400+ Creative Middle Names for Haven

Cam Russo
400+ Creative Middle Names for Haven 400+ Creative Middle Names for Haven

Welcome, parents-to-be! Are you exploring the perfect middle name for your little Haven? If so, you’re in the right place.

We’ve compiled an enormous comprehensive list of traditional names to make stylish and timeless middle names for your bundle of joy.

With this list, you have hundreds of options – from classic favorites to unique surprises – giving your registered first name an extra special touch.

So pour yourself a cup of tea, and let’s take a trip through time as we explore these elegant options together!

Middle Name Ideas for Haven

Name Origin Meaning
Haven Abigail Hebrew Father’s joy
Haven Adelaide German Noble kind
Haven Adeline German Noble kind
Haven Ainsley Scottish Hermitage field
Haven Alexandra Greek Defender of mankind
Haven Alice German Noble kind
Haven Anais Hebrew Grace
Haven Anastasia Greek Resurrection
Haven Angelina Greek Messenger of God
Haven Annabelle English Gracious, beautiful
Haven Arabella Latin Answered prayer
Haven Ariana Welsh Silver
Haven Ariel Hebrew Lion of God
Haven Arwen Welsh Muse
Haven Ashlyn Irish Dream
Haven Athena Greek Goddess of wisdom
Haven Aubrey French Elf ruler
Haven August Latin Great, magnificent
Haven Aurora Latin Goddess of dawn
Haven Autumn Latin Fall season
Haven Avery English Elf ruler
Haven Ayla Hebrew Oak tree
Haven Beatrice Latin Bringer of joy
Haven Beatrix Latin Voyager
Haven Belle French Beautiful
Haven Bianca Italian White
Haven Blair Scottish Meadow
Haven Blaire Scottish Plain, field
Haven Blake English Fair-haired
Haven Blakely English Dark clearing
Haven Blossom English Flower
Haven Briar English Thorny patch
Haven Brielle French God is my strength
Haven Brinley Welsh Hill
Haven Brooke English Small stream
Haven Brooklyn English Water, stream
Haven Brynn Welsh Hill
Haven Cadence Latin Rhythm
Haven Calista Greek Most beautiful
Haven Camille Latin Young ceremonial attendant
Haven Camryn Scottish Crooked nose
Haven Caprice French Whim, fancy
Haven Carina Italian Beloved
Haven Carly English Free woman
Haven Carmen Spanish Song
Haven Cassandra Greek Shining upon mankind
Haven Cassidy Irish Clever
Haven Catalina Greek Pure
Haven Cecelia Latin Blind
Haven Celeste Latin Heavenly
Haven Celine French Heavenly
Haven Chantal French Singer
Haven Charlene German Free woman
Haven Charlotte German Free woman
Haven Chelsea English Port
Haven Cheyenne Native American People of a different language
Haven Chloe Greek Blooming
Haven Christina Greek Follower of Christ
Haven Christy Greek Follower of Christ
Haven Ciara Irish Black
Haven Ciel French Sky
Haven Claire French Clear
Haven Clara Latin Bright, clear
Haven Clarice Latin Clear
Haven Clarissa Latin Famous
Haven Colbie Scottish Victory of the people
Haven Colleen Irish Girl
Haven Constance Latin Steadfastness
Haven Cora Greek Maiden
Haven Coraline Latin From the coral reef
Haven Cordelia Latin Heart
Haven Cosette French Victorious people
Haven Crystal English Clear
Haven Cynthia Greek Moon goddess
Haven Dahlia Swedish Valley
Haven Daisy English Day’s eye
Haven Dakota Native American (Sioux) Friendly one
Haven Dana Hebrew God is my judge
Haven Danielle Hebrew God is my judge
Haven Daphne Greek Laurel
Haven Darlene English Tenderly loved
Haven Davina Scottish Beloved
Haven Dawn English Daybreak
Haven Delilah Hebrew Delicate
Haven Delphine Greek Dolphin
Haven Demi French Half
Haven Desiree French Desired
Haven Destiny English Certain fortune
Haven Diana Latin Divine
Haven Dior French Golden
Haven Dominique French Of the Lord
Haven Dorothy Greek Gift of God
Haven Dove English Bird
Haven Drew Welsh Wise
Haven Dyllan Welsh Born from waves
Haven Eden Hebrew Delight
Haven Edith English Prosperous in war
Haven Eileen Gaelic Bright, shining one
Haven Elaina Greek Light
Haven Elaine French Bright, shining one
Haven Eleanor Greek Light
Haven Elena Greek Shining light
Haven Elise French God is my oath
Haven Eliza Hebrew God is my oath
Haven Elizabeth Hebrew God is my oath
Haven Ella English Fairy Maiden
Haven Elle French She
Haven Eloise French Healthy
Haven Elsa German God’s promise
Haven Ember English Spark
Haven Emery German Industrious leader
Haven Emily Latin Rival
Haven Emma German Universal
Haven Esme French Loved
