300+ Unique Middle Names for Chloe

Cam Russo
300+ Unique Middle Names for Chloe 300+ Unique Middle Names for Chloe

If you’ve already fallen in love with the adorable name Chloe, you’ve come to the right place!

We understand how important it is to find that one-of-a-kind middle name that will make your little Chloe’s name shine even brighter.

So, we’ve compiled a delightful list of middle names that will complement Chloe in the most enchanting way.

From timeless classics to trendy gems and even some unique surprises, get ready to explore a world of charming possibilities.

Let’s dive in and discover the perfect middle name for your precious Chloe!

Middle Names for Chloe

Name Origin Meaning
Chloe Abigail Hebrew “Father’s joy”
Chloe Adara Greek “Beauty,” “noble”
Chloe Adelaide German “Noble type”
Chloe Adele German “Noble,” “graceful”
Chloe Adeline French “Noble”
Chloe Ainsley Scottish “My own meadow”
Chloe Alaina Greek “Shining light”
Chloe Alexandra Greek “Defender of mankind”
Chloe Alice German “Noble,” “of the nobility”
Chloe Alina Greek “Light”
Chloe Alora Greek “Shining,” “bright”
Chloe Amaryllis Greek A type of flower
Chloe Amelia German “Work” and “effort”
Chloe Anabelle French A combination of Ann and Belle
Chloe Anastasia Greek “Resurrection”
Chloe Anika Sanskrit “Grace,” “favor”
Chloe Annabel Latin A combination of Anna and Belle
Chloe Annalise French A combination of Anna and Elise
Chloe Anne Hebrew “Favor”
Chloe Arabella Latin “Lovely,” “elegant”
Chloe Ariana Greek “Most holy”
Chloe Arwen Welsh “Noble”
Chloe Ashlyn Irish “Dream”
Chloe Ashlynne Irish “Dream”
Chloe Athena Greek Goddess of wisdom
Chloe Aurora Latin “Dawn”
Chloe Autumn Latin “Fall season”
Chloe Avalon Arthurian Legendary island
Chloe Aviana Latin “Birdlike”
Chloe Beatrice Latin “She who brings happiness”
Chloe Beatriz Latin “Blessed”
Chloe Bellamy French “Beautiful friend”
Chloe Bernadette German “Strong” and “brave”
Chloe Bianca Italian “White”
Chloe Blythe English “Happy”
Chloe Brielle French “God is my strength”
Chloe Briony English A type of climbing plant
Chloe Brooke English A small stream
Chloe Brooklyn American A borough of New York City
Chloe Cadence Latin “Rhythm”
Chloe Caledonia Scottish “From Scotland”
Chloe Calista Greek “Most beautiful”
Chloe Calliope Greek “Beautiful voice”
Chloe Camilla Latin “Attendant at a religious ritual”
Chloe Camille Latin “Perfect,” “unblemished”
Chloe Capri Italian “From Capri,” an island in Italy
Chloe Carina Italian “Beloved”
Chloe Cassandra Greek “Shining upon men”
Chloe Catalina Spanish “Pure”
Chloe Celeste Latin “Heavenly”
Chloe Celine Greek “Moon”
Chloe Charlotte French “Free man”
Chloe Claire French “Bright”
Chloe Clarissa Latin “Bright,” “clear”
Chloe Colette French “Victorious”
Chloe Coraline Latin “Coral”
Chloe Cordelia Latin “Heart”
Chloe Corinne Greek “Maiden”
Chloe Cosette French “Victorious”
Chloe Danica Slavic “Morning star”
Chloe Daniele Hebrew “God is my judge”
Chloe Daphne Greek “Laurel tree”
Chloe Darcy Irish “Dark”
Chloe Davina Scottish “Beloved”
Chloe Delaney Irish “Dark challenger”
Chloe Delilah Hebrew “Delicate,” “weak”
Chloe Demetria Greek “Earth mother”
