800+ Special Middle Names for Rowan (Boy & Girl)

Cam Russo
800+ Special Middle Names for Rowan (Boy & Girl) 800+ Special Middle Names for Rowan (Boy & Girl)

If you’re searching for a name that is both meaningful and versatile, Rowan is an excellent choice for your child.

Whether you’re expecting a baby boy or girl, the name Rowan has a timeless appeal that can suit any personality.

However, choosing the perfect middle name can be challenging, as it needs to complement the first name while reflecting your child’s unique identity.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most creative and unique middle names for Rowan to help you find the perfect match.

From traditional to modern and everything in between, our list will inspire you as you choose the perfect middle name to complete your little one’s name.

So, let’s dive in and explore the most unique middle names for Rowan that you might not have considered before!

Rowan Name Meaning & History

The name Rowan has its roots in Celtic and Gaelic cultures, meaning “little redhead.” It was originally given to boys, but it has become a popular unisex name over time.

In Celtic mythology, the rowan tree was believed to have magical properties and was often used to ward off evil spirits. 

Rowan has a long history of use in literature and pop culture. In Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth,” the witches use the berries of the rowan tree in their potion.

The name has also been used in modern literature, such as the book The Rowan by Anne McCaffrey. 

Perhaps the most well-known Rowan in popular culture today is the English actor Rowan Atkinson, the titular star of the popular Mr. Bean films!

Middle Names for Rowan (Girl)

If you’ve chosen to name your daughter Rowan, you might be looking for a middle name that complements her first name’s unique and beautiful sound.

Here are some middle name ideas for girls named Rowan:

