10 Best Power Lift Chairs for Elderly People (2023)

The loss of mobility can be disheartening and frustrating, but luckily there are a variety of products on the market to enhance the quality of life for those who struggle to maintain their standard of living as they age. Power lift chairs are one such popular item to help seniors regain some of their independence and mobility. 

However, there are many different types of lift chairs, each with its own unique features, and the research can be overwhelming.  

We’ve saved you this step by compiling some of the top power lift chairs for elderly people and those with mobility restrictions. ‘

Keep reading to find the best fit for your needs! 

What is a Power Lift Chair?

A power lift chair is an armchair or recliner that assists an individual with mobility challenges by moving the occupant to and from a standing position. 

Power lift chairs are designed to assist individuals in getting in and out of the chair by raising and lowering the angle of the seat.

Many power lift chairs also have an extended range of reclining functions in order to enable the user to more comfortably rest or sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are lift chairs good for seniors?

Lift chairs are a fantastic lifestyle enhancement for many seniors who wish to regain some of their independence and mobility. While anyone with mobility challenges can benefit, seniors are especially poised to benefit from the assistance of a lift chair. This is particularly true for those seniors who live alone and may not have anyone to help them get in and out of a chair.

Does Medicare pay for lift chairs for the elderly? 

While Medicare does not pay for the entire cost of the chair, you may be able to get partial reimbursement for your power lift chair. The chair’s motor and lifting mechanism may be covered up to 80% under the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) category through Medicare Part B or Medicare Part C. The furniture portion of your chair will not be covered by any payment assistance. You will also be responsible for any co-pay or deductible amounts. In addition, Medicare will not cover a lift chair if you are currently in a skilled nursing facility or if you have already received coverage for a wheelchair or mobility scooter. 

How do I claim a lift chair on Medicare?

In order to get Medicare coverage of any mobility equipment, you will need to prove that it is medically necessary. This can be achieved by obtaining a prescription and other paperwork from your doctor stating your condition and that you need a power lift chair. You will want to complete this step before purchasing your chair. To file a claim with Medicare, you will also need to ensure your lift chair order is through a DME supplier currently enrolled in Medicare.

Is a power recliner the same as a lift chair?

While power recliners have many of the same features as a lift chair, they do not offer the same sit/stand assistance that a lift chair does. A power recliner simply offers the occupant a way to recline by moving the headrest and footrest. However, most lift chairs come with the same functionality as a power recliner. So if you are looking for the most versatile chair, you will want to look for a lift chair with reclining capabilities. 

Discover the Best Power Lift Chairs for Elderly People

If you are ready to start shopping for your power lift chair, consider these top picks below!

1) Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior 3 Position Heavy Duty Big Lift Chair

The Mega Motion Superior Lift Chair is a great option for those who are looking for a heavy-duty and durable chair (with a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs). Here are the highlights:

What We Like

The Mega Motion Superior Lift Chair comes in 4 fabric colors and is considered to be very comfortable by users who have reviewed this chair.

White Glove Delivery and assembly are available on Amazon, and this lift chair comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame + 1 year on the electrical parts.

Users also complimented the chair’s quiet motor and smooth operation. 

Most importantly, this chair comes with an emergency backup battery system that ensures you will never be stuck if you are home alone.

Mega Motion also has great customer service that will assist you if you encounter any issues.

What We Don’t Like

On the downside, this lift chair has a smaller range than some other chairs – and many purchasers wished that it would recline more.

In addition, there were a few complaints about the armrests, and users noted that the headrest is not adjustable independent of the footrest.


If you don’t mind a slightly limited range of motion, this chair is a perfect fit for those who value high-quality construction or who need a chair with a higher weight capacity.

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2) Pride ViVaLift Tranquil v.2 Infinite Lay Flat Lift Chair

The Pride ViVaLift! Tranquil Infinite position chair is one of the best lift chairs on the market, with a full range of positions and customized comfort options to offer its users.

Let’s take a look at some of its top features:

What We Like

ViVaLift! Tranquil chairs boast a stylish, elegant look with contrast stitching that comes in 3 different colors and four different sizes.

With an adjustable headrest, backrest, and lumbar support, plus a fully customizable range of positions, this chair offers excellent support for any individual needs.