Chloe Desiree French “Desired”
Chloe Devyn Irish “Poet”
Chloe Diane French “Divine”
Chloe Dominique French “Of the Lord”
Chloe Eden Hebrew “Delight”
Chloe Edenia Hebrew “Delight”
Chloe Edith English “Prosperous in war”
Chloe Effie Greek “Well-spoken”
Chloe Elaine Greek “Bright,” “shining light”
Chloe Elara Greek “Bright”
Chloe Eleanor Greek “Bright,” “shining one”
Chloe Eleanora Greek “Bright,” “shining light”
Chloe Eleni Greek “Bright,” “shining light”
Chloe Elise French “Pledged to God”
Chloe Eliza Hebrew “God is my oath”
Chloe Eliza-Jane English A combination of Eliza and Jane
Chloe Elizabeth Hebrew “God is my oath”
Chloe Elodie French “Marsh flower”
Chloe Eloise French “Healthy,” “wide”
Chloe Emery German “Industrious leader”
Chloe Emilia Latin “Rival”
Chloe Emmeline German “Work” and “rival”
Chloe Ephraim Hebrew “Fruitful”
Chloe Esme French “Emerald”
Chloe Estelle French “Star”
Chloe Estrella Spanish “Star”
Chloe Eulalie Greek “Sweetly speaking”
Chloe Evangeline Greek “Bringer of good news”
Chloe Evelyn English “Desired”
Chloe Evie Hebrew “Life”
Chloe Fabienne French “Bean grower”
Chloe Faith English “Faith”
Chloe Fallon Irish “Leader”
Chloe Faye English “Fairy”
Chloe Felicity Latin “Happiness”
Chloe Fiona Gaelic “Fair”
Chloe Fiorella Italian “Little flower”
Chloe Flora Latin “Flower”
Chloe Frances Latin “From France”
Chloe Francine French “Free”
Chloe Gabriella Hebrew “God is my strength”
Chloe Gabrielle Hebrew “God is my strength”
Chloe Genevieve German “Woman of the race”
Chloe Genna Hebrew “Garden”
Chloe Georgia Greek “Farmer”
Chloe Gianna Italian “God is gracious”
Chloe Giselle French “Pledge,” “hostage”
Chloe Grace Latin “Grace”
Chloe Gwendoline Welsh “White ring”
Chloe Gwendolyn Welsh “White ring”
Chloe Hadley English “Heather field”
Chloe Haley English “Hay meadow”
Chloe Harper English “Harp player”
Chloe Harriet German “Home ruler”
Chloe Haven English “Safe place”
Chloe Hazel English “The hazel tree”
Chloe Helena Greek “Bright,” “shining light”
Chloe Honor Latin “Honorable”
Chloe Hope English “Hope”
Chloe Ilaria Italian “Cheerful”
Chloe Imara Swahili “Strong”
Chloe Imogen Irish “Maiden”
Chloe Indigo English The color indigo
Chloe Isabella Hebrew “God is my oath”
Chloe Isidora Greek “Gift of Isis”
Chloe Ivanna Slavic “God is gracious”
Chloe Ivy English “Ivy,” a climbing plant
Chloe Jacinda Greek “Hyacinth flower”
Chloe Jacqueline French “Supplanter”
Chloe Jade Spanish “Stone of the side”
Chloe Janelle French “God is gracious”
Chloe Jasmine Persian “Gift from God”
Chloe Jessa Hebrew “God beholds”
Chloe Jessamine Persian A flowering plant
Chloe Jillian Latin “Youthful”
Chloe Joelle French “Jehovah is God”
Chloe Jordana Hebrew “To flow down”
Chloe Jovanna Hebrew “God is gracious”
Chloe Joy English “Joy”
Chloe Jubilee Hebrew “Ram’s horn,” “ram’s horn”
Chloe Juliet French “Youthful”
Chloe Junia Latin “Born in June”
Chloe Juniper Latin A type of evergreen shrub
Chloe Kaela Hebrew “Victorious”
Chloe Kali Sanskrit “The black one”
Chloe Kalista Greek “Most beautiful”
Chloe Katherine Greek “Pure”
Chloe Katrine Greek “Pure”
Chloe Keira Irish “Dark-haired”
