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The Charlotte Mason Way Explained ebook

Over the summer, I have been working on creating my Charlotte Mason consulting services and what a joy it has been as I have encouraged and supported over ten ladies during a short period of time. From these consulting phone calls, I was hearing common questions for their unique family. As I contemplated these questions, I realized that an ebook would be a great way to explain the Charlotte Mason way, while sharing how I have implemented this method into the 13 years that I have used this proven method to teach my children from preschool through high school.

I shared this ebook with a few of my clients and this is what they said about the ebook:

This book is fantastic!!  It’s so concise, and easy to follow!!  Thank you so much. I’ve only read about 1/3 of it at this point, but I was too excited by what I was reading to not stop and tell you!”

“I just finished the book. It’s awesome Dollie. Answered many questions that I had. Thank you so much for sharing with me.”

I’m very impressed with this ebook! It reads very smoothly and gives a lot of information in a very practical way.

My desire in writing this ebook was to answer those nagging questions that many homeschoolers have when starting the Charlotte Mason way with their own children.  By sharing my personal experience and what works for my family when implementing the Charlotte Mason way will open up the opportunities of how you can easily start using any of her proven methods.

Here is the table of content for the 30 chapter ebook:

My Charlotte Mason Journey
Learning About Her Methods
Early Learning
Learning to Read
Developing a Motivated, Independent Learner
Copywork and Handwriting
Narration and Composition
Bible and Character Study
Memory Work
Living Books for Literature
Living Books for History
Living Books for Geography
Nature Studies and Journaling
Living Books for Nature
Living Books for Science
Math and Manipulatives
Music Appreciation
Art Appreciation
Foreign Language
High School
Audio Books and Drama Series
Visual Learning: The NEW Living Book
Record Keeping and Transcript
Evaluations and Grades
Bundle of Learning eBook
Get Online Support
Charlotte Mason Consulting
Teachers of Good Things: Top 25 Preschool Posts
Teachers of Good Things: Top 25 Homeschooling Posts
Encouragement for the Homeschool Mother
About the Author

This ebook will enhance how you homeschool with the Charlotte Mason method and give you the confidence that you can do well to educate your own children.

Get it now for only $6.99!

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