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How to Teach High School Science the Charlotte Mason Way

How to Teach High School Science the Charlotte Mason Way

As a family that are strong creationist, science has always been an exciting subject for us. It was really important for our family to utilize great resources in teaching our children science, as although we love learning about creation, we knew that having ‘teachers’ who can teach us strong creation knowledge in the science was crucial in raising our children to rightly divide the truth in science and learn of God’s wonderful creation.


This is my second post in the 5 day series with iHomeschool Network’s January 2013 Hopscotch that a total of 22 bloggers are participating together.

There are four subjects to high school science that you can teach, but most states only requires three years of science:

  1. Earth Science
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics

Our favorite resources for teaching science:

  • Wonders of Creation 6 Book Series that includes: The Geology Book, The Astronomy Book, The Cave Book, The Fossil Book, The Ocean Book, The Weather Book. Each of these books came with a study guide that is worth its price.
  • Moody Science Classics: 19-DVD Set – although these were produced years ago, I love how they bring science and the Bible together. All ages will love these, my favorite is watching how a butterfly goes through metamorphosis! What wonders to watch.
  • Answers with Ken Ham – 12 DVD Classic Collection – this series is awesome and was included in my list of items to look for when Planning for Home School Sick Days.
  • Biology 101: This series was a perfect DVD series for our family. Wes Olson was a perfect teacher for teaching this subject to our family. His ability to capture the attention of even our youngest children, while captivating both my husband and I proved to be a resource that we shared with our friends at every opportunity. What has proven to be very helpful in using the DVDs for our high school curriculum, is that it comes with a Guide book that reinforces what was covered on the DVD. In addition it comes with an accredited program to use in order to give your students a full credit for the program. Watch a clip here!
  • Chemistry 101: When I saw that this DVD series was available, we were already half way through my daughter’s last year of home schooling. I ordered it that day!  She was able to still push through the assignments, since I already had purchased Exploring the World of Chemistry and had journal assignments for her. Both she and my second child was thrilled to see that this was added to the school year, as they really enjoy Wes Olson’s style of teaching, creating a deeper love of science that I wouldn’t be able to give to them. Watch a clip here!
  • Be looking for Physics 101 – coming out in late 2013 or early 2014!  Wes Olson, the creator of The 101 Series, which includes our favorite Biology and Chemistry resource, is half way through the script for this addition to the series. You don’t want to miss out on this one!

Having great resources will help you fill the rest of your required time needed for a full credit (approximately 120 hours of study) but you will need other assignments to fill this time. The 101 Series provides great help in accomplishing this in fun ways that the student will enjoy. Presently, they are working on Physics 101 and has a target date for late 2013 or early 2014.

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  1. Angela Fuller says

    I am enjoying your posts on Teaching High School the Charlotte Mason Way. I have a freshman who loves to read and do projects. We used Charlotte Mason’s methods for the younger years, but I was not sure how to incorporate them into high school. Thank you for your ideas!

    • says


      I’m so BLESSED to hear from you! I have heard of so many doing CM for the younger years and switching to text books once high school comes because they can’t invision how to do it. Stay tune… there is more to come!

  2. Barb-Harmony Art Mom says

    Biology it was the vocabulary and with chemistry it was the math! I am now contemplating teaching at our co-op and these resources look fantastic!

    • says

      Barb, what I love most about the Chemistry 101 is that it doesn’t have the math in it! It is truly about the history of chemistry, experiments and making Chemistry come alive for the viewer. If a student’s goals involve needing the math, than adding to this is what I would recommend, but for the rest of us, who will NEVER need the math, the science of Chemistry becomes exciting with these DVDs!

  3. Becca says

    I haven’t yet taught high school, but I’m nervous about it so I’m researching. With my oldest being 11, I know it’s going to be in front of me before I know it. My girls love stories and good books, so I am definitely thinking some CM influence will be important for us. A friend who is teaching high school loves the DVDs you’re giving away. Thanks for doing this series. I’ve really appreciated it.

    • says

      I first used Biology 101 when my children were in 7th grade and then reused it in high school. They loved them and were happy to go through the process. One of my favorite activities in Biology 101 was taxonomy, the science of organizing. My assignment that day was to use taxonomy in their bedrooms. They never forgot the meaning! I think you would be blessed to incorporate the CM method and looking into the 101 Series! Both have positively impacted our home schooling beyond a doubt!

  4. Dee Paisley says

    I find it difficult to not overwhelm my kids in science b/c I’m thinking over their heads.

    • says

      These DVDs would be the perfect balance! Such visual and captivating scenes will hold their attention and grow their knowledge and love for science… and their Creator!

  5. Terri Moore says

    I find it most challenging to do experiments and to teach it in a meaningful way. The DVD’s would be a great help!