In addition to quality workmanship and comfort, this chair includes accessories not found in most other chairs, including a footrest extension, a USB charging port, and a lithium backup battery for emergencies and power outages.

It is registered as an FDA Class II Medical Device*

What We Don’t Like

There isn’t much to dislike about the ViVaLift! Tranquil Collection, but a few purchasers encountered supply chain issues that resulted in slower shipping than they would have liked.

However, given the present state of supply chain issues in general, this is not a reflection on the product itself.

Unless otherwise specified, this chair must be assembled, but additional service may be available for an extra fee.


ViVaLift! Chairs are very sought after, and the Tranquil Collection is no exception. From contrast stitching to an extendable footrest, the manufacturers have thought of everything you could want or need from a power lift chair.

If you aren’t in a hurry to receive your power lift chair, consider this one at the top of your list.

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3) Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner for Elderly

The Yandel Power Lift Recliner from Ashley Furniture is a solid choice for those looking for a lift chair with all of the basic features on a budget.

Read on for a quick review of the pros and cons of the Yandel lift recliner chair!

What We Like

This chair’s designer upholstery resembles leather but is comfy and soft – not sticky. The stylish color options (saddle or black) should compliment any home’s décor with its subtle yet elegant design.

With convenient hand controls, quiet operation, and dual motor capability that reclines and elevates independently, this chair has everything you need to regain comfort and mobility. 

What We Don’t Like

Due to its short footrest, a few purchasers noted that this chair might not be ideal for those taller than 6 feet. In addition, some found the chair to be lacking in back lumbar support.


If you don’t need all the bells and whistles and are looking for a faux leather lift chair from a top brand you can trust, look no further than this Yandel Power Lift Recliner from Ashley Furniture!

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4) Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat for Elderly

What We Like

This chair offers consumers great value with premium features at a low price. Made with comfortable and easy-to-clean faux leather, the Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair offers users fully customizable lumbar heat and massage.

In addition, this chair comes with dual charging USB ports as well as a cup holder and accessory pocket on each side.

You’ll have seven unique colors to choose from, including white, red, and blue and traditional black, brown, and gray.

Assembly is available for an additional fee of $94.

What We Don’t Like

With a weight capacity of just 320 lbs and a recommended height range of between 5’1″ and -5’9″, the Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair is not a great fit for everyone.

In addition, this chair can only offer three fixed positions – sitting, laying, and standing up. As to be expected at this price point, there is the potential for quality issues.


This entry-level chair is a great fit for those who want to feel pampered with heat and massage but don’t want to pay a pretty penny.

As long as you are OK with the limited range of positions and fall within the height and weight limits, the Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair is a solid option.

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5) Esright Power Lift Recliner Chair

The Esright Power Lift Chair is an extremely affordable lift chair with bonus features such as vibrating massage and lumbar heat.

What We Like

The Esright Power Lift Chair is made from comfortable plush microfiber upholstery, perfect for napping. It comes in black, brown, and saddle color options to match any home’s decor. 

In addition to heated massage and USB ports, this chair has the sought-after feature of infinite reclining positions. With its supportive seat and quiet operation, the infinite position chair capability is the frosting on the cake.

Lastly, the extra pocket in front of each armrest is a nice touch.

What We Don’t Like

The recommended height range is around 5’1″-5’9″, and the weight limit is 330lbs.

In addition, the footrest and backrest work simultaneously, not independently.


While the previously mentioned limitations make the Esright Power Lift Chair not the right fit for everyone, those on a budget will appreciate this chair and its premium features.

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6) CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly

The CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair is an extremely plush and comfortable recliner praised by many reviewers. Let’s find out why!

What We Like

This oversized stuffed armchair is perfect for those who value comfort and durability. The thick cushioning makes the CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair perfect for lounging and napping.

Like the other chairs on our list, this recliner comes with a side pocket and basic remote control. While this chair lacks the bells and whistles of many of the other options on our list, its reliability and durability are well worth it.

Many users praised this chair for being able to accommodate their larger statures.

What We Don’t Like

This chair only comes in dark brown and light brown, and its style and color may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


For anyone looking for a large, heavy-duty chair, this recliner is the perfect option.

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7) Flamaker Power Lift Recliner Chair PU Leather for Elderly

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The Flamaker Power Lift Recliner Chair is a stylish and affordable chair that should comfortably fit most petite individuals.

