Quickie Wheelchair: The Lightweight Wheelchair That Revolutionized an Industry

The Quickie wheelchair may be one of the most famous wheelchairs in the world. The original Quickie wheelchair design was innovative when it was conceived–it could be easily folded and placed in a car trunk or on a bus. 

This highly transportable design revolutionized the wheelchair industry and enabled many more disabled individuals to live active, independent, and productive lives.

The Quickie wheelchair was designed by Marilyn Hamilton after she was paralyzed in a 1979 hang-gliding accident. Along with two friends, she developed a new lightweight and maneuverable wheelchair that was suited for athletic activities. 

Motion Designs was founded in 1980 to manufacture the new “Quickie wheelchair.” Hamilton and her company next developed a wheelchair specifically designed for tennis.

Today, tennis is a popular and fast-growing wheelchair sport, due in no small part to Hamilton’s actions.

Hamilton also founded “Winners on Wheels,” an inspirational program for disabled children, and started a program to refurbish and distributed wheelchairs to disabled individuals in third-world countries. 

Hamilton is also a medal-winning athlete in several championship wheelchair sports. She was a recipient of the 2006 Minerva Award for her accomplishments. 

Hamilton is currently a vice president at Sunrise Medical, the company that bought Motion Designs in 1986.

The Quickie 2 wheelchair is the flagship manual wheelchair model for Sunrise Medical. It is one of the most feature-rich folding manual wheelchairs available today. It is amazingly versatile and has a long history of successful use. 

For many disabled individuals looking for a dependable, lightweight, transportable chair, the Quickie 2 wheelchair is their first choice.

Sunrise Medical also sells a full range of power wheelchairs. The Quickie S525 power wheelchair is based on a modular design. Users have the opportunity to essentially custom-build their own chair. 

After starting with the power base, they can choose the seating option that suits them best. The modular design is flexible enough to fit almost any body shape and personal lifestyle. 

Innovations in the Quickie S525 power wheelchair include a “PosiDrive” axle system that is up to ten times stronger than conventional power wheelchairs. 

The S525 also has a digital joystick to control speed and tilt. The power chair has a right-angle drive system that is highly valued for its quiet operation.

Since Quickie wheelchairs are a well-known product line and are quite popular among users, Quickie wheelchair parts are widely available. 

If your Quickie wheelchair needs maintenance or minor repair, you can locate Quickie wheelchair parts from a variety of online sources and from your local mobility dealer as well. 

You should have no trouble finding the part you need to keep your Quickie wheelchair looking and running like new.

When you’re shopping for Quickie wheelchair parts, you may also find “third-party” parts manufactured for use in your Quickie wheelchair. 

In some cases, like batteries, for example, the third-party brand may be significantly less expensive than the brand name replacement part.

If you’re on a tight budget, this might be an attractive option for you, but you should ensure that the third-party replacement part is 100 percent compatible with your chair. 

Confirm that non-Quickie batteries will provide the same performance as the original.