260 Dazzling Middle Names for Gianna

Cam Russo
260 Dazzling Middle Names for Gianna 260 Dazzling Middle Names for Gianna

If you’ve already chosen the beautiful name Gianna for your baby girl, you have great taste. The name Gianna captures hearts everywhere with its melodious rhythm and Italian flair.

But you still have work to do. Since you found this post, I assume you’re looking for a unique middle name for Gianna that complements her perfectly.

Well, your search is over. I compiled an all-encompassing list of middle names for Gianna, along with their meanings and origins.

We’ll also discuss the popularity of Gianna and offer some nickname ideas to consider.


We ride!

What Does the Name Gianna Mean?

Gianna is a feminine Italian name derived from “Giovanna,” the Italian equivalent of Joanna or Jane.

The name originates in the Hebrew name Yochanan, which means “God is gracious” or “God is merciful.”

The name Gianna invokes a sense of grace, strength, and spirituality, making it an ideal choice for parents seeking a name with depth and meaning.

Middle Names for Gianna

Here is a comprehensive list of unique, meaningful, and popular Gianna middle names to help you find the perfect match for your little girl.

Remember, the best middle name for Gianna has personal significance and complements the first name beautifully.

Middle Name Origin Meaning
Gianna Abigail Hebrew Father’s joy
Gianna Addison English Child of Adam
Gianna Adele German Noble
Gianna Adeline French Noble
Gianna Adriana Latin Woman from Hadria
Gianna Adrienne French From Adria
Gianna Aimee French Beloved
Gianna Ainsley Scottish Meadow of aspen trees
Gianna Alaina Greek Bright, shining
Gianna Alana Irish Fair, beautiful
Gianna Alessandra Italian Defender of mankind
Gianna Alexa Greek Defender, helper
Gianna Alexandra Greek Defender of mankind
Gianna Alexia Greek Defender, helper
Gianna Alexis Greek Defender, helper
Gianna Alice English Noble
Gianna Alicia German Noble
Gianna Alina Slavic Bright, beautiful
Gianna Alisa Hebrew Great happiness
Gianna Alisha Sanskrit Protected by God
Gianna Alison German Noble
Gianna Alivia Latin Alive, lively
Gianna Allison German Noble
Gianna Alondra Spanish Defender of mankind
Gianna Alyssa German Noble
Gianna Amanda Latin Worthy of love
Gianna Amara Italian Beloved
Gianna Amber English Fossilized tree resin
Gianna Amelia Latin Industrious, striving
Gianna Amelie German Hardworking
Gianna Amira Arabic Princess, leader
Gianna Amy Latin Beloved
Gianna Anastasia Greek Resurrection
Gianna Andrea Greek Brave, strong
Gianna Angel Greek Messenger
Gianna Angela Greek Messenger of God
Gianna Angelica Latin Angelic
Gianna Angelina Greek Messenger of God
Gianna Annabelle French Gracious, beautiful
Gianna Anne Hebrew Grace
Gianna Annette French Grace
Gianna Annie Hebrew Grace
Gianna April Latin Opening, spring
Gianna Arabella Latin Lovely, graceful
Gianna Aria Italian Air, melody
Gianna Ariana Welsh Silver
Gianna Arianna Greek Most holy
Gianna Ariel Hebrew Lion of God
Gianna Ariella Hebrew Lion of God
Gianna Arya Sanskrit Noble, honorable
Gianna Ashley English Ash tree meadow
Gianna Aspen English Tree name
Gianna Athena Greek Goddess of wisdom
Gianna Aubree French Elf ruler
Gianna Aubrey German Elf ruler
Gianna Audrey English Noble strength
Gianna Aurora Latin Dawn
Gianna Autumn English Season
Gianna Ava German Life
Gianna Averie English Wise
Gianna Avery English Elf ruler
Gianna Aviana Latin Like a bird
Gianna Avril French April
Gianna Bailey English Bailiff, steward
Gianna Beatrice Latin Voyager, traveler
Gianna Bella Italian Beautiful
Gianna Belle French Beautiful
Gianna Bethany Hebrew House of figs
Gianna Bianca Italian White
Gianna Blair Scottish Field, plain
Gianna Blake English Dark
