280 Middle Names for Zachary (or Zach)

Cam Russo
280 Middle Names for Zachary (or Zach) 280 Middle Names for Zachary (or Zach)

Today, we’ll be diving into the world of names to uncover the best middle names for Zachary.

Since you’re reading this article right now, chances are you’re expecting a little bundle of joy and considering the name Zachary (or Zach for short).

Well, kudos to you because Zachary is a strong, traditional name with a deep history.

But what about the middle name? You can’t just pair such a mighty first name with any middle name. Oh no, no, no. The middle name has to be equally special.

And that, dear reader, is where I come in.

Buckle up and prepare for a fun journey through middle names for Zachary, nickname ideas, and the meaning and history of the name Zachary itself.

Middle Names for Zachary

Let’s start with the middle names for Zachary. After all, a middle name is like a secret sauce that adds flavor to the main dish that is the first name.

It can be a tribute to a loved one, an ode to someone you admire, or simply a name you adore.

Now, Zachary is a solid name, and it needs a middle name that complements it well.

Check out our list below!

Middle Name Origin Translation
Zachary Aaron Hebrew “high mountain”
Zachary Abram Hebrew “exalted father”
Zachary Adrian Latin “from Hadria”
Zachary Aiden Irish “little fire”
Zachary Alan Celtic “handsome”
Zachary Alessandro Italian “defender of the people.”
Zachary Alex Greek “defender of mankind”
Zachary Alexander Greek “defender of mankind”
Zachary Anderson English “son of Andrew”
Zachary Andre French “manly”
Zachary Andrew Greek “manly”
Zachary Anthony Latin “priceless”
Zachary Archer English “bowman”
Zachary Arthur Celtic “bear”
Zachary Asher Hebrew “fortunate, blessed”
Zachary Austin English “great, magnificent”
Zachary Beau French “handsome”
Zachary Benjamin Hebrew “son of the right hand”
Zachary Bennett Latin “blessed”
Zachary Bentley English “meadow with coarse grass”
Zachary Blake English “fair-haired”
Zachary Brent English “hill”
Zachary Brian Irish “strong, virtuous”
Zachary Brooks English “near the brook”
Zachary Bruce Scottish “from the brushwood thicket”
Zachary Bryce Scottish “speckled”
Zachary Caleb Hebrew “faithful”
Zachary Cameron Scottish “crooked nose”
Zachary Carson Scottish “son of Carr”
Zachary Carter English “cart driver”
Zachary Chase English “hunter”
Zachary Christian Greek “follower of Christ”
Zachary Christopher Greek “bearer of Christ”
Zachary Clark English “scribe, secretary”
Zachary Cole English “charcoal, black”
Zachary Colin Scottish “young cub”
Zachary Connor Irish “lover of hounds”
Zachary Cooper English “barrel maker”
Zachary Craig Scottish “rock”
Zachary Damian Greek “to tame”
Zachary Dane English “from Denmark”
Zachary Daniel Hebrew “God is my judge”
Zachary David Hebrew “beloved”
Zachary Davis English “son of David”
Zachary Dean English “church official”
Zachary Dennis Greek “follower of Dionysus”
Zachary Devin Irish “poet”
Zachary Devon English “from Devonshire”
Zachary Dominic Latin “of the Lord”
Zachary Donovan Irish “dark-haired chieftain”
Zachary Drake English “dragon”
Zachary Drew English “manly”
Zachary Dylan Welsh “son of the sea”
Zachary Earl English “nobleman”
Zachary Edward English “wealthy guardian”
Zachary Elijah Hebrew “my God is Yahweh”
Zachary Ellis English “benevolent”
Zachary Ethan Hebrew “strong, firm”
Zachary Evan Welsh “God is gracious”
Zachary Ezra Hebrew “help”
Zachary Felix Latin “fortunate, happy”
Zachary Finn Irish “fair, white”
Zachary Finnegan Irish “fair, white”
Zachary Fletcher English “arrow maker”
Zachary Flynn Irish “son of the red-haired one”
Zachary Ford English “river crossing”
Zachary Frank German “free man”
Zachary Gabriel Hebrew “God is my strength”
Zachary Gavin Welsh “white hawk”
Zachary George Greek “farmer”
Zachary Grant English “great”
Zachary Gray English “gray-haired”
Zachary Grayson English “son of the bailiff”
Zachary Griffin Welsh “strong lord”
Zachary Hayden English “heathen”
Zachary Hayes English “hedged area”
Zachary Heath English “heathland”
Zachary Henry German “ruler of the home”
Zachary Holden English “hollow valley”