Middle Name Origin Translation
Rowan Abigail Hebrew Father’s Joy
Rowan Abrielle English Strong One
Rowan Adair Scottish Oak Tree Ford
Rowan Adaline German Noble Serpent
Rowan Adalynn English Noble Serpent
Rowan Addilyn English Noble
Rowan Addison English Child of Adam
Rowan Adele German Noble
Rowan Adeline German Noble
Rowan Adelyn German Noble Beauty
Rowan Adelynn English Noble
Rowan Adriana Latin Woman from Hadria
Rowan Aileen Irish Bright, Shining
Rowan Ainsley Scottish My Own Meadow
Rowan Alaina Irish Beautiful
Rowan Alana Irish Attractive
Rowan Aleah Hebrew Ascend
Rowan Aleeza Hebrew Joyful
Rowan Alessandra Greek Defender of Mankind
Rowan Alexandra Greek Defender of Mankind
Rowan Alexia Greek Defender of Mankind
Rowan Alexis Greek Defender of Mankind
Rowan Alice Germanic Noble
Rowan Alicia German Noble
Rowan Alina German Noble
Rowan Alisa Hebrew Great Happiness
Rowan Alivia English Olive Tree
Rowan Aliyah Hebrew Exalted, Noble
Rowan Aliza Hebrew Joyful
Rowan Alondra Spanish Defender of Man
Rowan Althea Greek Healing Power
Rowan Alyssa Greek Rational
Rowan Amalia Latin Industrious
Rowan Amara Igbo (Nigerian) Grace
Rowan Amari African Strength
Rowan Amaya Japanese Night Rain
Rowan Amber English Fossilized Tree Sap
Rowan Amelia Latin Industrious
Rowan Amelie French Hardworking
Rowan Amira Arabic Princess, Leader
Rowan Anabelle English Beautiful Grace
Rowan Anais Greek Gracious
Rowan Anastasia Greek Resurrection
Rowan Anaya Sanskrit Caring
Rowan Angelina Greek Angelic
Rowan Anika Sanskrit Goddess Durga
Rowan Aniston English Anna’s Town
Rowan Aniyah Arabic Caring, Affectionate
Rowan Annabelle French Beautiful Grace
Rowan Annalise German Graced with God’s Bounty
Rowan Anne Hebrew Gracious
Rowan Annelie German Graceful
Rowan Annie Hebrew Gracious
Rowan Annika Dutch Grace
Rowan Ansley English Hermitage
Rowan Antonia Latin Priceless, Praiseworthy
Rowan April English Opening, Beginning
Rowan Arabella Latin Lovely, Beautiful
Rowan Arabelle French Beautiful Altar
Rowan Arden English Valley of the Eagle
Rowan Aria Italian Melody, Air
Rowan Ariana Greek Very Holy
Rowan Ariel Hebrew Lion of God
Rowan Ariella Hebrew Lion of God
Rowan Arlene English Pledge
Rowan Arlette French Warlike, Lioness
Rowan Arwen Welsh Noble Maiden
Rowan Ashlyn Irish Dream, Vision
Rowan Aspen English Tree Name
Rowan Astraea Greek Starry Night
Rowan Astrid Norse Divine Strength
Rowan Athena Greek Goddess of Wisdom
Rowan Aubrey German Elf Ruler
Rowan Audrey English Noble Strength
Rowan Audrina English Noble Strength
Rowan Aurora Latin Dawn, Morning
Rowan Autumn English Autumn
Rowan Ava Latin Bird
Rowan Avalon Welsh Island of Apples
Rowan Avery English Elf Counsel
Rowan Aviana Latin Bird
Rowan Avril French April
Rowan Azalea Greek Flower
Rowan Beatrice Latin Voyager
Rowan Beatriz Spanish Bringer of Joy
Rowan Bella Italian Beautiful
Rowan Belle French Beautiful
Rowan Bethany Hebrew House of Figs
Rowan Bianca Italian White, Pure
Rowan Blaire Scottish Dweller on the Plain
Rowan Blake English Dark
Rowan Blakely English Dark Meadow
Rowan Blythe English Happy, Joyful
Rowan Brianna Irish Strong
Rowan Bridget Irish Strength
Rowan Brielle French Strength, Power
Rowan Bristol English Place Name
Rowan Brooke English Small Stream
Rowan Brynn Welsh Hill
Rowan Cadence Latin Rhythm
Rowan Calista Greek Most Beautiful
Rowan Callie Greek Beautiful
Rowan Calliope Greek Beautiful Voice
Rowan Camila Spanish Young Ceremonial
Rowan Camille French Perfect
Rowan Carly English Free Woman
Rowan Carmen Spanish Garden
Rowan Caroline French Free Woman
Rowan Cassandra Greek Shine Upon Mankind
Rowan Cassidy Irish Clever
Rowan Catalina Spanish Pure
Rowan Catherine Greek Pure
Rowan Celeste French Heavenly
Rowan Celestia Latin Heavenly
Rowan Celia Latin Heavenly
Rowan Chanel French Canal
Rowan Chantal French Singing
Rowan Charity English Generosity
Rowan Charlotte French Free
Rowan Charmaine French Charm
Rowan Chelsea English Port
Rowan Chloe Greek Green Shoot
