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Tips to Conquering Mount Washmore

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Like it or not, we all face Mount Washmore. Some more than others, depending on the number of people living under their roof. Every time we turn around, there it is… again! The pile of dirty laundry that just won’t stop growing. EVER!

Happily, I would like to share with you some great tips that I have implemented for nearly 10 years… and they work!

There is something that I would like to make clear prior to sharing these tips.  Although I implement these tips in a space about 10 feet long, I have started them in the bottom of an average (not walk-in) closet in the master bedroom of our former home.  With that stated, you do not need a lot of space, nor do you need expensive bins! Dollar store bins would work great! Or even their laundry baskets.  The idea is that you use these tips, in the space you have or finding the space in your home. It can be done even in the smallest of homes. (Our home was 1,100 square feet with four people when I started this method and grew to six people prior to us moving to our present home.)

Tips to conquering mount washmore


Here are my tips to conquering Mount Washmore:

  1. Get bins for each kind of load you will be doing. Again, the Dollar Store has a selection for those on a tight budget, however you want toconsider the size of your washer when purchasing bins, as the idea is when it is full you do a load. I currently use a laundry cart that I purchased at a yard sale at an amazing price, doing away with the bins of old.
  2. Decide where you want to place these bins that will hold the dirty clothes, until you can wash them.  To reiterate what I previously said, when I started this I had 4 small bins in the bottom of our closet.  Our washer was smaller then and I needed smaller bins.  I used bleached, so I needed one for whites, lights, darks and towels. Today I use a three bin cart and do not use bleach but Oxy Clean, making it possible to have lights (with whites), darks and towels. (Sheets are done when we switch them out, so no bin is necessary for these)
  3. Train your family that when they take their clothes off, they are to ‘sort’ their own clothes according to your bin preferences.  This doesn’t take long to do and sure beats the method of gathering clothes from every corner of the house and sort once on laundry times. TRUST ME! Even my two year old has begun to learn where his clothes go. When I’m doing a load, I can easily put a misplaced item in the right place, so forgiveness is easy. (Until I find air-soft bullets in my washer from my older boys NOT cleaning out their pockets!)
  4. When one bin is full, that load gets washed, dried and folded that day.  At times you may have two bins full, which you can decide to do two loads or put the second off until tomorrow.
  5. If you have room to do this, it can be a WONDERFUL way to conquer Mount Washmore with a smile. In our smaller house, each person was responsible to take care of their clothes immediately after folding, with me always taking care of my husband’s and mine. When we movedand had a large laundry space, I was able to implement this time saving and freeing tip.  I have six people in my family and so I fold in six piles, one for each member of the family.  As each load gets done, I fold it and place the clothes on the pile of who it belongs to.  Then by Friday, every one needs to have their pile properly put in its place. This has been the best thing since starting these steps 10 years ago! The laundry room is on our second floor, and it has a door, so I can close it and keep the organized, folded clothes out of my own view and know that by Friday evening everything is in its place!
  6. Lastly, I want to share about how I give myself a grace period, usually three days when returning from out of town, to get all the dirty laundry tended to in bulk washing before going back to this method. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have enough clean clothes and we may get out of the habit of making this system work for us again.


tips for conquering mount wash more


By following these tips and making them work for your family, you can find a peace of mind while you conquer Mount Washmore… one load at a time!

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    • says

      I so understand the importance of sharing what works to minimize the daily routines… especially if we don’t enjoy them!

  1. Kay says

    Love this idea of conquering Mount Washmore but we have a laundry chute. Any ideas on how to incorporate this into your system? Thanks!!!

    • says

      I grew up with a laundry chute and unless you have different chutes that lead to a different basket, I can’t imagine how to make it work with this system.