425 Unique Middle Names for Hazel

Cam Russo
425 Unique Middle Names for Hazel 425 Unique Middle Names for Hazel

If you have already decided on Hazel as your child’s first name, congratulations on choosing a name that exudes warmth, beauty, and tranquility.

Now, it’s time to select a middle name for Hazel that complements and adds depth to your little one’s identity.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the best middle names for Hazel.

We’ve scoured the depths of the internet to find unique, charming, and captivating names that will take your child’s name to the next level.

Whether you’re looking for a classic, modern, or unconventional name, our list of the best middle names for Hazel has something for everyone.

Let’s explore the possibilities!

Hazel Name Meaning & History

Hazel is of English origin and derived from the Old English word “haesel,” which means “hazel tree.”

The hazelnut was highly valued in ancient times, and the name Hazel was popularized by the Old English poem “Beowulf,” where it was used to refer to the hazel tree.

In the Middle Ages, the name Hazel was often given to children born in the spring, as the hazel tree was seen as a symbol of new beginnings and fertility.

In addition to its English roots, the name Hazel has also been used in other cultures. In Ireland, Hazel was used as a nickname for girls with light brown hair, while in Greek mythology, the nymph Corylus was turned into a hazel tree.

The name Hazel has a rich history and symbolism, making it a popular choice for parents today.

Middle Name Ideas for Hazel

Choosing a middle name for Hazel can be difficult, but we have compiled a list of unique middle name ideas to help inspire you.

Whether you are looking for a classic, traditional name or something more modern and unique, there is something on this list for everyone.