Rowan Christina Greek Follower of Christ
Rowan Claire French Clear
Rowan Clara Latin Bright
Rowan Clarice Latin Bright, Clear
Rowan Clarissa Latin Clear
Rowan Claudia Latin Lame
Rowan Clementine English Merciful
Rowan Coco French Coconut
Rowan Colette French Victorious
Rowan Cora Greek Maiden
Rowan Coraline English Coral
Rowan Cordelia Latin Jewel of the Sea
Rowan Corinne French Maiden
Rowan Cosette French Victorious
Rowan Cynthia Greek Moon
Rowan Dahlia Scandinavian Valley
Rowan Daisy English Day’s Eye
Rowan Dakota Native American Allies
Rowan Danica Slavic Morning Star
Rowan Danielle Hebrew God is My Judge
Rowan Daphne Greek Laurel Tree
Rowan Davina Scottish Beloved
Rowan Deborah Hebrew Bee
Rowan Delaney Irish Descendant of the Challenger
Rowan Delia Greek From Delos
Rowan Delilah Hebrew Delicate, Weak
Rowan Demi French Half
Rowan Desiree French Desired
Rowan Destiny English Fate
Rowan Diana Latin Divine
Rowan Dior French Gold
Rowan Dorothy Greek Gift of God
Rowan Dylan Welsh Great Sea
Rowan Eden Hebrew Delight
Rowan Edith English Prosperous in War
Rowan Eileen Irish Bright, Shining
Rowan Elaina Greek Bright, Shining
Rowan Elaine French Shining Light
Rowan Eleanor English Bright, Shining One
Rowan Elena Greek Bright, Shining
Rowan Elisa Hebrew God is My Oath
Rowan Eliza Hebrew God is My Oath
Rowan Elizabeth Hebrew God is My Oath
Rowan Ella English Beautiful Fairy
Rowan Elle French She
Rowan Elodie French Marsh Flower
Rowan Eloise French Famous Warrior
Rowan Elora Hebrew God is My Light
Rowan Elsa Hebrew God is My Oath
Rowan Elsie Scottish Pledged to God
Rowan Ember English Spark
Rowan Emerald English Precious Gemstone
Rowan Emery German Brave, Powerful
Rowan Emilia Latin Rival, Imitating
Rowan Emilie French Rival, Imitating
Rowan Emily Latin Rival, Imitating
Rowan Emma German Universal
Rowan Emmaline German Universal, Whole
Rowan Emmeline German Universal, Whole
Rowan Emmy German Universal
Rowan Erin Irish Ireland
Rowan Esme French Loved
Rowan Esmeralda Spanish Emerald
Rowan Estelle French Star
Rowan Esther Hebrew Star
Rowan Estrella Spanish Star
Rowan Eugenia Greek Well-Born
Rowan Eva Hebrew Life
Rowan Evangeline Greek Good News, Bearer of Good News
Rowan Evelina Latin Life, Living
Rowan Evelyn English Hazelnut
Rowan Evie Hebrew Life, Living
Rowan Faith English Faith
Rowan Fallon Irish Leader
Rowan Faye English Fairy
Rowan Felicity English Happiness, Good Fortune
Rowan Fiona Irish Fair
Rowan Florence Latin Flowering, Prosperous
Rowan Francesca Italian Free
Rowan Freya Norse Lady
Rowan Gabrielle Hebrew God is My Strength
Rowan Gemma Italian Gemstone
Rowan Genevieve French Tribe Woman
Rowan Georgia Greek Farmer
Rowan Gia Italian God is Gracious
Rowan Giselle German Pledge
Rowan Gloria Latin Glory
Rowan Grace Latin Grace
Rowan Gracelyn English Graceful
Rowan Gracie Latin Graceful
Rowan Gretchen German Pearl
Rowan Gwendolyn Welsh White Circle
Rowan Hadley English Heather Field
Rowan Hailey English Hay Meadow
Rowan Halle German Home Ruler
Rowan Harper English Harp Player
Rowan Haven English Safe Place
Rowan Hazel English Hazel Tree
Rowan Heather English Heather Plant
Rowan Heidi German Noble, Kind
Rowan Helena Greek Bright, Shining
Rowan Hollis English Holly Tree
Rowan Holly English Holly Tree
Rowan Honor English Honorable
Rowan Hope English Hope
Rowan Imogen Gaelic Beloved Child
Rowan India English Country, Land of the Indus
Rowan Indigo English Deep Blue Dye
Rowan Ingrid Scandinavian Ing’s Beauty
Rowan Irene Greek Peace
Rowan Iris Greek Rainbow
Rowan Isabella Italian God is My Oath
Rowan Isabelle Hebrew God is My Oath
Rowan Isadora Greek Gift of Isis
Rowan Ivory English Ivory
Rowan Ivy English Ivy Plant
Rowan Jacqueline French Supplanter
Rowan Jada Arabic Goodness, Generosity
Rowan Jade Spanish Jade
Rowan Jane English God is Gracious
Rowan Janelle French God is Gracious
Rowan Jasmin Persian Jasmine Flower
Rowan Jasmine Persian Jasmine Flower
Rowan Jayla American Combination of Jay and -la suffix
