484 Gorgeous Middle Names for Isabella

Cam Russo
484 Gorgeous Middle Names for Isabella 484 Gorgeous Middle Names for Isabella

In this post, we’ve compiled a dazzling list of exquisite middle names for Isabella to inspire you and help you find the perfect match for your little one.

So, whether you’re searching for a traditional, trendy, or unconventional option, we’ve got you covered.

With our help, you’ll discover the perfect combination that showcases the beauty and uniqueness of your little one.

Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity and imagination as we explore the most beautiful middle names for Isabella.

Isabella Name Meaning & History

The name Isabella is of Spanish and Italian origin and means “God is my oath.” It’s a variant of Elizabeth derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba.

In the Bible, Elisheba was the wife of the Israelite prophet Aaron and the mother of Moses’ two nephews.

Isabella is a name that exudes strength, beauty, and grace. It’s a timeless name that has been used for generations and is still popular today.

Many parents are drawn to the name’s meaning, representing a strong commitment to God.

The name has also been associated with royalty and nobility, making it a popular choice for parents who want to give their children a regal-sounding name. 

Middle Name Ideas for Isabella

There are many options if you’re looking for a middle name for Isabella. Some popular choices include Rose, Grace, Marie, Sophia, and Elizabeth.

However, you can also choose a unique name that has a special meaning to you or your family. 

Here are some of the best middle names for Isabella!

