The Lowdown on the Onion-in-Sock Remedy for Fever 

fever cure onion in sock

Many parents swear by the onion-in-sock remedy for fever, but does it really work?

This age-old home remedy has been used for generations to reduce fevers in children, but is there any scientific evidence to back up its efficacy?

Let’s take a closer look at the onion-in-sock remedy and find out if it really works. 

How It Works 

The onion-in-sock remedy is based on the principle that onions can draw out toxins from the body.

By cutting an onion in half and placing it in a sock, then placing this sock near your child’s feet while they sleep, some believe that the onion can draw away heat and toxins from your child’s system.

This theory claims that these toxins are released through sweat during the night.  

The Science Behind It 

Unfortunately, no scientific evidence supports this method of reducing fever. Studies have shown that onions contain antioxidant compounds which can help boost immunity, but no concrete evidence exists showing that onions can be used to draw out toxins or reduce fevers.

Onions also do not possess antiseptic properties that would make them more effective at removing bacteria or viruses from your child’s system.

While some people swear by this home remedy, there is no definitive proof that it works as intended. 

Most experts agree that this home remedy may provide some relief due to its soothing nature, and its scent can help ease congestion when placed near a sick person’s head or feet. Onions are a nutrient powerhouse, containing strong antioxidants like:

  • Vitamin C
  • Quercetin Vitamin B
  • Potassium

However, don’t rely on it as your sole method of treating fever. Instead, you should always seek medical advice first if your child has a high fever or any other serious symptoms associated with their illness. 


The jury is still out on whether the onion-in-sock remedy provides any real health benefits for those suffering from a fever—but many parents still swear by it nonetheless!

While there is no scientific proof to back up this method of reducing fever in children, placing an onion inside a sock may still provide some comfort due to its soothing aroma and possibly even help alleviate congestion when placed near their heads or feet while they sleep.

However, if your child has a severe fever, always seek medical attention before trying any home remedies—including this one!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can onions help with respiratory infections?

Both raw onion juice and the essential oil found in onion skin are believed to act as a decongestant when used topically or inhaled, helping to clear chest congestion. To take advantage of these properties, many people add raw sliced onions to steaming water and breathe in the steam or use a similar method with warm compresses over the chest area.

Does onion help baby fever?

Many mothers claim that rubbing cut onion slices on their babies’ feet has helped bring down a fever quickly. However, scientific studies have not yet confirmed any evidence of this, so it is important for parents to exercise caution when trying an unconventional home remedy such as this one.

How do you lower a child’s fever quickly?

A helpful starting point is lots of fluids – water, juice, and electrolyte drinks are all great options. Additionally, reducing their temperature through tepid baths or sponging those hot spots like the armpits, chest, and back with lukewarm water can help. Cooler room temperatures and light clothing also help, but if their fever continues to remain high, it’s always wise to consult a health professional for further advice on how best to proceed.

Does onion clean your lungs?

Although there have been claims that onion can clean the lungs, no scientific evidence or research clearly supports this. Onions have fantastic health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and helping to balance hormones, but they do not detoxify the lungs.


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