250 Spot-On Middle Names for Ruthie

Cam Russo
250 Spot-On Middle Names for Ruthie 250 Spot-On Middle Names for Ruthie

Welcome to our exciting guide on middle names for Ruthie! Choosing a middle name is a delightful opportunity to add depth and personal significance to your little one’s name.

Whether you’re seeking a classic, trendy, or meaningful middle name, we’ve curated a collection of options that perfectly complement Ruthie.

Ready to be inspired?

Middle Names for Ruthie

Middle Name Origin Meaning
Ruthie Abigail Hebrew Father’s joy
Ruthie Adaline German Noble
Ruthie Adelaide German Noble, nobility
Ruthie Ainsley Scottish One meadow
Ruthie Alana Irish Fair, beautiful
Ruthie Alexandria Greek Defender of mankind
Ruthie Allison English Noble, of noble birth
Ruthie Alyssa Greek Rational, logical
Ruthie Amber English Fossilized tree resin
Ruthie Anastasia Greek Resurrection
Ruthie Angelina Italian Angelic
Ruthie Annalise German Graced with God’s bounty
Ruthie Annika Swedish Grace
Ruthie Annette French Grace
Ruthie April Latin To bloom
Ruthie Arabella Latin Yielding to prayer
Ruthie Ariella Hebrew Lion of God
Ruthie Arielle Hebrew Lion of God
Ruthie Ashlyn Irish Dream
Ruthie Aspen English Shaking tree
Ruthie Athena Greek Goddess of wisdom
Ruthie Autumn English Season of harvest
Ruthie Beatrice Latin Bringer of joy
Ruthie Bella Italian Beautiful
Ruthie Bethany Hebrew House of figs
Ruthie Bianca Italian White
Ruthie Blair Scottish Field or plain
Ruthie Blossom English Flowering, bloom
Ruthie Brielle French God is my strength
Ruthie Brinley English Burnt meadow
Ruthie Brooke English Small stream
Ruthie Brynn Welsh Hill
Ruthie Cadence Latin Rhythm, flow
Ruthie Calliope Greek Beautiful voice
Ruthie Camilla Latin Young ceremonial attendant
Ruthie Cassandra Greek Shining upon mankind
Ruthie Celeste French Heavenly, divine
Ruthie Celine French Heavenly
Ruthie Celestine Latin Heavenly
Ruthie Charity English Generosity
Ruthie Cheyenne Native American People of a different language
Ruthie Chloe Greek Blooming
Ruthie Clarissa Latin Bright, clear
Ruthie Clementine Latin Merciful
Ruthie Colette French Victorious
Ruthie Coraline English Maiden, coral
Ruthie Cordelia Celtic Daughter of the sea
Ruthie Corinne French Maiden
Ruthie Danielle Hebrew God is my judge
Ruthie Daphne Greek Laurel tree
Ruthie Delaney Irish Descendant of the challenger
Ruthie Delilah Hebrew Delicate, weak
Ruthie Desiree French Desired, wished for
Ruthie Diana Latin Divine
Ruthie Eden Hebrew Delight, paradise
Ruthie Edith English Prosperous in war
Ruthie Eileen Irish Bright, shining
Ruthie Elaine French Shining light
Ruthie Elise French Pledged to God
Ruthie Eloise French Famous warrior
Ruthie Emery English Brave, powerful
Ruthie Emerson English Brave, powerful
Ruthie Emilia Latin Rival, competitor
Ruthie Emily Latin To excel
Ruthie Emma German Whole, universal
Ruthie Esme French Esteemed, beloved
Ruthie Estelle French Star
Ruthie Evangeline Greek Good news
Valley of the River Kent English Wild boar meadow
Ruthie Fiona Gaelic Fair
Ruthie Florence Latin Flourishing
Ruthie Francesca Italian Free
Ruthie Gabrielle French God is my strength
Ruthie Gemma Italian Precious stone
Ruthie Genevieve French Tribe woman
Ruthie Giselle German Pledge
Ruthie Grace Latin Elegance, grace
Ruthie Gwendolyn Welsh White ring
Ruthie Hadley English Heather meadow
Ruthie Harper English Harp player
Ruthie Hazel English Hazel tree
Ruthie Helena Greek Bright, shining light
Ruthie Hope English Hope
Ruthie Imogen Celtic Beloved child
Ruthie India English River name
Ruthie Isabelle French God is my oath
Ruthie Ivy English Climbing vine
Ruthie Jacqueline French Supplanter
Ruthie Jade Spanish Stone of the side
Ruthie Jane English God is gracious
Ruthie Jasmine Persian Gift from God
Ruthie Josephine Hebrew God will add
Ruthie Joy English Joy
Ruthie Juliet English Youthful, downy
Ruthie Juniper English Evergreen tree
Ruthie Kaitlyn Irish Pure
Ruthie Kalani Hawaiian The heavens, the sky
Ruthie Kate English Pure
Ruthie Kathryn Greek Pure
Ruthie Kendall English Valley of the river Kent
Ruthie Kennedy Irish Helmeted chief
Ruthie Kimberly English Ruler, leader
Ruthie Lacey English Cheerful
Ruthie Lana Hawaiian Calm as still waters
Ruthie Lark English Songbird
Ruthie Laura Latin Laurel, honor
Ruthie Layla Arabic Night
Ruthie Leilani Hawaiian Heavenly flower
Ruthie Lena Greek Light
Ruthie Lilah Arabic Night beauty
Ruthie Lily English Lily flower
Ruthie Lorelei German Alluring, temptress
Ruthie Lucille French Light
Ruthie Lydia Greek Beautiful, noble
Ruthie Madeline English Tower
Ruthie Maeve Irish Intoxicating
Ruthie Magdalena Hebrew Woman from Magdala
Ruthie Makenzie Scottish Son of the wise ruler
Ruthie Mallory French Unfortunate, unlucky
Ruthie Mariah Hebrew Bitter, rebellious
Ruthie Marina Latin Of the sea
Ruthie Matilda German Battle-mighty
Ruthie Maxine Latin Greatest
Ruthie Melody English Song
Ruthie Meredith Welsh Great ruler
Ruthie Michelle French Who is like God
Ruthie Miriam Hebrew Wished-for child
Ruthie Monroe Scottish From the red river fort
Ruthie Natalia Latin Christmas
Ruthie Natalie French Birthday
Ruthie Noelle French Christmas
Ruthie Nova Latin New
Ruthie Ophelia Greek Help, aid
Ruthie Paige English Page, young servant
Ruthie Paisley Scottish Church
Ruthie Penelope Greek Weaver
Ruthie Peyton English From the warrior’s town
Ruthie Piper English Flute player
Ruthie Primrose English First rose
Ruthie Quinn Irish Wisdom, intelligence
Ruthie Rachel Hebrew Ewe, female sheep
Ruthie Ramona Spanish Wise guardian
Ruthie Raven English Blackbird
Ruthie Rebekah Hebrew Captivating
Ruthie Reese Welsh Ardent, fiery
Ruthie Renata Latin Reborn
Ruthie Rosalie French Rose
Ruthie Roselyn French Beautiful rose
Ruthie Rosemary English Dew of the sea
Ruthie Rowan Irish Little red-haired one
Ruthie Ruby English Red gemstone
Ruthie Sabrina Celtic Princess
Ruthie Sadie Hebrew Princess
Ruthie Sage Latin Wise
Ruthie Savannah Spanish Open plain
Ruthie Scarlett English Red
Ruthie Seraphina Hebrew Fiery, ardent
Ruthie Serena Latin Tranquil
Ruthie Serenity English Peaceful
Ruthie Shannon Gaelic Wise river
Ruthie Sierra Spanish Mountain range
Ruthie Simone French One who hears
Ruthie Skye English Sky
Ruthie Sophia Greek Wisdom
Ruthie Stella Latin Star
Ruthie Summer English Summer
Ruthie Sydney English Wide island
Ruthie Sylvia Latin Forest
Ruthie Tabitha Aramaic Gazelle
Ruthie Talia Hebrew Dew from heaven
Ruthie Tessa Greek Harvest
Ruthie Thea Greek Goddess, godly
Ruthie Theresa Greek Harvester
Ruthie Valentina Latin Strong, vigorous
Ruthie Valerie Latin Strong, brave
Ruthie Vanessa Greek Butterfly
Ruthie Veronica Greek True image
Ruthie Victoria Latin Victory
Ruthie Violet English Purple flower
Ruthie Vivienne Latin Full of life, alive
Ruthie Willow English Willow tree
Ruthie Winter English Winter
Ruthie Wren English Small bird
Ruthie Ximena Spanish Listener
Ruthie Yara Arabic Small butterfly
Ruthie Yasmin Persian Jasmine
Ruthie Yvette French Yew tree
Ruthie Yvonne French Archer
Ruthie Zara Hebrew Blooming flower
Ruthie Zariah Hebrew God has helped
Ruthie Zinnia Latin Flower
Ruthie Zoe Greek Life
Ruthie Zoey Greek Life