Rowan Jaylene American Combination of Jay and Darlene
Rowan Jayne English God is Gracious
Rowan Jenna Welsh, English Fair Phantom
Rowan Jennifer Welsh Fair Phantom
Rowan Jessa Hebrew God Beholds
Rowan Jessamine Persian Jasmine Flower
Rowan Jessenia Greek Noble, Well-Born
Rowan Jessica Hebrew God Beholds
Rowan Jewel English Precious Stone
Rowan Jillian Latin Youthful
Rowan Joanna Hebrew God is Gracious
Rowan Jocelyn German Gaut’s Child
Rowan Josephine Hebrew God Will Increase
Rowan Josie Hebrew God Will Increase
Rowan Joy English Joy
Rowan Joyce Latin Joy
Rowan Judith Hebrew Praised
Rowan Julia Latin Youthful
Rowan Juliana Latin Youthful
Rowan Juliet French Youthful
Rowan June Latin Juno
Rowan Juniper English Juniper Tree
Rowan Kaitlyn Irish Pure
Rowan Kara Latin Beloved
Rowan Karen Danish Pure
Rowan Karina Slavic Dear Little One
Rowan Kassandra Greek Defender of Men
Rowan Kate English Pure
Rowan Katelyn Irish Pure
Rowan Katherine Greek Pure
Rowan Katie English Pure
Rowan Kayla Hebrew Crown
Rowan Keira Irish Dark-Haired
Rowan Kendra Welsh Greatest Champion
Rowan Kennedy Irish Helmeted Chief
Rowan Kiera Irish Dark-Haired
Rowan Kimora Japanese Noble
Rowan Kristen Latin Follower of Christ
Rowan Kylie Australian Boomerang
Rowan Lacey English Cheerful
Rowan Laila Arabic Night, Dark Beauty
Rowan Lana Hawaiian Calm as Still Waters
Rowan Lara Russian Protection
Rowan Lark English Songbird
Rowan Laura Latin Laurel
Rowan Laurel English Laurel
Rowan Lauren English Laurel
Rowan Layla Arabic Night
Rowan Lea English Meadow
Rowan Leah Hebrew Weary
Rowan Leilani Hawaiian Heavenly Flower
Rowan Lena German Light, Shine
Rowan Lennox Scottish Elm Grove
Rowan Lenore Greek Light
Rowan Leona Latin Lioness
Rowan Leslie Scottish Garden of Hollies
Rowan Lexi Greek Defender of Mankind
Rowan Lila Arabic Night
Rowan Lilah Arabic Night
Rowan Liliana Latin Lily
Rowan Lillian Latin Lily
Rowan Lily English Lily
Rowan Lilyana English Lily
Rowan Lina Arabic Tender
Rowan Linda Spanish Beautiful
Rowan Lindsey Scottish Pool on the Island
Rowan Lisa Hebrew God is My Oath
Rowan Livia Latin Olive Branch
Rowan Liviana Latin Life
Rowan Lola Spanish Sorrow
Rowan Lorelei German Alluring Rock
Rowan Louisa Germanic Famous Warrior
Rowan Louise German Famous Warrior
Rowan Lucia Latin Light
Rowan Luciana Italian Light
Rowan Lucille French Light
Rowan Lucinda Spanish Light
Rowan Lucy English Light
Rowan Luna Latin Moon
Rowan Lydia Greek From Lydia (Ancient Region)
Rowan Lyra Greek Lyre
Rowan Madeline English Tower
Rowan Mae English Pearl
Rowan Maeve Irish Intoxicating
Rowan Magdalene Hebrew Tower
Rowan Maggie English Pearl
Rowan Magnolia English Flower
Rowan Maira Arabic Bright, Shining
Rowan Maisie Scottish Pearl
Rowan Mallory French Unfortunate
Rowan Mara Hebrew Bitter
Rowan Margaret Greek Pearl
Rowan Margot French Pearl
Rowan Maria Hebrew Bitter
Rowan Mariana Spanish Of the Sea
Rowan Maribel Latin Admirable
Rowan Marigold English Marigold Flower
Rowan Marilyn English Bitter
Rowan Marina Latin Of the Sea
Rowan Marissa Latin Of the Sea
Rowan Marlene German Little Maria
Rowan Marley English Pleasant Wood
Rowan Martha Aramaic Lady
Rowan Martina Latin Of Mars
Rowan Mary Hebrew Bitter
Rowan Matilda German Mighty in Battle
Rowan Maureen Irish Great
Rowan Maya Hebrew Water
Rowan Meadow English Meadow
Rowan Melina Greek Yellow
Rowan Melinda English Gentle
Rowan Melissa Greek Honey Bee
Rowan Melody English Song
Rowan Meredith Welsh Great Lord
Rowan Mia Italian Mine
Rowan Michaela Hebrew Who is like God?
Rowan Michelle French Who is like God?
Rowan Mila Slavic Gracious
Rowan Mildred English Mild
Rowan Milena Slavic Gracious
Rowan Millie English Strength
Rowan Mira Slavic, Sanskrit Peace
Rowan Mirabel Latin Wonderful
Rowan Mirabelle French Wonderful
Rowan Miranda Latin Admirable
Rowan Miriam Hebrew Bitter
Rowan Molly Irish Star of the Sea
Rowan Monroe Scottish Mouth of the Roe
Rowan Morgan Welsh Circling Sea
Rowan Myra Greek, Arabic Sweet