Zachary Hugh German “heart, mind, spirit”
Zachary Hunter English “one who hunts”
Zachary Ian Scottish “God is gracious”
Zachary Isaac Hebrew “he will laugh”
Zachary Isaiah Hebrew “Yahweh is salvation”
Zachary Ivan Slavic “God is gracious”
Zachary Jace American “moon”
Zachary Jack English “God is gracious”
Zachary Jacob Hebrew “supplanter”
Zachary James English “supplanter”
Zachary Jameson English “son of James”
Zachary Jason Greek “healer”
Zachary Jasper Persian “treasurer”
Zachary Jay Latin “jaybird”
Zachary Joel Hebrew “Yahweh is God”
Zachary John Hebrew “God is gracious”
Zachary Jones Welsh “God is gracious”
Zachary Jordan Hebrew “to flow down”
Zachary Jude Latin “praised”
Zachary Julian Latin “youthful”
Zachary Justin Latin “just”
Zachary Kane Irish “warrior”
Zachary Karl German “man”
Zachary Keith Scottish “wood”
Zachary Kent English “edge, border”
Zachary Kevin Irish “handsome, gentle”
Zachary Kieran Irish “dark-haired”
Zachary Kingston English “king’s town”
Zachary Kirk Scottish “church”
Zachary Kyle Scottish “narrow strait”
Zachary Lance French “land”
Zachary Landon English “long hill”
Zachary Lane English “narrow road”
Zachary Lee English “clearing”
Zachary Leo Latin “lion”
Zachary Liam Irish “resolute protector”
Zachary Lincoln English “settlement by the pool”
Zachary Lloyd Welsh “gray-haired”
Zachary Logan Scottish “small hollow”
Zachary Louis French “renowned warrior”
Zachary Lucas Latin “light, illumination”
Zachary Luke Greek “light-giving”
Zachary Maddox Welsh “fortunate, lucky”
Zachary Mark Latin “warlike”
Zachary Mason English “stone worker”
Zachary Matthew Hebrew “gift of Yahweh”
Zachary Max Latin “greatest”
Zachary Maxwell Scottish “great spring”
Zachary Micah Hebrew “who is like Yahweh”
Zachary Miles Latin “soldier”
Zachary Nathan Hebrew “gift from God”
Zachary Nathaniel Hebrew “gift of God”
Zachary Neil Irish “champion”
Zachary Nicholas Greek “victory of the people”
Zachary Nick Greek “victory of the people”
Zachary Noah Hebrew “rest, comfort”
Zachary Noel French “Christmas”
Zachary Nolan Irish “noble, champion”
Zachary Oliver Latin “olive tree”
Zachary Orion Greek “hunter”
Zachary Oscar Irish “deer lover”
Zachary Owen Welsh “young warrior”
Zachary Parker English “park keeper”
Zachary Patrick Latin “noble, patrician”
Zachary Paul Latin “small”
Zachary Pax Latin “peace”
Zachary Peter Greek “rock”
Zachary Philip Greek “lover of horses”
Zachary Pierce English “rock”
Zachary Preston English “priest’s town”
Zachary Quentin Latin “fifth”
Zachary Quinn Irish “wisdom”
Zachary Ralph Old Norse “wolf counsel”
Zachary Ray English “beam of light”
Zachary Raymond German “wise protector”
Zachary Reed English “red-haired”
Zachary Reese Welsh “ardor”
Zachary Rex Latin “king”
Zachary Rhys Welsh “enthusiasm”
Zachary Roman Latin “from Rome”
Zachary Ross Scottish “promontory”
Zachary Roy Scottish “red-haired”
Zachary Ryan Irish “little king”
Zachary Ryder English “cavalryman”
Zachary Sam Hebrew “God has heard”
Zachary Samuel Hebrew “God has heard”
Zachary Sawyer English “woodcutter”
Zachary Scott Scottish “from Scotland”
Zachary Sean Irish “God is gracious”
Zachary Sebastian Greek “venerable”
Zachary Seth Hebrew “appointed”
Zachary Shane Irish “God is gracious”
Zachary Shaun Irish “God is gracious”
Zachary Spencer English “dispenser of provisions”
Zachary Stephen Greek “crown”
Zachary Taylor English “tailor”
Zachary Theodore Greek “gift of God”
Zachary Thomas Greek “twin”
Zachary Timothy Greek “honoring God”
Zachary Tristan Celtic “noise, sorrow”
Zachary Troy English “foot soldier”
Zachary Tyler English “tile maker”
Zachary Victor Latin “conqueror”
Zachary Vincent Latin “conquering”
Zachary Wade English “able to go”
Zachary Walker English “cloth walker”
Zachary Walter German “ruler of the army”
Zachary Warren German “guardian”
Zachary Wayne English “wagon maker”
Zachary Wesley English “western meadow”
Zachary William Germanic “resolute protector”
Zachary Wyatt English “brave in war”
Zachary Xavier Basque “new house”
Zachary Zeke Hebrew “God strengthens”

Middle Names for Zach

If you’re considering going with the shorter version of the name Zach, you might want to think about a longer middle name to balance it out.

