400+ Extraordinary Middle Names for Vivienne

Cam Russo
400+ Extraordinary Middle Names for Vivienne 400+ Extraordinary Middle Names for Vivienne

Are you looking for the perfect middle name for your little one named Vivienne? With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to find the right one that complements the first name perfectly.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of middle name ideas for Vivienne and some background information on the name’s history, popularity, and nickname options.

Vivienne Name Meaning & History

Vivienne is a French name that originates from the Latin word “vivus,” which means “alive.”

The name has been around since the Middle Ages and was popularized by the Arthurian legend of the Lady of the Lake, who was also known as Vivien or Vivienne.

The name has been commonly used in France and England since the 19th century, and has gained popularity in other English-speaking countries in recent years.

Vivienne is a classic and elegant name that exudes sophistication and charm. It has a feminine and delicate sound that is perfect for a little girl, yet also has a strong and confident feel to it.

The name is often associated with creativity and intelligence, making it a popular choice among parents who value these traits.

Middle Name Ideas for Vivienne

Choosing a middle name for Vivienne can be a fun and creative process, as there are so many options.

Here are middle name ideas for Vivienne to help inspire you:

Full Name Origin Meaning
Vivienne Abigail Hebrew Father’s Joy
Vivienne Adelaide Germanic Noble
Vivienne Adeline Germanic Noble
Vivienne Amelia Germanic Work, Industrious
Vivienne Arabelle French Beautiful Lioness
Vivienne Aria Italian Air, Melody
Vivienne Ariana Greek Most Holy
Vivienne Astrid Norse Divine Strength
Vivienne Audrey English Noble Strength
Vivienne Aurora Latin Dawn
Vivienne Ava Germanic Bird-like
Vivienne Azalea Greek Dry
Vivienne Beatrice Latin Bringer of Joy
Vivienne Belle French Beautiful
Vivienne Blythe English Happy
Vivienne Briar English Thorny Bush
Vivienne Bronte English Thunder
Vivienne Camille French Perfect, Unblemished
Vivienne Carmen Spanish Garden
Vivienne Caroline Germanic Free Woman
Vivienne Cassidy Irish Curly-Haired
Vivienne Catalina Spanish Pure
Vivienne Cecelia Latin Blind
Vivienne Celeste Latin Heavenly
Vivienne Celia Latin Heavenly
Vivienne Charity English Kindness
Vivienne Charlotte French Free
Vivienne Christina Greek Christian
Vivienne Claire French Clear, Bright
Vivienne Clementine Latin Merciful
Vivienne Clio Greek Praise
Vivienne Coco French Help, Victory
Vivienne Cordelia Celtic Heart, Daughter
Vivienne Cosette French Victory
Vivienne Crystal English Clear
Vivienne Dahlia Scandinavian Valley
Vivienne Daisy English Daisy
Vivienne Danika Slavic Morning Star
Vivienne Daphne Greek Laurel Tree
Vivienne Darcy Irish Dark
Vivienne Davina Scottish Beloved
Vivienne Daya Sanskrit Compassion
Vivienne Delilah Hebrew Delicate, Weakened
Vivienne Demi French Half
Vivienne Diana Latin Divine
Vivienne Dior French Golden
Vivienne Dove English Dove
Vivienne Eden Hebrew Delight
Vivienne Edith English Prosperous, Battle
Vivienne Egypt Greek Temple of the Soul
Vivienne Elaina Greek Shining Light
Vivienne Eleanor Greek Bright, Shining
Vivienne Electra Greek Shining, Bright