Chloe Kendall English “Valley of the River Kent”
Chloe Kendra Welsh “Clear water”
Chloe Kennedy Irish “Helmeted chief”
Chloe Kimberly English “From the royal fortress meadow”
Chloe Kinsley English “King’s meadow”
Chloe Lacey English “From Lacy, France”
Chloe Lavinia Latin “Purified”
Chloe Leona Latin “Lioness”
Chloe Lilah Hebrew “Night”
Chloe Liora Hebrew “I have light”
Chloe Lorelei German “Alluring”
Chloe Lorraine French “From Lorraine, France”
Chloe Louise German “Famous warrior”
Chloe Luciana Latin “Light”
Chloe Lucille French “Light”
Chloe Luella English A combination of Lou and Ella
Chloe Lysandra Greek “Liberator of mankind”
Chloe Madeline English “High tower”
Chloe Maeva French “Welcome”
Chloe Maeve Irish “Intoxicating”
Chloe Magdalene Hebrew “From Magdala”
Chloe Marcella Latin “Little warrior”
Chloe Marcelline Latin “Little warrior”
Chloe Margot French “Pearl”
Chloe Mariah Hebrew “Of the sea”
Chloe Marie French “Bitter”
Chloe Marigold English A type of flower
Chloe Marisol Spanish “Sea and sun”
Chloe Marlene German “Little warrior”
Chloe Marlowe English “From the hill by the lake”
Chloe Matilda German “Mighty in battle”
Chloe Meadow English “Meadow”
Chloe Meadowlark English A type of bird
Chloe Megara Greek “Blessed”
Chloe Melina Greek “Honey”
Chloe Melody Greek “Song”
Chloe Meridian English “Middle,” “equator”
Chloe Michelle French “Who is like God?”
Chloe Milena Slavic “Favor,” “gracious”
Chloe Mirabelle French “Wonderful”
Chloe Miriam Hebrew “Sea of bitterness”
Chloe Moira Greek “Destiny,” “fate”
Chloe Nadine French “Hope”
Chloe Naomi Hebrew “Pleasant”
Chloe Natalia Latin “Born on Christmas Day”
Chloe Nellie Greek “Light”
Chloe Nerissa Greek “Sea nymph”
Chloe Nicolette Greek “Victory of the people”
Chloe Nirvana Sanskrit “Liberation”
Chloe Noelle French “Christmas”
Chloe Novalie Swedish “New luck”
Chloe Nyssa Greek “Beginning,” “new beginning”
Chloe Octavia Latin “Eighth”
Chloe Odette French “Wealthy”
Chloe Ophelia Greek “Help”
Chloe Orla Irish “Golden princess”
Chloe Ovidia Latin “Egg”
Chloe Paige English “Assistant”
Chloe Paloma Spanish “Dove”
Chloe Pandora Greek “All-gifted”
Chloe Patrice Latin “Noble”
Chloe Penelope Greek “Weaver,” “duck”
Chloe Persephone Greek “Bringer of destruction”
Chloe Philomena Greek “Lover of strength”
Chloe Phoebe Greek “Bright,” “shining”
Chloe Portia Latin “Pig,” “hog”
Chloe Prairie English “Meadow”
Chloe Presley English “Priest’s meadow”
Chloe Primrose English A type of flower
Chloe Priscilla Latin “Ancient”
Chloe Prospera Latin “Prosperous”
Chloe Quinlan Irish “Fit, shapely, strong”
Chloe Quinn Irish “Wise”
Chloe Rachel Hebrew “Ewe”
Chloe Raffaella Italian “God has healed”
Chloe Ramona Spanish “Advice”
Chloe Raquel Hebrew “Ewe”
Chloe Rebekah Hebrew “Tied,” “to bind”
Chloe Reese Welsh “Enthusiasm”
Chloe Regina Latin “Queen”
Chloe Renata Latin “Reborn”
Chloe Rhiannon Welsh “Great queen”
Chloe Rosalind Latin “Pretty rose”
Chloe Rose Latin “Rose”
Chloe Rowan Gaelic “Little redhead”
Chloe Rowena English “White-haired”
Chloe Roxanne Persian “Dawn”
Chloe Ruby English “Red gemstone”
Chloe Ruthie Hebrew “Friend”
Chloe Sabrina Latin “River Severn”
Chloe Sadie Hebrew “Princess”