Rowan Nadia Slavic, Russian Hope
Rowan Naomi Hebrew Pleasant
Rowan Natalia Latin Christmas
Rowan Natalie Latin Christmas
Rowan Natasha Russian Christmas
Rowan Naya Hebrew Beautiful
Rowan Nell English Bright
Rowan Nella Latin Shining
Rowan Nevaeh English Heaven (spelled backwards)
Rowan Nia Welsh Bright
Rowan Nicole French Victory of the People
Rowan Nicolette French Victorious
Rowan Nina Spanish, Hebrew Little Girl, Grace
Rowan Noelle French Christmas
Rowan Nora Irish Honor
Rowan Norah Irish Honor
Rowan Nova Latin New
Rowan Octavia Latin Eighth
Rowan Odette French Wealth
Rowan Olive English Olive Tree
Rowan Olivia Latin Olive Tree
Rowan Ophelia Greek Helper
Rowan Paige English Attendant
Rowan Paisley Scottish Patterned Fabric
Rowan Paloma Spanish Dove
Rowan Pamela Greek All Honey
Rowan Pandora Greek All-Giving
Rowan Patience English Patience
Rowan Patricia Latin Noble
Rowan Pearl English Pearl
Rowan Penelope Greek Weaver
Rowan Perla Spanish Pearl
Rowan Peyton English Pea
Rowan Phoebe Greek Bright, Pure
Rowan Piper English Flute Player
Rowan Poppy English Poppy
Rowan Primrose English First Rose
Rowan Priscilla Latin Ancient
Rowan Quinn Irish Descendant
Rowan Rachel Hebrew Ewe
Rowan Raegan Irish Little Ruler
Rowan Raina Sanskrit Night, Peace
Rowan Raine English Queen
Rowan Ramona Spanish Wise Protector
Rowan Raven English Blackbird
Rowan Rebecca Hebrew Captivating
Rowan Reese Welsh Enthusiasm
Rowan Regina Latin Queen
Rowan Renata Latin Reborn
Rowan Renee French Reborn
Rowan Rhea Greek Flowing Stream
Rowan Rhiannon Welsh Divine Queen
Rowan Rianna Irish Little King
Rowan Riley Irish Courageous
Rowan Rita Spanish Pearl
Rowan River English River
Rowan Romy Latin Rosemary
Rowan Rosalie French Rose
Rowan Rosalind German Beautiful Horse
Rowan Rose English Rose
Rowan Roselyn English Beautiful Rose
Rowan Rosemary English Rose and Mary
Rowan Rosie English Rose
Rowan Rowena Celtic White Mane
Rowan Roxanne Persian Dawn
Rowan Ruby English Ruby
Rowan Ruth Hebrew Companion
Rowan Sabrina Celtic From the Border
Rowan Sadie Hebrew Princess
Rowan Sage English Wise
Rowan Salome Hebrew Peace
Rowan Samantha Hebrew Listener
Rowan Samara Hebrew Under God’s Rule
Rowan Samira Arabic Pleasant
Rowan Sandra Greek Defender of Mankind
Rowan Sandy Greek Defending Men
Rowan Sara Hebrew Princess
Rowan Savannah English Tree-filled plain
Rowan Scarlett English Red
Rowan Selena Greek Moon
Rowan Seraphina Hebrew Fiery
Rowan Serena Latin Tranquil
Rowan Serenity English Peace
Rowan Shannon Gaelic Wise River
Rowan Sheila Irish Blind
Rowan Sienna Italian Orange-Red
Rowan Sierra Spanish Mountain Range
Rowan Simone Hebrew Heard
Rowan Skye Scottish Cloud
Rowan Sloane Irish Warrior
Rowan Sophia Greek Wisdom
Rowan Sophie Greek Wisdom
Rowan Stella Latin Star
Rowan Stephanie Greek Crowned
Rowan Summer English Summer
Rowan Sunny English Sunshine
Rowan Susan Hebrew Lily
Rowan Sydney English Wide Island
Rowan Sylvia Latin Forest
Rowan Tabitha Aramaic Gazelle
Rowan Tahlia Hebrew Morning Dew
Rowan Talia Hebrew Dew from Heaven
Rowan Tessa Greek Harvester
Rowan Thalia Greek Blossoming
Rowan Thea Greek Goddess
Rowan Theresa Greek Harvester
Rowan Tiffany Greek Manifestation
Rowan Trinity Latin Three
Rowan Valentina Latin Strength
Rowan Valerie Latin Strong
Rowan Vanessa Greek Butterfly
Rowan Vera Russian Faith
Rowan Verity Latin Truth
Rowan Veronica Latin True Image
Rowan Victoria Latin Victory
Rowan Vienna Latin From Wine Country
Rowan Violet English Purple Flower
Rowan Virginia Latin Maiden
Rowan Vivian Latin Lively
Rowan Vivienne French Full of Life
Rowan Willow English Graceful
Rowan Winter English Winter
Rowan Wren English Small Bird
Rowan Xanthe Greek Yellow
Rowan Yara Arabic Small Butterfly
Rowan Yasmin Persian Jasmine
Rowan Yvette French Yew Tree
Rowan Yvonne French Yew Tree
Rowan Zara Hebrew Blossom
Rowan Zaria Hebrew Princess
Rowan Zelda German Gray Haired
Rowan Zephyr Greek West Wind
Rowan Zoe Greek Life
Rowan Zoey Greek Life
Rowan Zuri Swahili Beautiful