Haven Estelle French “star”
Haven Esther Persian “star”
Haven Etta German “estate ruler”
Haven Eudora Greek “good gift”
Haven Eva Hebrew “life”
Haven Evangeline Greek “bearer of good news”
Haven Eve Hebrew “life”
Haven Evelyn English “wished-for child”
Haven Everly English “from the boar meadow”
Haven Faith English “faith”
Haven Farrah Arabic “happiness”
Haven Felicity Latin “happiness”
Haven Fern English “fern”
Haven Fleur French “flower”
Haven Flora Latin “flower”
Haven Florence Latin “blossoming”
Haven Frances Latin “from France”
Haven Francesca Italian “from France”
Haven Freya Norse “goddess of love, fertility, and war”
Haven Gabrielle Hebrew “God is my strength”
Haven Gemma Italian “gem”
Haven Gia Italian “God is gracious”
Haven Giselle German “pledge”
Haven Grace Latin “grace”
Haven Greta German “pearl”
Haven Guinevere Welsh “fair one”
Haven Hailey English “hay clearing”
Haven Halle Scandinavian “rock”
Haven Hannah Hebrew “favor”
Haven Harper English “harp player”
Haven Harriet French “estate ruler”
Haven Hattie English “home ruler”
Haven Hayden English “hay valley”
Haven Hazel English hazel tree
Haven Heather English “flowering shrub”
Haven Heidi German “of noble birth”
Haven Helen Greek “torch”
Haven Helena Greek “bright, shining light”
Haven Hestia Greek “goddess of the hearth, home, and family”
Haven Hillary Latin “cheerful”
Haven Holly English “holly tree”
Haven Hope English “hope”
Haven Imogen Celtic “maiden”
Haven India English “India”
Haven Ingrid Scandinavian “Ing’s beauty”
Haven Irene Greek “peace”
Haven Iris Greek “rainbow”
Haven Isabel Spanish “God is my oath”
Haven Isabella Spanish “God is my oath”
Haven Isla Scottish “island”
Haven Ivy English “ivy plant”
Haven Jacqueline French “supplanter”
Haven Jade Spanish “stone of the side”
Haven Jasmine Persian “flower”
Haven Jenna English diminutive form of Jennifer, meaning “fair and smooth”
Haven Jessamine English a variation of Jasmine, meaning “gift from God”
Haven Jessica Hebrew meaning “God beholds”
Haven Jillian Latin derived from Julius, meaning “youthful, downy-bearded”
Haven Jocelyn French meaning “joyous, cheerful”
Haven Joelle French meaning “God is willing”
Haven Johanna Hebrew feminine form of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Haven Jolie French meaning “pretty”
Haven Jordan Hebrew meaning “to flow down”
Haven Josephine Hebrew feminine form of Joseph, meaning “God will increase”
Haven Joy English meaning “happiness, joy”
Haven Joyce Breton meaning “lord”
Haven Judith Hebrew meaning “woman of Judea”
Haven Julia Latin feminine form of Julius, meaning “youthful, downy-bearded”
Haven Juliana Latin feminine form of Julian, meaning “youthful, downy-bearded”
Haven Julianna Latin a combination of Julia and Anna, meaning “youthful, downy-bearded” and “grace”
Haven Julie French diminutive form of Julia, meaning “youthful, downy-bearded”
Haven Juliet English diminutive form of Julia, meaning “youthful, downy-bearded”
Haven Juliette French diminutive form of Juliet, meaning “youthful, downy-bearded”
Haven June English meaning “the sixth month of the year”
Haven Juniper Latin meaning “evergreen shrub”
Haven Justice English meaning “fairness, righteousness”
Haven Kaia Hawaiian meaning “sea”
Haven Kaitlyn Irish meaning “pure”
Haven Kara Latin meaning “beloved”
Haven Karen Danish meaning “pure”
Haven Kassandra Greek meaning “she who entangles men”
Haven Kate English diminutive form of Katherine, meaning “pure”
Haven Katelyn Irish meaning “pure”
Haven Katherine Greek meaning “pure”
Haven Kathleen Irish meaning “pure”
Haven Kathryn Greek meaning “pure”
Haven Katie English diminutive form of Katherine, meaning “pure”
Haven Kay English meaning “rejoice”
Haven Kayla Hebrew meaning “crown of laurels”
Haven Kaylee American a combination of Kay and Lee, meaning “rejoice” and “meadow”
Haven Keira Irish meaning “little dark one”
Haven Kelsey English meaning “island of ships”
Haven Kendall English meaning “valley of the River Kent”
Haven Kendra Welsh meaning “greatest champion”
Haven Kennedy Irish meaning “helmeted chief”
Haven Kenya Kikuyu meaning “mountainous region”
Haven Kiera Irish meaning “little dark one”
Haven Kierra Irish meaning “little dark one”
Haven Kimber English meaning “from the royal fortress meadow”
Haven Kimberley English meaning “from the royal fortress meadow”