Middle Name Origin Translation
Isabella Abigail Hebrew My Father’s Joy
Isabella Adalyn German Noble One
Isabella Addison English Son of Adam
Isabella Adeline French Noble
Isabella Adriana Latin From Hadria
Isabella Aileen Irish Bright, Shining Light
Isabella Alexandra Greek Defender of Mankind
Isabella Alice Germanic Noble
Isabella Alicia Latin Noble
Isabella Alina Greek Light
Isabella Alisa Hebrew Great Happiness
Isabella Alivia Latin Alive
Isabella Allegra Italian Joyful, Lively
Isabella Allison English Son of the Noble One
Isabella Alma Spanish Soul, Spirit
Isabella Alyssa Greek Rational, Logical
Isabella Amalia Germanic Work, Industrious
Isabella Amanda Latin Lovable, Worthy of Love
Isabella Amelia Germanic Work, Industrious
Isabella Anastasia Greek Resurrection
Isabella Andrea Greek Manly, Brave
Isabella Angel Greek Messenger, Angel
Isabella Angela Greek Messenger, Angel
Isabella Angelica Greek Messenger, Angel
Isabella Angelina Greek Messenger, Angel
Isabella Annabelle French Gracious, Beautiful
Isabella Annette French Gracious, Merciful
Isabella Annika German Gracious, Merciful
Isabella Antonia Latin Priceless, Inestimable
Isabella April Latin To Open, Spring
Isabella Arabella Latin Beautiful
Isabella Ariana Greek Very Holy
Isabella Ariel Hebrew Lion of God
Isabella Arlene Gaelic Oath, Pledge
Isabella Ashlyn Irish Dream
Isabella Aspen English Tree Name
Isabella Aubree French Elf Ruler
Isabella Audrey English Noble Strength
Isabella Aurora Latin Dawn
Isabella Autumn Latin Season of Harvest
Isabella Ava Germanic Bird
Isabella Avery English Elf Ruler
Isabella Beatrice Latin She Who Brings Happiness
Isabella Bella Italian Beautiful
Isabella Belle French Beautiful
Isabella Bernadette Germanic Brave as a Bear
Isabella Beth Hebrew God is My Oath
Isabella Bianca Italian White
Isabella Blaire Scottish Field, Plain
Isabella Blake English Black
Isabella Blossom English Flower
Isabella Bree Irish Strength
Isabella Brianna Irish Strong, Virtuous
Isabella Bridget Irish Strength, Exalted One
Isabella Brinley English Burnt Meadow
Isabella Brooklyn English Water, Stream
Isabella Brynn Welsh Hill
Isabella Cadence Latin Rhythm, Beat
Isabella Caitlin Irish Pure, Chaste
Isabella Cali Greek Beautiful
Isabella Calla Greek Beautiful
Isabella Camila Latin Young Ceremonial Attendant
Isabella Camille French Young Ceremonial Attendant
Isabella Candace Greek Glowing, Brilliant
Isabella Capri Italian Goat
Isabella Cara Italian Beloved
Isabella Carly English Free Person
Isabella Carmen Spanish Song
Isabella Caroline Germanic Free Woman
Isabella Carter English Cart Driver
Isabella Cassandra Greek Shining Upon Men
Isabella Cassidy Irish Clever
Isabella Catalina Spanish Pure
Isabella Catherine Greek Pure
Isabella Cecelia Latin Blind
Isabella Celeste Latin Heavenly
Isabella Celia Latin Heavenly
Isabella Charlotte Germanic Free Woman
Isabella Chelsea English Chalk Landing Place
Isabella Cherish English To Treasure, To Care For
Isabella Cheyenne Native American Unintelligible Speakers
Isabella Chloe Greek Blooming
Isabella Christina Greek Follower of Christ
Isabella Christine Greek Follower of Christ
Isabella Claire French Clear, Bright
Isabella Clara Latin Clear, Bright
Isabella Clarissa Latin Clear, Bright
Isabella Claudia Latin Lame
Isabella Colette French Victorious, People’s Triumph
Isabella Colleen Irish Girl
Isabella Constance Latin Steadfast, Constant
Isabella Coral English Semitransparent Red or Pink Gemstone
Isabella Cordelia Latin Heart
Isabella Corinne French Maiden
Isabella Courtney French Court Attendant
Isabella Crystal English Clear, Brilliant Glass
Isabella Cynthia Greek From Mount Kynthos
Isabella Dahlia Swedish Dahlia Flower
Isabella Daisy English Day’s Eye, Eye of the Day
Isabella Dakota Native American Friendly Companion
Isabella Dana Hebrew God is My Judge
Isabella Daniela Hebrew God is My Judge
Isabella Danielle Hebrew God is My Judge
Isabella Daphne Greek Laurel Tree
Isabella Darlene English Dear, Beloved
Isabella Davina Scottish Beloved
Isabella Dawn English Daybreak, Sunrise
Isabella Daya Sanskrit Compassion, Kindness
Isabella Delaney Irish From the Alder Grove
Isabella Delilah Hebrew Delicate, Weakened
Isabella Denise French Follower of Dionysus
Isabella Desiree French Desired
Isabella Destiny English Fate, Fortune
Isabella Devyn Irish Poet, Bard