Full Name Origin Translation
Hazel Abigail Hebrew My father is joyful
Hazel Adalyn Germanic Noble
Hazel Addison English Son of Adam
Hazel Adeline German Noble
Hazel Adriana Latin Woman from Hadria
Hazel Aileen Gaelic Bright, shining light
Hazel Alexandra Greek Defender of mankind
Hazel Alice Germanic Noble, kind
Hazel Alison Germanic Noble, exalted
Hazel Allegra Italian Joyful, lively
Hazel Alyssa Greek Rational, logical
Hazel Amara Arabic Eternal, unfading
Hazel Amanda Latin Worthy of love
Hazel Amelia Germanic Industrious, striving
Hazel Anastasia Greek Resurrection
Hazel Andrea Greek Manly, courageous
Hazel Angelina Greek Angel, messenger
Hazel Annabelle English Graceful, beautiful
Hazel Anne Hebrew Favor, grace
Hazel Annette French Grace, favor
Hazel Arabella Latin Lovely, beautiful
Hazel Ariana Italian Chaste, pure
Hazel Ariel Hebrew Lion of God
Hazel Arlene Irish Oath
Hazel Ashlyn Irish Dream
Hazel Aspen English Tree name
Hazel Athena Greek Goddess of wisdom and warfare
Hazel Audrey English Noble strength
Hazel Aurora Latin Dawn
Hazel Autumn English Season name
Hazel Ava Germanic Bird
Hazel Aveline French Hazelnut
Hazel Avery English Ruler of the elves
Hazel Beatrice Latin Bringer of joy
Hazel Beatrix Latin Voyager, traveler
Hazel Belle French Beautiful
Hazel Bernadette Germanic Bold as a bear
Hazel Bethany Hebrew House of figs
Hazel Bianca Italian White
Hazel Blaire Scottish Plain, field
Hazel Blake English Black, dark
Hazel Blakeley English Dark meadow
Hazel Blythe English Joyful, cheerful
Hazel Brandy English Warm, comforting
Hazel Breanna Irish Strong, virtuous
Hazel Bree Irish Strength
Hazel Brenda Old Norse Sword
Hazel Briana Irish Noble, virtuous
Hazel Briar English Thorny bush
Hazel Bridget Irish Strong, spirited
Hazel Brinley English Burnt meadow
Hazel Brooklyn English Water, stream
Hazel Brynn Welsh Hill
Hazel Cadence Latin Rhythm, harmony
Hazel Caitlin Irish Pure
Hazel Calista Greek Most beautiful
Hazel Calla Greek Beautiful
Hazel Camille Latin Young ceremonial attendant
Hazel Candace Greek Queen mother
Hazel Caprice French Whimsical, impulsive
Hazel Cara Latin Dear, beloved
Hazel Carina Italian Beloved
Hazel Carmen Spanish Song
Hazel Caroline French Free man
Hazel Cassandra Greek Prophetess
Hazel Cassidy Irish Curly-haired
Hazel Catalina Spanish Pure
Hazel Catherine Greek Pure
Hazel Cecilia Latin Blind
Hazel Celeste Latin Heavenly
Hazel Celia Latin Heavenly
Hazel Charlotte French Free man
Hazel Chelsea English Port, landing place
Hazel Cherise French Cherry
Hazel Cheyenne Native American Unintelligible speakers
Hazel Chloe Greek Blooming
Hazel Christa Greek Anointed
Hazel Christine Greek Anointed
Hazel Clara Latin Bright, clear
Hazel Clare Latin Bright, clear
Hazel Clarissa Latin Bright, clear
Hazel Claudia Latin Lame
Hazel Clementine Latin Merciful
Hazel Colette French Victorious
Hazel Colleen Irish Girl
Hazel Constance Latin Constant, steadfast
Hazel Cordelia Latin Heart
Hazel Corinne French Maiden
Hazel Courtney French Short nose
Hazel Crystal English Clear, brilliant
Hazel Cynthia Greek Moon
Hazel Dahlia Swedish Valley
Hazel Daisy English Flower name
Hazel Dakota Native American Friend
Hazel Dale English Valley
Hazel Dallas Scottish Meadow dwelling
Hazel Dana English From Denmark
Hazel Danica Slavic Morning star
Hazel Daniela Hebrew God is my judge
Hazel Danielle Hebrew God is my judge
Hazel Daphne Greek Laurel tree
Hazel Darlene English Dear, beloved
Hazel Davina Scottish Beloved
Hazel Dawn English Daybreak
Hazel Dayna English From Denmark
Hazel Deanna Latin Divine
Hazel Deborah Hebrew Bee
Hazel Delaney Irish Competitor’s child
Hazel Delilah Hebrew Delicate
Hazel Denise French God of wine