Haven Kimberly English meaning “from the royal fortress meadow”
Haven Kirsten Danish Follower of Christ
Haven Kyla Irish Victorious
Haven Kyleigh American Combination of Kyle and Leigh, meaning “Narrow Channel” and “Clearing”
Haven Kylie Australian Aboriginal, meaning “Boomerang”
Haven Kyra Greek Sun
Haven Lacey English From Lacy, France
Haven Laila Arabic Night
Haven Lana Hawaiian Afloat; Calm as still waters
Haven Lara Russian Famous
Haven Larissa Greek Cheerful
Haven Laura Latin Laurel
Haven Laurel English Laurel tree
Haven Lauren English Crowned with laurels
Haven Layla Arabic Night
Haven Lea Hawaiian Child of Joy
Haven Leah Hebrew Weary
Haven Leanne English Gracious
Haven Leila Persian Dark-haired beauty
Haven Lena Greek Light
Haven Lenore Greek Light
Haven Leonie French Lioness
Haven Leora Hebrew I have light
Haven Leslie Scottish From the gray fortress
Haven Lila Indian Divine playfulness
Haven Lilah Hebrew Night
Haven Lillian Latin Lily
Haven Lily English Lily flower
Haven Linda Spanish Pretty
Haven Lindsay English From the island of Linden trees
Haven Lisa Hebrew God’s promise
Haven Livia Latin Olive tree
Haven Livvy English Life
Haven Lola Spanish Sorrow
Haven London English From London
Haven Lorelei German Alluring enchantress
Haven Lucia Latin Light
Haven Luciana Latin Light
Haven Lucille French Light
Haven Lucy English Light
Haven Luisa Spanish Famous warrior
Haven Luna Spanish Moon
Haven Lydia Greek From Lydia
Haven Lynette Welsh Little bird
Haven Lynn English From the lake
Haven Mabel Latin Lovable
Haven Macey English Gift of the Lord
Haven Mackenzie Scottish Son of Kenneth
Haven Maddison English Son of Maud
Haven Madeleine French From Magdala
Haven Madeline English High tower
Haven Madelyn English High tower
Haven Madison English Son of Maud
Haven Mae English Pearl
Haven Maeve Irish Intoxicating
Haven Magdalena Spanish From Magdala
Haven Maggie English/Irish Maggie is a diminutive form of Margaret, which means “pearl”
Haven Maisie Scottish Maisie is a diminutive form of Mairead, which means “pearl”
Haven Malaika Swahili Malaika means “angel”
Haven Malia Hawaiian Malia means “calm and peaceful”
Haven Mallory French Mallory is derived from an Old French surname meaning “unfortunate”
Haven Mara Hebrew Mara means “bitterness”
Haven Marcela Spanish Marcela is a feminine form of Marcellus, which means “young warrior”
Haven Marcella Latin Marcella is a feminine form of Marcellus, which means “young warrior”
Haven Margaux French Margaux is a French form of Margaret, which means “pearl”
Haven Margo English Margo is a diminutive form of Margaret, which means “pearl”
Haven Margot French Margot is a French form of Margaret, which means “pearl”
Haven Maria Latin Maria is derived from the Hebrew name Miryam, which means “bitterness” or “rebellion”
Haven Mariana Spanish Mariana is a combination of the names Maria and Ana, meaning “bitter grace”
Haven Maribel Spanish Maribel is a combination of the names Maria and Isabel, meaning “bitterness of God”
Haven Marie French Marie is a French form of Mary, which means “bitterness” or “rebellion”
Haven Marilyn English Marilyn is a combination of the names Mary and Lyn, meaning “bitterness” and “lake” respectively
Haven Marina Latin Marina means “of the sea”
Haven Marisol Spanish Marisol is a combination of the names Maria and Sol, meaning “bitter sun”
Haven Marissa Latin Marissa is a variation of the name Maris, which means “of the sea”
Haven Marley English Marley is derived from an Old English surname meaning “pleasant wood”
Haven Marlowe English Marlowe is derived from an Old English surname meaning “remnants of a lake”
Haven Marnie Hebrew Marnie is a diminutive form of Marina, which means “of the sea”
Haven Martha Aramaic Martha means “lady” or “mistress”
Haven Mary Hebrew Mary is derived from the Hebrew name Miryam, which means “bitterness” or “rebellion”
Haven Mathilda German Mathilda is derived from the Germanic name Mahthildis, which means “strength in battle”
Haven Matilda German Matilda is derived from the Germanic name Mahthildis, which means “strength in battle”
Haven Maude German Maude is derived from the Germanic name Mathilda, which means “strength in battle”
Haven Maura Irish Maura is a variant of the name Maureen, which means “bitterness”
