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How to Get Your Kids to Enjoy Nature Journaling

We all desire our child to enjoy nature journaling. However, often times, the homeschooling mother loves the idea of adding nature journaling to their homeschool plans, but they find resistance in their children. These things will help you implement a desired method... read more

Nature Walk Bag

If you know anything about the Charlotte Mason way, you know how important it is to take a nature walk as part of a child’s education. Many times we get so focused on the book academics that we lose sight of the benefits of taking these walks with our children,... read more

How to Teach the Constitution

The Constitution is something that all United States citizens should know and understand. Without the knowledge of the Constitution, you are giving up rights without even being aware of them, and in today’s culture, it is very important. Regardless if you we in... read more

The Ultimate List of American History Learning Resources

Do you desire to teach your children through living books? If so, you may not know where to look or what options are available for you, so I decided to create a list of American history learning resources for families with all ages. The Ultimate List of American... read more

A Book List for Christian Boys

Good wholesome book lists for Christian boys are hard to find. My daughter’s love of books, and my determination to give them quality over quantity has also helped in finding the books that fill their mind while shaping their character. A Book List for Christian... read more

10 Things Boys Should Do When They Are Young

Boys have imaginations that need to have the permission to be explored. With raising our three boys, I have found that there are things boys should do when they are young to help them with not only getting their imagination an outlet but build necessary skills that... read more

A Book List for Christian Girls

If you are anything like me, you are always looking for good books for your children. My daughter was our avid reader from an early age, and I could hardly keep up with reviewing books for her to read on her own. This book list for Christian girls should help you in... read more

Preparing a Hope Chest: Reawakening a Tradition

Have you ever heard of a hope chest? I was a mother of three before I have ever heard of the term, and what it really means to have a ‘hope chest’. The moment I learned about it, I was ready to reawaken the tradition with our daughter and we did on her... read more

Homeschool Planners for the Whole Family

Do you want to teach independence and accountability to your children, but not sure how to do it? I would like to introduce you to a set of homeschool planners that will help you accomplish that while organizing assignments, schedules and responsibilities for all... read more

10 Charlotte Mason Books All Homeschool Moms Should Read

No matter how many years you have homeschooled, all homeschool moms could benefit from reading some of my favorite Charlotte Mason books for inspiration on how to have more peaceful school days. So before you plan your next school year, you should check out a few of... read more

Learning Math Facts Through Music

Music is an amazing tool for creativity, movement and learning. I would love to share some great resources with you of how you can encourage your children to learn math through music. Learning Math Facts Through Music Child can struggle while learning math facts, but... read more

Learning Math with Dominos

We don’t do math workbooks for the first two years of school, but focus on hands-on activities to teach the math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. My kids have loved this way of play to learn these skills. This learning math with... read more

How to Get Rid of the Stomach Bug

We all dread the horrible stomach bug, because we know that when one of your family members get it, it will make its way through the whole family. It doesn’t have to be that way. I would love to share how to get rid of the stomach bug at the first sign, and even... read more

How to Teach Kids Not to Spread Germs

There has been some seasons in our life that the best plan of sick-proofing our kids during the winter is literally staying at home, and isolating ourselves from others. We did this a lot when our last child struggled with so many issues due to his immune system being... read more

How to Treat a Child’s Cold Naturally

We hate it when our child gets sick, especially when they are so little, and they just can’t tell us what isn’t feeling good to them. Finding ways to treat a child’s cold naturally has always been how we like to do things in our home, but often... read more

5 Ways to Strengthen a Child’s Immune System

Who enjoys it when their child gets sick? No one does! When our youngest was a baby, his immune system was horrible and he caught everything. This all stemmed from him having a health issue that caused him not to be able to get into a good sleep, and it lowered his... read more

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