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A Book to Teach Obedience in Toddlers and Preschoolers

A Book to Teach Obedience in Toddlers & Preschoolers #tendermoms @Titus2Teacher www.joyinthehome.com

We all desire our children, even our toddlers, to obey us on their own, but it just doesn’t happen that way.  To get those kinds of results, you must diligently train your children at a toddler age, to first know what obedience is and then how to actually perform it when expected. With complete attention to this training, a toddler can be trained to be independent in obedience in just a month time.  This can really be a tedious time for the parent(s), as consistency is the key to making this a reality and any slacking on the parents part will sabotage the efforts previous exerted.  When building this character in our own children, I have personally felt exhausted with each passing day, only to feel like my husband and I were a tag team in the boxing ring.

Character Classics Obedience

Which is why, I’m so excited to share with you a product that has proven to be crucial in helping us reach our goal of instilling not only obedience, but other character traits that will bring our children into a fulfilling adulthood. I truly believe that this product is a parent’s best tag team partner and perfect for the beginning stages of teaching independent obedience.

In this beautifully illustrated Character Classics Obey Don’t Stray book, children will easily understand the consequences of disobedience as the dog in the story, ‘Pup’ decides to stray from the yard.  When the dog catcher nearly catches him, pup realizes that obedience is not that hard and chooses to obey the words of his owner, Tim.  All four of our children has grown up listening to this book and the other great books in this series and have really been able to grab an understanding of what obedience is and that there are reasons for the rules that we, as parents, give them.

All the Character Classics books, come with a CD that character lyrics put to the classical musics of great composers.  At the back of this book, you will also be able to follow along with the songs, as all the lyrics are there.

It is truly special to hear my little boy, who just recently turned 3, realize that his actions are going to give him consequences he would rather avoid, independently decide and verbally acknowledge, “Obey, Obey. No stray.” Which is his way of repeating the words to one of his favorite books, “I will obey. I will not stray away.”

Although training your toddler to obey can be completely overwhelming, it will quickly become the most rewarding effort you have ever done for your child.  It can truly mean life or death, when your child unknowingly runs in the way of a vehicle or other dangers that they do not see or understand.  By instilling in your child the independence of learning, you can really be saving his life.

Remember to praise your toddler for learning the lesson of obedience and work as a team, setting consequences for disobedience. You will be so glad you did!