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Middle Names for Rowan (Boy)

If you’ve chosen to name your son Rowan, you might be looking for a middle name that complements his first name’s unique and strong sound.

Here’s a list of middle name ideas for boys named Rowan:

Middle Name Origin Translation
Rowan Aaron Hebrew Enlightened
Rowan Abel Hebrew Breath
Rowan Abram Hebrew Exalted Father
Rowan Adrian Latin From Hadria
Rowan Aiden Irish Little Fire
Rowan Alexander Greek Defender of Mankind
Rowan Allan Gaelic Harmony
Rowan Allen Celtic Harmony
Rowan Alonso Spanish Eager for Battle
Rowan Alonzo Spanish Eager for Battle
Rowan Amos Hebrew Burdened
Rowan Andre French Manly
Rowan Anthony Latin Priceless One
Rowan Archer Latin Priceless
Rowan Ari English Bowman
Rowan Armand Hebrew Lion
Rowan Arthur French Army Man
Rowan Asher Celtic Bear Man
Rowan Ashton Celtic Bear
Rowan Atticus Hebrew Happy or Blessed
Rowan August Hebrew Happy, Blessed
Rowan Austin English Ash Tree Town
Rowan Avery Greek Man of Attica
Rowan Axel Latin Great
Rowan Baldwin English Majestic
Rowan Barrett English Elf Ruler
Rowan Beckett Hebrew Father is Peace
Rowan Benjamin Scandinavian Father of Peace
Rowan Bennett English Bold Friend
Rowan Bentley Irish Bear Strength
Rowan Blake English Bee Cottage
Rowan Bodhi Hebrew Son of the Right Hand
Rowan Bradley English Little Blessed One
Rowan Brandon English Clearing with Bent Grass
Rowan Brayden English Pale Blond One
Rowan Brennan English Fair-haired
Rowan Brian Sanskrit Awakening
Rowan Brice English Broad Clearing
Rowan Brody English Broad Meadow
Rowan Bryce English Beacon Hill
Rowan Caden English Broad Valley
Rowan Caleb Irish Little Raven
Rowan Calvin Irish Noble
Rowan Camden Welsh Speckled
Rowan Cameron Irish Descendant of Bródaigh
Rowan Carl Celtic Quick
Rowan Carlos Irish Spirit of Battle
Rowan Carson Hebrew Whole-Hearted
Rowan Carter Hebrew Faithful
Rowan Casey Latin Bald
Rowan Charles Scottish Winding Valley
Rowan Chase Scottish Crooked Nose
Rowan Christian Scottish Bent Nose
Rowan Christopher Germanic Free Man
Rowan Cody Spanish Free Man
Rowan Cole Scottish Son of the Marsh-dwellers
Rowan Colin Scottish Son of Carr
Rowan Colton English Cart Driver
Rowan Connor Irish Observant
Rowan Cooper Germanic Free Man
Rowan Cormac English Hunter
Rowan Craig Latin Follower of Christ
Rowan Cristian Greek Christ-Bearer
Rowan Curtis Irish Descendant of the Helpful One
Rowan Cyrus English Victory of the People
Rowan Damian Scottish Young Creature
Rowan Damien Scottish Young Victor
Rowan Damon English Coal Town
Rowan Daniel Irish Lover of Hounds
Rowan Darius English Barrel Maker
Rowan David Irish Charioteer
Rowan Dawson Irish Chariot Son
Rowan Declan Scottish Crag
Rowan Dennis Spanish Follower of Christ
Rowan Derek English Courteous
Rowan Desmond Persian Sun
Rowan Devin Greek To Tame
Rowan Dexter Greek To Tame
Rowan Dominic Greek To Tame
Rowan Donovan Hebrew God is my Judge
Rowan Douglas Persian Wealthy
Rowan Drake Hebrew Beloved
Rowan Dylan English Son of David
Rowan Edgar Irish Full of Goodness
Rowan Edmund English God of Wine
Rowan Edward Germanic Ruler of the People
Rowan Eli Irish Gracious
Rowan Elias Irish Poet
Rowan Elijah Latin Skillful
Rowan Elliot Irish Dark Brown
Rowan Eliott Irish Dark Warrior
Rowan Ellis Scottish Dark Stream
Rowan Emanuel English Dragon
Rowan Emerson Welsh Son of the Sea
Rowan Emil English Rich Spear
Rowan Emmanuel English Prosperous Spear
Rowan Emmett English Prosperous Protector
Rowan Enzo English Guardian of Prosperity
Rowan Eric English Wealthy Guardian
Rowan Ernest Hebrew Ascended
Rowan Ethan Hebrew Jehovah is God
Rowan Evan Hebrew My God is Yahweh
Rowan Everett Hebrew My God is the Lord
Rowan Ezekiel English The Lord is My God
Rowan Ezra English Jehovah is God
Rowan Fabian Welsh Kind
Rowan Felix Hebrew God is with us
Rowan Fernando English Brave, Powerful
Rowan Finn Germanic Rival
Rowan Fletcher Hebrew God is with us
Rowan Flynn English Industrious
Rowan Foster Italian Home Ruler
Rowan Francis Norse Ever Ruler
Rowan Franklin Scandinavian Eternal Ruler
Rowan Gabriel Germanic Serious
Rowan Gael Hebrew Strong
Rowan Garrett Hebrew Strong, Firm
Rowan Gavin Welsh God is Gracious
Rowan George English Wild Boar
Rowan Gerald English Brave as a Boar
Rowan Gilbert Hebrew God Strengthens
Rowan Giovanni Hebrew God will Strengthen
Rowan Graham Hebrew Helper, Helper
Rowan Grant Latin Bean Grower
Rowan Gregory Latin Happy
Rowan Greyson Latin Happy, Fortunate
Rowan Griffin Spanish Brave Journey
Rowan Hamilton Spanish Adventurous
Rowan Harrison Irish Fair
Rowan Harvey English Arrow Maker
Rowan Hayden Irish Descendant of Flann
Rowan Hayes Irish Descendant of the Red-Haired One
Rowan Hector English Forest Guardian
Rowan Henry Latin Free
Rowan Holden Latin Free Man
Rowan Horace English Free Landowner
Rowan Howard English Free Man
Rowan Hudson Hebrew God is my Strength
Rowan Hugo Celtic Stranger
Rowan Hunter English Spear Strength
Rowan Ian Scottish White Hawk
Rowan Ignatius Greek Farmer
Rowan Isaac Germanic Spear Ruler
Rowan Isaiah Germanic Bright Pledge
Rowan Ivan Italian God is Gracious
Rowan Jace Scottish Gravelly Homestead
Rowan Jack Scottish Gravelly Place
Rowan Jackson Scottish Tall
Rowan Jacob Scottish Great
Rowan Jaden Greek Watchful
Rowan Jake Greek Vigilant
Rowan James English Son of the Steward
Rowan Jamie English Son of the Gray-haired One
Rowan Jared Welsh Lord
Rowan Jason Welsh Strong Lord
Rowan Jasper Scottish Beautiful Mountain
Rowan Jayden Scottish Crooked Hill
Rowan Jeffrey English Son of Harry
Rowan Jeremiah French Battle Worthy
Rowan Jeremy English Fire
Rowan Jesse Irish Descendant of the Vigilant One
Rowan Joel Greek Holding Fast
Rowan John Germanic Ruler of the Home
Rowan Jonah Germanic Ruler of the Household
Rowan Jonathan English Deep Valley
Rowan Jordan Latin Timekeeper
Rowan Joseph Germanic Brave Heart
Rowan Joshua English Hugh’s Son
Rowan Josiah English Son of Hudd
Rowan Juan Germanic Mind, Spirit
Rowan Jude English Hunter