Isabella Diana Latin Divine, Heavenly
Isabella Diane French Divine
Isabella Dina Hebrew Judged
Isabella Dominique French Belonging to the Lord
Isabella Donna Italian Lady, Woman
Isabella Doreen Irish Sullen, Melancholy
Isabella Dorothy Greek Gift of God
Isabella Drew English Manly
Isabella Dulce Spanish Sweet
Isabella Ebony English Dark Black Wood
Isabella Eden Hebrew Delight
Isabella Edith English Riches, Blessed
Isabella Edna Hebrew Rejuvenation
Isabella Elaine French Bright, Shining Light
Isabella Eleanor Greek Shining Light
Isabella Elena Spanish Bright, Shining Light
Isabella Eliana Hebrew God has Answered
Isabella Elise French Promise of God
Isabella Eliza Hebrew God is My Oath
Isabella Elizabeth Hebrew God is My Oath
Isabella Ella German Beautiful, Fairy Maiden
Isabella Ellen Greek Sun Ray, Shining Light
Isabella Ellie English Light, Bright
Isabella Elsie Hebrew God is My Oath
Isabella Ember English Burning Ember, Spark
Isabella Emelia German Industrious, Striving
Isabella Emery English Industrious Ruler
Isabella Emilie Latin Rival, Imitator
Isabella Emily Latin Rival, Imitator
Isabella Emma German Universal, Whole
Isabella Emmalyn German Universal, Beautiful
Isabella Emory English Home Strength
Isabella Erica Old Norse Ever Ruler
Isabella Erin Irish Ireland
Isabella Esme French Esteemed, Loved
Isabella Esperanza Spanish Hope
Isabella Estelle French Star
Isabella Esther Persian Star
Isabella Ethel English Noble
Isabella Etta German Little One
Isabella Eunice Greek Good Victory
Isabella Eva Hebrew Life
Isabella Eve Hebrew Life
Isabella Evelyn English Desired, Beautiful Bird
Isabella Evie Hebrew Life
Isabella Faith English Faith, Trust
Isabella Fallon Irish Superiority, Descendant of the Ruler
Isabella Faye English Fairy
Isabella Felicity Latin Happiness, Good Fortune
Isabella Fern English Fern Plant
Isabella Fiona Gaelic Fair, White
Isabella Flora Latin Flower
Isabella Florence Latin Flourishing, Prosperous
Isabella Frances Latin Free
Isabella Francine Latin Free
Isabella Freya Norse Noble Woman
Isabella Frida German Peaceful, Peaceful Ruler
Isabella Gabriela Hebrew God is My Strength
Isabella Gabriella Hebrew God is My Strength
Isabella Gail Hebrew My Father is Joy
Isabella Gemma Italian Gem, Jewel
Isabella Genesis Greek Beginning, Birth
Isabella Genevieve French Woman of the People
Isabella Georgia Greek Farmer
Isabella Gia Italian God is Gracious
Isabella Gianna Italian God is Gracious
Isabella Giselle German Pledge, Oath
Isabella Gloria Latin Glory
Isabella Grace Latin Grace, Elegance
Isabella Gracie Latin Grace, Elegance
Isabella Greta German Pearl
Isabella Gretchen German Pearl
Isabella Guadalupe Spanish River of Black Stones
Isabella Gwendolyn Welsh White Browed, Blessed Ring
Isabella Hadley English Heath Covered Meadow
Isabella Hailey English Hay Clearing
Isabella Haleigh English Hay Meadow
Isabella Hana Arabic Happiness, Bliss
Isabella Hannah Hebrew Favor, Grace
Isabella Harper English Harp Player
Isabella Harriet English Home Ruler
Isabella Hayley English Hay Clearing
Isabella Hazel English Hazel Tree
Isabella Heather English Heather Plant
Isabella Heidi German Noble, Kind
Isabella Helen Greek Bright, Shining Light
Isabella Helene Greek Torch, Shining Light
Isabella Henrietta German Ruler of the Home
Isabella Hera Greek Heroine
Isabella Hillary Latin Cheerful, Happy
Isabella Holly English Holly Tree
Isabella Hope English Hope
Isabella Hortense Latin Garden
Isabella Hunter English Hunter, Pursuer
Isabella Iliana Greek Light
Isabella Imelda Italian Whole, Universal
Isabella Imogen Gaelic Beloved Child
Isabella Ines Spanish Pure, Virginal
Isabella Inez Spanish Pure, Virginal
Isabella Ingrid Norse Beautiful, Fair
Isabella Irene Greek Peace
Isabella Iris Greek Rainbow
Isabella Isabel Hebrew God is My Oath
Isabella Isadora Greek Gift of Isis
Isabella Ivy English Climbing Vine Plant
Isabella Jacinta Spanish Hyacinth Flower
Isabella Jacklyn Hebrew Supplanter
Isabella Jacqueline French Supplanter
Isabella Jade Spanish Precious Stone
Isabella Jaida Arabic Benefit, Generosity
Isabella Jailyn American Modern name, no specific meaning
Isabella Jana Hebrew Gift from God
Isabella Jane English God is Gracious
Isabella Janelle English God is Gracious
Isabella Janet English God is Gracious
Isabella Janice Hebrew God is Gracious
Isabella Janine Hebrew God is Gracious