Vivienne Elena Spanish Shining Light
Vivienne Elise French God is My Oath
Vivienne Eliza Hebrew God is My Oath
Vivienne Elizabeth Hebrew My God is an Oath
Vivienne Elle French She
Vivienne Eloise French Famous Warrior
Vivienne Ember English Spark, Burning Embers
Vivienne Emery Germanic Brave, Powerful
Vivienne Emilia Latin Rival
Vivienne Emmeline Germanic Industrious, Rival
Vivienne Enid Welsh Soul, Life
Vivienne Eris Greek Strife
Vivienne Esme French Esteemed, Loved
Vivienne Esmeralda Spanish Emerald
Vivienne Estella Latin Star
Vivienne Estelle Latin Star
Vivienne Ethel English Noble
Vivienne Etta Germanic Ruler of the Home
Vivienne Eugenia Greek Well-Born
Vivienne Eulalie Greek Sweetly Speaking
Vivienne Eurydice Greek Wide Justice
Vivienne Evangelina Greek Good News, Messenger
Vivienne Evangeline Greek Good News, Messenger
Vivienne Evelyn English Desired, Wished for
Vivienne Everest English Highest Point
Vivienne Fable English Story
Vivienne Faith English Faith
Vivienne Felicity English Happiness
Vivienne Fern English Fern
Vivienne Fiona Gaelic Fair
Vivienne Fleur French Flower
Vivienne Flora Latin Flower
Vivienne Florence Latin Blooming, Prosperous
Vivienne Francesca Italian Free
Vivienne Freya Norse Lady
Vivienne Gabriella Hebrew God is My Strength
Vivienne Georgina Greek Farmer
Vivienne Gia Italian God is Gracious
Vivienne Ginevra Italian Juniper Tree
Vivienne Gisela Germanic Pledge
Vivienne Giselle German Pledge, Hostage
Vivienne Gloria Latin Glory
Vivienne Goldie English Gold
Vivienne Grace English Grace
Vivienne Gwendolyn Welsh White Ring, Blessed Bow
Vivienne Hadley English Heather Field
Vivienne Harper English Harp Player
Vivienne Harriet English Home Ruler
Vivienne Hattie English Ruler of the Home
Vivienne Haven English Safe Place
Vivienne Hazel English Hazelnut, Leader
Vivienne Hazel Grace English Hazelnut
Vivienne Heather English Hazelnut Grace
Vivienne Heavenly English Heather
Vivienne Helena English From Heaven
Vivienne Hermione Greek Torch
Vivienne Hester Greek Messenger
Vivienne Holly English Star
Vivienne Hope English Holly
Vivienne Imelda English Hope
Vivienne Imogen Celtic Beloved Child
Vivienne Imogene Italian Powerful Fighter
Vivienne India Latin Image
Vivienne Indira English India
Vivienne Ines Sanskrit Beauty
Vivienne Ingrid Spanish Pure
Vivienne Irene Norse Hero’s Daughter
Vivienne Iris Greek Rainbow
Vivienne Isabella Hebrew Devoted to God
Vivienne Isla Greek Peace
Vivienne Isobel Greek Rainbow
Vivienne Ivory Scottish Island
Vivienne Ivy English Ivy
Vivienne Jade Spanish Stone of the Side
Vivienne Jasmine Persian Flower
Vivienne Jocelyn Hebrew God is My Oath
Vivienne Jolene English Ivory
Vivienne Josephine Hebrew God will Add
Vivienne Josie English Ivy
Vivienne Journey English Jade
Vivienne Joyce Germanic Gaut, Joy
Vivienne Juliette French Youthful
Vivienne Juniper Latin Young
Vivienne Juno French Little Jo
Vivienne Kaira Hebrew God will Add
Vivienne Kalani Hebrew God will Add
Vivienne Kali English Journey
Vivienne Kamila Latin Rejoice
Vivienne Karina Latin Juniper
Vivienne Kate Latin Queen of the Heavens
Vivienne Katherine Greek Pure
Vivienne Kathryn Greek Beloved
Vivienne Kayla Hawaiian The Heavens
Vivienne Keira Sanskrit Black
Vivienne Kendall Arabic Perfect
Vivienne Kennedy Greek Pure