Chloe Sage Latin “Wise”
Chloe Samara Hebrew “Guarded by God”
Chloe Seraphine Greek “Burning ones”
Chloe Seren Welsh “Star”
Chloe Sharlene American A combination of Sharon and Charlene
Chloe Sienna Italian “Orange-red”
Chloe Simone Hebrew “Heard”
Chloe Siobhan Irish “God is gracious”
Chloe Solange French “Dignified”
Chloe Sophia Greek “Wisdom”
Chloe Starling English “Small bird”
Chloe Summer English “Summer”
Chloe Suri Hebrew “Princess”
Chloe Sybella Greek “Prophetess”
Chloe Tallulah Native American “Leaping water”
Chloe Tamsin Hebrew “Twin”
Chloe Tatiana Latin “Fairy queen”
Chloe Tatum English “Cheerful”
Chloe Temperance Latin “Moderation”
Chloe Tessa Greek “Harvester”
Chloe Thalia Greek “To blossom”
Chloe Theodora Greek “God’s gift”
Chloe Tovah Hebrew “Good”
Chloe Trilby Irish “Triple”
Chloe Tristan Celtic “Tumult,” “uproar”
Chloe Ulyana Russian “Youthful”
Chloe Ursula Latin “Little bear”
Chloe Valentina Latin “Strength,” “vigor”
Chloe Valora Latin “Valorous”
Chloe Vanessa Greek “Butterfly”
Chloe Veda Sanskrit “Knowledge”
Chloe Venetia Latin “From Venice”
Chloe Verena Latin “True”
Chloe Verity Latin “Truth”
Chloe Victoria Latin “Victory”
Chloe Vienna Latin “From Vienna”
Chloe Violet Latin “Violet”
Chloe Vittoria Italian “Victory”
Chloe Vivienne Latin “Alive”
Chloe Waverly English “Quaking aspen”
Chloe Willow English “Willow tree”
Chloe Winona Native American “Firstborn daughter”
Chloe Winter English “Winter season”
Chloe Wren English “Wren,” a small bird
Chloe Xandra Greek “Defender of mankind”
Chloe Xanthe Greek “Yellow”
Chloe Yara Arabic “Small butterfly”
Chloe Yasmin Persian “Jasmine flower”
Chloe Yasmine Persian “Jasmine flower”
Chloe Yvette French “Yew wood”
Chloe Yvonne French “Yew wood”
Chloe Zara Hebrew “Seed”
Chloe Zinnia Latin A type of flower

Chloe Name Meaning & History

If you’re considering the name Chloe for your little one, you’re in for a treat! This delightful name has a fascinating history and a meaning that will tug at your heartstrings.

The name Chloe has appeared in various forms throughout history across different cultures and languages.

From ancient Greek mythology, Chloe was associated with the goddess Demeter, who symbolized fertility and agriculture.

In Greek, the name Chloe translates to “blooming” or “verdant,” evoking the image of fresh growth and new beginnings.

Chloe Name Popularity

According to Baby Center, Chloe has been on the list of top 30 popular baby girl names in the United States since 2000.

It is also a popular name in other English-speaking countries, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Nickname Ideas for Chloe

Some popular nicknames for Chloe include:

    • Lo
    • Chloe-bear
    • Chlo
    • Coco
    • Clo-Jo
    • Clover

Wrapping it Up

If you’re drawn to names with a touch of mythology and meaning that celebrates life and growth, Chloe might be the perfect choice for your precious bundle of joy.

Its rich history and timeless elegance make it a name that will be cherished for generations.

So, if you’re considering Chloe for your little one, you’re on the right path to giving her a beautiful and meaningful name.