Hazel Desiree French Desired
Hazel Destiny English Certain fortune
Hazel Devyn Irish Poet, bard
Hazel Diana Latin Divine
Hazel Diane French Divine
Hazel Dina Hebrew Judged
Hazel Dixie English Tenth
Hazel Dominique French Of the Lord
Hazel Donna Italian Lady
Hazel Dora Greek Gift
Hazel Dorothy Greek Gift of God
Hazel Drew English Manly
Hazel Dulce Spanish Sweet
Hazel Eileen Gaelic Bright, shining light
Hazel Elaine French Bright, shining light
Hazel Eleanor Greek Bright, shining light
Hazel Elena Greek Bright, shining light
Hazel Elise French God is my oath
Hazel Eliza Hebrew God is my oath
Hazel Elizabeth Hebrew God is my oath
Hazel Ella German All, completely
Hazel Elle French She
Hazel Ellen Greek Light, torch
Hazel Ellie Hebrew God is my light
Hazel Eloise French Famous in war
Hazel Elsie Hebrew God is my oath
Hazel Emelia Germanic Industrious, striving
Hazel Emery Germanic Industrious, striving
Hazel Emilia Latin Rival, challenger
Hazel Emily Latin Rival, challenger
Hazel Emma Germanic Whole, universal
Hazel Emmalyn Germanic Work
Hazel Emmeline Germanic Work
Hazel Enid Welsh Soul, life
Hazel Erica Old Norse Eternal ruler
Hazel Erin Irish Ireland
Hazel Esmeralda Spanish Emerald
Hazel Estelle French Star
Hazel Esther Persian Star
Hazel Etta Germanic Ruler of the household
Hazel Eugenie Greek Well-born
Hazel Eva Hebrew Life, living one
Hazel Eve Hebrew Life, living one
Hazel Evelyn English Desired, wished for
Hazel Evie Hebrew Life, living one
Hazel Faith English Fidelity, belief
Hazel Fallon Irish Leader
Hazel Faye English Fairy
Hazel Felicity Latin Happiness
Hazel Fern English Plant name
Hazel Fiona Scottish White, fair
Hazel Flora Latin Flower
Hazel Florence Latin Flourishing, prosperous
Hazel Frances Latin From France
Hazel Francine French From France
Hazel Freya Old Norse Lady
Hazel Gabriella Hebrew God is my strength
Hazel Gabrielle Hebrew God is my strength
Hazel Gail Hebrew Father’s joy
Hazel Gwendolyn Welsh White ring
Hazel Hadley Old English Heathery meadow
Hazel Hailey Old English Hay meadow
Hazel Hannah Hebrew Favor, grace
Hazel Harper English Harp player
Hazel Harriet Germanic Ruler of the home
Hazel Haven English Safe place
Hazel Hayley Old English Hay meadow
Hazel Heather English Plant name
Hazel Heidi Germanic Noble
Hazel Helen Greek Light, torch
Hazel Helena Greek Light, torch
Hazel Helene Greek Light, torch
Hazel Henrietta Germanic Ruler of the home
Hazel Hera Greek Goddess of marriage
Hazel Hermione Greek Messenger
Hazel Hester Persian Star
Hazel Hilda Germanic Battle
Hazel Holly English Plant name
Hazel Honor Latin Honorable
Hazel Hope English Expectation, belief
Hazel Ida Germanic Hardworking
Hazel Imogen Celtic Maiden
Hazel India English Country name
Hazel Indigo English Color name
Hazel Ingrid Norse Beautiful, beloved
Hazel Irene Greek Peace
Hazel Iris Greek Rainbow
Hazel Isabella Hebrew God is my oath
Hazel Isabelle Hebrew God is my oath
Hazel Isla Scottish Island
Hazel Ivy English Plant name
Hazel Jacinta Spanish Hyacinth
Hazel Jacklyn Hebrew Supplanter
Hazel Jade Spanish Precious stone
Hazel Jaime Hebrew Supplanter
Hazel Jamie Hebrew Supplanter
Hazel Jane Hebrew God is gracious
Hazel Janessa Hebrew God is gracious
Hazel Janelle Hebrew God is gracious
Hazel Jasmine Persian Jasmine flower
Hazel Jayda English Precious stone
Hazel Jean Hebrew God is gracious
Hazel Jeanette Hebrew God is gracious
Hazel Jemma Hebrew Supplanter
Hazel Jenna Arabic Paradise
Hazel Jennifer Welsh Fair, smooth
Hazel Jessica Hebrew God beholds
Hazel Jewel English Precious stone
Hazel Jillian Latin Youthful
Hazel Joanne Hebrew God is gracious
Hazel Jocelyn Germanic Gaut