Haven Maxine Latin Maxine is a feminine form of Maximus, which means “greatest”
Haven Maya Hebrew Maya means “water” or “illusion”
Haven Mayra Spanish Mayra is a variant of the name Maira, which means “sea of bitterness
Haven McKenna Irish/Gaelic son of Cionaodh or “born of fire”
Haven Megan Welsh pearl
Haven Melina Greek honey or “tree”
Haven Melissa Greek honey bee
Haven Melody English music
Haven Mercedes Spanish mercies
Haven Meredith Welsh great ruler
Haven Mia Italian mine or “my own”
Haven Micaela Hebrew who is like God?
Haven Michaela Hebrew who is like God?
Haven Michelle French who is like God?
Haven Mila Slavic gracious
Haven Miley English smiling
Haven Millicent Old French strong in work
Haven Mindy English affectionate
Haven Mira Sanskrit ocean or “sea”
Haven Miranda Latin admirable or “wonderful”
Haven Miriam Hebrew wished-for child
Haven Misty English mist or “dew”
Haven Molly Irish/Gaelic star of the sea
Haven Monica Latin advisor
Haven Monique French advisor
Haven Morgan Welsh sea-born
Haven Moriah Hebrew chosen by God
Haven Mya Greek emerald
Haven Nadia Russian hope
Haven Nala Sanskrit stem or “hollow reed”
Haven Nanci Hebrew grace
Haven Nancy Hebrew grace
Haven Naomi Hebrew pleasantness
Haven Natalia Latin born on Christmas day
Haven Natalie Latin born on Christmas day
Haven Natasha Russian birthday of the Lord
Haven Naya Hebrew to flow
Haven Nevaeh English heaven spelled backward
Haven Octavia Latin eighth
Haven Opal Sanskrit precious stone
Haven Olivia Latin olive tree
Haven Onyx Greek claw or “fingernail”
Haven Orla Irish/Gaelic golden princess
Haven Oriana Latin dawn or “golden”
Haven Paige French young servant
Haven Paloma Spanish dove
Haven Paris Greek wallet or “merchandise”
Haven Patrice Latin noble
Haven Phoebe Greek bright or “pure”
Haven Phoenix Greek dark red or “mythical bird”
Haven Pippa English lover of horses
Haven Presley English From a meadow
Haven Primrose English First rose
Haven Queenie English Queen-like
Haven Quiana American Soft, silky
Haven Quinn Irish Descendant of Conn
Haven Rachelle French Little lamb
Haven Raina Hebrew Queen
Haven Ramona Spanish Wise defender
Haven Raven English Blackbird
Haven Reagan Irish Little king
Haven Regina Latin Queen
Haven Renee French Reborn
Haven Reyna Spanish Queen
Haven Rhiannon Welsh Great queen
Haven Rhythm English Flowing
Haven Rita Spanish Pearl
Haven River English Stream
Haven Romina Latin Roman woman
Haven Rory Irish Red-haired
Haven Rosalind Germanic Pretty rose
Haven Roselyn English Little rose
Haven Rowan Irish Little red-haired
Haven Roxanne Persian Bright dawn
Haven Royalty English Royal, regal
Haven Sabina Latin Sabine woman
Haven Sadie Hebrew Princess
Haven Sakura Japanese Cherry blossom
Haven Sally English Princess
Haven Salma Arabic Peaceful
Haven Samira Arabic Entertaining
Haven Sandra Greek Defender of man
Haven Sara Hebrew Princess
Haven Sarina Hebrew Princess
Haven Savannah Spanish Open plain
Haven Sienna Italian Reddish-brown
Haven Sierra Spanish Mountain range
Haven Skye Scottish Isle of Skye
Haven Sloane Irish Warrior
Haven Sofia Greek Wisdom
Haven Solara Spanish Sun-like
Haven Soleil French Sun
Haven Sonja Russian Wisdom
Haven Soraya Persian Rich
Haven Starla English Star
Haven Summer English Summer
Haven Sylvie French From the forest
Haven Tabitha Aramaic Gazelle
Haven Tahlia Hebrew Morning dew
Haven Talia Hebrew Morning dew
Haven Talulla Irish Abundance
Haven Tamara Hebrew Palm tree
Haven Tamsin Cornish Twin
Haven Tara Irish Tower
Haven Teagan Welsh Beautiful
Haven Tempest English Storm
Haven Tess English Harvester
Haven Thalia Greek To blossom
Haven Thea Greek Goddess
Haven Tia Greek “Goddess”
Haven Tigerlily English “Tiger Lily”
Haven Tiffany Greek “Manifestation of God”
Haven Trinity Latin “Triad”
Haven True English “Genuine”
Haven Ursula Latin “Little Bear”
Haven Valerie Latin “Strength”
Haven Veda Sanskrit “Knowledge”
Heaven Venetia Latin “From Venice”
Heaven Venice Italian “Venice”
Heaven Vera Russian “Faith”
Heaven Versa Latin “Reverse”
Heaven Vesta Roman Mythology “Goddess of the hearth”
Heaven Victory English “Victory”
Haven Vienna German “From Vienna”
Haven Violet English “Violet flower”
Haven Vivian Welsh “Lively”
Haven Waverly English “Quaking aspen tree”
Haven Willa German “Resolute protector”
Haven Willow English “Willow tree”