Isabella Jasmine Persian Gift from God
Isabella Jayla American Modern name, no specific meaning
Isabella Jayleen American Modern name, no specific meaning
Isabella Jaylene American Modern name, no specific meaning
Isabella Jazlyn American Modern name, no specific meaning
Isabella Jean French God is Gracious
Isabella Jeanette French God is Gracious
Isabella Jemma Hebrew Supplanter
Isabella Jenelle English White Wave
Isabella Jenna Welsh White, Smooth
Isabella Jennifer Cornish White Wave
Isabella Jenny Welsh White, Smooth
Isabella Jessica Hebrew God Beholds
Isabella Jessie Hebrew God Beholds
Isabella Jewel English Precious Stone
Isabella Jillian Latin Youthful
Isabella Jocelyn German Joyous
Isabella Jolene French Violet Flower
Isabella Josephine Hebrew God will Add
Isabella Journey English Travel, Adventure
Isabella Joy English Joy, Happiness
Isabella Joyce English Joy, Happiness
Isabella Juanita Spanish God is Gracious
Isabella Judith Hebrew Praised
Isabella Julia Latin Youthful
Isabella Julianne Latin Youthful
Isabella Julie French Youthful
Isabella Juliet French Youthful
Isabella Juliette French Youthful
Isabella June Latin Young
Isabella Juniper English Juniper Tree
Isabella Justine Latin Just, Fair
Isabella Kaitlyn Irish Pure
Isabella Kaleigh Irish Pure
Isabella Kali Sanskrit The Dark One
Isabella Karen Danish Pure
Isabella Karina Italian Dear, Beloved
Isabella Karla German Strong, Womanly
Isabella Karolina German Free Woman
Isabella Kassandra Greek Shining Upon Man
Isabella Kate English Pure
Isabella Katelyn Irish Pure
Isabella Katherine Greek Pure
Isabella Kathleen Irish Pure
Isabella Kathryn Greek Pure
Isabella Kathy Greek Pure
Isabella Katie Greek Pure
Isabella Katrin German Pure
Isabella Kay Welsh Pure
Isabella Kayla American Modern name, no specific meaning
Isabella Kaylee American Modern name, no specific meaning
Isabella Keira Irish Dark Haired
Isabella Kelly Irish Bright-Headed
Isabella Kendall English Valley of the River Kent
Isabella Kennedy Irish Helmeted Chief
Isabella Kenna Irish Handsome
Isabella Kenya Kikuyu Mount Kenya
Isabella Kiera Irish Dark Haired
Isabella Kim English Brave Leader
Isabella Kimberly English Ruler, Leader
Isabella Kinley Irish White Warrior
Isabella Kirsten Danish Christian
Isabella Kirstin Danish Christian
Isabella Kora Greek Maiden
Isabella Krista Danish Christian
Isabella Kristen Danish Christian
Isabella Kristin Danish Christian
Isabella Kristina Danish Christian
Isabella Kristine Danish Christian
Isabella Kylie Australian Modern name, no specific meaning
Isabella Lacey English Cheerful
Isabella Laila Arabic Night
Isabella Lana English Light
Isabella Lara Latin Laurel
Isabella Larissa Greek Cheerful, Lighthearted
Isabella Laura Latin Laurel
Isabella Laurel English Laurel
Isabella Lauren Latin Laurel
Isabella Lauryn Latin Laurel
Isabella Layla Arabic Night
Isabella Leah Hebrew Weary
Isabella Leila Arabic Night
Isabella Leilani Hawaiian Heavenly Flower
Isabella Lena German Light
Isabella Leona Latin Lioness
Isabella Leslie Scottish Holly Garden
Isabella Letitia Latin Joyful, Happy
Isabella Lexi Greek Defender of Mankind
Isabella Liana Italian Youthful, Graceful
Isabella Liberty English Freedom
Isabella Lila Arabic Night
Isabella Lilah Arabic Night
Isabella Lilia Latin Lily
Isabella Liliana Latin Lily
Isabella Lilith Hebrew Night Monster
Isabella Lillian Latin Lily
Isabella Lily English Lily
Isabella Lilyana English Combination of Lily and Anna
Isabella Linda Spanish Pretty
Isabella Lindsay Scottish Lake Dweller
Isabella Lindsey Scottish Lake Dweller
Isabella Lisa Hebrew God is My Oath
Isabella Livia Latin Blue
Isabella Lizbeth Hebrew God is My Oath
Isabella Lizzie Hebrew God is My Oath
Isabella Logan Scottish Little Hollow
Isabella Lola Spanish Sorrow
Isabella London English From London
Isabella Lorelei German Alluring
Isabella Lori English Laurel
Isabella Lorraine French From Lorraine
Isabella Louisa German Renowned Warrior
Isabella Louise French Famous Warrior
Isabella Luciana Italian Light
Isabella Lucille French Light
Isabella Lucy English Light
Isabella Lulu Arabic Pearl
Isabella Luna Spanish Moon
Isabella Lydia Greek From Lydia
Isabella Lyla English Night
Isabella Lyndsay Scottish From the Island of the Lime Tree
Isabella Lynn English Waterfall
Isabella Lynnette English Little Lion