Vivienne Kiara English Valley of the River Kent
Vivienne Kiera Greek Pure
Vivienne Kimberly Greek Pure
Vivienne Kingsley Irish Slim, Fair
Vivienne Kinsley Irish Dark-Haired
Vivienne Kira Irish Helmeted Chief
Vivienne Kyla Irish Dark-Haired
Vivienne Kylie English Ruler
Vivienne Lacey English King’s Meadow
Vivienne Lana English King’s Meadow
Vivienne Lara Irish Dark-Haired
Vivienne Larissa Irish Dark-haired
Vivienne Laura Irish Narrow, Strait
Vivienne Laurel Irish Narrow, Strait
Vivienne Lavender French Lace-like
Vivienne Layla Hawaiian Calm as Still Waters
Vivienne Lea Latin Famous
Vivienne Leah Greek Cheerful
Vivienne Lena Latin Laurel
Vivienne Leona Latin Laurel
Vivienne Leslie English Lavender
Vivienne Lia Arabic Night
Vivienne Liana French Meadow
Vivienne Lila Persian Lilac
Vivienne Lilah Hebrew Weary
Vivienne Lilianna Greek Light
Vivienne Lilith Latin Lioness
Vivienne Lillian Scottish Holly Garden
Vivienne Lilliana Italian Bring Good News
Vivienne Lily English Lily
Vivienne Lina English Youthful, Bond
Vivienne Livia Hebrew Lily
Vivienne Liviana Latin Lily
Vivienne Lola Hebrew Of the Night
Vivienne Lorelei Latin Lily
Vivienne Loren Latin Lily
Vivienne Lucia English Lily
Vivienne Luciana Arabic Tender
Vivienne Lucille Latin Olive Branch
Vivienne Lucy Latin Olive Branch
Vivienne Luna Latin Moon
Vivienne Lydia Spanish Sorrow
Vivienne Lyla Germanic Alluring
Vivienne Lyra Latin Laurel
Vivienne Madeline English Tower, Magdalene
Vivienne Mae Latin Light
Vivienne Maeve Irish Intoxicating
Vivienne Magdalena Latin Light
Vivienne Maisie French Light
Vivienne Mallory English Light
Vivienne Mara Latin Moon
Vivienne Marcella Greek Noble Kind
Vivienne Margaret Arabic Night
Vivienne Margot Greek Lyre
Vivienne Maria English Tower
Vivienne Mariana English Pearl
Vivienne Maribel Irish Intoxicating
Vivienne Marie French Of the Sea
Vivienne Marigold Hebrew Tower, Magnificent
Vivienne Marilyn Scottish Pearl
Vivienne Marisol French Unlucky
Vivienne Marjorie Hebrew Bitter
Vivienne Marketa Latin Young Warrior
Vivienne Marlowe Greek Pearl
Vivienne Marnie French Pearl
Vivienne Mars Hebrew Bitter
Vivienne Martina Latin Of the Sea
Vivienne Mary Latin Wonderful
Vivienne Matilda Germanic Battle-Mighty
Vivienne Maude English Marigold
Vivienne Maxine English Combination of Mary and Lynn
Vivienne Maya Spanish Sea and Sun
Vivienne Meadow English Pearl
Vivienne Megan Czech Pearl
Vivienne Melina English Driftwood
Vivienne Melinda Hebrew Rejoice
Vivienne Melissa Roman God of War
Vivienne Melody Latin Warlike
Vivienne Mercy Hebrew Bitter
Vivienne Meredith Germanic Strength in Battle
Vivienne Mia Italian Mine
Vivienne Michaela English Strong Battle-Might
Vivienne Mila Latin Greatest
Vivienne Mildred Sanskrit Illusion
Vivienne Millie English Meadow
Vivienne Mireia Welsh Pearl
Vivienne Miriam Greek Honey
Vivienne Molly Greek Honey
Vivienne Monique Greek Bee
Vivienne Morgan English Melody
Vivienne Muriel English Mercy
Vivienne Myla Welsh Sea Lord
Vivienne Nadia Italian Mine
Vivienne Nala Hebrew Who is Like God?
Vivienne Naomi Slavic Gracious, Dear
Vivienne Natalia English Mild, Strength
Vivienne Natalie English Industrious, Rival
Vivienne Natasha Slavic Gracious, Dear
Vivienne Naya Catalan Admirable
Vivienne Nevaeh Hebrew Bitter
Vivienne Nicolette Irish Star of the Sea
Vivienne Noelle French Christmas