Middle Name Combinations for Haven

Creating a meaningful middle name combination for Haven requires careful consideration of the names’ flow, rhythm, and sound. 

Here are some tips and guidelines to help you find the perfect middle name combination for Haven:

    • Balance the number of syllables in the first and middle names. For example, if Haven is paired with a one-syllable middle name, consider a two or three-syllable last name for a balanced flow.
    • Consider the overall sound and meaning of the name. Choose middle names that complement Haven’s unique qualities and create a harmonious blend of sounds and meanings.
    • Experiment with different middle name combinations to find the perfect match for your baby’s name.

Here are some examples of middle name combinations that work well with Haven:

    • Haven Isabella Rhodes
    • Haven Jackson Wyatt
    • Haven Amelia Jade
    • Haven Penelope Mae
    • Haven Seraphina Belle
  • Haven Ashton Cole
  • Haven Eloise Claire

Haven Name Meaning & History

The name Haven is derived from the Middle English word “haven,” which means a safe place or refuge. It’s a beautiful name that conveys a sense of comfort and security, making it a great choice for your child. Haven can be used for both sexes, making it a versatile and unique name option.

The name Haven is not associated with a specific geographic origin or culture, making it a truly universal name. It has been used in literature, film, and television, possibly contributing to its popularity and widespread recognition.

Haven Name Popularity

Haven has been steadily growing in popularity over the past few decades. According to the Social Security Administration’s name database, Haven has ranked consistently in the Top 1000 List. It achieved its highest ranking of #286 in 2021!

Even though Haven is not a very common name, its distinctiveness and special quality set it apart. It’s an easily pronounced and spelled name that retains uniqueness and memorability.

Haven Nickname Ideas

Although Haven is a lovely name, it may benefit your child to have some nickname options for added flexibility and variety as they mature. 

Here are some imaginative suggestions:

    • Havi
    • Hav
    • H
    • Havenie
    • Henny
    • Venny
    • Vennie
  • Havenly

These nicknames can be used interchangeably with the full name or as a shortened version in certain situations.

Wrapping it Up

Choosing the perfect name for your child is an important decision, and we hope this list of middle names for Haven has helped you in your search. Whether you choose a classic or unique name, the most important thing is that it feels right for your child and your family.

Don’t forget that we have several other comprehensive lists of middle name suggestions. Check ’em out for more inspiration and ideas for your child’s name!

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