Isabella Mabel Latin Lovable
Isabella Maci English Weapon
Isabella Mackenzie Scottish Child of the Wise Leader
Isabella Macy English Weapon
Isabella Madalyn English High Tower
Isabella Maddie English Mighty in Battle
Isabella Madeline English Tower
Isabella Madison English Son of Matthew
Isabella Mae English Pearl
Isabella Magdalena Greek From Magdala
Isabella Maggie English Pearl
Isabella Magnolia English Magnolia Flower
Isabella Maia Greek Great
Isabella Makayla Hebrew Who is like God
Isabella Malia Hawaiian Calm, Peaceful
Isabella Mallory French Unfortunate
Isabella Malory French Unfortunate
Isabella Mara Hebrew Bitter
Isabella Marcia Latin Warlike
Isabella Margaret Greek Pearl
Isabella Margarita Spanish Pearl
Isabella Margot French Pearl
Isabella Maria Hebrew Bitter
Isabella Mariah Hebrew Bitter
Isabella Mariam Hebrew Bitter
Isabella Marian English Bitter
Isabella Maribel Latin Beautiful Sea
Isabella Marie French Bitter
Isabella Mariela Spanish Bitter
Isabella Marilyn English Sea of Bitterness
Isabella Marisol Spanish Sea and Sun
Isabella Marissa Latin Of the Sea
Isabella Maritza Spanish Of the Sea
Isabella Marjorie French Pearl
Isabella Marlene German Tender, Delicate
Isabella Marnie English From the Sea
Isabella Marsha English Of Mars, the God of War
Isabella Martha Aramaic Lady
Isabella Mary Hebrew Bitter
Isabella Mason English Stone Worker
Isabella Matilda German Mighty in Battle
Isabella Mattie Hebrew Lady
Isabella Maxine Latin Greatest
Isabella Maya Hebrew Water
Isabella Mckenna Irish Son of Cionaodh
Isabella Megan Welsh Pearl
Isabella Melinda English Gentle, Sweet
Isabella Melissa Greek Bee
Isabella Melody English Song
Isabella Meredith Welsh Great Ruler
Isabella Mia Italian Mine
Isabella Michaela Hebrew Who is like God
Isabella Michelle French Who is like God
Isabella Mila Slavic Gracious, Dear
Isabella Mildred English Gentle Strength
Isabella Milena Slavic Gracious, Dear
Isabella Miley English Smiling
Isabella Millie English Gentle Strength
Isabella Mina German Love
Isabella Miranda Latin Worthy of Admiration
Isabella Miriam Hebrew Rebellious
Isabella Molly Irish Star of the Sea
Isabella Mona Irish Noble, Aristocratic
Isabella Monique French Advisor
Isabella Morgan Welsh Sea Circle
Isabella Muriel Irish Sea Bright
Isabella Mya Greek Great
Isabella Myra Greek Sweet-smelling Oil
Isabella Nadia Russian Hope
Isabella Nadine French Hope
Isabella Nancy Hebrew Grace
Isabella Naomi Hebrew Pleasantness
Isabella Natalia Latin Christmas Day
Isabella Natalie Latin Christmas Day
Isabella Natasha Russian Born on Christmas Day
Isabella Nellie English Light
Isabella Nia Welsh Bright
Isabella Nichole French Victory of the People
Isabella Nicole French Victory of the People
Isabella Nicolette French Victory of the People
Isabella Nieve Spanish Snow
Isabella Niki Greek Victory of the People
Isabella Nikki Greek Victory of the People
Isabella Nina Spanish Little Girl
Isabella Noelle French Christmas
Isabella Noemi Hebrew Pleasantness
Isabella Nora English Honor
Isabella Norma Latin Pattern, Rule
Isabella Nova Latin New
Isabella Nyah African Purpose
Isabella Oakley English Meadow of Oak Trees
Isabella Odette German Wealth
Isabella Olga Scandinavian Holy
Isabella Olive English Olive Tree
Isabella Olivia Latin Olive Tree
Isabella Ophelia Greek Help
Isabella Oriana Latin Golden
Isabella Paige English Assistant
Isabella Paisley Scottish Church
Isabella Paloma Spanish Dove
Isabella Pamela Greek Honey
Isabella Paola Italian Small
Isabella Paris Greek Wager
Isabella Patience English Patience
Isabella Patricia Latin Noble
Isabella Paulina Latin Small
Isabella Payton English Fighter’s Town
Isabella Pearl English Precious Gem
Isabella Penelope Greek Weaver
Isabella Perla Italian Pearl
Isabella Petra Greek Rock
Isabella Peyton English Fighting Man’s Estate
Isabella Phoebe Greek Bright, Pure
Isabella Phoenix Greek Dark Red
Isabella Piper English Flute Player
Isabella Polly English Bitter
Isabella Poppy Latin Poppy Flower
Isabella Portia Latin Pig
Isabella Priscilla Latin Ancient
Isabella Quinn Irish Wise
Isabella Rachael Hebrew Ewe
Isabella Rachel Hebrew Ewe
Isabella Raine English Rain
Isabella Ramona Spanish Wise Protector
Isabella Raquel Hebrew Ewe
Isabella Raven English Raven
Isabella Reese Welsh Ardent, Fiery
Isabella Regina Latin Queen, Ruler
Isabella Renee French Reborn

