree
Madeline Ophelia Greek Help
Madeline Paige English Young Servant
Madeline Paisley Scottish Church
Madeline Parker English Park Keeper
Madeline Patricia Latin Noble
Madeline Paulina Latin Small
Madeline Payton English Village Dweller
Madeline Penelope Greek Weaver
Madeline Peyton English Village Dweller
Madeline Phoebe Greek Bright, Pure
Madeline Piper English Flute Player
Madeline Poppy Latin Flower
Madeline Presley English Priest’s Meadow
Madeline Primrose English First Rose
Madeline Princess English Royal Daughter
Madeline Quinn Irish Wise
Madeline Rachel Hebrew Ewe
Madeline Raegan Irish Little Ruler
Madeline Raina Arabic Queen
Madeline Raquel Hebrew Innocent Lamb
Madeline Reagan Irish Little Ruler
Madeline Rebekah Hebrew To Tie, To Bind
Madeline Reese Welsh Ardent
Madeline Regan Irish Little Ruler
Madeline Reign English Sovereign Rule
Madeline Renee French Reborn
Madeline Rhea Greek Flowing Stream
Madeline Riley Irish Courageous
Madeline River English River
Madeline Robin English Bright Fame
Madeline Rosa Latin Rose
Madeline Rosalie French Rose
Madeline Rosalind Latin Gentle Horse
Madeline Rosalyn French Rose
Madeline Rose English Rose
Madeline Rosemary Latin Dew of the Sea
Madeline Rowan Irish Little Redhead
Madeline Ruby English Ruby
Madeline Ruth Hebrew Companion
Madeline Ryan Irish Little Ruler
Madeline Rylee English Island Meadow
Madeline Rylie English Island Meadow
Madeline Sabrina Russian Life
Madeline Sadie Hebrew Princess
Madeline Sage English Wise
Madeline Salma Arabic Safe
Madeline Samantha Hebrew Listener
Madeline Samara Hebrew Protected by God
Madeline Samira Arabic Entertaining
Madeline Sandra Greek Protector
Madeline Sara Hebrew Princess
Madeline Sarah Hebrew Princess
Madeline Savannah English Grassy Plain
Madeline Scarlett English Red
Madeline Selena Greek Moon
Madeline Serenity English Calm, Peaceful
Madeline Shannon Irish Wise
Madeline Shiloh Hebrew Tranquil
Madeline Sierra Spanish Mountain
Madeline Simone Hebrew Listener
Madeline Skye English Sky
Madeline Sofia Greek Wisdom
Madeline Sophia Greek Wisdom
Madeline Sophie French Wisdom
Madeline Stella Latin Star
Madeline Stephanie Greek Crowned
Madeline Summer English Summer
Madeline Sydney English Wide Island
Madeline Sylvia Latin Forest
Madeline Tabitha Aramaic Gazelle
Madeline Talia Hebrew Dew of God
Madeline Tessa Greek Harvester
Madeline Thea Greek Goddess
Madeline Theresa Greek Harvester
Madeline Tiffany Greek Manifestation of God
Madeline Tina Greek God is Good
Madeline Trinity Latin Trinity
Madeline Uma African Brilliant, Virtuous
Madeline Valentina Latin Strong, Healthy
Madeline Valerie French Strong, Brave
Madeline Vanessa Greek Butterfly
Madeline Vera Russian Faith
Madeline Veronica Greek True Image
Madeline Victoria Latin Victory
Madeline Violet English Violet Flower
Madeline Virginia Latin Chaste
Madeline Vivian Latin Alive
Madeline Waverly Russian Life
Madeline Wendy Swahili Beautiful
Madeline Willow English Willow Tree
Madeline Winter English Winter
Madeline Xanthe Swahili Beautiful
Madeline Xenia African Brilliant, Virtuous
Madeline Ximena Spanish Hearkening
Madeline Yara Arabic Small Butterfly
Madeline Yasmin Persian Jasmine
Madeline Yasmine Arabic Jasmine
Madeline Yvonne French Yew Tree
Madeline Zara Arabic Princess
Madeline Zaria Hebrew Princess
Madeline Zariah Hebrew Princess
Madeline Zelda Yiddish Blessed
Madeline Zendaya African To Give Thanks
Madeline Zenobia Greek Life of Zeus
Madeline Zinnia Arabic Princess
Madeline Zoe Greek Life
Madeline Zoey Greek Life
Madeline Zola Greek Life of Zeus
Madeline Zora Hebrew Princess
Madeline Zoya Yiddish Blessed
Madeline Zula African To Give Thanks
Madeline Zuri Hebrew Princess

Nickname Ideas for Madeline

A good nickname can be a lovely way to add some personal flair to your Madeline’s name.

Whether it’s a playful shortening of her name or a cute term of endearment, here are some nickname ideas for Madeline:

    • Maddy: Classic, simple, and sweet.
    • Del: A bit more unique, but still adorable.
    • Lina: A bit more sophisticated, perhaps for an older Madeline.
    • Mads: For the Madeline with a bit of a cheeky streak.
    • Delle: A cute twist on the more traditional ‘Del.’
    • Maddywhack: A whimsical play on the word “Paddywhack”,

Madeline Name Meaning & History

Now let’s delve into the nitty-gritty – the Madeline name meaning and history. Madeline is a French form of Magdalene, referring to Mary Magdalene in the Christian tradition.

The name is often associated with the French phrase “haute Madeleine,” meaning “high tower” or “woman of Magdala.”

The name Madeleine was popularized in France in the 19th century and spread to English-speaking countries in the 20th century. 

It gained popularity thanks to the famous French Madeleines – sweet, shell-shaped sponge cakes that are a staple in French patisserie.

The name also has a rich literary history, appearing in Ludwig Bemelmans’ popular children’s book series about a spirited little girl named Madeline. 

So, not only is the name Madeline sweet and beautiful, but it also comes with a side of cultural and historical richness!

Madeline Name Popularity

Madeline’s name popularity has seen some ups and downs over the years. It peaked in popularity in the US in the late 1990s and early 2000s, likely influenced by the beloved children’s book series.

According to the SSA Popular Baby Names Chart, although the name’s ranking has varied slightly from year to year, it has remained a well-liked choice for parents.

In recent years, Madeline has maintained a stable level of popularity, with its ranking ranging from 89 to 102.

Its highest rank in the given data was 56, a rank held from 2000 to 2003.

Wrapping it Up

Choosing a name, let alone a middle name, for your baby is no easy feat. It’s a significant decision that your child will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

But remember, the best middle name for Madeline is one that feels right to you.

So whether you choose Madeline Aria or Madeline Zephyr, rest assured that you’re giving your child a name steeped in history, meaning, and personal significance.

Whatever you decide, your Madeline will surely wear her name with pride. After all, she’s named after a high tower, a beloved children’s book character, and a delicious French pastry.

What’s not to love?