Here’s a list of middle names for Zach:

Middle Name Origin Translation
Zach Aaron Hebrew “exalted mountain”
Zach Adam Hebrew “earth, ground”
Zach Adrian Latin “from Hadria”
Zach Aidan Irish “little fire”
Zach Alan Celtic “rock”
Zach Alessandro Italian “defender of the people.”
Zach Alexander Greek “defender of men”
Zach Andrew Greek “manly”
Zach Anthony Latin “priceless one”
Zach Arthur Celtic “bear”
Zach Ashton English “ash tree town”
Zach Austin Latin “great, magnificent”
Zach Benjamin Hebrew “son of the right hand”
Zach Brian Irish “strong, virtuous, honorable”
Zach Caleb Hebrew “faithful, whole-hearted”
Zach Cameron Scottish “crooked nose”
Zach Carter English “driver of a cart”
Zach Christian Greek “follower of Christ”
Zach Colin Irish “young pup”
Zach Connor Irish “lover of hounds”
Zach Damian Greek “to tame”
Zach Daniel Hebrew “God is my judge”
Zach David Hebrew “beloved”
Zach Davis English “son of David”
Zach Dennis English “God of wine”
Zach Devin Irish “poet”
Zach Devon English “defender”
Zach Dylan Welsh “great sea”
Zach Emerson Germanic “brave” or “child of Emery”
Zach Ethan Hebrew “strong, firm”
Zach Evan Welsh “God is gracious”
Zach Felix Latin “fortunate, happy”
Zach Gabriel Hebrew “God is my strength”
Zach Gavin Welsh “white hawk”
Zach Grayson English “son of the steward”
Zach Henry Germanic “ruler of the home”
Zach Hunter English “one who hunts”
Zach Ian Scottish “God is gracious”
Zach Isaac Hebrew “he will laugh”
Zach Isaiah Hebrew “salvation of God”
Zach Jacob Hebrew “supplanter”
Zach Jameson Hebrew “son of James”
Zach Jason Greek “healer”
Zach Jordan Hebrew “flowing down”
Zach Julian Latin “youthful”
Zach Justin Latin “just, righteous”
Zach Kevin Irish “handsome, noble”
Zach Liam Irish “resolute protector”
Zach Logan Scottish “small hollow”
Zach Louis Germanic “renowned warrior”
Zach Lucas Latin “light”
Zach Mason English “worker in stone”
Zach Matthew Hebrew “gift of God”
Zach Maxwell English “great spring”
Zach Micah Hebrew “who is like God”
Zach Nathan Hebrew “gift from God”
Zach Nicholas Greek “victory of the people”
Zach Oliver Latin “olive tree”
Zach Oscar Old English “spear of the gods”
Zach Owen Welsh “young warrior”
Zach Parker English “park keeper”
Zach Patrick Latin “noble, patrician”
Zach Philip Greek “lover of horses”
Zach Preston English “priest’s town”
Zach Raymond Germanic “wise protector”
Zach Reese Welsh “enthusiasm”
Zach Roman Latin “from Rome”
Zach Samuel Hebrew “God has heard”
Zach Santiago Spanish “Saint James
Zach Sawyer English “woodcutter”
Zach Sebastian Greek “venerable”
Zach Simon Hebrew “listener”
Zach Spencer English “dispenser”
Zach Steven Greek “crowned”
Zach Sullivan Irish “dark-eyed”
Zach Taylor English “tailor”
Zach Theodore Greek “gift of God”
Zach Thomas Hebrew “twin”
Zach Timothy Greek “honoring God”
Zach Tristan Celtic “bold knight”
Zach Tucker English “cloth softener”
Zach Tyler English “maker of tiles”
Zach Victor Latin “conqueror”
Zach Vincent Latin “conquering”
Zach Wesley English “western meadow”
Zach William Germanic “resolute protector”
Zach Wyatt English “brave in war”
Zach Xavier Arabic “bright, splendid”

Nickname Ideas for Zachary

Nicknames are a fun way to make a name more personal. They can be based on the name itself or completely unrelated, based on a characteristic or a shared memory.

For Zachary, the most obvious nickname is, of course, Zach.

But why stop there? How about Z-Man for a more playful vibe? Or Zee for something short and sweet?

You could even go for Zach-Attack or Zatch if you’re feeling particularly creative.

Zachary’s Name, Meaning & History

Now, let’s talk about the meaning of the name Zachary. Zachary is of Hebrew origin and means “remembered by God.”

It’s a variant of Zechariah and has been a popular choice in English-speaking countries since the Protestant Reformation.

The name has been borne by many notable figures throughout history, from popes and saints to actors and musicians.

One of the most famous Zacharys in recent history is probably Zachary Quinto, known for his roles in “Star Trek” and “Heroes.”

So, by choosing the name Zachary for your little one, you’re giving him a beautiful name and linking him to a rich tapestry of history.

Zachary Name Popularity

The popularity of a name can be a deciding factor for many parents. Wouldn’t you want to know how many other little Zacharys or Zachs your child might encounter in his lifetime?

According to the Social Security Administration, in 2000, Zachary ranked at an all-time high of 15th in popularity which increased steadily until 2003.

From 2004 to 2016, the name remained consistently popular, ranking in the top 100.

However, it experienced a decline in popularity after 2016, dropping out of the top 100 in 2017.

The decline continued until 2022 when Zachary ranked 166th in popularity.

Wrapping it Up

And there you have it! A comprehensive guide of middle names for Zachary.

Remember, the name you choose will be a significant part of your child’s identity, so take your time and choose with love.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration in this post, and I wish you all the best in your naming journey!