Let’s take a closer look at the details.

What We Like

The Flamaker Power Lift Recliner Chair comes in black, brown, or gray leather with all the look and feel of a home theater recliner.

In addition to the basic recliner and lift functionality, this chair also offers occupants a vibrating 8-point massage and lumbar heat. The massage timer can be set for either 15, 30, or 60 minutes. 

Assembly is easy with the instruction manual included, and no tools are required.

Even better, all of these features come at a very affordable price, making this chair the most cost-effective option on our list. 

What We Don’t Like

Like most chairs at this price point, the Flamaker Power Lift Recliner might not be the best choice for anyone over 5’8″.

Also, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for – and some quality and longevity issues may be expected.


If you aren’t sure that a lift chair is right for you and want to try out a lift chair with massage and heat functionality that doesn’t break the bank, this chair is it.

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8) Irene House Dual OKIN Motor Lift Chair Recliner for Elderly

This dual motor lift chair also functions as a lay-flat recliner, easily setting it apart from the rest. Like the previous choice on our list, the Irene House Dual Motor Lift Chair is one of the smaller options on the market best suited to petite individuals.

Let’s look at the full specs.

What We Like

The Irene House Dual Motor Lift Chair comes in brown, black, and gray leather and brown and gray upholstery.

The leather upholstered version of this chair comes with one of the largest side pockets on the market, which could be a benefit if you are hoping to store multiple magazines, remotes, etc.

One superior feature of this chair is the option to lay the chair completely flat in a reclined position. This makes the perfect comfortable sleeping arrangement.

The included lumbar pillow for extra support helps too!

In addition, this chair is one of the few on our list to offer an independently adjustable backrest and footrest, achieved with a dual motor. 

What We Don’t Like

Unfortunately, this chair can only accommodate occupants up to 300 lbs.


As long as you can comfortably fit in this chair’s narrow dimensions, this chair is a fantastic option that offers both lay flat reclining and dual motor functionality.

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9) Giantex Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly

The Giantex Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner is a “petite” sized option for anyone seeking a comfortable and affordable lift chair.

Here are our thoughts on what makes it great…

What We Like

This affordable chair has been designed with comfort in mind. The Giantex Power Lift Chair boasts wide armrests, dual cupholders, extra cushioning, a USB charging port, and two side pockets.

In addition, this chair also offers five massage modes across four massage areas at two intensity levels PLUS optional lumbar heat.

Needless to say, this chair will have you relaxing in total comfort in no time.

It comes in grey, light grey, and brown to match almost any living room or bedroom décor.

What We Don’t Like

With a narrow and short seat, this chair seems ideal for those under 5′ 8. In addition, this chair has a moderate 353 lbs. weight limit.

A few users complained of quality issues, and it is important to note that the footrest and backrest cannot be moved independently.


For a very reasonable price, you can benefit from 8 point massage & lumbar heat. As long as you fit within this chair’s height and weight requirements, this chair is a fantastic option, especially if you are a petite female.

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10) ANJ Electric Massage Power Lift Recliner Chair

The ANJ Electric Lift Recliner is a surprisingly stylish option for those needing a heavy-duty chair to accommodate taller and heavier individuals.

What We Like

With a silent motor and a massage and vibration function, the smooth operation of this chair will leave you very pleased.

The ANJ Electric Lift Recliner includes eight vibrating points and five massage modes at two intensity levels.

The maximum weight of 300 lbs makes this chair a great option for almost anyone. This ergonomic chair allows you to relax, read, watch TV, or sleep comfortably.

Two cupholders and side accessory pockets are standard features of this aesthetically pleasing chair.

The price point of this chair is very reasonable, and Amazon offers the option of expert assembly for just $94.

What We Don’t Like

This chair must be positioned at least 40 inches from the wall when reclining, which is further away than most lift chairs.

Also, users noted that despite the product description, this chair’s backrest and footrest are not independently adjustable.


If you’re looking to invest in a power lift chair with massage functionality, this chair is a wise choice, particularly if you need a chair that offers a bit more room.

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Wrapping it Up

We hope you could find what you were looking for in this list of the best recliner lift chairs for elderly people. It can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for since everyone has no one-size-fits-all lift chair.

However, with the information we provided, we’re confident you’ll be able to find the recliner lift chair that’s right for you!