Vivienne Nola French Advisor
Vivienne Nora Welsh Great Circle
Vivienne Nova Irish Bright Sea
Vivienne Octavia English Merciful
Vivienne Odelia African Successful Woman
Vivienne Odette Slavic Hope
Vivienne Olive Hebrew Pleasant, Delightful
Vivienne Olivia Latin Olive
Vivienne Ophelia Latin Christmas
Vivienne Oriana Latin Christmas
Vivienne Paige Russian Born on Christmas
Vivienne Paisley Native American Young
Vivienne Paloma English Heaven Spelled Backwards
Vivienne Pandora French Victory of the People
Vivienne Paris Irish Famous
Vivienne Patience French Christmas
Vivienne Patricia Irish Honor
Vivienne Paula Latin New
Vivienne Pearl English Pearl
Vivienne Penelope Greek Weaver
Vivienne Persephone Latin Eighth
Vivienne Phoebe French Wealth
Vivienne Piper Germanic Wealth
Vivienne Poppy Latin Poppy
Vivienne Primrose English First Rose
Vivienne Priscilla English Olive
Vivienne Priya Latin Olive
Vivienne Quinn Greek Help
Vivienne Rachel Latin Sunrise
Vivienne Raegan English Attendant
Vivienne Raelyn Scottish Pattern
Vivienne Ramona Spanish Wise Protector
Vivienne Raquel Spanish Dove
Vivienne Raven Greek All Gifts
Vivienne Rebekah French City of Love
Vivienne Regina English Patience
Vivienne Reign Latin Noble
Vivienne Remi Latin Small
Vivienne Renata English Pearl
Vivienne Renee Greek Weaver
Vivienne Rhea Greek Bringer of Destruction
Vivienne Rhianne Greek Radiant, Shining
Vivienne Rhiannon English Flute Player
Vivienne Riley English Poppy
Vivienne River English First Rose
Vivienne Roberta Latin Ancient
Vivienne Robin Sanskrit Beloved
Vivienne Rochelle Irish Descendant of Conn
Vivienne Rosa Hebrew Ewe
Vivienne Rosalie French Rose
Vivienne Rosalind Irish Little Ruler
Vivienne Rose English Rose
Vivienne Roselyn English Wise Protector
Vivienne Rosemary Spanish Innocent Lamb
Vivienne Rowan English Blackbird
Vivienne Ruby English Ruby
Vivienne Ruth Hebrew Companion, Friend
Vivienne Sabrina Hebrew Captivating
Vivienne Sadie Latin Queen
Vivienne Safiya English Rule, Sovereign
Vivienne Sage French Wise
Vivienne Saida French Oarsman
Vivienne Salma Latin Reborn
Vivienne Samantha French Reborn
Vivienne Samara Greek Flowing Stream
Vivienne Samira Welsh Great Queen
Vivienne Samiya Welsh Divine Queen
Vivienne Sandra Irish Courageous
Vivienne Sapphire English River
Vivienne Sara Germanic Bright Fame
Vivienne Sarah English Bright Fame
Vivienne Sarai French Little Rock
Vivienne Scarlett English Red
Vivienne Selena Latin Rose
Vivienne Selene French Rose
Vivienne Seraphina Hebrew Fiery Winged
Vivienne Serena Germanic Gentle Horse
Vivienne Serenity English Rose
Vivienne Shiloh English Pretty Rose
Vivienne Siena English Dew of the Sea
Vivienne Sienna Italian Orange-Red
Vivienne Sierra Irish Little Red-haired One
Vivienne Signe Hebrew Companion, Friend
Vivienne Silvia English Ruby
Vivienne Simone Hebrew Heard
Vivienne Skylar Celtic Legendary Princess
Vivienne Skyler Hebrew Princess
Vivienne Sloane Arabic Pure
Vivienne Sofia English Wise
Vivienne Solange Arabic Happy, Lucky
Vivienne Soleil Arabic Safe
Vivienne Sophia Greek Wisdom
Vivienne Sophie Hebrew Listener
Vivienne Soraya Hebrew Watchful
Vivienne Stella Latin Star
Vivienne Stephanie Arabic Entertaining
Vivienne Summer English Summer
Vivienne Susanna Arabic Elevated
Vivienne Sutton Greek Defender of Mankind