Gianna Blakely English Dark meadow
Gianna Brianna Irish Strong, virtuous
Gianna Bridget Irish Strength
Gianna Brinley English Burnt meadow
Gianna Bristol English Meeting place by the bridge
Gianna Brooke English Small stream
Gianna Brooklyn English Water stream
Gianna Brynn Welsh Hill
Gianna Cadence Latin Rhythm
Gianna Caitlin Irish Pure
Gianna Callie Greek Beautiful
Gianna Camila Spanish Young ceremonial attendant
Gianna Camille French Perfect
Gianna Cara Italian Dear
Gianna Caroline French Free man
Gianna Carolyn English Strong
Gianna Carter English Cart driver
Gianna Catherine Greek Pure
Gianna Celeste Latin Heavenly
Gianna Charlotte French Free man
Gianna Chelsea English Chalk landing place
Gianna Claire French Bright, clear
Gianna Clara Latin Clear, bright
Gianna Clarissa Latin Clear, bright
Gianna Colette French Victory of the people
Gianna Cora Greek Maiden
Gianna Cordelia Latin Heart, daughter of the sea
Gianna Courtney Irish Descendant of the court attendant
Gianna Daisy English Day’s eye
Gianna Danielle Hebrew God is my judge
Gianna Delaney Irish Descendant of the challenger
Gianna Delphine Greek Dolphin
Gianna Destiny English Fate, fortune
Gianna Diana Latin Divine
Gianna Eden Hebrew Delight
Gianna Edith English Prosperous in war
Gianna Elena Greek Shining light
Gianna Eliana Hebrew My God has answered
Gianna Elise French God is my oath
Gianna Elizabeth Hebrew God is my oath
Gianna Ella German All
Gianna Ellie Hebrew God is my light
Gianna Eloise French Famous warrior
Gianna Emilia Latin Rival
Gianna Emily Latin Rival
Gianna Emma German Whole, universal
Gianna Erin Irish Ireland
Gianna Esme French Beloved
Gianna Esther Persian Star
Gianna Eva Hebrew Life
Gianna Evangeline Greek Good news, bearer of good news
Gianna Evelyn English Desired, beautiful
Gianna Faith English Trust, belief
Gianna Felicity Latin Happiness
Gianna Fiona Gaelic Fair
Gianna Gabriella Hebrew God is my strength
Gianna Gemma Italian Gem, precious stone
Gianna Genevieve French Tribe woman
Gianna Georgia Greek Farmer
Gianna Grace Latin Grace, elegance
Gianna Gracie Latin Grace, favor
Gianna Hadley English Heather field
Gianna Hailey English Hay meadow
Gianna Hannah Hebrew Grace, favor
Gianna Harper English Harp player
Gianna Hazel English Hazelnut tree
Gianna Heidi German Noble, kind
Gianna Hope English Hope, optimism
Gianna Imogen Celtic Beloved child
Gianna Isabella Hebrew God is my oath
Gianna Isabelle French God is my oath
Gianna Ivy English Ivy plant
Gianna Jade Spanish Precious green stone
Gianna Jane English God is gracious
Gianna Jasmine Persian Jasmine flower
Gianna Jocelyn German Joyous
Gianna Josephine Hebrew God will add
Gianna Joy English Joy, happiness
Gianna Julia Latin Youthful
Gianna Juliana Latin Youthful
Gianna Juliette French Youthful
Gianna June Latin June
Gianna Kate English Pure
Gianna Katherine Greek Pure
Gianna Kayla Hebrew Crown, laurel
Gianna Kendall English Valley of the River Kent
Gianna Kennedy Irish Helmeted chief
Gianna Kimberly English Cyneburg’s meadow
Gianna Kylie Irish Narrow, straight
Gianna Lacey English Lace-like
Gianna Lana Hawaiian Calm as still waters
Gianna Lara Latin Protection
Gianna Lauren English Laurel tree
Gianna Layla Arabic Night, dark beauty
Gianna Leah Hebrew Weary
Gianna Leila Arabic Night, dark beauty
Gianna Lilah Persian Lilac, bluish
Gianna Lillian Latin Lily
Gianna Lily English Lily flower
Gianna Lindsay Scottish Lake on an island
Gianna Lindsey English Linden tree island
Gianna Lisa Hebrew God is my oath
Gianna Lola Spanish Sorrows
Gianna London English From London
Gianna Lucia Italian Light
Gianna Lucy English Light
Gianna Lydia Greek From Lydia
Gianna Mackenzie Scottish Son of the wise ruler
Gianna Madeline Hebrew Tower
Gianna Mae English Month of May