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Isabella Name Popularity

Isabella has been a popular name for centuries and is still strong today. According to the Social Security Administration, Isabella was the seventh most popular name for baby girls in the United States in 2021.

It’s been in the top 10 since 2004 and reached number one in 2010. 

Isabella’s popularity is not limited to the United States. It’s a popular name in many countries worldwide, including Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

In fact, Queen Isabella of Spain was one of the most powerful and influential Isabellas in European history!

It’s also a popular name in Latin America, often with the alternate spelling “Isabela”. 

Nickname Ideas for Isabella

If you’re considering naming your baby girl Isabella, you might wonder if there are any cute and creative nicknames. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Here are some of the best nickname ideas for Isabella:

    • Bella: This is the most popular nickname for Isabella. It’s short, sweet, and easy to pronounce. It means “beautiful” in Italian, which makes it an extra special nickname for your little one.
    • Izzy: This is a fun, spunky nickname perfect for a little girl full of energy. It’s also easy to pronounce and spell, making it a great choice for parents who want a simple nickname for their child.
    • Belle: This nickname resembles Bella but has a slightly different feel. It’s a bit more old-fashioned and elegant, which makes it a great choice for parents who want a classic nickname for their little girl.
    • Isa: This is a unique and uncommon nickname for Isabella. It’s short and sweet, and it has a modern, trendy feel to it.
    • Izzie: This is another fun and spunky nickname perfect for a little girl who’s full of personality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Isabella mean?

The name Isabella means “God is my oath” in Spanish and Italian.

Is Isabella a biblical name?

The name Isabella does not appear in the Bible, so it has no biblical meaning. However, Isabella is derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba, which means “God is my oath.” In Spanish and Italian, it has been adapted as a variation of that name.

What color represents the name Isabella?

The color pink is often connected to Isabella due to its feminine and romantic qualities. In contrast, others may associate it with blue or purple for its regal origins.

How rare is the name Isabella?

Not that rare. Isabella was the 7th most popular girls’ name in the United States in 2021.