Pride Go-Go Three Wheel Elite Traveller Review

The Pride Go-Go Three Wheel Elite Traveller lives up to its name. If you suffer from a health issue that inhibits you from enjoying daily activities, then this mobility scooter is perfect for you!

Not only can you get it for a great price, but it performs exceptionally.

The Elite Traveller is maneuverable. Its compact design allows you to escape through narrow halls or pass through tight spaces.

At the same time, it provides a stable outdoor performance.

It conveniently disassembles into five lightweight pieces. It can easily be stored in the trunk of a car or closet.

The heaviest piece only weighs roughly 30 pounds, so it can be carried by virtually anyone- whether it’s an adult or child.

Most scooters look alike, no matter what the brand. Yet, the Pride Go-Go does prove to be different. In fact, you can change its color and style thanks to the interchangeable shroud panels.

With this scooter, you can move around in style.

Pride Go-Go Three Wheel Elite Traveller Features

What We Like

  • 1 Year Labor Contract Included + FREE Shipping
  • Disassembles in less than 60 seconds
  • Quick assembly battery pack
  • Red, blue, and silver color panels included
  • Dis-assembles for easy transport
  • Item Weight: 75 pounds

Pride Go-Go Three Wheel Elite Traveller Review

The Pride Three Wheel Scooter seems to be a reputable product. Like any other product on the market, it has both pros and cons.

Let’s start by highlighting a few of the most frequent complaints that reviewers have made.

One reviewer did extensive research before he chose the Pride Go-Go. Compared to other brands, this scooter appeared to be a hands-down winner.

Although it worked great for a couple of months, the performance started to fail soon after. The scooter started surging. It would speed up slowly and slow down quickly.

He is not the only reviewer to have experienced this problem. He ended up calling customer service, which proved to be helpful.

Although it took them quite a while to find the problem, they eventually did, and they fixed it.

The scooter has quite a few redeeming qualities that have allowed it to become an appreciated product. For the quality of the product, it is offered at an extremely low price.

Many reviewers claim that it was one of the cheapest products on the market.

It is also easy to assemble and disassemble. For people with health problems or disabilities, this is an extremely important bonus.

It arrives ready to use out-of-box- all you have to do is charge the battery. When reviewers have needed to travel long distances by car, they are thankful their scooter can come with them, since it is small enough to fit just about anywhere.

One reviewer was searching for months for the perfect scooter. She finally called her local Medical Department Store and asked for their opinion.

They recommended the Pride Traveller. She decided to purchase it. So far, after several months of extensive use, she is happy that she took their advice.

She claims that the scooter is extremely maneuverable. She also states it boasts a comfortable seat.

In our humble opinion, the Pride Go-Go Three Wheel Elite Traveller is the perfect combination of cost-effectiveness and quality!

That’s not something we see all the time, considering most products these days are specifically designed to wear out after just a few short years in order to entice consumers to upgrade to the latest and greatest model.

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