Rowan Julian Scottish God is Gracious
Rowan Julius Latin Fiery
Rowan Justin Latin Fiery, Ardent
Rowan Kaden Hebrew He will Laugh
Rowan Kai Hebrew Laughter
Rowan Kaleb Hebrew Salvation of God
Rowan Kane Hebrew God is Salvation
Rowan Karl Slavic Gracious Gift
Rowan Keegan English Healer
Rowan Keith English God is Gracious
Rowan Kendrick English Son of Jack
Rowan Kenneth Hebrew Supplanter
Rowan Kevin Hebrew God has Heard
Rowan Kieran Hebrew Supplanter
Rowan Killian Hebrew Supplanter
Rowan Kingston Hebrew Supplanter
Rowan Knox Hebrew Descending
Rowan Kyle Hebrew Descent
Rowan Lachlan Greek Healer
Rowan Lance Persian Treasurer
Rowan Landon Hebrew Thankful
Rowan Lawrence Hebrew God has Heard
Rowan Lawson Germanic Divinely Peaceful
Rowan Lee Germanic Peaceful Ruler
Rowan Leo Hebrew God will Uplift
Rowan Leonard Hebrew God will Exalt
Rowan Levi Hebrew God will Uplift
Rowan Lewis Hebrew Gift
Rowan Liam Hebrew God is Willing
Rowan Lincoln Hebrew God is Gracious
Rowan Lionel Hebrew Dove
Rowan Logan Hebrew God has Given
Rowan Louis Hebrew To Flow Down
Rowan Luca Hebrew Descend
Rowan Lucas Hebrew God will Add
Rowan Luis Hebrew God will Increase
Rowan Luke Hebrew God is Salvation
Rowan Luther Hebrew God is My Salvation
Rowan Lyle Hebrew God will Save
Rowan Maddox Hebrew God Supports
Rowan Magnus Spanish God is Gracious
Rowan Malachi Hebrew Praised
Rowan Malcolm Latin Youthful
Rowan Marcus Latin Youthful
Rowan Mario Latin Just
Rowan Mark Arabic Friend
Rowan Marshall Arabic Companion
Rowan Martin Hawaiian Ocean
Rowan Mason Hebrew Whole-Hearted
Rowan Mateo Hebrew Wholehearted
Rowan Matthew Irish Tribute
Rowan Matthias Germanic Free Man
Rowan Max Irish Small Flame
Rowan Maximilian Irish Small, Fiery One
Rowan Maxwell Scottish Wood
Rowan Micah Scottish Wood, Forest
Rowan Michael Scottish Bold Ruler
Rowan Miguel Scottish Handsome
Rowan Miles Irish Handsome
Rowan Milo Irish Little Dark One
Rowan Milton Irish Strife
Rowan Mitchell Irish Strife, Battle
Rowan Nathaniel English King’s Town
Rowan Neil Scottish Hill
Rowan Nelson Scottish Round Hill
Rowan Nicholas Scottish Narrow Channel
Rowan Nico Scottish Narrow Strait
Rowan Noah Scottish Land of Lakes
Rowan Nolan Germanic Land
Rowan Oliver English Long Hill
Rowan Omar Latin Laurel-Crowned
Rowan Oscar Latin Laurel
Rowan Owen Scottish Son of Lawrence
Rowan Parker English Clearing
Rowan Patrick Latin Lion
Rowan Paul Germanic Brave Lion
Rowan Paxton Hebrew Joined or Attached
Rowan Peter Welsh Fame, Renown
Rowan Philip Irish Strong-Willed Warrior
Rowan Pierce English Lake Colony
Rowan Preston Latin Young Lion
Rowan Quentin Scottish Little Hollow
Rowan Quinn French Famous Warrior
Rowan Rafael Germanic Renowned Warrior
Rowan Ralph Italian Bringer of Light
Rowan Ramsey Latin Bringer of Light
Rowan Raphael Spanish Famous Warrior
Rowan Raymond Greek Light
Rowan Reese Germanic Famous Warrior
Rowan Reid Scottish Island
Rowan Remington Welsh Benefactor
Rowan Rene Welsh Son of Madoc
Rowan Rhys Latin Great
Rowan Richard Scandinavian Great
Rowan Riley Hebrew Messenger
Rowan River Scottish Disciple of Saint Columba
Rowan Robert Latin Warlike
Rowan Robin Italian Manly
Rowan Rocco Latin Warlike
Rowan Rodney English Horse Keeper
Rowan Rodrigo Latin Warlike
Rowan Roger English Stone Worker
Rowan Roland Spanish Gift of God
Rowan Roman Hebrew Gift of God
Rowan Ronald Hebrew Gift of God
Rowan Rory Latin Greatest
Rowan Roscoe Latin Greatest
Rowan Roy Scottish Great Stream
Rowan Ruben Hebrew Who is Like God
Rowan Russell Hebrew Who is Like God?
Rowan Ryan Hebrew Who is Like God
Rowan Ryder Spanish Who is Like God?
Rowan Samuel Spanish Who is Like God
Rowan Santiago Latin Soldier
Rowan Saul Germanic Merciful
Rowan Sawyer English Settlement with a Mill
Rowan Scott English Big Like a Mountain
Rowan Sebastian Hebrew Gift of God
Rowan Seth Hebrew God has Given
Rowan Shane Irish Champion
Rowan Shannon English Son of Neil
Rowan Shaun Greek Victorious People
Rowan Shea Greek Victory of the People
Rowan Sidney Greek Victory of the People
Rowan Silas Hebrew Rest
Rowan Simon Hebrew Rest, Peace
Rowan Spencer Irish Noble
Rowan Stanley Irish Descendant of Nuallán
Rowan Stefan Latin Olive Tree
Rowan Stephen Arabic Long-Lived
Rowan Sterling Gaelic Friend of Deer
Rowan Steven Gaelic Deer Friend
Rowan Sullivan Welsh Young Warrior
Rowan Tadhg English Park Keeper
Rowan Tanner Latin Nobleman
Rowan Tate Latin Small
Rowan Taylor English Peaceful Town
Rowan Theodore Greek Rock
Rowan Thomas Greek Stone
Rowan Timothy Greek Lover of Horses
Rowan Toby English Rock
Rowan Tom English Priest’s Town
Rowan Tony Latin Fifth
Rowan Tristan Irish Wisdom
Rowan Tucker Hebrew God has Healed
Rowan Tyler English Wolf-Counsel
Rowan Tyrone Scottish Wild Garlic
Rowan Ulrich Hebrew God has Healed
Rowan Uriah Germanic Wise Protector
Rowan Valentin Welsh Fiery
Rowan Valentino Scottish Red
Rowan Vance Scottish Red-headed
Rowan Vaughn English Settlement on a Rough Hill
Rowan Victor English Raven Town
Rowan Vincent French Reborn
Rowan Vincenzo Welsh Enthusiasm
Rowan Vladimir Germanic Brave Power
Rowan Wade Germanic Brave Ruler
Rowan Walker Irish Valiant
Rowan Walter English River
Rowan Warren Germanic Bright Fame
Rowan Wayne English Bright Fame
Rowan Wesley Germanic Rest
Rowan Westin Germanic Famous Spear
Rowan Wilfred Spanish Famous Ruler
Rowan William Germanic Famous Spear
Rowan Wilson Germanic Famous Land
Rowan Winston Latin Of Rome
Rowan Wyatt Norse Ruler’s Counsel
Rowan Xander Irish Red King
Rowan Xavier Norse Deer Forest
Rowan Yael Scottish Red
Rowan Yahir Hebrew Behold, a Son
Rowan Yasir French Red-Haired
Rowan Yosef French Little Red
Rowan Zachariah Irish Little King
Rowan Zachary English Mounted Warrior
Rowan Zack English Horseman
Rowan Zaiden Hebrew Heard by God
Rowan Zander Spanish Saint James
Rowan Zane Hebrew Asked For
Rowan Zayn English Woodcutter
Rowan Zechariah Scottish From Scotland
Rowan Zephyr Scottish Wanderer
Rowan Zeus Greek Venerable
Rowan Zev Hebrew Appointed
Rowan Zuriel Irish God is Gracious