    • says

      My older two began finding their own experiments or trying the ones that Wes Olson demonstrated on the DVD. That one aspect brought chemistry to a level that all my children are now LOVING! Just the other day they made a bomb out of foil and toilet cleaner, placing it in a bottle. The discussions of why this was happening was priceless. Oh, and this was NOT an assignment, just something they did with friends. Even better!

    • says

      Even for the veteran homeschooler, these would be a great addition! I’m glad you were able to find something that will help you in your new journey.

  6. Andrea says

    These seem to be exactly what I need for two of my children! My oldest is doing chemistry and is struggling with the math. I also have two daughters who would enjoy the Biology.

  7. Brianne says

    Not that I’m there yet, but I think I will have problems teaching a science because I do NOT like that subject. These look like they would be a great help to me!

    • says

      The Biology 101 is perfect for even young children and the Chemistry does capture my 10 year old’s attention when experiments are done.

  8. AnnMarieEverson says

    I would love to have all the help I can get with biology and chemistry…my two least favorite subjects.

  9. Gabreial W. says

    I would love the DVD’s, for my son. He has a huge interest in Chemistry. He is visual and these would help me to get him to understand better than any explanation I could give.

  10. kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing says

    Biology I feel pretty confident with but chemistry – not so much. I do not have a mind for math – and chemistry scares me a bit – I need good quality information to share with my gifted students. Thanks for hosting!

  11. Beth@Weavings says

    I am saving this post for when my daughter gets to high school. Our science experience for my high school son hasn’t been a good experience at all, though we did use Biology 101 with some success. The Chemistry DVD’s look good!

    Do you have any recommendations for a Charlotte Mason health program?

    • says

      A wise home school momma always makes notes for the future!

      I never taught health separately, so I really don’t have a recommendation. What I can tell you that worked for me, if getting living books on nutrition and reading them myself to share with my family. It is amazing the amount information they learned from my mother culture time. If I do find one (know that I know a reader has a request), I will be sure to follow your question up with a post. You can always subscribe to my blog to ensure you don’t miss it when I do!

      • Beth@Weavings says

        Thanks, I will follow you. I looked for some living books on health and nutrition, but just couldn’t seem to find one that I liked.

  12. Crystal says

    I found you on The Homeschool Village and since I am starting to plan for my daughters high school years, I would love to win these DVDs.

  13. Jenny B. says

    I am not at the point where I need to teach high school yet, however, the hardest part for me is the choices. There are so many. As a non-science person it is hard to make a decision.

  14. Bernette says

    I find remembering all those formulas challenging I believe these videos would be great I wish I knew about them when my oldest had to take biology and chemistry we really struggled .now my middle child will be doing these subjects this would help tremendously.

    • says

      My children seemed to really love the chemical chart, as it was part of their journaling assignments. I know that they would not have enjoyed either, if it weren’t for the DVDs!

  15. Kelsey says

    The challenging part of biology is remembering how everything works in the body. In chemistry it was remembering formulas. These look like fabulous resources!

  16. Amy Osborn says

    I find chemistry the most challenging as I never had a formal chemistry class in high school.

  17. Sarah McCubbin says

    These DVD’s look great! I have 7 kids and they learn in such different ways from each other…some are more visual…some are extremely auditory etc. Its so fantastic that there are resources available that make learning really enjoyable regardless of your learning style.

  18. Elizabeth says

    Why are you limiting high school science to only four courses?

    Marine Biology
    Equine Science
    Veterinary Science

    These I can come up with off the top of my head. One of the advantages of homeschooling is that we don’t have to follow traditional scope and sequence, why not take advantage of that and allow your student to follow their science interests?

    And yes, I have two students in college and neither had difficulty being accepted with their non-traditional science courses.

    • says

      As you point out, there are so many things to science that can be studied. For our home, we studies several (Marine Biology, Geology, Astronomy) as well. When I write within a post of 400-600 words, I pick and choose what is going into my post. As with science, United States history and world history, you just can’t cover it all.

      When I share, I try to do so with the knowledge that many struggle in these years of study and most will not create their own studies. Giving them the basic is my heart. I celebrate with readers like you, that see that education is more than a few things and that with an open mind to allowing one family to follow the flow of their own family’s unique learning style, so much more can be covered. For those of aren’t there, this is where to start.

  19. Staci says

    Do you have any recommendations for hands-on/experiment resources to pair with these DVDs? We are using Chemistry 101 now and plan to use the rest of the set in the coming years. My daughter likes the DVDs but would like more hands-on activities to do. Thanks for any ideas you might have!!!!!

    • says

      I don’t right now, but I can work on having that in my future posting. It may take a little while though, but I can see how this would be a great resource to have.