Vivienne Sydney English Sapphire
Vivienne Sylvie Hebrew Princess
Vivienne Tabitha Hebrew Princess
Vivienne Talia Hebrew Princess
Vivienne Tamara English Scarlet
Vivienne Tamsin Greek Moon
Vivienne Tanya Greek Moon
Vivienne Tara Latin Serene
Vivienne Tatiana English Serenity
Vivienne Tatum Hebrew Tranquil
Vivienne Tessa Greek Harvester
Vivienne Thalia Spanish Mountain Range
Vivienne Thea Italian From Siena
Vivienne Theodora Greek God’s Gift
Vivienne Theresa Latin From the Forest
Vivienne Thomas French Heard
Vivienne Tiffany Italian Reddish-Brown
Vivienne Tilly Italian From Siena
Vivienne Tina Spanish Mountain Range
Vivienne Titania Latin From the Forest
Vivienne Trinity Italian Reddish-Brown
Vivienne Trista French Heard
Vivienne Uma Norse New Victory
Vivienne Ursula Dutch Noble Scholar
Vivienne Valentina Dutch Noble Scholar
Vivienne Valerie Irish Warrior
Vivienne Vanessa Greek Wisdom
Vivienne Veda French Solemn
Vivienne Vega French Sun
Vivienne Vera Greek Wisdom
Vivienne Veronica French Wisdom
Vivienne Victoria Latin Victory
Vivienne Vienna Persian Rich
Vivienne Viola Latin Star
Vivienne Violet English Violet
Vivienne Virginia Greek Crowned
Vivienne Vittoria English Summer
Vivienne Waverly Hebrew Lily
Vivienne Willow English Willow Tree
Vivienne Winter English Winter
Vivienne Xanthe English Southern Settlement
Vivienne Ximena English Wide Island
Vivienne Yara French From the Forest
Vivienne Yasmin Hebrew Gazelle
Vivienne Yasmine Hebrew Dew of Heaven
Vivienne Yvette Hebrew Palm Tree
Vivienne Yvonne English Twin
Vivienne Zara Hebrew Princess
Vivienne Zaria Russian Fairy Queen
Vivienne Zariyah Irish Tower
Vivienne Zaylee Russian Fairy Queen
Vivienne Zelda English Light-hearted
Vivienne Zephyr Greek West Wind

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Vivienne Name Popularity

Vivienne has been steadily rising in popularity over the past decade, ranking as the 316th most popular name for girls in the United States in 2021.

It has also gained popularity in other countries, such as Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Its classic and timeless appeal and its association with creativity and intelligence make it a popular choice among parents.

While Vivienne has become more popular as a first name, it is still relatively unique when used as a middle name.

Adding a middle name to Vivienne can help personalize the name and make it stand out from other Vivienne’s out there.

Nickname Ideas for Vivienne

While Vivienne is a beautiful name on its own, it also has some great nickname options that can add a cute and playful touch.

Here are some nickname ideas for Vivienne:

    1. Vivi
    2. Viv
    3. V
    1. Vee
    2. Vie
    3. ViVi
    1. Vivi-Belle
    2. Vivi-Lou
    3. Vivi-Rose
  1. Vivi-Grace


Choosing a middle name for your child can be a daunting task, but with this list of middle name ideas for Vivienne, you’re sure to find the perfect one that complements the first name perfectly.

Whether you prefer classic names or more unique options, there’s something for everyone on this list.

And with Vivienne’s rising popularity and timeless appeal, it’s a name that will stand the test of time. Don’t forget to consider the nickname options as well, as they can add a playful and personalized touch to the name.