Nickname Ideas for Ruthie

Nicknames are a fun part of naming, as they often show affection and familiarity.

Here are a few nicknames for Ruthie:

    • Rue: Short and sweet, this nickname is easy to pronounce and remember.
  • Ruth: An obvious choice, but still charming.
  • Ruth-Beer: A nod to the famous sarsaparilla drink (and the wonderful girl with the cool new nickname). 

Ruthie Name Meaning & History

Derived from the name Ruth, which in Hebrew means “compassionate friend” or “companion,” Ruthie encapsulates the essence of kindness, loyalty, and empathy.

The name Ruthie gained popularity in the early 20th century as a beloved diminutive form of Ruth.

It holds a timeless charm that resonates with parents seeking a name that exudes warmth and approachability.

Historically, the name Ruthie traces its roots to the biblical figure of Ruth. In the Old Testament, Ruth symbolizes devotion, resilience, and unwavering faith.

Her story showcases the power of love and the importance of steadfastness, making Ruthie an embodiment of these remarkable qualities.

In contemporary society, the name Ruthie has embraced its own distinct identity. It evokes a sense of nostalgia while remaining fresh and endearing.

The simplicity and sweetness of Ruthie make it an ideal choice for parents looking to bestow a name with a touch of timeless elegance.

Ruthie Name Popularity

According to the Social Security Administration, Ruthie was ranked #1903 in popularity in 2020 in the United States, making it a unique choice for parents seeking a less common name.

Over to You!

Remember, when selecting a middle name, consider its compatibility with Ruthie’s first name and your personal values.

Whether you opt for a classic, trendy, meaningful, or family-inspired middle name, the goal is to create a harmonious combination that will stand the test of time.

As you embark on this journey of selecting a middle name for Ruthie, trust your intuition and listen to your heart.

Your baby girl’s middle name should hold a special place in your family’s story, reflecting your hopes, dreams, and love.