Rowan Name Popularity

The name Rowan has been growing in popularity over the years. In the United States, it first entered the top 1000 names for boys in 2000 and for girls in 2003.

In 2021, Rowan was ranked #106 for boys and #241 for girls. 

Male Nickname Ideas for Rowan

If you’re looking for a cute or cool nickname for your son named Rowan, here are some ideas:

    1. Ro
    2. Row
    3. Roro
    1. Rownie
    2. Rowdy
    3. Ron
    1. Ronnie
    2. Roon
    3. Roonie
    1. Rown
    2. Rojo
    3. Rowlie
    1. Rowlan
    2. Rowlie
    3. Rowaner
    1. Rowanster
    2. Rowanator
    3. Row-man
  1. Rowlad
  2. Rowlyn

Female Nickname Ideas for Rowan

If you’re looking for a cute or cool nickname for your daughter named Rowan, here are some ideas:

    1. Ro
    2. Row
    3. Roro
    1. Rownie
    2. Rowdy
    3. Roni
    1. Ronnie
    2. Roon
    3. Roonie
    1. Rown
    2. Rojo
    3. Rowlie
    1. Rowlan
    2. Rowlie
    3. Rowaner
    1. Rowanster
    2. Rowanator
    3. Row-woman
  1. Rowlad
  2. Rowlyn


Choosing the perfect middle name for your child is an important decision. It can be challenging to find a name that complements your child’s first name while making just as big a statement on its own.

We hope this list of middle name ideas for Rowan has helped inspire you in your search.

Remember to choose a name that feels right for you and your family, and enjoy the process of naming your little one!