Hazel Jodie Hebrew God is gracious
Hazel Johanna Hebrew God is gracious
Hazel Josephine Hebrew God will add
Hazel Joy English Happiness, delight
Hazel Joyce Latin Rejoice
Hazel Judith Hebrew Praised
Hazel Julia Latin Youthful
Hazel Julianne Latin Youthful
Hazel Julie French Youthful
Hazel Juliet French Youthful
Hazel Juniper Latin Evergreen shrub
Hazel Justine Latin Just, fair
Hazel Kaitlyn Irish Pure
Hazel Kaleigh Irish Warrior
Hazel Karen Danish Pure
Hazel Karina Greek Pure
Hazel Kate Greek Pure
Hazel Katherine Greek Pure
Hazel Kathleen Irish Pure
Hazel Kathryn Greek Pure
Hazel Katie Greek Pure
Hazel Kayla Arabic Wise child
Hazel Keira Irish Dark-haired
Hazel Kelly Irish Bright-headed
Hazel Kendall English Valley of the River Kent
Hazel Kennedy Irish Helmeted chief
Hazel Kenzie Scottish Fair one
Hazel Kimberly English Cyneburg’s field
Hazel Kirsten Danish Anointed
Hazel Kristen Danish Anointed
Hazel Kylie Australian Aboriginal Boomerang
Hazel Lacey English Cheerful, lively
Hazel Laila Arabic Night
Hazel Lana Hawaiian Calm as still waters
Hazel Lark English Bird name
Hazel Laura Latin Laurel
Hazel Lauren Latin Laurel
Hazel Layla Arabic Night
Hazel Leah Hebrew Weary
Hazel Leila Arabic Night
Hazel Lena Greek Light, torch
Hazel Leona Latin Lioness
Hazel Leslie Scottish Garden of holly
Hazel Lexi Greek Defender of mankind
Hazel Lia Greek Bearer of good news
Hazel Lila Arabic Night
Hazel Lily English Flower name
Hazel Linda Spanish Pretty
Hazel Lindsey Scottish Pool on an island
Hazel Lisa Hebrew God is my oath
Hazel Livia Latin Blue
Hazel Lizbeth Hebrew God is my oath
Hazel Loretta Italian Laurel
Hazel Louisa Germanic Renowned warrior
Hazel Louise Germanic Renowned warrior
Hazel Lucia Latin Light
Hazel Lucille French Light
Hazel Lucy English Light
Hazel Luna Spanish Moon
Hazel Lydia Greek Woman from Lydia
Hazel Lyla Arabic Night
Hazel Lynn Welsh Lake
Hazel Madeline Hebrew Woman from Magdala
Hazel Madelyn Hebrew Woman from Magdala
Hazel Madison English Son of Maude
Hazel Mae English Month of May
Hazel Maeve Irish Intoxicating
Hazel Maggie English Pearl
Hazel Makenzie Scottish Fair one
Hazel Mallory French Unlucky
Hazel Mara Hebrew Bitter
Hazel Margaret Greek Pearl
Hazel Margot Greek Pearl
Hazel Maria Latin Sea of bitterness
Hazel Mariana Latin Bitter
Hazel Maribel Hebrew Bitter
Hazel Marissa Latin Of the sea
Hazel Marlene Germanic Little Marcus
Hazel Martha Aramaic Lady
Hazel Mary Hebrew Bitter
Hazel Matilda Germanic Mighty in battle
Hazel Maureen Irish Great
Hazel Maxine Latin Greatest
Hazel Maya Hebrew Water
Hazel Mckenna Irish Son of Cionaodh
Hazel Megan Welsh Pearl
Hazel Melinda Greek Honey
Hazel Melody Greek Song
Hazel Meredith Welsh Great lord
Hazel Mia Italian Mine
Hazel Michaela Hebrew Who is like God?
Hazel Michelle Hebrew Who is like God?
Hazel Mila Slavic Gracious
Hazel Mildred Old English Gentle strength
Hazel Millie Germanic Strength
Hazel Mira Latin Wonderful
Hazel Miranda Latin Admirable
Hazel Molly Hebrew Bitter
Hazel Morgan Welsh Sea circle
Hazel Mya Arabic Great
Hazel Myra Greek Fragrant
Hazel Nancy Hebrew Grace
Hazel Naomi Hebrew Pleasantness
Hazel Natalia Latin Christmas Day
Hazel Natalie Latin Christmas Day
Hazel Natasha Russian Christmas Day
Hazel Nathalie Latin Christmas Day
Hazel Nevaeh English Heaven
Hazel Nia Welsh Brightness
Hazel Nicole Greek Victory of the people
Hazel Nina Spanish Little girl
Hazel Noelle French Christmas
Hazel Nora Latin Honor
Hazel Norah Latin Honor
Hazel Nova Latin New
Hazel Ophelia Greek Help
Hazel Paige English Young servant
Hazel Paisley Scottish Church
Hazel Pamela Greek Honey
Hazel Paris Greek Wallet
Hazel Patricia Latin Noble
Hazel Paulina Latin Small