Gianna Maeve Irish Intoxicating
Gianna Magdalena Hebrew From Magdala
Gianna Maggie English Pearl
Gianna Makenzie Scottish Son of the wise ruler
Gianna Mallory French Unlucky
Gianna Mara Hebrew Bitter
Gianna Margaret Greek Pearl
Gianna Maria Hebrew Bitter
Gianna Mariah Hebrew Bitter
Gianna Marianna Hebrew Bitter
Gianna Marie French Beloved
Gianna Marley English Meadow near the lake
Gianna Mary Hebrew Bitter
Gianna Maya Hebrew Water
Gianna Megan Welsh Pearl
Gianna Melanie Greek Dark, black
Gianna Mia Italian Mine
Gianna Michelle French Who is like God?
Gianna Mikayla Hebrew Who is like God?
Gianna Molly Irish Star of the sea
Gianna Morgan Welsh Circling sea
Gianna Nadia Russian Hope
Gianna Naomi Hebrew Pleasantness
Gianna Natalia Latin Christmas Day
Gianna Natalie Latin Christmas Day
Gianna Natasha Russian Christ’s birthday
Gianna Nicole French Victory of the people
Gianna Noelle French Christmas
Gianna Nora Irish Honor
Gianna Olivia Latin Olive tree
Gianna Paige English Young servant
Gianna Paisley Scottish Church
Gianna Penelope Greek Weaver
Gianna Peyton English From the warrior’s town
Gianna Piper English Pipe player
Gianna Quinn Irish Descendant of Conn
Gianna Rachel Hebrew Ewe
Gianna Reagan Irish Little ruler
Gianna Rebecca Hebrew To bind, to join
Gianna Reese Welsh Enthusiasm
Gianna Remy French Oarsman
Gianna Riley Irish Courageous
Gianna Rose Latin Rose
Gianna Ruby English Precious gem
Gianna Ruth Hebrew Companion, friend
Gianna Sadie Hebrew Princess
Gianna Samantha Hebrew Listener
Gianna Sarah Hebrew Princess
Gianna Savannah Spanish Flat tropical grassland
Gianna Scarlett English Red
Gianna Selena Greek Moon goddess
Gianna Seraphina Hebrew Fiery, burning ones
Gianna Serenity English Calm, peaceful
Gianna Sienna Italian Orange-red
Gianna Simone Hebrew Heard, listened to
Gianna Sofia Greek Wisdom
Gianna Sophia Greek Wisdom
Gianna Sophie Greek Wisdom
Gianna Stella Latin Star
Gianna Stephanie Greek Crowned
Gianna Sydney English Wide island
Gianna Taylor English Tailor
Gianna Teresa Greek Harvester
Gianna Trinity Latin Trinity
Gianna Valentina Latin Strong, vigorous, healthy
Gianna Valerie Latin Strong, vigorous, healthy
Gianna Vanessa Greek Butterfly
Gianna Vera Russian Faith
Gianna Veronica Greek True image
Gianna Victoria Latin Victory
Gianna Violet English Violet flower
Gianna Vivian Latin Full of life
Gianna Vivienne French Alive, lively
Gianna Whitney English White island
Gianna Willow English Willow tree
Gianna Winter English Winter
Gianna Zoe Greek Life
Gianna Zoey Greek Life

Gianna Name Popularity

Over the past few decades, the name Gianna has steadily gained popularity in the United States. According to Social Security Administration data, Gianna ranked as the 22nd most popular name for girls in 2022.

This growing popularity is likely attributed to the name’s beautiful sound and an increased sense of pride from those of Italian heritage.

By choosing a unique and complementary middle name, you can create a unique and distinctive name combination that will be cherished for a lifetime!

Nickname Ideas for Gianna

Gianna is a versatile name that lends itself to various adorable nicknames.

Whether you’re looking for a shortened version of the name or a playful alternative, here are some nickname ideas for Gianna:

  • Gia
    • Gigi
  • Nana
  • Gi
    • Giana
  • Ginnie
  • Gigianna
    • Ana

Wrapping it Up

Selecting the perfect middle name for Gianna can be a fun and meaningful process.

With so many unique middle names for Gianna, I’m confident you’ll find the perfect combination that captures your child’s spirit and personality.

Remember, the best middle names for Gianna are those that have personal significance and create a harmonious flow with the first name.

Good luck!