Hazel Payton English Village of Peagmund
Hazel Pearl English Pearl
Hazel Penelope Greek Weaver
Hazel Penny Greek Weaver
Hazel Peyton English Village of Peagmund
Hazel Phoebe Greek Bright, radiant
Hazel Piper English Flute player
Hazel Poppy Latin Flower name
Hazel Priscilla Latin Ancient
Hazel Quinn Irish Wisdom, reason
Hazel Rachel Hebrew Ewe
Hazel Raegan Irish Little ruler
Hazel Reagan Irish Little ruler
Hazel Rebecca Hebrew To bind
Hazel Reese Welsh Ardent, fiery
Hazel Regina Latin Queen
Hazel Remy French Oarsman
Hazel Renee French Reborn
Hazel Reyna Spanish Queen
Hazel Riley English Rye clearing
Hazel River English Body of water
Hazel Robin English Bright, famous
Hazel Rochelle French Little rock
Hazel Rosa Latin Rose
Hazel Rosalie French Rose
Hazel Rose Latin Rose
Hazel Rosemary Latin Dew of the sea
Hazel Rowan Gaelic Little red one
Hazel Ruby English Red gemstone
Hazel Ruth Hebrew Companion
Hazel Sabrina Celtic River Severn
Hazel Sadie Hebrew Princess
Hazel Samantha Hebrew Listener
Hazel Sandra Greek Defender of man
Hazel Sara Hebrew Princess
Hazel Sarah Hebrew Princess
Hazel Scarlett English Red
Hazel Selena Greek Moon
Hazel Serenity English Peaceful
Hazel Shannon Gaelic Old, wise
Hazel Shiloh Hebrew Tranquil
Hazel Sierra Spanish Mountain range
Hazel Simone Hebrew Listener
Hazel Skye Norse Cloud
Hazel Sofia Greek Wisdom
Hazel Sophia Greek Wisdom
Hazel Sophie Greek Wisdom
Hazel Stella Latin Star
Hazel Stephanie Greek Crown
Hazel Summer English Season name
Hazel Sydney English Wide island
Hazel Sylvia Latin Forest
Hazel Tabitha Hebrew Gazelle
Hazel Talia Hebrew Dew of God
Hazel Tamara Hebrew Palm tree
Hazel Tessa Greek Harvester
Hazel Thea Greek Goddess
Hazel Theresa Greek Harvester
Hazel Tiffany Greek Manifestation of God
Hazel Tina Greek Grace
Hazel Trinity Latin Triad
Hazel Valentina Latin Strong, healthy
Hazel Valerie Latin Strong, healthy
Hazel Vanessa Greek Butterfly
Hazel Veronica Greek True image
Hazel Victoria Latin Victory
Hazel Vienna Latin City of music
Hazel Violet English Purple-blue flower
Hazel Vivian Latin Alive
Hazel Wendy Welsh Fair, blessed
Hazel Whitney English White island
Hazel Willa Germanic Will, desire
Hazel Willow English Tree name
Hazel Winter English Season name
Hazel Wren English Small bird
Hazel Ximena Spanish Hearkening
Hazel Yara Arabic Small butterfly
Hazel Yasmin Persian Jasmine flower
Hazel Yvonne French Yew
Hazel Zoe Greek Life
Hazel Zoey Greek Life
Hazel Zuri Swahili Beautiful

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Hazel Name Popularity

The name Hazel has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years. In 2021, Hazel was ranked #28 on the list of most popular baby names for girls.

The name’s popularity can be attributed to its vintage charm and versatility.

Hazel can be paired with various middle names and nicknames, making it a great choice for parents who want a classic and unique name.

Nickname Ideas for Hazel

Speaking of nicknames, if you are looking for a cute nickname for your little Hazel, we have compiled a list of adorable options below!

    1. Hazy
    1. Hazelnut
    2. Haze
    3. Hazel Bug
    1. Honey Hazel
    2. Hazie Mae
    3. Hazel Bean
    1. Hazel Boo
    2. Hazel Grace
    3. Hazel Bear

Wrapping it Up

Choosing the perfect name for your child can be daunting, but we hope that our list of unique middle names for Hazel has inspired you.

Whether you choose a classic name or something more modern and unique, the name Hazel is a beautiful choice that will stand the test of time.

Don’t forget to consider a cute nickname for your little Hazel, and enjoy the process of choosing the perfect name for your bundle of joy!